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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.03/10 2.03/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 0.74/10 0.74/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 0.19/10 0.19/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.88/10 0.88/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.42/10 0.42/10
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Rating 2/10


Firstly, I received a defective sofa. As soon as the delivery men took it away I called customer service and was told they had the same extra 1 sofa in stock and that I should receive a call within 24 hours, so that the delivery time should be scheduled. 3 business days later and not one single call. So I decided to call and was told over the phone that there isn't extra sofa in stock and after checking again, that in fact there is but that one is also damaged. They told me they can order a new one and that I should receive it by May 31. Initial ordered day was May 6!!! Not only did I wait 7 days for the first delivery but now I have to wait another 2 and a half weeks.
At this point I'm disappointed to the point I no longer want the sofa nor do I want to have anything to do with these people. ***BUT*** They will not credit me the $1,250 I spent. The "best" the manager could do is CHARGE ME the person who got a defective sofa and was told new one will be delivered in 15 days, so total of 30 days since initial date of purchase. In order to get refund, I need to PAY THEM 10% for "restocking" fee. That is to pay THEM $134 for what???? In what world does the customer ever gets treated in this manner? HOW, HOW can a customer receive defective sofa, lied that there is one in stock and will be shipped within days only to find out that that is incorrect and now it will be delivered 2 and a half weeks later. I'm taking legal actions against them, I am filing small court claim... In meantime, I will spread the word to my friends my colleagues at work so that they never have to witness nor experience the WORST , WORST, customer service experience and poorest quantity of furniture. SHAME ON YOU, Ashley Furniture.

Rating 4/10

Shipping people that don't care

"I've ordered 2 sets of bedroom furniture from Folsom, Ca. Ashley store, and both times part of the order has arrived damaged. I believe the items were good when loaded on the truck as the damage was so obvious that no one in their right mind would send out pieces like that. Therefor the damage happened on the delivery truck. Since the hire 2 guys off the street who can rent a truck, there's no repercussions if the furniture gets damaged.
Val the manager was left a message twice to call me, but never bothered to return my calls.
I like their furniture, the quality seems good and the price reasonable. However. Their delivery system is considerable lacking!!!

Rating 2/10

Ashley Furniture has ZERO customer service.

"Ordered a complete living room full of furniture. After one week the furniture was delivered. However, they brought the wrong sofa, the delivery driver insisted it was the one I ordered. I know what I ordered and it was not it. After running to the store while the delivery driver remained at my house, he would not take it back without the stores approval, they finally agreed they delivered the wrong sofa. The store gave me a $50.00 gift card for my trouble and the fact that it would be yet another week with no sofa. When I finally went back to the store to use the $50.00 gift card it was pointed out to me by the store manager that in very, very small print the card came with a minimum purchase of $499.00. So, to get my $50.00 (gift card) I had to spend another $499.00 at the store. I told them to keep their gift card as I will NEVER, EVER go back! This is a "bait and switch" furniture store. "

Rating 2/10

Ashley furniture cares nothing about customer comfort.

"I went to Ashley Furniture to test out a rocker recliner. I found a recliner that satisfied my comfort level but the chair they delivered to my home was hard as a rock and it hurt my back. They were not willing to give me any options on exchanging the chair. The whole reason I went in the store is to test furniture for myself instead of buying it online I need to feel how the furniture feels and if it satisfied my comfort level. I told the manager that if the furniture does not feel the same they need to exchange the floor model Furniture so it compares to what's delivered to the customer. The firmness of furniture has everything to do with what piece of furniture a customer buys. The manager thought that was unreasonable. So glad I found out how these people do business before completely decorating my house with new furniture. So sorry Ashley Furniture you missed out on a $5,000 deal. Word to the wise for any prospective Ashley Furniture customers do not buy Ashley Furniture line because it's very cheap."

Rating 10/10

Zavier Reclining Sofa

"I just wanted to thank Kathy and David our sales reps for a wonderful shopping experience. We are enjoying this fine sofa and very pleased. Thank you"

Rating 4/10


"Looked for hrs, finally picked something out. We were told everything had gone through, left with all the paperwork and I call 3 weeks later to find out that I was lied to. The paperwork wasn't finalized but I would have never known because no one took the time to call me to let me know. I was really disappointed!!! I guess not all sales are important."

Rating 2/10

Where to begin...

"Where to begin...

My partner and I purchased an 8-piece bedroom set from Ashley's, along with a couple of lamps. It came to $5000.
It was supposed to be their "Inventory Blowout" sale, but honestly speaking —I work in the business. Their sales are all the same essentially. If the items you want are not on sale, either wait a few weeks until they are, or just shop at the many places that sell Ashley's Furniture. (i.e. Snugglers Furniture, Liquidation City, Koch's Furniture, Dal's Furniture, Park's Furniture, etc.) These places will have year-long "Inventory Blowout" prices. Ashley's Furniture itself is a rip-off.

Moving on...

Delivery day and Moving Day fell on a Saturday and my partner was the only one at the new apartment. The delivery drivers were rude to my partner, didn't show her any respect, and deemed the steps to our apartment "unsafe". They claimed that the dresser was too heavy to go up the steps —The same steps that the previous tenants carried all of their furniture up & down just days prior!
They made a huge fuss over having to park on the street —which is actually the most convenient spot to park for delivery to us. It's the closest access point to our entrance.
The drivers went back in the truck and I later received a call from their dispatcher claiming it was too dangerous, and the delivery guys sped off. I told him of the situation and the driver's attitudes, and he said the company will give the driver's "a good talking to", and he will try to send someone else out. He said he will call us personally on Monday for an update...

Monday came around —no call.
Tuesday —no call.
Wednesday —no call.
Thursday —no call.
Friday —no call.

It was the end of the week! and we still hadn't received any update! Meanwhile, we had to delay our mattress delivery and also had to buy an air mattress just to get by...

So Friday afternoon I give them a call to see what the heck was going on, and nobody seemed to be of any help. After talking with 3 different people (with 3 different bad attitudes), I finally get on the phone with the Manager from Head Office. I asked her why nobody's got in touch yet! Luckily, she was understanding enough to provide us with a delivery date, and free delivery. After seeing the photos that the delivery drivers took of the steps, she couldn't believe that they refused to use them.

Finally, the new drivers show up on Sunday. We had no issues with them. They were great!
But there were all these little white blotches on our bedroom set. Almost as if they had been painted on. At a first glance, they look like a chip in the wood. I didn't notice until the next day because I was at work during the delivery.
Anyway, A LOT of personal and pressing family issues came up in the next of couple days, so we couldn't get in touch with them right away. I figured it was ok because when I asked the dispatcher what to do if the furniture was chipped or damaged, he said "either refuse it, or get in touch within a week".
We got in touch within a week, and apparently we had to get in touch within 48 hours for any "cosmetic" issues. I was never told that! But apparently that was in the Agreement I signed. I don't remember it being in there. I wonder if that was the big book-like contract they had me sign...

So after all that bull crap with the failed delivery, the drivers, the air mattress, not getting in touch, the lack of customer service, etc... They refused to replace our Mirror (there were blotches on many of the pieces, but the mirror was the one we just couldn't live with).
So after all the stress of complaining until we're blue in the face, and $5000 later —we're not happy!
We regret doing any sort of business with Ashley Furniture and won't be buying from them ever again in the future.

Like I said before —I work as a Salesman for a competing furniture company and I know what they "can" and "can't" do. Ashley's Furniture refused to do a lot more than they could have!

After Ashley's Furniture gets their money, they immediately STOP caring about their customers...


Rating 2/10

Beware of Ashley Furniture and Guardsman INSURANCE! POS

"So, I purchased the 5 year plan from Guardsman that was suggested by the salesman stating that they cover everything for my furniture that I purchased from the Ashley's Furniture Home Store in Yorba Linda. 4 years later I ran into two issues in the same day and I was so happy that I bought the protection plan. My friends bratty kids were over and decided to puncture the arm on the couch with clippers. Then they split an entire bottle of water on the lounge chair which has now become flat. So, I went through and followed all of the rules in terms of filing a proper claim for both of these incidents. I was also patient considering this entire process has taken over 2 months! Anyways, they dismissed my claim regarding the water spill since apparently they do not replace foam.... really....smh. I called Guardsman and they just kept saying that they do not replace foam and to call the Ashley's Furniture Corporate office which I did and a girl by the name of Kiara said that she would look into the case and then call me back. Never did. Anyways, I was irritated about that, but I still had my other claim. So, a month later a guy calls me and says that he would have time to come out to my house to look at the punctures and that he would be there at noon. Well, 2:00PM comes by and I called the guy and he said, "Oh, I said around noon." so then he comes 45 minutes later. He looks at the cushion with the water stain and the punctures on the arm chair and takes a bunch of pictures. Then he tells me that he is going to submit his response and then someone will get back to me. I thought that he was coming out to fix the couch so his visit was pointless since I had already submitted pictures and everything that they needed 2 MONTHS AGO!. Well, weeks go by and I finally got an email this morning stating that they will not fix or do anything. (See the bull**** response below).

Sectional-Left Arm Facing Sofa - Puncture - Stains or damage due to extensive activities are not covered under the terms of the protection plan.
Sectional-Right Arm Facing Chaise - Cushion Flattening/Loss of Foam Resiliency - The reported damage on your furniture is not covered under the terms of the protection plan.

Guardsman is a cleaning company and they do not help or provide services to fix anything. As for Ashley Furniture, I cannot believe that they even recommend this company. I spoke with an agent from the corporate office named Kiara regarding this to see if there is anything that she could do to help me. She was very nice and said that she would call me back. well... that was 3 weeks ago. I just got off the phone with another worthless employee by the name of Carrie M. who refused to give me her last name and employee ID #. She basically told me that no one by the name of Kiara works there and there is no record of me calling since supposedly they open up a new claim and record the conversation every time someone calls in, but of course, there is nothing open under my name. Carrie M was rude, condescending and not worth my time. She basically told me that Guardsman is just going to call me and reiterate what the email told me in regards to not wanting to help me.

Absolute Bull****. Both of these companies are worthless and they could care less about the people that are actually putting money in their pockets. I will never purchase from Ashley's Furniture ever again and I have spent over $10,000 with that company. Their customer service ****. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM ASHLEY'S FURNITURE AND DO NOT USE GUARDSMAN. save yourself the headache.

Rating 2/10

Buyer Beware - Horrible service

"Buyer Beware
I am writing this in the hopes I can save others the same horrific customer service I have had to endure. I ordered a simple coffee table from Ashley. Something one would consider a reasonably short order to fill. That couldn't be further from the truth. After placing an order and having the full amount charged to my credit card, the last screen on the order page says 'an order confirmation is on its way to your email address. Simple? Wrong.....4 days....no confirmation. I thought I had better call Ashley and try and get a confirmation of when I could expect them to fulfil my order. Thank goodness I had the foresight to do a screenshot of the confirmation page because that would be the only sort of confirmation I would ever receive. After finally getting through to customer service on the phone, spelling my name a minimum of 5 times and giving my address at least that many times, the incoherent mumbling from the associate on the other end of my phone was indicating that they had no clue where my order was....when it may or may not be delivered or in fact whether anything would ever be sent. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was immediately passed on. It was clear first level customer service just wanted to get rid of any sort of problems. After all who in the world would actually expect answers when they call in????? The so called supervisor Travis was very smug. It was impossible to make him understand that when you take somebody's money that they may expect something in return. In his opinion there was no actual problem because he couldn't see the credit card charge on his screen so how can it exist. The charge showing on my credit card bill shows otherwise! I told him I have proof. He didn't care. His solution.... "I can pass this on to our web team". OK....I will hold. According to Travis the people who take your money don't have a phone and can't be reached. The best they can do is pass on a message and hope somebody contacts me. Great job Travis!!! It's good to know that the money the company spends to bring in customers is wasted by your lack of any sort of customer service knowledge. So, to summarize, Ashley furniture has a showroom filled with 'just OK' quality goods. No you can't take it home because they don't stock anything. You can give them some money online but beware, they have a team of specially trained customer service people to give you a lot of excuses why they need your money but don't actually feel obligated to give you a product in return. No....this isn't just a random complaint. Read the rest of the reviews other customers like me have given not only here but virtually anywhere you can search for Ashley reviews online. To Ashley management.....good luck with the numbers game you are playing. Unhappy customers mean your eventual demise. Again, BUYERS BEWARE!

Rating 10/10

Highly recommend

"I just replaced my 12-yr old Ashley living room set with a new Ashley LR set. Our first set held up so well we had no hesitation in purchasing Ashley again. Service and delivery were great!"

Rating 4/10


"Had visited and looked at recliners and visited others to compare. Liked it and called about availability and was told 2 weeks. We drove 35 minutes and then was told it would be 6 weeks. Well, we waited. Decided to pick it up. They called and we set an appointment for 6:00. Not really an appointment as we learned we would have to then wait for them to call us. So, why not have it ready at 6:00. I am setting here with one more person and they haven't loaded anyone in 10 minutes. So, what are they doing? I really don't think they can spell customer service.
But, got the last laugh. We wanted a Tempurpedic mattress but after the bait and switch from 2 to 6 weeks, I purchased it elsewhere.

Rating 2/10

terrible service

"do not buy from here its horrible i was so disappointed u cant return the furniture cause it cost 25% restocking fee they rip me off they didnt delivery everthing i needed and on top of it they do not take return they give u store credit so ur stuck with this BS

Rating 2/10

Terrible customer service

"We bought several thousand dollars worth of furniture from Ashley. We ordered some bars stools that were taking a long time to come in. The store manager told me he would check into it and said, you have my word...you will gear from me one way or another." His "word" was worthless!!!! I never heard back from him. 3 days later I called the store and was told he was out of town. Obviously, they will tell you anything just to buy some time.
We paid extra for the dirt and stain guarantee on two couches and a love seat. The person at the store said they would send somebody out to clean them. We arranged our schedules to be home today, and a furniture repair man showed up, saying the work order said our loveseat was coning apart. Now we have to set up another service call.
Our daughter bought a blue loveseat. When they delivered it, the loveseat was grey. They said they would replace it with a blue one. The replacement was also grey. Finally, after taking her third day off of work, they delivered the correct one.

Rating 2/10

Never buy anything unless you want it repaired only

"purchased living room coffee table and end tables. One drawer on end table was so hard to open, but once it was opened i like to never got it closed. Call the service line and they suggest they will send out a part then a person to install it, however i will be stuck with a piece of furniture sitting in my way in my kitchen due to small space for 7-10 days before servicing it ONLY. NEVER OFFERED TO REPLACE A BRAND NEW PIECE OF FURNITURE ONLY 6 MINUTES OLD. WOW..........Now today i get a call from them since March 9th when they were delivered acting like i LIED and got the piece because they said it was suppose to arrive by UPS TODAY, which haven't arrived yet acted like i was lying. Such crap. ONTO next issue, other end table the veneer has peeled away from top only about size of a nickle, no big deal? really? well then its only going to be fixed, on same able several scratches on bottom of table which noticed this weekend and nothing has even been set on bottom of my table. Coffee table has a CHUNK OUT OF THE CORNER, ONCE AGAIN ONLY GOING TO BE SERVICED NOT REPLACED. HECK I DIDN'T DAMAGE THIS STUFF. I CALLED 6 MINUTES AFTER THEY LEFT THE TABLES IN MY HOME AND ASHLEY FURNITURE ACTS LIKE I DID THIS. I MEAN REALLY. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO ANOTHER STORE. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW THEY STAY IN BUSINESS. NO WONDER YOU DO NOT SEE A LOT OF CUSTOMERS THERE INSIDE THE STORE. OH YEAH THEY TOOK THE TICKET WITH THEM I SIGNED AND NEVER LEFT ME A COPY. OH YEAH WHEN YOU CANCELED AN ORDER BEFORE ITS SHIPPED YOU ARE CHARGED $95.00 FOR CANCELLATION FOR ANY REASON."

Rating 2/10

Horrible never again !!!

"This was the worst experience ever !! We bought two different bedroom suits and both times
Damaged. When called to tell them about had to talk to multiple people , everyone kept saying we will call you back and never did !!!!!!!!!! Finally we just returned our damaged pieces from both suits and got money back. The absolute worst service ever !!!!!!

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