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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.75/10 3.75/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.11/10 1.11/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.86/10 2.86/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.56/10 1.56/10
    Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Rating 8/10

I have been a customer of Avenue for over 20 years never had a problem, until now. I place an order with the Avenue. And when I

"I have been a customer of avenue for over 20 years and have order clothes online & have mail clothes back to the company. But this time , I send two demin dresses back to them, request that one of them , be ship to me in a larger size.The Auenue customer service had the send me an email starting , we are unable to accept my return for credit or exchange. And had the nerve to tell me that , they are going to donate my item to an local charity in my name. "

Rating 2/10

Company insinuated I had worn item I returned.

"I ordered several items from Avenue for an upcoming trip. My store in Macon, Ga has been turned into an Avenue Outlet. It looks like a swap meet now. I have bought quality items there in the past so I went to Avenue.com. When I finally received the items I tried them all on. The return instructions were clear, all tags must be attached, unwashed, unworn, etc. I followed the instructions and returned three of the items before I left for my trip. While gone, I got an email from Avenue saying that one of the items I returned had been worn and could not be returned. My choices were to spend $8.96 to return it to me or it would be donated to charity. I called and requested an appeal but that was refused as well. I am not an idot or a liar and do not like to be treated as such. I am 68 years old and have never been accused of anything like this before. I have paid to have the item returned to me, cancelled my Avenue charge card and will never frequent this business again. The Avenue does not value ne as a customer and will never miss my business. As a former business owner myself, I know this type customer service will cost them more than will gain by not accepting my return. I wish I could have given less than one star.
Brenda B Barksdale

Rating 2/10

Butter jeans

"I have bought three pairs of these butter jeans 60 bucks each....within three or four wears the dye rubs off in the inner thigh area....i understand i am fat and my thighs rub.....but ive never paid so much for jeans and this ever happen....i have credit card with avenue and just plan on paying off and never shopping there again....unless they offer some kind of riembersment...very disappointed!!!"

Rating 6/10

Is this a RIP-OFF???

"Defined as: a fraud or swindle, especially something that is grossly overpriced. Synonyms: fraud, cheat, deception, swindle, confidence trick

I placed an order online on 8/30/2017. When I placed the order the clearance items were 25% off, now in less than 24 hours on 8/31/2017 I look at the site to make more purchases and I see that all clearance is 40%. Could I please have a price adjustment? No Ma’am you cannot. This is a rip off. I spoke with a customer service representative named Joey and he put me on hold for over 10 minutes because I wanted to speak to a manager about the adjustment. After returning to the call he suggested that he would submit this to corporate for a price adjustment and gave me a confirmation number. I was still unable to speak to a manager - I assume there was no manager. Unfortunately, they claim this is their policy but I have yet to receive this policy in writing. Did I mention that I purchased some items in the store and then I look online and they were cheaper in the store than online? I don’t know what’s up with this place but they are not consistent and it seems to be a rip off in my eyes…

I will mention that the clothes that I purchased thus far in the store a pair of jeans and a jacket, I do like the quality. But, I don't like being ripped off.

Rating 2/10

I will never shop with Avenue again!

"Sadly after the fact I learned that I cannot return most of the items that I purchased after spending $170 with Avenue because most of my items end in 88 cents, are clearance items that don't meet the $16.96 minimum requirement or one of their final price items. They will not budge at all. This is the worst scam of a return policy I have ever seen! They should be straight up an honest and say we probably won't accept a return of the items you purchase from us. Not only is there return policy very poor their clothing does not fit as the sizes state. I bought about 8 different items and every one of them were way too big for me and not anything I can work with at all! If you're lucky enough to read all of these reviews before purchasing from Avenue do not do it. I would stay far far away from the store. I will never shop there ever again!!"

Rating 2/10

Do not shop at this store!!

"I gave it one star because 0 wasn't available. I wish I had read these reviews before I purchased from this store. They are all very similar to my experience with them. I am closing my account and never shopping there again. Unfortunately I am out about $80. I ordered 3 tops from them to take on vacation. I removed the tags when I was packing. The first time I wore the first top, I saw that it had a dime sized hole in the front. The second top was too big. I sent them back and they sent me an an email saying that the return was unacceptable because it did not meet their return standards and that they could return them to me for $8.95 shipping or donate them to charity. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I hope they fail as a business. Please heed this warning and the reviews that have been posted. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!"

Rating 2/10

Learn from my expensive mistake

"I just dropped $170 at Avenue and hit submit before I read their return policy. BIG MISTAKE! I've shopped at a lot of stores online with excellent return policies, but I've never come across one so complicated or sketchy, and now I know none of my clothes qualify as returnable if they don't fit. Just make sure you go to the store, if you have one, and try the clothes on.

... they are obviously aware that their clothing runs all over the place and that most women will buy multiples to ensure the fit, so they make their return policy as complicated as possible so they don't have to keep all of the returned clothes in their inventory... and I'd like to know what charity they plan to donate to, the "Ripped off avenue customer" charity because who's to say they don't just put that stuff right back in their inventory.

Rating 2/10

Worst bra I have EVER owned.!!!

"A friend recommend this store for a bra. I went into the store where my aunt and I were greeted and sized
(Very incorrectly). Once we got the size right we both quickly tried on and bought to bras each because there was a buy one get one sale so why not huh lol well, turns out the "sale" didnt include the ones we picked even though it was clearly marked. Once we have bought the items and get maybe a week of wear out of them the straps begin to stretch or something because no f**king matter what you do the starps literally never stay on your shoulders!!! I have never been so annoyed that I could take off my bra in public just to get the worthless thing off!!!! AND OF COURSE you can NOT return them to save your damn life!! I hate this store, how they're still open is a mystery to me!!!

Rating 2/10

Bait and Switch

"I went in to the store and founds lots of things I loved. Staff was friendly and helpful, talked up the merchandise and showed a bunch of pieces they own and even helped my husband feel welcome when he came in with me. I let them talk me into a store card because I had a sizable purchase and the benefits were worth it.

More than half the things I bought did not live out the year. The shoes started falling apart after a couple of uses, clothes stretched out and/or pilled like crazy. I bought this beautiful ombré skirt that was perfect for summer events and only got to wear it once . I washed it according to the directions, cold/delicate, and the blue dye bled all over the white. I tried to bring it back a week or 2 after purchase and was told by numerous people that it wasn't returnable as is. Spent an hour on the phone with customer service to be told the same thing. I tool it to a dry cleaner to see if it was salvageable and was told it would be like "shoveling sand against the tide" as it was clearly a defect in the dyeing process. Needless to say that card was canceled and I will never shop there again. Definitely a disparity between cost and quality.

Rating 2/10

Return Policy is Deceptive/Dishonest

"I ordered several items of clothing on Avenue.com. I ended up returning some of the items for various reasons. One of the items I returned was not accepted for return and I received a phone call indicating that I could pay $8.95 ("plus tax") to have the item sent back or I could choose to "have it donated". I asked the Representative to what organization the item would be donated and she could not tell me. I also asked what the "plus tax" was for (what was the basis for additional taxes) and she couldn't explain that either. This company is engaging in very questionable and dishonest practices regarding their return policies and I will never do business with them again. They treat their customers as if they don't need them, so I will take my business to companies who value their customers."

Braygrl318's Avatar

Buffalo, NY
Rating 2/10

Awful, awful, awful

"I went to my local store in williamsville, NY and had the WORST experience ever. I bought my friend a shirt and pants for her birthday that she had wanted. Unfortunately, they didn't fit her, so I tried to return or exchange them. The lady at the counter was rude right from the start. She ripped the bag out of my hand and dumped the clothes on the counter. She unfolded them and looked at the receipt. She kept looking at me and at the clothes. There was a piece of hair on the pants and she said, "if this is the condition you keep your clothes, it's a good thing I don't have to wear them". I was shocked by what she said. She told me because of the condition of the pants(with 1 piece of hair, that I pulled off), she was unable to return them. She rolled up the clothes and put them in the bag. I looked at her and said, "these clothes are trash anyways and I'll be burning them". She then said, "our clothes have more class than you'll ever have". As I walked out, I said loud enough for the whole store to hear me, "this store is nothing but a joke". As I walked out the door, another customer was entering and I told her about my experience. Needless to say, she turned around and walked away. I will never return to that store again. Rudest employees I've ever come in contact with. I wouldn't recommend anyone going there. "

Rating 2/10

Horrid Customer Service

"I have been shopping at Avenue for a couple of years now. Most of my purchases are done online and I have them shipped to the store. I place orders every month and have spent thousands. In my opinion, the quality is pretty good. They also typically have good sales going on. Two weeks ago, I placed an order for a couple of tops. Sizing can definitely be hit or miss. Concerning this particular order, one top fit and the other was very tight (they were the same size so definitely proof of the hit or miss). The tight shirt was a black 3/4 lace up tee. I had the shipping receipt and original tag but the tag had been removed from the top because I have a bad habit of assuming something is going to fit. Now, in the past, this has not been an issue. The staff at my local store was always really sweet and understanding. They knew me by name and even stopped asking for ID when I would pick up orders. However, they had a change of staff some time last year and the new women are always abrupt and never make an effort to remember me. They take a really long time to check out customers and pull orders. They constantly claim my shipment isn't there when it is. And they just act rude and like everything is an inconvenience. I always get the feeling they don't like me because I place so many online orders and they don't like dealing with it.

I went to return the top yesterday and at first, the woman rolls her eyes at me and says she can't return it because the tag is disconnected. She keeps unfolding the top, holding it up to look at it, and folding it back up on the counter...acting annoyed and saying she is sorry but can only let me exchange. I explain that I purchased it on my Avenue card and ask if it can please be credited on there because I don't have time to look around. She keeps saying no, sighing impatiently at me, and rolling her eyes. Then she has her manager look at it and she says it was a final sale so I can't return it at all. It wasn't by the way and I try to reiterate this. The first woman then says again that she will let me exchange only. I then ask for a merchandise credit so I can look for something at a later date. I get the same huffing and puffing and she says, with hesitation, she doesn't think she can do that. Then she points out some discoloration and asks what it is. I said it wasn't there before and it looks like dust (I'm guessing from the messy counter she has been dragging it back and forth across). She tries to wipe it with her fingers and then says she can't accept it at all because she would have to damage it out! Over dust from their own counter?! I'm furious at this point. In front of the whole store, she implies that I am trying to return the top after wearing it. Of course, this is absolutely not true. Out of all that I have spent, I've only returned a few things and it was always because of a bad fit and the items were never worn. I was so offended and appalled, I stormed out of the store. I did call the customer service line to complain but I'm still waiting to hear back from their corporate office. My guess is that they won't care one bit.

Rating 2/10

What A Experience

"I should have left when I entered the Rivergate Store and asked to use the restroom and they said they didn't have one. A display of jewelry was in the wrong place and the manager said someone put it in the wrong place and wouldn't honor the sale price.
The two employees that were working on yesterday, I would recommend receive additional training in working with the public. Thankfully, there are other options to shop.

Rating 2/10

Horrible return and customer service! HORRIBLE! Gave one star because you can't give none.

" I ordered 2 pair of identical shorts, but in 2 different sizes, because I wasn't sure which would fit, to be delivered to the store. When I picked them up and stated my plan to try them on there and return the ones I didn't want you'd have though I threatened to blow the place up. I was told by the salesgirl (who I think is the manager) that I could return them by shipping them free of charge. So I took them home. The first pair fit so I didn't even open the package of the other ones. When I looked online for return instructions, it said there was an 8.95 return fee. So I went back to the store to return the shorts and once again, by a different salesgirl, was told I could return them free. So, after being told this twice, I believed it. Stupid, stupid me. I get an email a couple days ago showing my return, minus the 8.95. I was livid. I tried to click on the customer service line to complain but it wouldn't take my info. I tried 4 different times on 2 different devices. I finally called. I explained everything and was told they'd have to look into it and decide if I could be refunded the money. SERIOUSLY? This agent is supposed to call me when they decide if I can get my money back. I'm not holding my breath. THEN, today I get an email that my order is ready to be picked up. So somehow the customer service person. Screwed up and they sent the order again! And charged my credit card again!!! Now, if I dont't pick them up and they are returned will I be charged 8.95 again? And X 2??? It shouldn't be so hard to buy and return a friggin pair of shorts. "

Rating 2/10

Terrible Return Policy

"Buy carefully! If you do have to return, make sure you do it within their 60 day policy. I waited to0 long to return several items from an order. However, given that the clothes were never worn, still had tags attached and were in the original plastic bags, I returned anyway expecting store credit. Every other retailer gives credit in these situations. Not Avenue! Not only did they refuse to give credit, they made me pay to return my items to my self. I spoke with multiple customer service agents who all promised to help and I never heard back from a single person. After 4 weeks of arguing, I agreed to pay the return shipping just to end the nightmare. Then they told me they couldn't ship my items back because my credit card was denied. I was so angry I told them to donate the items to charity. I immediately called my bank and my card was fine. They told me that Avenue never tried to run my credit card. I have no idea what they were doing, but I will never shop there again. "

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