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    Product & services pricing Rating 4.00/10 4.00/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.46/10 1.46/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.46/10 1.46/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.50/10 1.50/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.14/10 1.14/10
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Rating 2/10

Horrible Online Experience

"Hi, I ordered a book online.
I noticed that I wasn't given an specific delivery time at the beginning or the end of my checkout...only "standard" delivery time.
guess what?
A month they said on the first email, a month to deliver a book from Kansas to Florida.
I needed the book earlier than that.
So, when I tried to cancel my order, they went on to say it belongs to a third party seller?
oh crap.
End of the story:
They cant cancel my order directly.
I have to wait almost a month to get my book, which btw I ordered it from another company already.
Then I have to process the cancelation and refund.
The customer service guy was just talking like a freaking zombie, and taking no care or whatsoever.
I will never again buy a book with Barnes and Nobles and I don recommend it to anyone I love.
God be with you if you do so.

Rating 2/10

Never Again!

"I tried to purchase a rental text book. The online process to purchase had an issue with my credit card. They sent me an email asking me to update. So I did. But there was no way for me to process the sale again. I called customer service and they could not charge my credit card because the sale was final. Even though I never paid for the book! I tried to pay for a book I had in my possession. I tried to pay for a book I wanted. I tried and tried. I contacted several people to asking them to charge me for my purchase - none of them could. There was no way to reverse the sale. No way to credit the book back to the rental. There was no way for any B&N representative to charge me for my purchase. But there was a way for them to email me threatening me that they would take me to a collection agency if I didn't pay. My account has a valid credit card and I have tried to pay. Now 5 months later I receive a phone call from a collection agency. And just a cold call, no idea who these people are harassing me for my checking account information. BandN effing scu bag. I look forward to you being next in line to follow - what was the name of that other big box bookstore? Yeah, don't remember. "

Rating 2/10

Turned away after trying to use a gift card... Told to come back in 24 hours!

"I went to the Wyomissing, Reading, PA store today and as the cashier was ringing up my order she had trouble with the gift certificate I presented. She apparently entered it the wrong way and the register froze. She ended up restarting her register and after the wait she attempted to re-ring my transaction. Guess what? Now my card shows NO BALANCE. !!! I said Well, you know the card was used and that you have the money - couldn't you just cut me a new one or give me store credit? I came just for the book set I was purchasing - the last set. I drove 40 minutes to get there. Nothing they can do. I was told. I shou;ld try again tomorrow because it will take 24 hours to re-credit my card. Why couldn't we complete the sale since you already had my money? I am not coming back. If I ever get my money back I will re-gift the card and never have to be disappointed like this again. Never again. No reason for turning me away.

Rating 2/10

Awful service

"I ordered a book that I needed for a book club and they sent me an email a couple days later saying it had shipped. 3 weeks later I find out that they had actually cancel the order. Now I'm scrambling to find the book as I'm already behind in the reading. A weak apology and a $5 egift card to spend with them was all I got from customer service. I've been a loyal customer and a member for years and this is how they treat me!? Why did they send me an email saying the item was shipped if it wasn't? And why no email saying they had cancelled the order? I've never experienced such poor service anywhere! After all this if I log onto my account it still show the item as "shipped" in my account history. There is nothing that says it was cancelled. The only way I know that is that the online chat rep told me. Idiots!"

Rating 2/10

No wonder everyone shops at Amazon !!

"I've been buying stuff from Amazon for years with hardly any complaints. Certainly I've purchased many, many books, and I've never had to track them down or wonder if they will ever arrive.

Not so with Barnes and Noble. I only purchased from them because I found an old gift card in my desk so I used it to purchase 3 books. That was 2 weeks ago. Of the 3, 1 arrived, the other was cancelled by B&N (their marketplace seller became unable to fulfill the order - never ever happened with Amazon) and the 3rd book just says it should arrive in a couple more weeks, with no tracking # or other info to indicate anyone knows where it is.

No wonder Amazon has beaten the pants off B&N. I will certainly never purchase from them again. What a lame **** company!

Rating 2/10

B&N should be charged with fraudulent practices

"My son ordered a college textbook that clearly stated 'Financial acctg with CONNECT PLUS which is the online code that professors require. When the book arrived - there was no CONNECT PLUS. My son called B&N and was told that in the Terms & Conditions it was noted that it wasn't guaranteed. THEN WHY is it in the description of the item? If the title of the book says it is coming with Connect Plus - then it should be coming with it. I have called the Corporate Office twice to elevate this call to someone who can make this right; however, no one has called me back. Meanwhile, my son had to spend $90 to buy the Connect Plus online code since his college class started and he needed the code. There is no time to return the book and get a credit because he needs the book now. We will not buy from B&N again and my son and I will tell all his college friends to avoid B&N. VERY poor standards!"

Rating 2/10

If I could give 0 stars I would

"Let's preface all this by saying I live in Canada. Alright, here's my situation: My cousin has a wedding in late January, so I bought her a gift from their website. This was on the 28th Dec. Two weeks pass and I haven't received the item. I tell myself it's probably because of the holidays. Check the tracker a couple of days later, and turns out the item arrived in the country on the 7th January, Good news right? Well, turns out the delivery is 'on or around Jan 22' which **** because I'm leaving on the 21st. I call their customer support to see if we can expedite this somehow, even if I have to pay more for shipping or whatever. The lady on the other end tells me that they've done their job and handed over the package to a facility on the 4th and to follow up with 'them'. This information is not available to me on my tracking page so I ask her - multiple times - to provide me with a number to follow up as she's no help. She puts me on hold to check with her resource. No problem. After coming back, she tells me a few things: 1. the 'promise date' of 22 Jan is the last possible date of delivery. Which is a relief, but not much of one as it could still arrive after I leave the country. I still want to follow up to expedite the process. At this point she tells me to call customs to track the order. As in, customs Canada. I'm pretty done with this company. It was a huge mistake to order from them in the first place."

Rating 2/10

Amazingly bad experience

"Their website offered free express shipping if I signed up for a membership. I signed up, but that option didn't appear. I ordered anyway, assuming that I could sort it out with Customer Service. Wrong!
They said the book was from a marketplace partner, so express shipping wasn't available.
I asked for contact info so that I could ask the seller how long it would take. They said they wouldn't give that info until it shipped in 4 to 14 business days.
I asked to cancel the order. They said that they couldn't cancel it.

Rating 4/10

"Terrible online ordering!!! I placed two orders. The series I bought was eligible for buy two books get the third free. So when I paid, it showed that bn took the third price off. But when the shipment price came, I had been charged for the third book. Also, in the order, I pre ordered a book. But 24 hours later it showed that bn canceled the book order but it was still charging me for it!!! I had contacted customer service, and one, they barely helped me and two, the woman I spoke too had very poor english skills. I had to ask her the same question three times because I could not understand her. I am English so I need a strong speaker in the English Language. Oh and I almost forgot to mention but it takes several days to know the status of your order. Sometimes they will just cancel it even if you payed for it. Terrible online ordering and customer service. The only thing I am satisfied with is the items they sell. Their prices are mediocre."

Rating 2/10

"Customer disservice is the apt term for their online platform.

A) No indication that a book isn't in stock after ordering. Plus no option to cancel a day later
B) Chat phone "support" by an individual with poor English skills.
C) Status of processing for days with no indication what that means.
D) Accepts paypal for paryment but refunds in store credit/gift card.


+ Read user comments

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a Sphero BB8 Star Wars Droid for my son. The box arrived on December 21st, I decided to open it the next day on the 22nd. I am glad I decided to open it because if I didn't my 9 year old son would be wondering why he was getting a fairy tail book written for teen age girls. They sent me an order for someone in CA. I hope their teenage daughter likes the BB8 Droid. I called customer service. They said they would not be able to get me a new one in time for Christmas. Now I need to go the UPS store to send this back to get a credit. "

Rating 2/10

"wouldnt give any stars but i had to give at least one.... i placed an order online for a product got conformation for order a couplke days later i recieved an email saying my cc couldnt authorize?? this is funny seeing as the money has already came out of my account now they cant find any record but i have all the print outs i have proof they took my money and i want my money back"

Rating 2/10

"I placed two separate orders after shopping Barnes and Noble's 'Buy One, Get One Half Off' sale on their collectible books. On both orders I was not charged the correct price. I have contacted Barnes and Noble by email several times and they have refused to honor the prices advertised on their website.

Order #4003934819 - this was for two books (Jane Austen: 'Seven Novels' and 'The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe'). Each book was $18.00 originally. The sale would make one book $18.00 and the second book $9.00. When added to the cart, the sale price was not reflected. Both books were still showing as $18.00 each instead of $18.00 for the first book and $9.00 for the second book. I thought the discount would be deducted at the end of the check-out process, so I entered a 20% off coupon (saving me a mere $3.60 on one book). To my dismay I was charged $35.24 total.

Order #4003934820 - this was for two books (The Iliad and the Odyssey' and 'The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla'). Each book was $18.00 originally. The sale would make one book $18.00 and the second book $9.00. When added to the cart, the sale price was not reflected. Both books were still showing as $18.00 each instead of $18.00 for the first book and $9.00 for the second book. I thought the discount would be deducted at the end of the check-out process, so I entered a 20% off coupon (saving me a mere $3.60 on one book). To my dismay I was charged $35.24 total.

Barnes and Noble did not honor their advertised sale price and refuses to adjust my price to reflect the proper amount. Their customer service representatives (Melody Joy on 12/9 and Robert on 12/11) are claiming that because I used a 20% off coupon on each order that I am not entitled to the sale price. However the sale price should have been shown FIRST and then there should not have been an option or ability to enter any coupons or promotion codes. Why would someone want to save $3.60 on one book ($7.20 on two books) when they can take advantage of the sale price and save $9.00 on one book ($18.00 on two books) ?!? This is a problem/glitch with their website that they are attempting to mask as a 'rule' about coupons & promotions in order to charge the customer the maximum price.

I even offered to forfeit the coupons (which I shredded anyhow after using online) and they still refuse to adjust my order by crediting me the $18.00 that I am owed.

Rating 2/10

"absolute worse company I have every delt with they will not answer emails,return phone calls,and there customer service does not have anyone who speaks clear understandable English,and since I heard a Baby crying and angry conversation with someone else during on of my attempts I assume they are working from home. They sure charged my credit card the very day I ordered but email I received with tracking numbers was worthless,none of them worked as tracking number,and every person I attempted to talk to could not speak English and just repeated same thing over and over again without listening at all to what I was saying and them got angry with me because I could not understand them, Please your company is in America get English customer service here and let the others take care of there country's people instead of cheapening your service. If and when I receive pkg it will be returned to store and I will never order on line ever again from this company. oh and I ordered with express shipping going on 16 days and no package I realize its Christmas but come on people "

Rating 2/10

"I ordered an audio CD which would be sent "standard shipping". I now find that this will take at least 14 days and possibly as much as 21 days, I receive several shipments per week. I never pay for expedited shipping as most things arrive in two or three days. To me, that is the standard. If I want it overnight, I will pay extra. Barnes and Noble hides this information in the ordering process. I am sure that somewhere I agreed to their rules, so I am out of luck on this one. It is a gift and this will be too late. I plan to order a second copy from a more honest seller. I have bought many things at the Barnes and Noble store in Santa Rosa, CA. If anyone there is reading, you can count me as a lost customer. I will never cross your doorstep again. Shame on you, Barnes and Noble. There is nothing Noble about you."

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