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Rating 2/10

The WORST customer service EVER

"It was my husbands birthday so we used a gift card to go take our daughter to watch a movie. We had the wrong move theaters so they couldn't do anything to accommodate us. So not only did we lost out on time, gas and never the less we had a two year old crying because she wanted to watch the emoji movie.Fandango is a waist of time and money. They need to send there employee's back to a training class because they are so rude. Don't waist your time go straight to the box office. "

Rating 2/10

Do NOT use this company!

I used Fandango to purchase tickets to a movie because I had a coupon code for $5 off. My total showed the tickets plus the "convenience fee" minus the $5 coupon. I purchased the tickets but when I received my emailed receipt, the $5 had not been subtracted. I didn't have time to call customer service, so I emailed them instead. I didn't receive a response for over 48 hours. By this time, I had already used the tickets. I was told that they couldn't credit a completed order and they couldn't give me a refund because I had already used the tickets. They refused to resolve the issue. Their customer service is a joke and they are a bunch of crooks. Do not use this company under any circumstances!


Rating 2/10

"Updates" NOT!

"Don't bother trying to contact Fandango. They won't help you. Their go to line is that They are doing updates. They won't admit that they are having issues. All that they would say is that they will email you once their "updates" are complete. Seriously?! If in fact there were updates, Why wouldn't they inform their customer base Before the updates so that we would be able to make other arrangements? I'll tell you why. If they admit to having technical issues then they would have to compensate their customers for the inconvenience. And if they did contact their customer base before they did their updates, they would take the chance of losing business and they wouldn't want to Lose money for their investors. Which seems to be a lot more important then the customers. We're better off forgetting Fandango "The middleman" and going directly to the source to purchase our tickets for a movie. "

Rating 2/10

Charged me twice, DID NOT DELIVER, customer service a joke

"Ordered movie tickets online. Was charged and then error message. Called their support and was told was not charged but was just an authorization and would not go through. Attempted to buy tickets a second time, was charged again, no tickets. Needless to say the charges appeared on my next statement. Attempted to resolve with Fandango but fell on empty ears. Finally disputed with paypal and over three weeks later got a refund. Will certainly never use their service again!"

Rating 2/10

This VIP service is a scam. Your refund is all or nothing, no partial (1 or 2 ticket)

"This VIP service is just a Bullshit way of just getting spam emails and having to either take fandango credit or lose out on the bullshit "convenience" fee.

Never using this service again. Trash scam.

Buy each ticket as it's own order, you're welcome.

Rating 2/10


"Fandango ****. Don't use"

Rating 2/10

Fandango puts obstacles in the way of obtaining refunds

"The first time I tried to obtain a refund, the app wouldn't work. I contacted Customer Service. After waiting for an agent for a little more than an hour, I had to give up. I never got a refund.

I recently bought three tickets. I wanted a refund for one. I contacted Customer Service and was told that they don't give partial refunds. I was told to cancel all three tickets and buy back two. I explained that there were no tickets available to the event. They reiterated that they could not give me a partial refund.

So I'm out the price of the ticket and the premium I paid in order to be able to get a refund.

I will never, never use Fandango again.

Rating 2/10

They fall short of demonstrating the "highest level" of customer service

"I have been a member of Fandango since 2014 and have purchased numerous movie tickets through them. I cancelled my account today because they could not recognize my situation for requesting a ticket exchange (not a refund mind you). Be aware that if you make a purchase via PayPal and forget your mobile device, the ticket clerk at the theater is unable to pull your purchase up, so we had to repurchase tickets.

The help desk via phone and email is challenging and time consuming. They are supposed to reply to emails within 24 hours; however, that was not the case....it took 2-days before I had to do a follow-up, and even then the matter had not been resolved after a weeks time. I ended up calling the support desk and waiting 24 minutes before my call was answered. The matter was still not resolved to my liking, so I asked to speak with a manager. Manager Bianco could not satisfy my request, which lead to my membership cancellation.

Their tag line is "highest level of customer service," go figure that one.

Rating 2/10

Worst customer service ever.

"I have never experienced such horrible customer service. I had a gift card, and attempted to purchase tickets online 3 different times.The gift card went through every time, but each time I tried to confirm the purchase, the website had an error. Some sort of internal error. When I called customer service and told them my dilemma, they asked for my gift card info and she said "There's $25 on the card, and it's still working. Is there anything else I can help you with?" I reexplained my situation and she tried to tell me she could email me step by step process to purchasing tickets online. I tried to explain to her that wasn't the problem at all, it was a problem with the site. She then proceeded to HANG UP ON ME. I called back, and sat on hold for 10+ minutes, when before there was no wait time. My sister called from her phone while I was waiting for someone to answer, and what do you know? My sister got through. Pretty sure they blocked my number too. The second representative was unable to help us, and said that our email was blocked, and it would take 24 hours to unblock. At least she was nice about it and didn't hang up on us. Although I'm still tempted to shred the gift card. Save your time and just buy straight from the theater."

Rating 2/10

Fandango needs to Go!

"I ordered a movie on Sat for Sun in 3D. Kiosk at Regal spits out a Sat 2D ticket. While waiting for movie to start in lobby I observed 2 others who got double booked for the same seat of 2 different showings. Unfortunately for 1 their showing was sold out and all the ticket master could do is give out a gift card. USE REGAL.COM OR MOVIETICKETS.COM AND SAVE YOURSELF SOME HASSLE!"

Rating 2/10

Very Poor Serivces

"Fandango is just all our poor service. The web site throws "unknown error", glitches, and the timer goes off earlier then expected. Now that is just the start. The ticket bought came with the wrong date, which is today when we wanted the 24th. Finding help is the next horror story. Finally there is chat. But the queue is an over an hour wait. It is just plain worst from there. After 65 minutes the chat begins. You know what we get? We get there can be no change on the ticket as the movie has already started. No help. Real sloppy. "

Rating 2/10

Don't ever use this company

"Worst customer service I have ever received. I purchased 8 tickets for beauty and the beast and received confirmation of my purchase and was charged $72 for the tickets. I didn't get a confirmation email so I called fandango. I waited on hold over 20 minutes and when I was finally connected to a rep she said she showed 3 failed attempts at making the purchase. I finally asked for a supervisor who said my transaction failed. I told her I have a picture of the confirmation and can show the money coming out of my bank account and could I send it to her. She said I could and that she would pass along to executive department for review which would take 3 to 5 business days. I asked if she could expedite it and she said no. I asked what she could do because I have family coming from out of town and she said she will pass along to executive board. I asked for a manager and she refused me one. So now, I am out $72 dollars and have to disappoint 4 children that they can't go to the movies today. I am also a supervisor in customer service and this is absolutely unacceptable. I will be contacting the corporate office Monday and escalating this until I get compensated."

Rating 2/10

Screwed out of ticket dough

"" agent: Thank you for contacting Fandango Customer Support. My name is agent. How may I assist you today?

me: Hi agent

me: I bought tickets to the wrong theater that I was intending to take my girlfriend to this weekend.

me: We got there in Van Nuys and I realized this, so stopped in the parking lot, then purchased the one's to the correct theater

me: We did not use the one's for the Van Nuys location which is what my confirmation number is for.

me: Would you like the confirmation number to the other purchase as well?

agent: I'll be happy to look into that for you. Please hold for for 2-3 minutes while I investigate that for you.

me: thank you

agent: Purchases made on Fandango.com are only eligible for a refund before show time. Once the showtime starts we are unable to process any kind of refund or exchange for Fandango credit.

me: Is this because there is no way to track in your system whether the tickets were used?

agent: Once the showtimes begins, the funds applied to the purchase of tickets are released to the theater. We provide theater and movie info free of charge so that our customers always have what they need to plan a trip to the movies. However, we are a separate company from our theater partners and the convenience charge is the only part of the order we retain to support our services.

me: So, do you think I would be able to request a refund from the theater if the funds were released to them yet the tickets were never redeemed?

agent: That would be at the theater managers descretion.

agent: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

me: No, thank you

agent: Thank you for making Fandango your choice for online movie tickets. Have a great day! "

Rating 2/10


"A glitch in Fandango app defaulted ticket purchase to wrong cinema and could not get support over phone in time prior to show time so no exchange.
I was in Salisbury, MD and booked 2 tickets to Regal Cinema Stadium 16. The show started at 10:15pm and it was about 10:05pm when teller said the tickets are for another theatre and that I will have to contact fandango for a refund or exchange. I purchased tickets directly from theatre to still catch the show. In the meantime I called Fandango and was on a long hold all the way into when the show started and never got an actual human to help get an exchange. At this point movie started and I figured I would have to contact them tomorrow so I could at least enjoy the show. The next day after contacting Fandango, I was told they could not refund or exchange because it had to be done prior to watching the show. I tried escalating with supervisor and still would not be credited 2 tickets to another movie

Rating 2/10

The most GARBAGE company on the planet!

"I am beyond **** OFF with Fandango and their crap service. I used their app for years previously without a problem now suddenly their crap can't work properly. Customer service is an incompetent joke. Dummy I spoke with told me that my Stubs reward wouldn't show on Fandango app because they are 2 separate companies. How do you work for the company and are that unaware that Stubs cards are linked to the account?

First issue I had was I purchased tickets a DAY in advance. I get to the movie theater pull up their inconvenient app and realize my tickets aren't there. Lucky me I paid Paypal too so could not just whip out credit card and go. Fortunately the theater has better sense and customer service than Crapdango so I was able to see my movie but was beyond ****. No resolution from crap company.

Then crap company listed wrong movie theater and time resulting in me getting to a theater with the wrong ticket. No resolution. Fandango is never wrong. They are more flawless than God. They need to open up their own church and let people wash themselves in their blood to perfection.

Then crap company steals money from my gift card. used gift card someone unfortunately purchased for me. tickets were valued at 25 bucks. refunded tickets got email okay awesome. go back to check credit it's constantly reflected as being 12 bucks the cost of ONE ticket. WTF?

Their DUMB SYSTEM glitched out and stole my 12 bucks. Dumb moron I spoke with insists that I went in and purchased another ticket after refunding the 2. Perhaps dummy knows myself better than I know myself cause I could've sworn I DID NOT PURCHASE ANOTHER TICKET and stayed home. Of course no resolution just a dummy on the phone self righteous that I'm wrong she's right get over it. Yeah cause I am so broke I need to scam this stupid company out of 12 bucks.

Hate their attitude. Hate their app. HATE THEM PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't use their crap not worth it. I'll buy directly from AMC from now on.

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