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Rating 2/10

"DO NOT ORDER FROM GAMESTOP. I pre-ordered TWO GAMES for my grandsons in May, 2014. The games were available on OCTOBER 2, 2014 but the order was NEVER
PROCESSED. After calling this company SEVERAL TIMES, I was ASSURED that the order processed and sent IMMEDIATELY. It has been over to weeks since I called them and I still haven't received the games. The CEO J. Paul Raines must be too busy spending his money instead of doing his JOB! NOT ONE Person I SPOKE WITH AT THIS COMPANY HAS AN IQ OVER 50. GameStop doesn't deserve even one star.

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Rating 2/10

"No games to buy on game's release date. Like the employee said: You should preordered it. Not enough games that I wanted to preorder..."

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Rating 2/10

"Prices are out of this world, Customer service is damn near non-existent and preorders that amount to over $110 occasionally get cancelled on release date. Horrible store for purchasing games."

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Rating 2/10

"Lost my trust in them. I'll never do business with them again after calling customer service on a year-and-a-half long wait for a game. All they offered is excuses even after I pointed out that their written policies did not back up what Carlos (#15735) was telling me. "

Rating 10/10

"I just want to write about the stupid people posting here. About steam, and about game values. The game is sold by its value not at what its retail was when you bought it. If you go to sell a car you bought 10 years ago do you expect to get 21,000 dollars for it? Its the same thing with games."

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a game online as a digital download. It was an old game and it only cost 1.33. Now I know its not much, but its the idea. Anyway, I was directed to go to a site called "Steam" to get my download. I come to find out, that you HAVE to download their software to get the game you ordered. Then if you were to remove steam, it takes your game away too.

When I was in the process of ordering the game, there was nothing about having to download other software in order to get the game you purchased. Had I known this, I wouldn't have purchased it in the first place.

I have asked for a refund. We will see how that goes. from what I'm reading on here, I don't think I will get one.

Rating 2/10

"I bought a ps4 infamouse second son bundle from the GameStop website on Sunday with express delivery. Paid for it immediately, so the order effectively starts on a Monday. I then get an automated email at 2:45 today (the following Wednesday) saying it is not in stock, even though it was in stock on the website when I bought it. Had I been informed sooner I could have at least ordered a replacement from another company. The best they could offer me was a full refund... To hit my bank account by the following Wednesday, a full week later. So if it arrives then they will have had my money for ten days and I will not only have absolutely nothing to show for it, but I will have had to wait all that time just to order a replacement elsewhere. I will absolutely never use this conpany again. I am still waiting for a proper apology, but am not holding my breath."

Rating 2/10

"Prices are ridiculous on used games. Maybe I should have just walked. I went in with 11 Wii and PS3 games and got 17 bucks. Thats just a little over $1 per game. I was going to buy a used copy of Gran Turismo 6. The problem is, it cost $55!! A new copy is $59.99. Who the heck wouldnt be willing to pay the extra 5 bucks to get the new game? Used is used. There is no getting around it. You cant buy something and use it (for whatever its purpose may be) and then expect to sell it for nearly its original retail value. If you can afford to buy the $55 used game, then you can probably afford to buy the new one instead. These guys are rip off artists and this is the reason Ive stepped foot through their door only twice in the last 10 years. Guess I should have known better. UPDATE (23 OCT 14) - To the idiot who is making a poor attempt at comparing used game prices to used car prices, go back to school. You're talking about 2 ENTIRELY different things with a massive price point difference. Besides, Gamestop doesn't think like you do. If you sell them a used game and they give you $2 for it, you'll find it on the shelf with a $20 sticker on it the next day. Obviosly, it's worth way more than $2 which makes them rip-off artists. Don't believe me? Go try it then and see what happens. And paying $55 for a used game when it is $59.99 for the same new game is pure stupidity. They know you'll buy the new one. That makes them even better rip-off artists. Now sit down before you hurt yourself."

Rating 2/10

"Rude, Arrogant, and Obnoxious are the three words that come to mind describing the customer service issue I had on my order of Mass Effect 3 and why I will never buy from them again. I pre-ordered the game and paid for not next day, but the extra for Overnight shipping instead I got Next day shipping from UPS and it delivered at 10:30 PM. I contacted UPS and they agreed that the package was to be Overnighted and not next day deliver so I should have received the package by 10:00 AM and that I was due a full refund for the shipping. The problem as the UPS operator informed me was that since I had not paid for UPS to ship the game I had to have Game Stop request it for me. I contacted Game Stop and they admitted that they did not deliver it to UPS on time, but as the young girl I spoke with rudely told me "Since I did get it the next day she would do nothing about it and that I should not bother her since I didn't know what I was talking about" and "There was no way I would get a refund". I explained I had paid for Overnight and not Next day which meant by 10:00 AM the witch hung up on me. After several emails and calls they refused to do a single thing."

Rating 2/10

"Once again, Gamestop fails to impress. I have had three bad experiences in a row with this company. Here is the latest one:

My son received a copy of Portal 2 for Christmas. I happen to know that the relative who purchased it for him was upset that she had to buy it as a pre-owned game (she felt bad giving a "used" gift), and was charged almost new pricing for it by gamestop. She gave it to him with a gift receipt.

He received two copies of that game, and went to bring this one back because it had a gift receipt. Gamestop told him that "Even though you have a gift receipt, we can only give to the trade in value for that game". They offered him $8 for it. (he did not take it and left with the game) When I called to inquire as to why, I was told that it was beyond their control.I told them that this was not acceptable and the employee very politely said, "this is our return policy, have a great day" and hung up on me.

It will be a cold day in the theological place of eternal punishment before I willingly go into a Gamestop store again, and I would encourage all of you to stop doing business with a company that has this poor of business ethics!

Rating 2/10

"Please rectify. Two weeks before Christmas I had bought the following from you. A Nintendo DS3, additional games and 2 I phones. I have no issue with the DS3.
The first I phone was one I ordered from your Rogers, MN store for my daughter as a Christmas gift. This experience was very pleasant. Upon receipt of the phone I was extremely happy with the condition. The gamestop employee said if I buy another it would be 50% off. My kids decided to get me one. Of course I was the one picking it out and paying for it. I started at the Elk River, MN store because they had the one I wanted in stock and would not have to wait for shipping, as there were only a couple days before Xmas left.

I brought both phones to my mobile carrier and it turns out the phone from Elk River was locked. I went back the next day to Elk River and with out an apology they called the Monticello, MN store. They had one there to exchange. I went to take a look. I stood there with the employee. She tried to get the phone working, but because they do not have WIFI, she could not check to see if it was unlocked?? She assured me the phone was not unlocked and that the Elk River store must of had a "freak thing" happen. Well I went home trusting her since now its Xmas Eve and this has gotta work and get wrapped!!, I attempted to be excited and the dang thing is still unlocked! I called so many places to get it unlocked and as a favor ATT unlocked it for me. Awesome! The kids wrapped it and we spent Xmas eve personalizing both phones and ect. THEN I try to call my Dad who lives in AZ and my phone is BROKEN!!!! l I found that the microphone doesn't work. I can here someone but they cant hear me!!! I had to wait thru Xmas until that Thursday to call the store. I called and she acted amazed and concerned. She had me come in again to ether exchange again or just order one from the distribution center.
So here we are first purchase 1/2 price, second purchase 35.00 more. Third purchase they told me I would get 20.00 for my hassle and free shipping. I ended up waiting until Monday to get my phone! One day shipping is not ONE DAY! On the 3rd purchase she refunded a total and deducted the 20.00 and said the shipping was covered too, I hesitated because it didn't look right. I ended up paying more for another phone! Like 35.00. I didn't even get close to that in my refund. I asked to see the manager to talk about how ridiculous it all is. She wrote my name down and said she would contact corporate. A week later I hear from the Monticello store saying that corporate has ok'd another 20.00 refund. LOL!!! Ok well I will come there when I head that way because its a 20 minute drive. I ended up there a few days later. I had to sit and wait for over 30 minutes for the manager to come back from the bank. I was unable to wait any longer. The guys left there were not able to help me. Not a surprise. So I started out with a A grade I phone 4 32 gig, then had to get a A grade I phone 4 64gig, ended up with a B grade I phone 4 16gig.
Yea I am super mad!!!! I will be forwarding this all over. I will be into the Monticello store to get my 20.00 and the difference of what you owe me. I hope that posting this here gets to the right place. I have read nothing but bad ratings and comments about GAMESTOP. I truly wish I would have seen them prior to Xmas. It would have been a much better XMAS!! THANKS SO VERY MUCH!

I asked to for me to view each of the phones in the case, she totally hesitated, she knew they were locked!! I put my SIM card in each one that accepted my mobile carrier. All 4 were locked. Lesson learned. No matter what anyone says, they sell locked phones that are no longer able to be UN-locked (per ATT). Nor have they been refurbished by the distribution center like they claim. FALSE ADVERTISING!!!
This employee told me she and all employee's are able to get phones unlocked and each phone is sent in for refurbishing. She even said Elk River could have done that. Funny how she never tried when I came back. They no very well they can not. They are taking the risk each sale that the customer does not return and they fix the phone on their own.

Rating 2/10

"Worst Customer Service Experience EVER. I ordered a tablet from GameStop online because i had a giftcard for gamestop. after a couple days i checked back for a tracking number since one never arrived in my email. I sent an email to order support. Waited a few more days and didnt even get a response. i sent ANOTHER message to customer support ending this one with a threat to take my money elsewhere. Got a response to call the 800 number....65 minutes of "your call is important to us" later i spoke to Mariana who was completely useless and told me my bank had not approved the charge and i would have to take it up with them. REally ? On a credit card? When she was adamant that it was not game stop's problem i told her to cancel the whole order. i sold the gift card for slightly less than it was worth and ordered my device through Amazon. Guess What? shipping confirmation received less than 2 hours after completing the order. MORAL? Dont waste your time and money buying from gamestop. And you can get anythign they offer from any of their competitors with less hassle (kudos to Amazon, Best Buy and STEAM)"

Rating 2/10

"Ordered a PS3 with a couple games and one day shipping as a gift for my brother's birthday, website said it should take two days to arrive. Two days after I ordered, I received an e-mail stating I had to confirm the order by calling an 888 number. After calling to confirm, I checked the order the next day and it was cancelled. I had to call the number again, and they redirected me to customer service. After waiting on hold for 90 minutes with customer service, I finally gave up."

Rating 6/10

"Gamestop is a reliable store for getting games. I wouldn't recommend buying anything on there website though because of all the issues and I wouldn't buy any of there phones, iPods ect because we have a lot of problems with them"

Rating 2/10

"They will kick you to the curb and when you email them and they tell you that they cannot help you, they sign the email "We are here for you". I also found out, once you create an account, you can never delete it. NEVER. I think they should go out of business. It would do us all a favor. Maybe my account would get deleted then."

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