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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.75/10 3.75/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 4.00/10 4.00/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 4.38/10 4.38/10
    Customer service: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
    Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Rating 8/10

GB connects you with potential customers, NOTHING ELSE!

"Always use a credit card. Do not give banking info to anyone. Let GB charge your card; you can always dispute that. All you get is identification of the potential customer or vendor. After that, you are on your own!"

Rating 2/10

A possible fraudulent seller Riverfront Tactical on Gunbroker.com

"I purchased an item from Riverfront Tactical on 5/16/17 and chose to use the layaway option listed on the sellers auction listing. My first payment was on 5/16/17 for $250.00. The remaining payments were to post every month on the 16th. When the second payment due on 6/16 did not process I waited several days to see if I would here from Riverfront Tactical and they never contacted me regarding this payment or any potential problems they may be having processing this payment. Instead, I finally contacted Riverfront Tactical via a phone call on 6/21 to find out what was going on. I was told a story the online sales manager Justin that he was only one person running the entire operation and that he had taken his first vacation in over 2 years and that he would get to my payment when he got to it and that I'm not his only customer and for me not to worry about it, the payment will post when he gets to it. After I made it clear to Justin that I didn't care about his personal pity party for himself that the payments needed to post on the date we discussed no questions asked he (Justin) threatened to cancel the order as of that day and I would be out my initial first payment of $250.00 and how would I like that. I guess after his threat he decided that it would be in his best interest to process the next payment of which posted on 6/23, which will now be my new due date for my auto payments. The third payment actually posted on 7/23 for $250.00. There was no payment taken in August, however, a payment posted on 9/6 (again not on the date discussed) for $250.00 leaving a balance of $699.99. Since this has been the worst online transaction I have ever experienced and Riverfront Tactical (a.k.a Justin) is a completely unprofessional sales rep as well as his operation, if this is even a legitimate business. At this point I just didn't want to deal with Justin or Riverfront Tactical any longer so I decided to pay off the remaining balance. I made a final payment on 9/30 to Riverfront Tactical (Justin) for item 646604934 of which he charged the wrong credit card and when I contacted him, he at first was telling me to bad because the payment posted and there are no refunds and he charged the card he was given. After a very heated exchange I ended the phone call. Approx 2-3 minutes later Justin called back to see if we could resolve this issue. After proving him wrong and he admitted that he infact did charged the wrong card that he would issue a credit and charge the correct card once the refund was issued. The refund was given in 2 days and the correct card was charged a final payment of $753.99 (this included shipping and insurance). Since that final payment on 9/30 I have made 4 requests for tracking formation and have received no response from the seller Riverfront Tactical ( Justin). I have also filed a claim on the Gunbroker.com website and have received no response from them either. The claim was filed 12 days ago and again not a single word from Gunbroker.com regarding this transaction! This has been a very difficult transaction from the beginning and now looking back on the actions and very unprofessional actions and attitude of Justin I feel I may have been scammed out of $1699.99 (actually $1753.99) for the item. I honestly can't believe Gunbroker allows this kind of operation on their website as I have never had any other issues when buying from a seller on Gunbroker until Riverfront Tactical. When I go to my Gunbroker.com account there is no history of the transaction. How convenient, now I can't leave feedback for Riverfront Tactical. I am very concerned that Riverfront Tactical (a.k.a Justin) are frauds. After the final payment was made on 9/30 Justin informed me that I would receive tracking info the minute the item shipped and that I should receive the item on either 10/9 or 10/10 at the latest (his words not mine) it is now 10/18 and not a word regarding my item and since there has been no response regarding the tracking info I cannot confirm that the item has even shipped yet. I am very very concerned I have just lost $1699.99 (actually $1753.99)! All I can hope is that Gunbroker will look in to this matter and provide information as to how this will be resolved. At this point a full refund would be acceptable since if the roles were reversed and I won an auction on Gunbroker from Riverfront Tactical and had made a partial payment but waited 18 days to pay for the item the transaction would have been cancelled and I would definitely be out that money no questions ask per the auction rules/regulations on Gunbroker.com and I feel Riverfront Tactical should be held to the same rules/regulations and issue a full refund of $1753.99! Thank you for taking the time to review the information I have provided."

Rating 4/10

You gotta be kidding me

"I understand that if u neglect to pay for something u get suspended. However after winning an auction a financial crisis came up but i alerted them and they still suspended my account. Are these guys really that money hungry to where they say if u dont pay u cant buy anything. This website is so shady that it was almost not worth writing a review about. Yes i will admit there is some nice inexpensive guns on here but i knew it was too good to be true. Gun Broker needs to change its stupid rules and stop thinking of their own selves!!!"

Rating 10/10

works great if your not a idiot

"site works great. you need to read the postings and understand the laws.
its not gunbrokers fault that the payment methods are anti gun

Rating 4/10

Suspicious bidding.

"I had a bid on a new Glock 43, item 671332086 at $409. A new buyer out bid me at $414. The odd part is there were 2 more identical guns for sale for $399. These auctions were ending 6 hours later 674238047 and 11 hours later 674361040. Why would this new buyer pay a high price when they could get it cheaper elsewhere? I assume it is the seller bidding on his own item to avoid selling it at a cheap price. I was considering bidding on 674238047 after I was outbidded but this item has been reposted twice since I was watching with no bids. I decided to go to Bass Pro Shops and purchase this gun. "

Rating 2/10


"Horrible Webiste. Absolute useless for the individual seller. You cant use paypal as a way to transfer payment. The buyer wont want to send a bank check or money order (and I cant blame them because it leaves them vulnerable). So there is no way to transfer the money and the gun. When I tried to contact gunbroker customer service their response was, "should have read the Terms of Service." Then they told me to just relist the item....what good would that do? So I can rack up more fees to not sell the gun again? Complete and utter scam for an independent seller. Teach them a lesson and dont use this garbage website and just support your local gun shop."

Rating 10/10

Great Place to Buy a Gun

"I have been on Gunbroker for about 15 years or so, about as long as I have been on eBay. The site works a lot like eBay, except their commissions are much lower and their controls and features are not quite as slick as eBay. I have bought and sold and have had about 100 transactions. Their have been some minor issues and irritations with other buyers and sellers, just like I experience on eBay or with local retailers for that matter. I have never paid for anything I didn't receive and normally stuff arrives as advertised. I figure I have saved anything from 10-30% on guns. The last purchase was a new Sako 85 Finnlite that Cabelas and Bass Pro retail for $1,595; I got one on auction for $1,065 three weeks ago and it arrived new in it's box and functions perfectly. If you go to Cabelas and trade in a gun, they give you 60-70% of retail in cash and tax you 100% on the purchase price of the gun traded for. When you sell on Gunbroker auction I normally get 80-110% and it depends on how its listed and presented. Also if you are looking for something unusual, like vintage guns or vintage ammunition or parts, Gunbroker is a great place to find what you are looking for. Don't expect to get around any gun laws or the federal and state laws by using Gunbroker. All purchased guns must be shipped to a local retailer who charges a nominal fee for the final transaction and ensures the purchase complies with state and federal laws."

Rating 2/10


"this site **** you cant even buy guns you win and if you reply to customer service they could give 2 sh*ts.
Save time and money and pick a better site to buy guns from

Rating 10/10

Excellent experience

"I have purchased two guns from gunbroker, both Walthers; one a PPX and recently a PPK/S. Trustworthy and seamless process. "

Rating 2/10

Kicked off for giving bad review

"Won a bid for 380 bullet from st auctions when i got them 1/3 of them were garbage gave bad review got kicked from gunbroker seller wrote me a email told me to change my review or i would be kicked from gunbroker what a scam "

Rating 2/10

No buyer protection

"For a while I bought many guns through Gunbroker - I'd sort through all the over-priced stuff, and wasted a lot of time on the silly "reserve" auctions, but I thought I found a fair deal here and there.

However, I got burned a couple of times by the shady dealers that flock to the place, because they can sell dishonestly with impunity. Sometimes if I got a good price on an auction, the seller would just refuse to ship (the "sale is a contract" part is ignored for sellers,) and one time I purchased an "untouched" antique rifle that turn out to be a piece of junk cobbled together from spare parts!

That and a few other bad deals and it occurred to me that I was losing money.

Since these are deals that cost the buyer a several hundred or even several thousand at a pop, one or two bad deals can wipe out any good deals, and then some.

It's s great idea, but the fact the people that run the place have made it a haven for crooks has made me give up on it. When I complained to them, they made it clear that it was the sellers who were paying their fees, and so they didn't care what crooks were there.

Well, then they'll have to do without this buyer who over several years spent tens of thousands of dollars there. I guess they don't need us buyers at all.

Don't waste your time or money here, and don't buy a gun until you've seen it in person.

Rating 2/10

No customer support

"recently, whenever I attempted to bid at an item I had a message saying that my account was under review. I contacted gunbroker customer support a few times, received an incident number and no reply from the customer support. I dont think this site is being monitored by their owners"

Rating 2/10

The site doesn't offer a cancel bid button and parts with the sellers

"This is one of the shittiest auction websites I've seen on the internet. They promote shady seller techniques instead of thinking that the buyers are the ones with the money and they can take their money somewhere else. The auctions don' offer a cancel bid option. You have to email to the sellers which in my case threatened me to pay $95 to cancel the bid or they're going to submit a non-payer dispute against me. So if I submitted by accident a bid on something I have to buy that thing because gunbroker gives only to the seller the opportunity to cancel bids?

Worst auction site ever.

Rating 2/10

Paid twice-no firearm-really may not be a firearm ???

"Paid twice, verified through two financial institutions) for the firearm but seller won't deliver or can't deliver. Question is did GunBroker verify the existence of the firearm (won't provide a serial number) . Provided proof of payment to them but only get canned feedback from them if at all. No help in resolving the problem. Say it's not their responsibility to verify accuracy of their postings. Not sure the firearm posted is even legal for civilian ownership after talking with the ATF. "

Rating 2/10

Customer Service? NOT!!!!

"Bought a few guns through them and never really had any issues. That was because I never really had any problems. Most of the dealers were fine to deal with when there were no issues. In my last transaction, I bought a "new" Glock. When I got it I couldn't find the extra backstraps ( I could have misplaced them ) so I contacted Glock to see if I could get some replacements. No problem, except that they informed me that although I may have purchased a gun I thought was new and unfired, Glock considered it used because it had been shipped by them three (3) years earlier and was already out of warranty. When I contacted Gunbroker, the idiot that contacted me pointed out an obvious typo in the email I received from Glock and basically told me to take a walk. I then replied pointing out that the discrepancy was a typo, my communication was ignored.
Since then I have checked my local dealer prices and they're basically the same or very close.
Save yourself some grief, deal locally and ignore these scam artists.

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