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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.75/10 3.75/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.67/10 1.67/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.31/10 2.31/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.12/10 2.12/10
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Rating 2/10


"We ordered a stove in mount pleasant NY store. Before we ordered or accepted the delivery, no one told us unlike other products in home depot, major appliance cannot be returned! We waited for our contractor to come to install the stove for one week then decided to change it to a bigger one, no way! they wouldn't accept the return because , according to them, even the appliance is damaged, you only have 2 days to return it!!! They should have let us know before the order, not after! If I knew it, I wouldn't even place any orders with them! This is not the first time we had problems with home depot. One month ago, we placed another order and they gave us the delivery time. I took one day off from work and waited for the delivery for a whole day! No one showed up, no one called me. I called the online store, they said they were not able to located the products !I asked how long should I wait, the lady simply said 'I don't know' then did not want to talk any more. I called them again to cancel the order and they told me I have to go to the store to get my refund for online orders. I wonder how such a big company has such lousy selling system and can still keep their business running for such a long time! I will never go to home depot in all my life. Lowe's has much better customer service and return policies. "

Rating 2/10


"this place is way to slow to work, I can't believe is taken 3 monts to finish ny kitchen,workers is soooo bad in there no body wants to help , I WANT TO KNOW WHEN THEY GOING TO FINISH AND THEY KEEP TRANSFER ME TO DIFERENT PEOPLE WHEN I CALL ... BAD DECISION TO CHOICE THEM!!!"

Rating 2/10

delivery is horrible

"the website is fabulous in telling you when your product will be delivered, but home depot contracts out and after over a month of broken promises still dont have my delivery, go elsewhere if you want reliable service, the delivery is horrible"

Rating 2/10

Granite Installation Gone Wrong

"October 21, 2016-Order for granite counter tops was placed at Home Depot (NE Tallahassee, FL) for Bianco Antico which has a mixture of dark brown, black, gray, white, silver, and beige with an Ogee edge. Over $4000 was paid.
October 31, 2016-Measurements taken by MultiStone
November 16, 2016-Viewed and signed off on 2 large rectangular slabs at MultiStone
December 2, 2016- Two Installers (sub-contractors) arrived at noon. The granite slab was cut into 3 pieces--1 corner piece and 2 side pieces that are united at the sink. The corner piece was brought in and was not the correct size. The installers had to cut it on site. The side piece on the right side of the sink also had to be cut on site because it was too long.
Problem #1-The right side piece had an orange rust color mark on it the size of an id card on the edge. This color was not present at the time of viewing the slab and this color was not visible anywhere else. It was filler that was used when the edge was cut. To try to finish the install, the installer offered to remove the filler and use another filler color that would match the other colors in the granite. When the orange filler was removed, the edge was obviously cut too deep and that is why filler was used.
Problem #2-When the 2 pieces were united at the middle of the sink area, the two edges didn’t meet, and one was higher than the other. The edge requested was not one of the free ones, we paid an extra $600 to get the Ogee edge.
Problem #3- The back inner left side of the sink area had a crack about 4 inches long. I ran my finger over it and you could feel a definite groove where it was cracked.
Disappointed in the quality of the fabrication, I called MultiStone at around 3:30 pm to get in touch with someone. There is no receptionist when you call there, you have to know the extension or wait and listen to a long directory of people’s names. If you don’t know a name, or you choose randomly, then you are out of luck because it will go to voicemail. After calling several times and randomly dialing extensions, I finally got in touch and explained the situation. He stated he would call the installer’s manager to figure out what was happening (even after I explained). The Installer’s manager called and told them to stop work. At around 4:30, 2 other installers showed up, they both looked at the 3 problem areas and just shook their heads in disbelief. At around 5pm the installer’s manager showed up and agreed these were problem areas. The two large pieces were removed and taken back to MultiStone. The installer’s manager stated MultiStone would be in touch with me on Monday morning to determine what happens next. The installer’s manger kindly left the corner piece so I can set my coffee pot and microwave, however I was left without the main counter tops, sink, and plan with what happens next.
December 5, 2016-Spent all day on the phone, no one could help me, a refund was finally granted.

This has been a very stressful experience that is now causing me financial burden because I was supposed to have a kitchen on December 2. Eating out every day for a family of 4 is about $150 a day if we eat fast food or search for dinner specials. This was a birthday present from my husband. December 5th was my birthday and we had hoped to celebrate and show off our new kitchen to my family. Instead, I spent all day on the phone calling Home Depot and MultiStone and we had to cancel my birthday dinner. The saddest part is that no one seemed concerned about my family and me not having a kitchen. There were no alternatives provided or anyone thinking outside the box. They could have offered some laminate counters in the meantime or installed some other counters from MultiStone just to get me through the month. It was easier just to give me a refund than to try to offer some solution to this. With small kids in the house, I have been forced to wash dishes in the bathroom and two buckets in my patio to get through this. So disappointed and done with Home Depot.....


Rating 2/10

Home Depot - Offers Nothing that can't be Purchased Elsewhere

"Just sent this to Home Depot
I am rebuilding my Wife's Bathroom from the studs on out.

On 3 distinct trips to your Store, I was disappointed enough to stop me from shopping at Home Depot completely...

1st - was buying cement backerboard and was asking about joint compound. You Associate suggested where I could find it then disappeared.
The Compound wasn't on the Aisle or I didn't see it. I would up going to the Paint Dept and a Paint Assoc suggested a couple of Products

2nd - Followup trip to purchase replacement Shower Faucet Trim Plates. Older Associate (Long white hair) asked for the brand of Faucet. It ‘came with the house' and I am sure that i threw out the original. He said he couldn't help and left the Aisle.
I took 10 minutes to compare the 4 major Manufacturer's Trim Packages, selected one. This package worked..
3rd - Bought a Shower Pan (Base). Same Older Assoc assisted. Took a Boxed Pan off the high Rack. We opened the Box to briefly inspect the location of the Drain.
The Box had been previously opened.. Staples were compromised and 2 short strips of tape held the box closed.
I got the Package home and discovered that the Pan was broken in such a way as to prevent me from using it. I had to return it.

These 3 trips should have gone seemlessly and without issue. They didn't. I expect to spend ~$2,500 to complete this Project. This is a fair amount for us. I am sure it won't effect your Store..

I will be completing the Project with other Vendors, local and thru the online Community.

I caution - your Store does not offer anything that is distinct to Home Depot. I have purchased plumbing (for this Project) from Comet Plumbing. Flooring at a specialty flooring store, and have purchased another Pan from a competitor.

I intend to complete the Shower rebuild, and potentially the whole Project, using this competitor as they showed an incredibly high knowledge of their Products and willingness to provide the Customer Service that is expected..

Rating 2/10

Terrible customer services!!!

"Very unhappy with the customer service. Promised delivery did not happened, 3 days later I am still waitting for resolution, or at least a phonecall that I was promised. Taking a day of from work, loosing day's pay, that is not acceptable. I do understand that mistakes do happen, but leaving a customer with promises and not following through, that is not ok with me."

Rating 2/10


"Home depot Shipping and Installation services are HORRIBLE! Their employees “shipping and installers” are STUPID and way under trained! I have ordered a high end gas oven range, PAID installation fee’s, and PAID for “HAUL AWAY OLD APPLIANCE” fee. This oven was for my father as a early Christmas present. When it arrived, the two IDIOT Installers didn’t even know how to disconnect the gas pipe fitting! They had to call someone else “supposedly their expert” to come and do this which only took him 2 min to unscrew the pipe fitting with a crescent wrench. While my father was waiting for this guy to show, these two idiots TOOK OFF and told my father that “after the other guy shows up and finishes the installation, that my father has to take the old oven out of the house and they will come back and pick it up”. “Keep in mind that my father is 70 years old”!!! After the installation, my father tried to take the old oven outside by himself, “thinking that if he didn’t do this, they might not come back and pick it up”. While in the process of doing this, the oven was too heavy and fell on his foot and he had to be rushed to the ER. When I arrived at the house, my mother had told me everything. At the same time I’ve noticed a funny smell and was asking what it was. She told me that the installer turned on the oven and said that we should keep the oven on for 30-45 min so that it can burn off the access oil and residue that might be on the metal because it was new. But the smell was very strong and smelled like plastic burning. So I went to check the oven and found out that they forgot to take out a cardboard box in there containing a cooking griddle pan rapped in plastic which was all melted, smoking, and was about to start on fire! After containing this and airing out the house, the SHIPPING AND INSTALLATION guys NEVER CAME BACK for the old oven! Later on that evening, I called Home Depot and they said that there should be someone to pick it up in the morning. NO ONE SHOWED AGAIN! In the afternoon, I got a phone call and was told that “THEY WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO COME BACK AND PICK IT UP UNTIL TWO WEEKS”. After all this drama, we are still stuck here with this old oven that we paid for to get haul away! HOME DEPOT! WHAT A JOKE! NEVER AGAIN!"

Rating 4/10

Appliance hell

"Do NOT buy major appliances from Home Depot. Their "protection plan" usually involved very long waits and poor ticket tracking before getting a unit repaired. Multiple repairs of similar issues are counted as separate. We've had most of the internals of our machine replaced, some parts twice - and we're still going to be waiting for a week an a half without a machine before tech can even look at it, but less order parts and replace them.

Only reason for 2 stars, is they outsourced to a decent company to get my roof done.

Rating 2/10

Carpet Disaster

"I ordered carpet from Home Depot and the room was empty and square - easy to measure. I waited two weeks for the installation and when they arrived they said the carpet wouldn't fit, because it was measured wrong. They told me to go ordered some 72 hour carpet at the store to get it resolved quicker. None of those colors worked for me, so I picked the next quickest thing. They came again to measure it and schedule the installation for a Friday from 8:30am-11:00am. It's 12:15 on installation day and no has arrived or bothered to call. I've called the Norcross Operations center and no one answers the phone. Don't ever buy carpet from Home Depot, unless you have a LOT of patience."

Rating 2/10

Home Depot & Fraudulent Advertising

"We ordered carpet from Home Depot, and told the sales associate that we had a cardboard type flooring on top of the wood floor, the associate said it was ok because their latest promotion includes free "floor tear-out".

We took a credit card out to purchase the service and carpet, and we had a quoter come to our house, where we explained to him that the top level stuff had to come off because it was old and deteriorating.

Now the install guys come and say they don't do flooring, and they only pull up carpet, which isn't mentioned in the sales flyer given to me, and it wasn't mentioned by the two store associates (one who came out to our house to do measurements).

It is fraudulent they can put whatever they want on flyers and quoting sheets and not have to comply with their own promotions, which specifically says "floor-tearout", what would you think?

And this flooring was supposed to be installed within their guaranteed 72 hour time frame, which won't happen now also.

Worst company to do business with, the managers couldn't give a rats ****, so I filed a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General's Office.

Rating 2/10

Product shown as in stock, order canceled 10 hours later

"Product shown as in stock, order canceled 10 hours later stating item was not in stock, no willingness to replace item (although still available online for free shipping) or offer any discount. "

Rating 2/10

Don't buy appliances at Home Depot, you'll regret it!

"I had a bad experience replacing my appliances at Home Depot in Seattle, WA. Their delivery and installation is done by the worst companies and rude installers. After two attempts of having my appliances attempted to be installed at my house, I ended up canceling the order. The installers always presented all the reasons why the appliances couldn't be installed, and that I had to make all sort of adjustments to my kitchen if I wanted to consider getting appliances. This was done in a very authoritative manner, with bad manners and with no solutions from the installers. I felt I was asking them for a big favor as opposed to have them service my big ticket item. My house is a newer house (10 years), and with no problems whatsoever when I discussed with the Home Depot appliance team. Trying to talk to the management team at the store was useless, as they mentioned their appliances are installed by a third party and they couldn't do anything about it."

Rating 2/10

Never buy anything from Home Depot

"As the title says, never bought thing from Home Depot(Gerard Store, Ontario to be specific) if you don't wanna deal with the huge hassle afterwards, inexperienced deliverers and unprofessional customer services. Below is the whole story.
I bought a dryer and washer at Gerrard Home Depot on Sep.6th, 2016. Because of work I can only have my appliances delivered on a Saturday, so I selected the first available spot, which is almost three weeks after, on Sep.24th. The sales guy told me it will arrive that day any time before night. I asked him if it's possible to give me a smaller time range, in the afternoon specifically, because my condo has pretty strict rules on the use of moving elevator. He gave me a straight NO, and he wouldn't even mark a note on my order for me. Later I found out I could specify the delivery window by calling their project support team provided it's a reasonable reason, so this guy probably just wanted to save himself some hassle.
After three weeks doing laundry at a local laundromat it's finally Sep.24th. I cleared all my schedule and waited at home. Tic tac, no one called me, not even a voicemail. I called them the next Monday when they told me "oh yea we tried to reach you but you weren't home but anyways the new delivery is scheduled on Thursday Sep.29th." I WAS AT HOME THE WHOLE TIME. I didn't want to argue with them because they could always blame it on the circuit/reception. (I later confirmed with the security guard downstairs, no one came.)
I didn't want to wait for another couple weeks for a Saturday so I asked my manager if I could move my lunch time to whenever these guys deliver my stuff, I will just run back(I live blocks away).
And here we are on Sep.29th, I got a call from them at 1pm and I thought this headache is finally over. I was wrong. Two delivery guys came with my dryer and washer, but they told me they didn't have the stacking kit. I purchased the kit together with my dryer and washer and the salesperson told me it will come together. "They must forgot to give that to us." Said the delivery guy. So here they are with the dryer and washer but they couldn't install it for me because they didn't have the stacking kit. So they dumped them on my living room and left.
At this point I am angry, this is the most irresponsible and unprofessional delivery service I have ever had. I called them again and guess what, the stacking kit was inside the box with the dryer but they didn't know. She gave me another number to call because apparently this is out of her hand. I lost counts of how many calls I have to make at this point, but I made this call and this customer representative told me she will send out an "email" because no rush, this is just another upset customer she got and who cares about them. She wouldn't even get me to talk to the manager.
Now I am waiting for her to call back, God knows how long this email will take.
I am speechless. This is the first time I ever bought appliances from Home Depot but it was my fault, I trusted in them, should have gone to somewhere else. I am not telling a story, this happened in real life. If you don't want to go through what I have gone through, when you see a Home Depot and decided to stop by and check out something, keep driving, you will be better off anywhere else.

Rating 10/10

Home Depot is the place to shop with delivery to your door!

"Over the years I have ordered everything from bidets, and building supplies, to closet storage and have never been disappointed. They consistently deliver a quality product and stand behind their products and purchases. They offer free delivery with a low minimum purchase price. Who can beat not having to haul stuff from the store or have to rent a truck to get it home? "

Rating 2/10

Horrible customer service for on-line orders!

"Use caution ordering from Home Depot. I recently took advantage of a "deal" and ordered some filters for my air conditioner. I placed the order on July 21. My credit card was not charged until July 31 so I called to find out what was going on. I was told that I could expect to receive my order between August 9 and August 11! I would have never ordered from them had I known this is their order processing procedures. I expressed my dissatisfaction during my phone call and was basically told that is just the way it is. I won't be buying from Home Depot online ever again and it will greatly affect my in-store purchase decisions."

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