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Rating 2/10

Bait and switch

"Terrytown advertise buy four tires get two free. But must buy 'value instillation package' . Sounded fine. The tires cost $175 each if purchased separately. So $350 plus the cost of the package. Was quoted $850 total! SOME VALUE. $500 for the instillation package. "

Rating 2/10

Whatever comes after complete incompetence?

"My experience is with the Fairview Heights Illinois location but I’ve had bad experiences with other locations in the past, just never “go online and write a review” bad. Robert is my guy at this location, I’m assuming he’s the manager. I had called in on a Monday and scheduled brake service for my vehicle, gave them all the particulars on what needed to be done and got it scheduled for that Friday. Note: I didn’t schedule a brake check, I scheduled the service. I also had a tire with a screw in it and went ahead and scheduled that on top of the brakes but specifically pointed out that although I was getting brakes done on both axles, it was the drums in the rear that were starting to grind when I stopped. I dropped the vehicle off that Friday and the work order was created to replace the pads in the front and the shoes in the rear, along with the tire patch. I get a call from Robert that following Saturday at 1500 saying they hadn’t done a thing. Apparently they went to start on it and realized they didn’t have the parts in stock for the rear drums, so he says they needed to get them from the dealer but “the guy” wasn’t calling him back. I asked why they were just now realizing they didn’t have the parts when I’ve had the service scheduled for a week, to which he replied that “He,” meaning the guy who’d created the work order when I dropped the vehicle off, probably thought it had discs in the rear. I said you’ve had my vehicle information for a week now and you were aware of what needed to be done, and they don’t make this model with discs in the rear, also I specified that the drums in the rear were the main issue. He did offer to get started on the front discs, even though they had told me all the work would be done by Saturday afternoon, so I told him forget it, I’ll come get the vehicle, and of course when I arrive the tire hasn’t been patched either. I asked Robert why they couldn’t even patch the tire and he says “I didn’t know anything about a tire, I was just calling about the brakes.” I said it’s right there on the work order that I needed the tire repaired and instead of looking at the work order he just repeated himself. I don’t want to get on any broad rant here but this is the inherent problem with these chains, Robert isn’t losing any sleep over this debacle. If you have a mom and pop repair or tire shop in your area support it. Avoid NTB!

Rating 2/10

Don't Go!! NTB. National Take it Back.

"I went to NTB, Canton Ga. on a Thursday, told them I needed tires BEFORE NEXT Wednesday as I'd be traveling out of town that evening. They ordered the tires, said 3 business days. With the weekend being 3rd day, it'd be Monday. I told them FINE, order them.

I called on Sat to see what time they were normally delivered, "uhhhhh, anytime really. From 8'ish to 4 or so. I'll have her call you immediately when they come off the truck.

I never heard ANYTHING from them, until I was leaving Mr.Tire Just down the street onWednesday afternoon.
At Mr. Tire, total drive out package, mounting, fluids, alignment, etc. DONE.
NTB only "checked and advised" then added cost if you had it done.

NTB....Never Take it Back.


Rating 4/10

Price for replacing brake light bulb was a rip-off

"We have been buying tires from NTB in Hixson, TN for a long time--we generally have been satisfied with the price and quality of the tires and the warranty service under their service plan. My husband had a flat recently while driving our Honda Civic, and drove to NTB on the spare to get the tire fixed, also asking them to replace a rear brake light that had gone out. Tire repair (under service plan) was fine, but they charged $51 for the replacing the brake light. Sounded way too high, since this isn't rocket science. Two different area mechanics (certified, with modern shops) later quoted us less than $10 for brake bulb replacement. Called the manager at NTB to complain, and were told that the time charged for repair was the same as the estimate used by the dealer, and that they charged less per hour than dealer would have. Also said that installing the brake light was more involved than some of the other lights. He said the people I had talked to were small shops, that NTB was a big company and once he entered it in the computer, the charge was automatically calculated and couldn't be changed. I told him that it sounded like that was a good reason not use NTB anymore. Out of curiosity, I then called the service department at the Honda dealer to ask the charge for replacing a brake light bulb in our car, and the service department transferred me to their parts department who told me that if we bought the part (bulb) from them, the service department would generally put it in for free--didn't sound like it would be $50+ under any circumstances. We will not have mechanical work done at NTB again, and are reconsidering whether to buy tires there, since it doesn't sound like they are trustworthy anymore. Have given "somewhat dissatisfied" instead of lowest rating because they satisfactorily repaired the tire under warranty."

Rating 2/10

"Here's an interesting story about some experiences I and my daughter had a while ago with the NTB store in Newington, NH.

Being new to this area, I asked my son in law where he got his oil changed, and he recommended NTB. I got an appointment for 4/19/15 and went in, trusting that my son in law’s recommendation was a good one. After a wait of perhaps a half hour, the technician came out and asked me if I’d heard a lot of noise from the car’s front end. I said no; he said the right front wheel bearings were “bad, really bad.” I told him that was strange, as the right front wheel bearings had been replaced in October, so I’d look into it. He came out again a bit later, to tell me that the cabin air filter was jammed with mouse droppings and paper. I asked how long it would take to replace and what the cost would be. I was told it would take about another half hour and would cost about $80. Since I was running late to an appointment, I told him I’d take care of it.

When my car was brought around for pick up, I saw debris from the cabin air filter on the floor on the passenger side, and the glove box would not close. They took the car back in, cleaned up some of the debris, and fixed the glove box so it did close. However, I was still left with a mess of torn up tissues and other debris scattered over my CDs and the floor. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I noticed on the sticker to remind me of when my next oil change was due, the date was wrong, and the number of miles was not 3,000 more, but 30,000.

Later that day, unbeknownst to me, my daughter also went to NTB for an oil change and inspection. She later told me that her whole glove box was left on the passenger side of the floor, necessitating the car to be taken back in and this issue addressed. She was told the serpentine belt was cracked and should be replaced soon. She was advised verbally that while there was a power steering leak, the car passed inspection. In the course of settling her bill, she informed the cashier that the same issue with the glove box had happened to me, and she was told that they would contact me to offer me a free oil change; I never heard from them.

After she left, she heard a strange noise from the front of the car, pulled over, and discovered that the rod to hold up the hood was not put in securely. She snapped it into place, but still heard the noise, so returned to NTB. She was told the hood over the air filter was not closed properly; after addressing this, the noise was gone. Interestingly, during the service visit, she had been told the air filter needed to be replaced, but NTB did not do this.

On May 14, my daughter was pulled over by police in Dover, NH. She said the officer told her that her car was out of inspection; she pulled out the paperwork she’d been given at NTB on 4/9, thinking it showed a passed inspection. She was shocked to find that in fact, her car had been failed, with the power steering leak noted as the reason. Later that day, she took her car to Bill Dube, a Toyota dealer in Dover and was told that there was no power steering leak, and even had there been one, it would not have been a cause for inspection failure. Additionally, the serpentine belt was determined to be acceptable. The car passed inspection.

After I sent them a letter describing these incidents, and requesting compensation, on 6/29 I spoke to Adam Sutton, of NTB, who went over the letter with me, and said all that NTB was willing to refund me and my daughter was the cost of our oil changes and her inspection; this came to a grand total of $59.66. I agreed to this amount.

Not having received squat after that phone conversation, I called Mr. Sutton on 7/28. He was on vacation at that time, and said the checks were being processed, whatever that meant, and he would get back to me.

I let another month go by – I was patient – and since there were still no checks received by either me or my daughter, I again called Mr. Sutton on 8/21. He assured me that the checks were mailed out that week. One would come to me, one to my daughter. Fine. I waited.

Guess what? This is easy – to date, no checks have been received by either me or my daughter. Something tells me we are being strung along, and now I am no longer patient.

I told them in another letter that if I did not receive the checks as promised, I would go onto every website I could find to review NTB and warn others of how awful a company this is. This is beyond rude, beyond ridiculous, and these folks shouldn't be in business if this is how they treat customers.

Rating 2/10

"I purchased 2 tires a few years and spent over 400 dollars for my Boxster. After a few months one of the tires failed. The dealer charged me 85 dollars to fix a remount the tire. A few weeks later the other tire failed. It turns out THIS location used bad value stems that cracked and caused the tire to fail. I'm ready to buy new tires but it won't be from this dealer. I been wanting to write this up for awhile. "

Rating 2/10

"Set a appointment for 12 noon for oil change, was there at 11:55 and was told by rude employee that I had to wait 1-1 1/2 hour wait. Rude employee told me if I went to DR. office I have to wait. LOL, I don't think NTB should compare them with a DR. office, maybe a circus! "

Rating 2/10

"WORST COMPANY EVER!!! So angry that I took my car to them for a wheel alignment. Never again!! Wish I had done my research first. We had to call the police!! Even Facebook has a page about them. I suggest you visit them first before taking your car to NTB. https://www.facebook.com/NTBSUCK?ref=aymt_homepage_panel"

Rating 2/10

"Saw a promo online and made appointment at local NTB (Affton, MO). Got there and they didn't have my tires even though online said the tires were in stock and I had an appointment a week in advance! Then they said they had no idea what promo I was talking about and tried to bait-and-switch to sell me a different package for an extra $250! On the TV screen behind the desk the promo I had originally requested kept scrolling across the screen, which I pointed out, and they suddenly remembered that they have the promo. They didn't call when the car was in the garage or when it was ready like they said they would. Eventually, I called to find out if it was ready, at which time they tried to tell me I need a new battery. My battery is only 4 days old!!! They clearly didn't even look at the battery or even pop the hood. I questioned them about all this and they just made excuses about how busy they are. Even if that is an excuse for not calling me, which it isn't, it is no excuse for the bait-and-switch or trying to sell me a battery I don't need. They are liars and scammers. Your stereotypical auto repair rip-off. Don't trust anything they say! Never going back again, even if I have to pay more somewhere else."

Rating 2/10

"I came in last Sunday for 2 new tires (Irving, TX). They said it would be about 2 1/2 hours before they could even get to me. I said I can't wait that long. Then she said I could make an appointment so I did for the next Sunday at 1pm. I arrived 15 minutes early and didn't get to talk to anyone for 30 minutes. What good is making appointments if they can't keep their appointments??? I ended up leaving. What a waste of my time. I'll go elsewhere from now on.."

Rating 2/10

I wish I could say that this place for the most part is a decent auto shop to get tire replacement or any sort of customer satisfaction at, but it would be an understatement.

I got a full tire change on my car with no problems other than them being extremely slow and having very poor manners towards their customers. A little more than a month after that I got a flat tire... no big deal. I was just going to change that tire to my spare and take it back to the shop and have them fix it. The problem was that my lug was completely rounded off. I called ntb to see if I could get help. Once I told the guy my situation he quickly fired off that it was my fault. That I had done it when I was trying to get the tire off. I would take responsibility for this IF I could even get the tool on the lug long enough to get a grip. So I asked the guy if there was any way he could help me out by getting me a truck or something to assist me. He then said that he was the only one behind the counter and he had other things to do so no.

Being an employee for many customer service based jobs I have been taught to give my 100% for the customer and help them out to the full extent.

After having this issue with awful customer service and with them not taking responsibility for their actions I WILL NOT be any kind of customer for this place again.

Rating 2/10

"Stay away because the manger Brandon Diviak scammed me out of $500.00 with false repairs after servicing I mean sabotaging my car. I came in with a perfectly fine running car and left out with a knocking wheel and a few days later no oil. The staff is unethical and will do anything to make a 33% commission, even if it means sabotaging your car and lying about repairs. NTB 2430 Sycamore Road DeKalb, IL 60115"

Rating 2/10

"Went to National Tire & Battery on 132nd and Cicero in Crestwood, Illinois for new tires on 10/23/12. Next day discovered my radar detector and change from my car was stolen. Between the time my car was pulled in from the parking lot and driven back to the parking space after the tire replacements the theft occurred.

Reported it to Manager Assistant Moe Murrar who advised that Manager was on vacation and would call me upon his return on.

I will be filling out a police report on this theft, reporting it to the Corporate Office and placing my review on any website I can find to let people know how dishonest and untrustworthy their employees are.

Rating 4/10

NTB'S 3 year alignment that they boast is transferable is only transferable ONCE. They neglected to mention this every time I purchased a 3 year alignment for my family's cars.
I purchased the 3 year alignment knowing I was going to sell my car later that week, I did transfer the alignment and they did honor it. But a year later, when I sold that car, I assumed I still had 2 years left on the alignment. NTB refused to honor the remaining 2 years of the alignment. They have since lost my business.

Rating 2/10

"I called and made an appointment on a Thursday with NTB in Allen to look at my RV tires for warranty reasons. Since my appointment was late in the day, I assumed (correctly) that they would not be able to get hold of Michelin. Therefore, I would have to bring my RV back to get the tires replaced, but at least they got the information they needed to contact Michelin. The manager, Brad, was supposed to call me back Friday. Since he hadn t called, I called back on Saturday and spoke with him. He had not contacted Michelin yet. He called me back later. We set up an appointment for the following Wednesday. I asked him to check stock. He didn t have enough in stock, but said he would have some by my appointment. I called back on Tuesday to verify that he had the tires. Brad said that he would check and call me back. He didn t. I called Wednesday before taking my RV to NTB (takes about $20 in gas for a round trip to the storage place, NTB and back home). Brad doesn t work on Wednesday. The manager on duty, Chris, had no record of any appointment. He also didn t have enough tires. The best he could do was to get some tires in by Friday. Since the work had to be done between 9am and 4:30pm during the week (only time that Michelin could authorize the work), I had taken the day off of work to do this. Needless to say, I was furious. I called Discount Tire in Mckinney, and spoke with Barry, the manager. I explained what had happened and he jumped into high gear. They didn t have enough tires in stock, so he got my information and said he would call me back as soon as he could find some. Thirty minutes later, he had found some and was having them shipped to his store ASAP. By the time I got there forty minutes later, the tires were there and they were ready for me. Discount Tire, specifically Barry, went above and beyond what anyone could expect. I have three cars plus and RV and all of them will be using Discount Tire in McKinney (the Eldorado location) for their next set of tires."

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