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Rating 2/10

"DO not and I repeat DO NOT do business with these people. I ordered a camera and when I called to confirm it they said it would ship the next day. I called back to ask a question and spoke to a different person and he hung up on me before I could ask the question. Got suspecious with this so I called back. After being on hold for a long time I finally got through to a person. I ask how many people worked there and he told me not many. I asked who the owner was and he told me he didin't know. I ask the speak to the manager and he put me on hold and never came back. I called again and ask for customer service where no one answered. I called back and ask him to please don't hang up on me or put me on hold and he replied I never do. I ask about my order and he put me on hold and never came back. I thought I would call the next Monday ad I got the same guy. He ask what I ordered and he said I wasn't going to get it. I ask why and he said and I Quote"Because I don't feel like sending it out. Then he said he didn't have the item and then hung up. I would love to visit the store and meet this guy face to face. I am so P/o I could spit fire. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM."

Rating 2/10

"Prices seem too good to be true, so I placed an order before they were gone, and stupidly, added the $36 for overnight delivery. I got a confirmation of the order on the screen, but it seemed a bit strange that my "receipt" did not itemize anything. It did not confirm what accessories were included, much less the product itself. Two days later, when I was expecting to see it in my mailbox, I, instead, received a phone call from a representative wanting to confirm my order. He, now, was trying to sell me a battery saying that the one that was included in the pricing was only for a "disposable" battery. Every other store out there sells one with the camera! but Razzphoto told me I needed to purchase a rechargeable battery and charger, all separately. Since it hadn't been shipped out yet, I told him that I would like to cancel my order because I feel that I had been misled. He continued to try to push the order and said he can't cancel it because it's already gone through. I reminded him that he JUST finished telling me that he was calling to confirm the order and that the shipment hadn't been sent out yet(Idiot! forgot to add that~). I told him he could either cooperate and cancel my order, or because my purchase was made with an American Express card, I'll file any transaction they put through as fraud because by law any receipt is to itemize all items in a transaction. (Btw, this includes all purchases from all stores.) The sales associate responded by calling me names and hanging up on me. Since he hung up on me, I really don't know if he ever confirmed the order cancellation, but I have faith in my credit card company to correct it if it becomes an issue. I do make impulse purchases at times, but make sure you use a reliable card to back you up in case you are scammed into something other than you were led to believe. If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is~! I probably will continue to make impulse purchases, but never will I forget to use an insured card."

This review was modified by baekjo1978 on August 26 2008 12:57:27 PM

Rating 2/10

"Same as other people here. A TOTAL SCAM. I ordered a Canon from them, when I phoned to confirm the order the customer service guy asked me what battery I wanted with it, then tried to hard sell me a "5 hour" battery. When I told him the battery came with the camera, he denied it saying that I was buying the "international version" that didn't have a battery with it. I told him to forget it and cancel the order."

Rating 2/10

"Same story as many of those posted above. Tried to purchase a Canon camera (body only; I have the accessories), twice. The first time, they backordered it, saying it was out of stock for 6-8 weeks. The second time, I kept receiving calls for about a week, hangup calls at my house and on my cell phone. I now see this was when they were trying to upsell me the extra gadgets. At the time, they would either hangup or leave really garbled messages. One of the messages was actually a recording of the "salesperson" talking to someone else in the background.

When I called to check on my order after the eight weeks were up, they put me on hold then hung up on me. I happened to be composing an email to the customer service at the time, telling them how poor a job they were doing. Funny, but no one responded to my email, later.

So, I finally cancelled the order.

Two days ago, I called Razz and BestPriceCameras, not knowing they were the same entity. I wanted to check the availability of the camera, now. Interestingly, they had the same on-hold music and voices, including Christmas songs in May. That's when the check-them-out lightbulb finally went off. And, when I finally spoke with someone, they were more than willing to sell me the camera, I just needed to buy the overpriced memory, or a lense, or (fill in the blank, and they'd have my order out that day. If not, then just the camera body could be ordered ON-LINE only, not through the LIVE person I was talking to. When I mentioned that their website showed the camera was In Stock, he very confidently told me that the website didn't show that. Guess what, he's right. That information came from ShopCartUSA.com, the link where I had found these sellers.

So, final word, do not order from them. I have found a whole list of similar and related retailers that operate the same way, and will be using it to find an actual retailer I want to buy from.

Rating 2/10

"DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE FOLKS OR THEIR RELATED ENTITIES. THEY ARE DISHONEST. CHECK NEW YORK BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. LOTS OF COMPLAINTS. I bought a Sony Video Projector for $2,519 and received confirmation of the order. I then got a call from Ken from RazzPhoto who told me the model I had ordered was the commercial model that did not have a bulb (which costs ~$300 on the open market). Ken said that I had to upgrade to the retail model which cost over $3,900; the only difference being the inclusion of a bulb. When I explained to Ken that the projector on the webpage included a bulb and that a buld cost $300 and not $1,400, Ken became ruder and said if I did not agree to the upgrade my order would be cancelled. Ken was extremely rude and hung up on me three times. During our second call, I asked Ken if I could speak to his superior. Ken replied, "Call back in a year" and hung up. When I called back, Ken, upon hearing my name, hung up. If you Google RazzPhotos, you will hear of the horror stories of "bait and switch", undelivered product, etc. The New York Attorney General should take action to close these dishonest folks down."

Rating 2/10


They offered a price on a d80 body for $350... so I snapped it up after I checked the ratings on shopping cart USA and they were all positive. I later checked out the ratings here and gave them a call to ask some questions. They were very polite until I hit some key things... I asked if it was the American version of the camera and he said NO.

He said I could just get a firmware update from Nikon... I asked how and he said it is about 300 bucks from the Nikon website and that it would be over $1200 for the American version of the camera... WTF?!!?!?

They clearly bait and switch because they list it as having the "USA" warranty. They do not make any indication of any fact of this camera being "Non-American" at all on their site.

Not to mention the camera was of course on "back-order" with no idea when it may come in, and was stripped down to begin with (I expected this though)

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY, you will not be able to use the equipment they sell.

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a high end Nikon lense. It was shipped, then I find out it was not shipped. Then I am told it will ship in a few days, then I am told it will not ship for a few weeks. On another call, I am told they do not know when it will ship. I am upset, they hang up a few times. Nothing I was told or read was true. I cancel order and change credit card number. I am concerned that it seemed they were more interested in my personal info then anything else. This was the worst shopping expierince. "

Rating 2/10

"I am so glad that I found these reviews. I have been so frustrated about my order. I placed an online order with www.razzphoto.com and bought a Nikon D80 camera. I was so excited because the price was so much lower than anyplace else. It was advertised at $405.00! I received a confirming email with my order number and waited for about a week, and after waiting and not receving any shipping notice I decided to contact them. I sent them an email asking about my order. After a few days and not receiving any reply...I then decided to call them and after holding for a long time was able to reach someone in customer service. They said that the camera was on backorder and that someone had just had told him that they would be getting some more cameras in next week. I thought ok, I'll wait another week. Well in another week no shipping notice, so I called them again. I was on hold for a long time and then the guy who answered had a rude tone and told me it was going to be 4-6 weeks. When I tried to explain that just 1 week ago I was told it would only be 1 more week. He was rude and said there was nothing he could do about it and it's 4-6 weeks. Also they dropped the price to $305.00! He told me he'd give me that price when it shipped. I decided to wait it out. Today, 3 weeks later I called and asked about my order again and wanted an explanation why I am told different stories everytime I call, and asked to talk to a Supervisor. The guy said he was the Supervisor and I asked to then talk to his Supervisor, and he said he is the Supervisor. I told him I placed an order with them and that I was entitled to know when my item would ship and that I was not happy about having to wait so long for an item that they should have posted it's not in stock and that there would be a backorder of 4-6 weeks. He said I was going to have to be patient and wait like everybody else. He said he didn't care that I was trouble by this, and that he was going to cancel my order. He said that since I was trying to undermine his authority he was going to cancel my order. He made me accept this by threatening to cancel my order. I hung up pretty upset and decided that the way that I was treated was incredibly wrong and I was going to do something about it. I did the research and found out that these creeps have cheated many people. I did the research online and read many reviews and that they have lost so much money to them and also they go by bestpricecameras.com, etc. so I immediately called my bank and reported them cancelled my credit card, and asked for a new one. I then called back RazzPhoto.com and waited for about 15 minutes on hold and asked to cancel my order and for an order ack confirming my cancellation be sent. I can't stress enough to everyone out there reading this, to BEWARE of these people. I almost fell for this SCAM. You have to educate yourself and I'm glad that I was able to cancel my credit card BEFORE they got any of my money.

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a Nikon D80 camera package online. I called and confirm billing couple of days later. I called several times and within all those times I spoke to very rude customer reps. All of them tried to upsale me. The rep told me that the expensive package was in stock and laughed abnoxiuosly about the lesser package I wanted. He blatantly told me that he wouldnt sell me the lesser. Then he told me that my item was out of stock. I finally got frustrated and asked to cancell the order! I felt like the whole company was a big joke and even felt that I may have been scammed in providing my CC info online. I immediately called my CC company and cancelled my card. I called RazzPhoto a couple more times just to find out if they were legit by placing different orders over the phone but got the same run around: they wouldnt sell you any items below a thousand, they are very rude, they hang up on you, put you on hold for several minutes at a time, etc. I finally did my research about this website and other websites similar to this and I am utterly disgusted. I wish I knew about this info before placing the order and going through all this mess!"

Rating 2/10

"Abysmal. Found a really good price for a Canon lens on this site, and placed my order. The next morning before 8am (I'm in California), I get a phone call asking me to upsell, and making untrue claims about various "accessories" that my lens needs. Since he couldn't upsell me, all of a sudden my lens became backordered (4-6 weeks)! This was AFTER the guy told me that he could ship out the whole order in 2-3 days if I agreed to buy the upsold items.

I called and canceled my order and was promised an email acknowledging the cancellation. After waiting for that for 3 days without getting one, I canceled my credit card. This group of scammers should be reported to the BBB (I did!). If they're not technically doing something illegal, they certainly are doing things close.

This review was modified by katworthy on April 01 2008 08:25:15 PM

Rating 2/10

"I also had a horrible experience. I tried purchasing a Nikon D80 and after i didnt agree to the upsell he told me 4-6 weeks on back order which there is no mention of. Today it is listed for two hundred less. I also cancelled my creditcard."

Rating 2/10

"Very poor experience. They misrepresented the price of a sony HDR SR-7 camcorder. They said that they included options such as carying case, battery and tripod, but I later got a phonecall asking if I wanted to purchase this equipment for about $900 more than the price I expected to get it all for. I ended up canceling the order and they told me that there would be a $175 cancellation fee. I very completely ripped off."

Rating 2/10

"Don't ever think to do a business with thic guy. They are scam, dishonest business. They just want to try to steal your information. After hung up on me 3 times, telling me it is back order. Their website posts with new price, a 100 more. Be aware, you are warned"

Rating 2/10

"Have filed a complaint with the BBB. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

I am lucky to have cancelled my order and now having read the reviews, I will be cancelling my credit card. Worst customer service ever and now that I have read the BBB and these reviews am convinced is a scam . Thank God I cancelled in time.

Rating 2/10

"DON'T BUY FROM THESE GUYS!!!COMPLETE SCAM. I ordered a Nikon D200. The price seemed too low but I trusted them. Placed the order, received the confirmation e-mail with order number. Something didn't like me. They told me to wait 2 days for processing. Called them and after a few minutes on hold a guy tried to hard-sell me batteries and charger. I refused, he then told me that my order will shipped right away but no tracking number. Called my Credit Card and blocked it. End of story. Always check reviews of the seller before giving your CC number."

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