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    Shipping & packaging: Rating 0.38/10 0.38/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.22/10 0.22/10
    Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Rating 2/10

A nightmare

"Went online at sears ordered a dress for 108.00 paid with my sears credit card. Got the dress it was horrible quality went to return it found out it came from their marketplace. Long story short 3 calls later I had to ship the dress back a specific way that costed me 40.00 to ship. So moving on I get my sears bill and no refund so 2 more calls later find out the did get dress and not to worry refund will be back on my card. So moving on a month down the road get my sears bill they had only refunded part of the money and the part they didn't refund had acquired a late fee of 30.00. So called again and oh yeah there's a restocking fee of around 40.00. I'm like what and why am I just now hearing about this? Sear rep says that's between you and marketplace vendor that never answers their phone so again 3 more calls to sears customer service because vendor doesn't answer their phone to ask at least about the late fee and to see what they can do. Was told that they are really sorry that they can't help me because I ordered from the market place not sears. Funny I went online to sears website and paid with my sears card and i have 110.00 in a dress that the merchant can resale to scam someone new. But to bad it's not sears so you get crappy merchandise, the run around and crappy customer service. Free advice don't order from sears and if you do definitely make sure it's not a marketplace item. Thanks for the expensive headache and lesson. "

Rating 2/10

Your not macy's

"I'm going to keep it short. I placed an order for $27 and they called me to verify it didn't get me so they cancelled it. I place the same order again change the phone number I had on the order they called me didn't like my verification answers to their stupid questions so they cancelled it. They claim that the questions are public records like asking me what's my dad's age and asking me what's my cross street. My whole discrepancy with that is I don't know what my dad has on file I know how old he's supposed to be but the questions be pertaining to me. Once again to order was $27 now considering the fact that sears big on electronic $27 is nothing compared to $1,000. So they don't even deserve 1 star if it was possible to give them no stars that is what they would get from me. Now I will gladly go and spend more money and buy my product from Amazon."

Rating 2/10

If I could take away the star and send that I would

"I WILL never go to Sears again.
I'll never buy from Sears again, and I used to buy most everything from Sears. I'm really disappointed in the way they handle customers and there repair department. And when I called to talk to someone about my problem with them no one communicated back which left me to calling a number of times, to get told something different from everyone who I talked to.
On Monday 21 I called sears repair to get information on there repair service for my dryer. I was told they had to transfer me to the department. So I waited she came back and told me that they were closed they would have to call me back to let me know how much when and what time. I let her know it couldn't be from march 23 Thursday to Monday 27 I was going to be out of town. She said okay the other department will have to call you to set it up and let you know the rest. I said okay and hung up thinking someone was going to call me to dot the i's and cross the t's I didn't get a phone call till the Thursday march 23 12:30 telling me he would be there in 30 I didn't receive the phone call because my phone was on the charge. I was not home, like I told the repair place on Monday, but my unknowing boyfriend was and let him in a and back to the problem and charged him 100$ to tell him that the dryer wasn't broke. My problem is that I don't feel like I made an agreement to an appointment I thought someone was calling me back about all the details and instead the guy called 30 minutes before he was going to be there, he never even spoke to me on the phone. When he left I called and a lady transferred me to a different department that was a recording that just kept repeating no matter what number I pushed and then it hung up on me. i got on the computer and filled a complaint but a week later still recieved no communication back. So I called again. Monday April 3 and the lady that I talked to told me that I would be receiving a email within 24 hour saying when I was getting my money back and I waited 48 hours and called to makes sure everything was okay. And it wasn't they didn't have my email address even correct...( I feel like communication has fallen short since the 21 of march with Sears.) the lady I talked to told me there was no way I could prove what I was telling her was true because they only record some calls and that they wouldn't give me my money back even though on Monday someone told me I would be recieving it. I'm beyond livid that they told me "yes your right it's not okay for who you talked to without getting confirmation on when an what time and how much. I was told she didn't believe me and that I would not be able to prove it." i see how sears has made all there money all these years by stealing and taking advantage of people. I'm not a lier and I don't make big deals out of nothing.i feel Sears has stolen and taken advantage of me

Rating 2/10

Poor customer service. Wrong product.

"I've ordered a brand new refrigerator from Sears.com and was expecting it the next day. They delivered me a broken and dented refrigerator. I called customer service and they wanted me to keep it and offer me $50 credit!! I told the person that I don't want credit I just want what I ordered! After 10 minutes of her trying to convince me to accept that fridge she finally said they'll return it and bring a new one 3 days from now!! Wtf?!! I have newborn twins with breast milk that I refrigerate I can't wait that long!!! I just cancelled my order and she said it will take 7-10 days for my refund"

Rating 2/10

Messed Up Majorly

"I called to place an order over the phone and give all the required information to the associate and was told look for an email that confirms the order within 5 minutes. The email never arrived, after 1 hour so i called a different associate took my information again and said to look for an email, she was going to send it within the hour and said my package was going to arrive Wednesday. I never received an email (2nd time). So Wednesday comes and the package does not. Thursday i called Sears, they gave me the tracking number and showed it to be delivered Thursday. I checked the UPS tracking and says it's delayed becaue of an incorrect address. I called UPS and they said Sears put the incorrect zipcode on the label, now i'm waiting 2 additional days for this package....Never shopping sears again! Bad Customer Support"

Rating 2/10

Terrible customer service

"It is a waste of time and money doing business with Sears. I bought a Queen size mattress which turned out to be big for my bed. I tried to exchange it for a smaller size and I was told that I need to call the customer service department. After waiting over 50 minutes on the line, they said I have to keep the mattress for 30 days (bs comfort period or whatever) and only after that I can call (again) to initiate the return. Horrible, terrible, awful customer service. Will not buy anything from them ever again."

Rating 2/10


"I purchased a appliance group from Sears in late December 2016. The appliances were delivered in January at which time the delivery men said they were unable to install the products. I purchased the products online but did online chat to be sure install was included. I told the delivery men I could not accept the products since installation was not included. After an hour of phone calls and discussion I was told the appliances would be installed the following week at no change to me. I also indicated on the delivery ticket that installation was promised. It has been 2 months and the products were never installed and every time I tried to return them I was (conveniently) disconnected from my phone conversations. I have spent hours trying to get the problem resolved to no avail but with much aggravation and disgust! This business is dishonest, corrupt and uncaring....the worst ever. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM!"

Rating 2/10

Never again!!!!

"I ordered a gas range for my daughter almost two months ago ow and after numerous calls it still hasn't arrived. Nothing that is communicated in the online advertisement has actually happened. Never again!!!! Don't order anything from them!!!"

Rating 2/10

Placed an order online - ITEMS READY - NOT!

"Placed an online order to PICK UP at a local Sears - told the items were available and ready to pick up - well went to the store to pick up the items - was told - my ORDER will NOT be READY for at least 6 WEEKS!!!!
Will NOT by online from SEARS ever again.
Call service center - I got Hung up on MULTIPLE times - most of the time I can't understand anything because the call center is in the Phillipines and then if you get someone in the States all they do is READ off the Que card - VERY POOR SERVICE and do NOT care about customer satisfaction.

Rating 2/10

Warning!!!! DO NOT order from Sears, You will be disappointed !!!

"Sears home delivery is the worst I had ever had to deal with. Placed an order for some couches on Nov 24, 2016 and our delivery date was for dec. 27 2016. The day before, I get a call and they tell me they have to reschedule because they don't have any in stock. ( okay?! ) so they rescheduled for Jan. 2017. The day before they called again to reschedule because again, they didn't have any in stock. it was rescheduled for today, 2/14/17 and I got a call last night telling me they were going to arrive between 11-1 pm . Perfect. Made arrangements to have someone at home during delivery. at 12 pm they call me to reschedule once again. ( are you kidding me ) now this is just getting absolutely ridiculous. I sure as hell gave them a piece of my mind. NOW they are trying to tell me its going to be delivered on Feb 27. so i asked them, this will be the 4th attempt delivery, if you guys don't deliver for me on that day what am i getting for your inconvenience? You guys took my money, while i look like a damn fool waiting for my damn couches. Never will i EVER order from sears again !!!!!!! Who ever answers the phones are freaking clueless also! asked to speak to a supervisor, they transfers me to someone who wasn't a supervisor to play it off as one. They got caught, then finally transfers me to one but sent me to a supervisor for online orders and not home delivery. seriously?! i wish i wasn't even able to give them a star, they don't even deserve one. "

Rating 2/10

Their return policy is for the birds!

"We were shopping at our local mall and Sears had a sale on shoes. The sizes available were limited but we were assured that we could get the same shoe, in the size we needed, shipped directly to our house. We walked out of Sears after purchasing 6 pairs of shoes. Some we were able to take with us others had to be shipped due to sizing.

ONE of the SIX pairs we purchased didn't fit my daughter right. We headed back to exchange the brand new, never worn shoes... We were told we had to return them at Kmart. We traveled 15 miles to our closet Kmart - where we were told if you bought them at Sears you must return them to Sears. We traveled 15 miles back to Sears. We were then told Sears would take them back if we paid the $5.00 charge to Fedex/UPS ship them back.

The shoes were on sale for $13.00 after discounts. We've now traveled close to 60 miles back and forth and were prepared to exchange the shoes for a store credit if nothing else.

Store credit wasn't an option. Our only return option was to PAY the $5.00. What a joke. Never again will we purchase from Sears or their brother K-mart. It's just to much of a hassle.

Rating 2/10


"I ordered a washer and dryer from sears.com, they charged me and then later emailed me saying my order was canceled! Three days later I still don't have my money back and no one can tell me why they canceled my order in the first place! This website should be shut down!!!!! "

Rating 2/10

If there was a negative million star rating SEARS Should be given it!!

"Made a purchase in excess of $900 a few weeks before Christmas. Never delivered, nor installed. I cancelled the order. They have not refunded me or credited my card! What I'd like to know is...HOW DO YTHEY GET AWAY WITH THIS!!! We MUST pay our bills on time. Shouldn't they have to pay theirs!!? I'll take credit for being stupid enough to even purchase there, but please can't someone close down that fraudulent store with their fraudulent business practices? Obviously NOT the same company we grew up with in the 50's, 60's and 70's. I would like my $900.00 back and would like to know how to go about getting it. Should I consult an attorney, pay him a few thousand if he gets me $10,000 in damages, as I am losing my mind over this!"

Rating 2/10

Terrible Company

"I bought a dishwasher on Dec 8 for delivery Dec 27. Got a call Dec 27 same day as delivery that delivery is rescheduled because item is not in stock to new date of Jan 3. Got a call on Jan 3 to tell me that delivery is rescheduled to Jan 18 because not in stock. Sears how do you sell items which you do not have? How do you notify customers on delivery date that you will not come in? Terrible company. I will never use again and have shared my experience on social media. I am actually curious at this point if delivery comes in on this 3rd scheduled date as I have quite a following to find out result."

Rating 2/10

If you like bad service - shop Sears!

"Worst service I have ever received! I thought I was calling my local store to find out if they had a particular dryer in stock - I talked to a representative who never said they were a call center. The person I talked to said they had the dryer in stock and could hold it for me but would need my credit card. They proceeded to charge my card and I asked if it was for the dryer only and they said yes. But they charged me for a vent, elbow and service agreement without even asking! I didn't even know until I got an email stating the details of my order. It took weeks to get the parts refunded that I didn't need and I am still working on getting the service agreement refunded and it has been a month and a half. They said they sent a check three weeks ago! Each time I have to go through the whole story with some service person. Always have to wait on hold for more than 10 to 15 minutes just to talk to someone. Terrible service. Never will shop at Sears again!"

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