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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.13/10 2.13/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 0.65/10 0.65/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 0.83/10 0.83/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.43/10 0.43/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.53/10 0.53/10
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Rating 2/10

do not buy sears appliances

" brand new refrigerator breaks down they cannot get parts over a month in the summer with no refrigerator customer service actually laughed at me when I called to complain about trying to get a new one instead of waiting over a month to get this one fixed no wonder Sears is going down"

Rating 2/10

Worst customer service

"Sears should close all it's store and do us all a favor. Today is day 3 of no hot water and I'm suppose to wait until June 30, 2017 for an appt for my hot water heater. It's ok for my family to boil water to take a hot bath or brave it and take a cold shower. I will just call a plumber and pay out of pocket than deal with loser like Sears. Anything from these losers will no longer be welcomed in my home. What a joke."

Rating 2/10

Buy 3 get 2

"I bought 3 Garden Hoses from Sears.com. The package Sears sent them in was 2 boxes made into one. One box was the bottom and the other was made into a top. The top and bottom were not taped together when I received the package. I bought 3 hoses and received 2. The hoses weight 11.6 pounds a piece. Meaning the total weight of the package should be around 34lbs. The UPS label clearly states the box weight was 20lbs. It's clear they only sent 2 hoses to begin with. So, I call sears and blah, blah, blah, they're sending this to their investigative team and I will be reached in 72hrs. I needed all 3 hoses for a family camping trip this weekend. Why order from sears when I could have dropped by another store and been in and out without the hassle? Sears, I won't be ordering from you again. Good luck."

Rating 2/10

Purchased a Macbook online | returned it | no refund and seller kept the MAcbook| Complete scam

ON 6/2 I purchased a refurbished Mac Book from Sears.com. It was delivered to us on 6/8. We followed the return instructions that came with the Mac Laptop. The return tracking number is 9505514625937163144976. It shows delivered We were given 2 sets of return instructions: One from Sears and One from Weekly Closeouts. Although we have returned the item per the instructions that came from Sears , I am still being required to pay for the Macbook. Weekly Close outs says they will not honor the return because via email they said send it to their California facility BUT within the packaging that came with the Mac book, the return instructions said to only return the Macbook to the address listed above.
This is brilliant scam: We buy and return a laptop , the company keeps the laptop, Sears still make us pay for the laptop and everyone gets to blame the other company because the consumer didn’t know which return instructions to follow: The one from Sears of the ones from Weekly Close outs.

When you call then they just send you to the other company, or if you're really lucky you get an extremely rude CSR that will tell you its your fault because we didn't pick the right return policy. Whne we tell them we followed the Sears sent return instructions, they say they will escalate m promise a fix, and then we get an email saying they wont help up.
If you look up rating s on Sears.com AND Weekly close outs its obvious this is a blatant scam.

Rating 2/10

Horrible Sears Experience

" system doesn't seem to have an update. I go onto there shippers website again, it says the item has been at the delivery terminal since June 9th. I never got a call, an email, nothing. I call sears back, and explain the whole story yet again. He just says "I see it was supposed to be there May 24th, we will cancel the order." I do not want to cancel, I've been waiting this long. He has no other replies except "let's cancel and refund", or when I said what the shippers website said all he replied with was "it is in transit", even though the shipping says at delivery terminal since June 9th. I call the original shipper (Demar Logistics), tell her it was supposed to be delivered to me by May 24th. She informs me Sears didn't even release the item to them until June 5th. Are you kidding me?!? By June 14th I've had enough and take it upon myself to find my item. The tracking with the new shipper says it's still in another city, but they can't seem to find it. After hours of having people look around, they discovery it is at the local shipping facility where I live, and this shipper has had it for days and days. They finally found it and I took it home. Putting it together, guess what? It's missing pieces. I have to then call sears back for help. It's a cheap $4 part, that is it. The lady tells me I have to return it and order a new one, they won't just send me the little $4 part. Are you kidding me??? After I've waiting this long, got jerked around for this long? I am NOT going through that again. I ended up getting the part from a local parts store. I will NEVER shop at Sears.com again. I will not refer them to anyone ever again. Absolutely no communication about my item, no calls back when I called, nothing. They are horrible and this has been a horrible online shopping experience. Never again! "

Rating 10/10

Fast shipping, good price

"I recently more 31140 vacuum cleaner from Sears online. I did not pay extra for fast shipping, but I ordered the vacuum Sunday afternoon and it arrived Tuesday afternoon.

Sears online featured a sale, and the price was the lowest I could find - about 15% cheaper than the best Amazon or eBay price.

Rating 8/10

product quality

"sears has always had an outstanding policy when it comes to replacing tools they offer a replacement policy for tools that are worn they replace with a new one if you purchased the item at sears"

Rating 2/10

Horrible customer service and a flawed system

"We purchased a washer and dryer combo unit from them for our business back in 2013 and were contacted each year to renew the warranty. Our washer broke down and water spilled from under the washer all over our business floor. I called to set up an appointment to have a service done on the unit and they tell me that my warranty has expired 6 months ago and i could not renew it. I told them we did not receive any calls or mail regarding the renewal. The customer rep - Brian said that they attempted to call twice. I then asked if there was any conversation of us declining the renewal or if there was any conversation at all. he said they there was no notes so most likely there was no conversation at all. so pretty much they call and if there is no answer they automatically cancel your warranty. He even said they don't leave voice mails. which I thought was very dumb because they could be calling at the wrong time or while we are at work and cant pick up the phone. It looks like sear's system has a flaw that will create really bad customer service. He said I can still make an appointment to have it fix but pay out of pocket. I have decided to not deal with them again and will go somewhere else. "

Rating 2/10


"they are scam artists sitting on the other side to screw you and run you around ."

Rating 2/10

horrible customer service

"I purchased a 52" toolbox which the website stated "pay now, pick up today". This was all lies. Shortly after I recieved the confirmation email say pick up available in a week. So I went down to the store to try to sort it out and was told they never keep this in stock and that they could not help me since I did an online purchase. I even spoke with the manager Veronica who again did not want to help, maybe because the store was going to close in 45 minutes or she is just a plain old lazy manager who doesn't care about customer satisfaction. So after leaving the store I called sears.com and waited twenty minutes to finally talk to someone I explained my issue and gave the representative my order number and he replied "sorry" and hung up on me. So last resort I chatted online and again no help not even with changing the item to shipping so I had to just cancel the order. I will never shop at sears again let alone the sears store in El Paso at the Cielo Vista location. Horrible never again!"

Rating 2/10

Sears Garage Door

1.New garage door ($1,400).
2. Two months of use.
3. Garage crumples from top down due to improper installation (garage opener set improperly).
4. False advertising (Sears uses a 3rd party contractor who it does not/cannot hold accountable).
5. Contractor is rude and lies (it's documented on email).
6. Sears does not do anything about it.
7. I request a 50% reduction on replacement door (denied).
8. No counter offer or even token discount is offered.
9. Sears closes the case.
10. I was wronged/robbed. 6 months without a functioning garage door. 11.Sears is an unstable company.
12. Please void Sears. Please read further for more details.

The Purchase:
I purchased a garage door through the Sears website. I spent a little over $1,400 for the garage door and installation. The existing garage door opener was about 5 years old so I didn't replace it.

The Problem:
Only 2 months after installation, the garage door was being closed and stopped about half way.
The garage door opener proceeded to continue closing and the top 3 panels started to crumple from the top down. Garage doors are built to last easily over 10 years. Even when they hit objects, the garage door opener is supposed to sense it and reverse. This kind of wear and tear is normal.

My new garage door only lasted 2 months because of improper installation. There was no obstruction (car's rear bumper) when the garage imploded as we have hanging tennis balls from the ceiling of the garage to let us know the the cars are properly parked. When the tennis ball touches the windshield, it is properly parked. The same car has parked in the same space with the same tennis ball for 12 years.
I also made sure that there are several inches from the rear bumper to the garage door. After inspection, it was discovered the installer did 3 things wrong:
(1) they improperly set the closing distance on the garage opener. It was over-set. Rather than closing where it needed to, the garage door was set to close a little further than it should have been.
It is likely the top panel was under greater stress and started to weaken. The way these garage doors are designed, if the top panel gets bent, it throws off the alignment of the hinges and causes uneven stress to the next panel and starts causing problems one panel at a time.
(2) they improperly set the closing force of the garage door opener. It was cranked to the strongest setting preventing the reverse safety function. It was going to close the garage through anything that got in the way. I have kids and this could've been disastrous. Sears does not care!
(3) they improperly installed the arm that connects the garage door opener to the garage itself. It was crooked because a brace was backwards. Instead of pulling on the garage door in a straight line, it was pulled at an angle... bending the brace and ultimately causing problems along with the other 2 issues mentioned.

NOTE: The garage door is currently unattached to the garage door opener. Out of curiosity I connected them back together and closed the garage door. The "closing force" is so strong that it simply pushed through the bent metal beam and pushed it flush to the frame of the garage. That is A LOT of force. That could've seriously injured me, my wife, or my kid and it was 100% the fault of the installer.

False advertising:
When doing research for a new garage door, I chose Sears because of the name. They've been around forever right?
The man on the phone said Sears isn't going anywhere, they have replacement parts if one of the panels gets damaged, and they stand behind their product & work. It turns out that Sears didn't actually do the work. They contracted the work out to a 3rd party who was very rude and wouldn't allow me to speak to a manager after multiple requests. Not only that, they straight out lied to me multiple times.
When inquiring about the cost of replacing just the 3 damaged panels, I was told I had to purchase the whole garage door. Another $1,400. I have email documentation of this lie that was told multiple times that I sent to Sears, but again, Sears simply does not care. This contractor can use receipts with Sears' name on it, act rudely, lie, and act in this unprofessional manner because they knew Sears simply couldn't or wouldn't hold them accountable.

Sears is in trouble:
Do some research. Sears as a company is in trouble. They've been around a long time, but they may not be around much longer. Their business model is outdated and they have proven they are unable to adjust.They are resorting to shady business practices to stay open a little longer. Don't be a victim.
Avoid Sears!! You have been warned.

Rating 2/10


" Purchased online a KENMORE washer and dryer because I have disabilities. Sears sent their contract INSTALLERS.
The contracted INSTALLERS ????? LOOK I had $1,400.00 in cash in my glove box that was months and months of saving .
I was taking to bank that VERY day but was waiting to after the installation.
While the one INSTALLER was in my basement rushing rushing hurry hurry ...and saying the most INAPPROPRIATE and uncomfortable things to me and I QUOTE......"WELL, YOUR RICH" "IF YOUR DOG COMES DOWN HERE I'LL SHOOT IT" I questioned why he did not use the parts I paid for? "YOU DON'T NEED THOSE"......I asked where the other man was?
I knew I had seen two.... " He sits in the truck and looks pretty".
I do not know where or what possessed the INSTALLER to talk that way OR act that way? OR Where was the other INSTALLER the
entire time......BUT I DO KNOW I WAS ROBBED $1,400.00.
In case your wondering a second INSTALLER team was needed to correct several errors the first "team" made.
Can I prove ANY OF THIS STORY? You tell me. I am a single woman in her 60's disabled who foolishly left $1400.00 cash
accessible to men who threatened to shoot her dog?
Do I EVER wish or care to acknowledge SEARS,KMART that took a fine AMERICAN company and sourced to ASIA and G-D
knows where.......fool me twice shame on me.


Rating 2/10

"Try to submit a low review for the first time, and find out that they make it difficult.
They can and will deny refunds for bad products. Especially for promo products.

Might be a good idea if you enjoy venting at random store employees in your spare time to get basic refunds and exchanges that others make a breeze.

Rating 10/10


"Mark K.

Was very helpful, patient and polite. I felt at ease with him.

Rating 2/10

If 0 Stars were possible, it would be 0 and not 1 Star!

"WARNING! Do not use Sears Marketplace. This experience has been a nightmare! I ordered 2 mother of bride dresses in 2 different sizes and had to return both (ran 2 sizes too small). Required to return the items to the independent seller, not Sears, and cost me $30 in shipping charges to return. The seller is now in possession of both dresses (confirmed USPS delivery) and Sears still has my money. The seller claims they only handle the merchandise return, not the refund. Sears states they processed. 4 emails, 3 phone calls and 2 weeks later I still do not have my refund from Sears. Other retailers have Sears beat hands down in customer service, accuracy, and easy return. No wonder Sears is going bankrupt! I literally gave Sears $300 of my money for absolutely nothing. Need a mother of the bride dress, shop Amazon and/or The Dress Outlet based out of Los Angeles. Excellent customer service. Easy returns. FYI: all formal wear shops have a restocking fee. it's stupid, but industry standard. "

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