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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.38/10 2.38/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 0.82/10 0.82/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.86/10 1.86/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.37/10 1.37/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.48/10 0.48/10
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Rating 2/10

Not even worth the one star

"If I could give 0 stars I would. Total rip off, basically they take your clothes, tell you they are worth nothing then resell them and they pocket the money. Don't believe their schpeal that they donate to "garment recyclers" or whatever. You are SO much better off with the likes of Poshmark or similar businesses that let you sell directly to others as opposed to being a very shady middle man. "

Rating 2/10

rip off

"I have shopped thred up for a year or so and absolutely loved it. Then i decided to order a clean out bag the idea was great and so simple they send the bag you stuff it and send it back. Easy peesy..right. Well as everyone here have said it takes about 2 mths to get your bag processed then you get to see what they decide to accept. They accepted 19 items of my overstuffed bag these were all new or very gently used items coming from 2 teens closets and we all know teens they buy and never wear half of it. Out of the 19 items thred up gave me 12.96 took back 9.99 for the shipping. Thred up priced all of them at 10 or more except for one dress they consigned at 3.00 payout it is listed for 25.99. You can see the scam. The CEO of this company had a great idea and they are making a killing. Good for them. Not good for the seller. Sell on other sites not thred up or just donate to a shelter. "

Rating 2/10


"Ridiculous all around! Placed an order a week ago and still no shipment! of course they took my money out of the account right away! been thing to get in touch with them, but no answer whatsoever! This website is a scam! Do NOT trust them!!!!"

Rating 2/10


"I have sent three bags to thredUp and have been completely ripped off every time. I just received $11 for approximately $500 worth of designer goods, many brand new and some with tags. I always get the items they reject returned to me (for $11.99 I believe, plus the $10 fee for the initial bag itself.) The reason I have the rejected items returned is because the first time I didn't, they told me they were donated to charity, and I later found several for sale on their site. Who knows how many of them they did this with. I take the rejected goods to charity and get a tax receipt for their actual worth. Much better than giving your clothes to an unscrupulous company.
People who love to buy used clothes generally appear to like thredUp. If that's their thing, God bless them. They are paying too much. thredUp tries to get you to use your earnings to buy from them. They withhold your payment for 14 days after they process your bag, which takes over two months. This is in the hope that you completely forget to redeem your meager earnings (my $11). Probably lots of people do.
WARNING - if you are buying, they completely misrepresent labels. Most of the items they have listed in their section designated Nordstrom are Macy's or lower level store brands. If you know your brands, this is so easy to spot it is laughable. Maybe 2 out of 10 items are really from Nordstrom.
And the prices they pay you?!!! $2 for a brand new unworn pair of designer shoes. Give me a break!!!
I truly feel this company should be investigated by whatever agency does this type of thing. They are probably making millions from their ripoff of hundreds of thousands of sellers who expected more than a spit in the face.

Rating 2/10

Should have saved my time and donated it all...

"A bag stuffed to the brim with designer clothes and I made $1.88 after shipping fees. I'm sorry but that math just does not add up. Everybody needs to spread the word that this place is a scam and it needs to be shut down. I will be forever donating my NWT clothes from here on out and feeling a whole lot better about it. Something is wrong here. Very wrong. "

Rating 2/10

Rip Off

"Yep, what everyone else said...complete and total rip-off. They took brand new designer items with tags from Anne Klein, Ben Sherman, and MNG and gave me a few bucks in return. I sent in a NWT (new with tags) Anne Klein suit and they are only selling the pants. Why would you break up a brand new suit? The jacket was beautiful with zero damage and now it's going to be recycled to make fabric? They claim only 8 out of 14 items are going to be resold but all were in excellent condition and from brand names. I would rather my items have gone to Goodwill or I could have sold on eBay. Never again."

Rating 2/10

I got ripped off

"I stuffed my Polka Dot bag full of name brand clothing (a lot of Anthropologie, Ann Taylor Loft, etc) all of which were in great condition. The items they accepted were ones I had seriously considered giving to Goodwill and were from Old Navy, Gap, Kohls...lower end brands. The ones that disappeared into their black hole of "not accepted" were all my high end name brands. I only sent them to Thred Up thinking I would try and sell them and make a few $$. If I had realized Thred Up did not want them, I would have kept them and continued to wear them this spring and summer as they were not in bad shape. I feel there is something highly suspicious with the Thred Up process. I wonder if their employees get first pick and also free clothing from what is sent in for resale. I will not use them ever again to sell and I have such a bad taste in my mouth, it will be a long time, if ever, before I buy anything from them either. "

Rating 2/10

ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS. ThredUP literally steals your clothes and you get pennies back. Don't even bother.

"ThredUP should be shut down."

Rating 4/10

Don't Expect Much in Return

"I sadly sent 2 bags filled to the brim, I literally stuffed the polka dot bag. I sent them a couple weeks apart. I just got notice yesterday that they had "processed" the first bag. They kept 30 items and are paying me a measley $43.00 (minus the 9.99 shipping = a grand total of $33) that is average of 1.10 for each item....REALLY?? Most were name brands & in excellent condition. I am highly suspect & very disappointed. I now wish I had NOT sent off the second bag knowing what I now know. : /
The only positive was the ease of ordering a bag and the pre-done shipping label. Now they just need to pay what items are worth!

Rating 2/10

Got Ripped Off by Polka Dot Bag!

"Buyers beware! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use #ThredUp for any reason. While it seems like a good deal, they are ripping people off left and right. Against my own better judgment, I agreed to send them my gently used (brand name) clothes for them to consign with the promise that they'd either give me a check or add credit to my account (I chose the latter). HOWEVER, when they received my bag but didn't get back to me for weeks, I inquired today about the status. They only then informed me that ALL of my clothes were "not usable" and therefore they would not be paying me for any of them. They then proceeded to tell me they would, however, gladly send my clothes back to me at MY expense ($10.00). So basically, they CLAIM my clothes are unusable and now they want to charge me to send them back!? I guarantee if I give it a couple weeks, I'll start seeing my clothes and shoes pop up on their website. Some of those clothes were brand spankin new with tags and everything. And I know for a fact there were at least 3 pair of brand new shoes in there as well. And of course, when I emailed them back to express my DISPLEASURE with their service, they refused to respond or talk to me. There's no telling where this "company" even is. No BBB I can report to. Nothing I can do about it. So please do not get roped in to giving this company your clothes for free. You will never see them again and you'll not get a penny. Oh, I'm sure someone somewhere out there will respond and say "I got money for my clothes!" Well, good for you. Even illegitimate businesses do some legitimate things from time to time to keep up appearances. I know I'm not the only one. I know, I only have myself to blame. I had a feeling this might happen but I did it anyway. I would much rather have given them away for free to charity, which is what I'll do next time. "

Rating 8/10

Not Bad but Shop with eyes wide open

"I have shopped here many times and have been mostly pleased. I have shopped for myself and my 5 and 7 year old grandkids. Like any resale shop you have to watch for quality. To make that easy the site has a place where you can select NWT or like new condition plus other options but I only use these 2. The clothing has been spot on but often the size has been the issue. Sometimes it has been on their error size small in (children's listed as 6x but was a small 10/12) other times just as all women know a large VS does not fit like a large Faded Glory so it is manufacture sizing guide. I use the return option of site credit and try again and have not ever had an issue.

As many reviews state their clothing buying is less than ideal. I used it once was not happy. Sent a bag full of quality brand name and store brand clothing purses including 1 Coach and got 62. The bulk of that was from the Coach and it took a long time to get my money and my clothing not accepted was donated. Since I do not often have high end items such as my Coach to sell their system does not pay enough for me to put in the effort since I live in an area where I can sell to several different resale and consignment stores much easier,with quicker payment.

In a nutshell I would shop here but not sell. Sell only if you don't need money fast and have high end items but easier to go local. If you shop here remember it is second hand store be smart about your shopping and read about the item you are considering buying.

Rating 2/10

My experience with ThredUP.

"I decided to give the company a try. First of all, once you sign up to do anything with ThredUP, they will harass you with emails, and I am almost positive they sold my information to a third party, because my junk emails have increased significantly.

So let's put that aside, and talk about the selling aspect. I lost some weight and decided to get rid of a bunch of brand new with tags designer jeans (12 pairs to be exact) the name brands were, Hudson, True Religion, Paige Denim, Current Elliot, Stella McCartney, AG Jeans, and Rag & Bone. If you are familiar with these brands you will know that all cost over $175 a pair. These jeans were bought less than 6 months ago so the styles were not outdated. I knew I wasn't going to make what I paid for them, but thought I would at least make a little more than I would at a yard sale. So I shipped them off.

After waiting 9 weeks for them to process my bag of jeans I finally received my email of how much they were going to pay me. Drumroll please....They paid me a grand total of $19.46. Now if that doesn't get your blood boiling enpugh. They also charged me $22.95 to send back anything they didn't accept. I chose this option because it was $9.95 for them to donate what they didn't want, and I would rather get my items back than give them to them to keep. So they took the $22.95 off my total. Which brought me to negative amount paid. How is this even legal. They are going to turn around and sell these items for 10x what they paid me, and charged me to just look at them.

Do yourself a favor and take your items to a local consignment store, sell it on eBay, or put it in a yard sale. You'll come out far more ahead. I hope this company goes out of business.

Rating 2/10

No phone number... really!

"Total bait and switch. My first two experiences selling with the company were great. So by the third bag I trusted them and sent in many brand new or barely used clothes. I received $14 ($4 minus the shipping fee - the shipping fee is new BTW). Crazy! One of the rejected items was a pair of brand new maternity leggings from Ingrid & Isabel, probably cost me $50-$60 originally. They were without tag, but never worn and never washed. I went to their maternity page on the website and it says they are looking for high quality maternity clothes to build their inventory (which from what I could tell was a couple shirts ONLY!) These pants were pristine, and from a well known brand, clearly an opportunity to build their inventory. I thought for sure they would accept these. I can only assume they are looking for maternity clothes because their employees are pregnant! I would have preferred to give them to charity, and will probably do so in the future. This is just one example. Don't waist your perfectly good clothes on this company. Beware also that they are looking for seasonal clothing... but take 6 weeks to process your bag! To top it all off there is absolutely no way to contact them... that should be enough to make you skeptical. "

Rating 2/10

they don't even deserve ONE star! THE BIGGEST RIP- OFF EVER. This company needs to be investigated!

"complete rip-off. I wish I would have thought to read the reviews before sending about $750.00 worth of clothes to include leather boots, suede and leather items from banana republic and cache - one with the tag still on it and multiple other high quality/ designer items! Designer tops, dresses and jeans sent into them...with an email to me saying they took only 30pct of my items!
To begin with - they took over 6 weeks to "process" my bag. Then said they accepted "up front" 4 items, subtracted the 9.99 shpping cost- and credited me 4 bucks! The other items - 3 total, are "on consignment" - including a pair of leather boots I wore ONE TIME (the heel too high for me and cost over 150.00)...I guess they will give me $1.00 for those? THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN. They are STEALING your clothes. I would have been way more happy to just donate the items. I had several items that still had the original price tags on them that were in style that they claim - were "recycled responsibly". I could have easily gone to a local resale store and earned a couple hundred bucks. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Honestly, this company needs to be investigated and shut down.

Rating 2/10

Broken return process, terrible customer service

"I was impressed with thredUP's selection and bought several items from them. After trying everything on, I decided to return one item. There are several options for returning item, and I chose the one that would give me a full refund — but I had to pay $8.99 for a pre-paid shipping label.

The label was never sent to my email. I followed up with customer service, and they sent me an image of the return label. Unfortunately, the image was low resolution and was slightly blurry. The shipper couldn't use it. So I requested another shipping label, explaining that it needed to be an original, unscaled version.

They sent me an image again.

I contacted customer service again (third time now), and I didn't hear back within 24 hours. thredUP puts a time limit on your returns (1 week), and thanks to their poor handling of the shipping label, I was now out of time.

Terrible, time-consuming experience. I won't be using them again.

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