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    Product & services pricing Rating 1.37/10 1.37/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 0.55/10 0.55/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.28/10 1.28/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.05/10 1.05/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 0.97/10 0.97/10
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Rating 2/10

Total Waste of Money!!!

"I ordered an item that was listed on their website as my correct size. When I received it, the size was actually an XS. I returned the item and requested that they refund the cost of the item as well as my return postage and the postage I paid when I ordered the item. Since the wrong size was listed, the mistake was theirs. They refunded the price I paid for the item but refused to refund the postage I paid. The item I purchased costs $7.80. I paid $8.75 in postage. So now, I am out $8.75 and have nothing!

My advice to anyone thinking about ordering from them to please read these reviews first. I really, really wish I had!!!

Rating 2/10

$11.61 Payout for Boden Dresses, JCrew and Banana Republic Clothes in Great Shape

"Wow! I'm actually shocked at the paltry sum they chose to pay me for the bag of name brand clothes I sent in over a month ago: Boden dresses, JCrew separates, GAP, Banana and H&M and all seasonal too! My guess is that's Thredup's game: get at least one bag of clothes per customer and they'll make a killing even if they don't get your repeat business. Man, I'm in the wrong business! I need to start my own exploitive online resale shop!"

Rating 2/10


"First off, I sent 15 items - 8 women's apparel items with the pricetags still on (all name brands - think Columbia Sportswear, J. Jill, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, so on) - and got a whopping $9.30 payout. And this after it took nearly 6 weeks to "process". I would NEVER buy or sell with them again. Feels like a very, very big scam. "

Rating 2/10

Horrid experience.

"They advertised a woman's blouse and sent a child's size. They credited me as opposed to refunding me upon my return and when I attempted to use the store credit, they deducted the cost of shipping from the credit. They basically monetarily penalized me for their own incompetence. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. "

Rating 2/10

Victim of Location Discrimination!

"I had some items in my shopping cart that I wanted to purchase, but not that day. You are allowed to keep items in your cart for 24 hrs, so when the time was up, I would just put the items back in my cart. I did this many times, but one day, it said that the item was "unavailable". I had just removed the item from my cart and went back immediately to that item page and it said "add to cart" and when I clicked it, it said unavailable. I did a live chat to see what the problem was, and was told the item is no longer available to me. I was told I can now only order items shipped from the Georgia warehouse, but the item I wanted was from the Pennsylvania warehouse. It was a "test market" that was now no longer available to me. It would have been nice to know that before the item was removed from my cart - I would have gone ahead and purchased the item. I asked if she could put the item back in my cart, and she said no, I can't have it now, even if I wanted to buy it today. (Translation: they don't want to pay to ship the item to me.) I tried opening other accounts with them to see if I could see the item and buy it that way, but now I can only view items from the Georgia warehouse. So I am not seeing what a customer from somewhere else in the county is seeing for sale. This would have been fine, except they taunted and teased me with the item from Pennsylvania and then took the item away from me. ThredUp is tracking your location to show you certain items for sale. I went through my computer to see if I could remove any tracking location, but it's too late - they already know my location!
A few days later, I can no longer reserve items in my cart for more than 8 hours, so when I complained to Customer Service via live chat, they said it was a glitch and they would fix it. (I don't believe them!) I am just waiting on them to tell me I can no longer put items in my cart at all. The story and their rules, keep changing.
I have purchased a few times from them before and had no problems, but I certainly will not sell anything with them after seeing so many bad reviews. Many things (like Coach bags) are overpriced (more than the original cost in the Coach Retail Store). Every time I purchase something, I think about the seller who got ripped off by ThredUp.

Rating 2/10

Beware of Hidden charges when you purchase !!

"Never use this site . I loved it and was purchasing many items from them at great discounted prices and as I started reviewing my orders I see overcharges not listed anywhere for up to 40.00 per item ! I found that over 10 of my items were overcharged sometimes for 15 dollars on one item . I noticed my sub totals were not matching what I bought . They list a tax price but then say that depending on where item ships from they can add more money to the item without even telling you so you end up paying much more than you think for the item . Also I sent in a huge box of items to sell with brand new name brand items and they only gave me a 5.00 credit and they won't send u back your items even if they say they can't use them. I never write reviews but had to after being ripped off hundreds of dollars from secret over charges !"

Rating 2/10

Awful company!

"I loved shopping with the ThredUp app and decided to try selling some things. I spent $9.99 on the clean-out bag and stuffed it full. It contained mostly new or like-new items, some of which included two pairs of brand new Hollister jeans ($50 a pair), Old Navy jeans with tags still attached, and several Ann Taylor Loft sweaters.
It took them two months to process my bag, and when they did I was notified that I'd get a whopping $4 for all of that stuff. With the price of the clean-out bag deducted, I got NOTHING.
Receiving no money for my items is okay if I donate them locally or give them to someone who needs them, but that was not the goal here. I wanted to sell them. Instead, I got mere cents for those items, only to have them later sold at a much higher process. The only donating I did was to the owners' filthy, greedy pockets.
I never had any issues buying from them, but I REFUSE to support a business with no ethics and who screws people out of their money. The app has been deleted from my phone.
ThredUp disgusts me.

Rating 2/10

I'd give zero stars

"Not only does it take months to figure out how much money you're getting but then they give you literally pennies for your clothes! The charge $10 to receive it and most of the time you won't even make anything out of it! Yet they're selling your clothes for hundreds of dollars!! Run now!!"

Rating 2/10

Horrible. Do not waste your time.

"Terrible, do not waste your time. I never write bad reviews, but I had to with this one. I spent the time to go through their list of approved and accepted brands, sorted my clothes diligently and only sent in items in good condition no more than two years old with brand names like True Religion, Sorel, Miss Me, Joes, Theory, etc with about 50+ items of good quality clothing. I sent in my bag on the April 16th, they just now today processed it and the results they sent me...I literally started laughing. They took 5 items of the lowest quality brands I sent it in, Rock of Republic, Cupshe, and Maurices and only offered me $6.00, are you for real!? I could sell more items and get a better return at the local consignment store. More importantly I regret wasting my time and should have donated the items to help people in need for a tax right off. I will never use this company again and will tell all of my friends not to waste their time because thredUP is not respectful of it. thredUP if your listening, all your posts are negative. Its time to change or get out. Hope this post helps the consumer thinking of using your services and decides to pass."

Rating 2/10

What a ripoff

"They really need help with customer service. Gave me $10 for three dresses and authentic Gucci sunglasses. No recourse. Stolen property. Fraudulent practices. "

Rating 6/10

Segregation is a Bait and Switch.

"I actually really enjoy thredUP for the buying portion of the site. I loved the convenience of choosing my sizes and color preferences and having them sorted for me. HOWEVER.. things got weird one day when a friend of mine got an acct and found stuff she thought I'd like and sent me their links. One of the items I had no issue with, but the other kept coming up as "unavailable" even though she was able to purchase it still. So I contacted customer service, what I got back... was far from calming. Here's the a part from that conversation: (can't fit it all due to character limits)

Chat started on 24 May 2017, 02:57 PM (GMT+0)
(03:09:45) Olivia: It sounds like your friend might be assigned to a different DC.
(03:10:02) Olivia: I do see that your account is assigned to the proper distribution center.
(03:10:33) ME: She's sent me a lot of other links to clothes in the past that I've been able to look at or purchase... this is the first time I haven't been able to.
(03:10:57) ME: In fact, she sent me two links today. One was a dress - which I was able to put in my cart - and this shirt.
(03:12:28) Olivia: I see, alright, so your friends account is a fairly new account. We are running a test that allows some accounts to view all inventory we have available across all distribution centers.
(03:12:57) Olivia: Once her account gets a few more orders placed, she'll be assigned directly to one Distribution center based on her shipping address.
(03:14:23) ME: That seems awfully misleading.. and bad business. It's pretty much saying we can't have access to the same things everyone else does because the company doesn't want to pay shipping costs.
(03:15:25) Olivia: It actually keeps shipping costs and times at a fast and affordable rate for the customers.
(03:15:32) Olivia: We do this for the customer's benefit.
(03:15:51) Olivia: We're looking at feedback in regards to this test, and definitely will take your feedback into account.
(03:17:16) ME: The FAQ never stated that some items are only available by region. In fact, it only ever said pricing was a little different to accommodate the shipping costs.
(03:18:09) Olivia: I apologize for this confusion.
(03:19:42) ME: I'm not confused. I'm actually very amazed with how poorly this company handles it's mixed signals. The item tells me it's unavailable. Your own FAQ clearly says "When an item is ‘unavailable’, that means it is in another customer’s cart. Since every single item on thredUP is unique, only one person can claim and purchase each item." which, I know isn't true.. because she is able to get the item.
(03:21:09) ME: But there is 0 acknowledgement of limitations based on geographical area, other than pricing inflation or deflation. I'm sure you're just reading a script, or maybe no one has ever challenged this problem head on... but it's quite a big flaw in the system to say one thing.. and mean another.
(03:21:13) Olivia: Yes, I apologize. The FAQ for this topic does need to be updated.
(03:22:13) Olivia: We apologize for the frustration and disappointment of this policy. We appreciate your feedback, and I will be forwarding this to our team who is in charge of this test.
(03:24:49) ME: This was enlightening, I'll be sure to post this information for everyone to have access to. It only seems fair. Thanks for.. well... responding, I suppose. It's not your fault after all.
(03:25:54) Olivia: No worries, this information is available for anyone who inquires.
(03:27:11) ME: Right.. but it doesn't seem to be asked often - if at all - and the answers are very convoluted. And obviously the FAQ says nothing about it - so it's really not that available if no one thinks to ask "are there items I'm NOT able to see?"

Upon further investigation it looks like yes, you have access to a good deal of clothing still, but miss out on a lot more of the high-end items they advertise for low prices. The closer you are to, say, NY or LA the better chances of getting an awesome designer piece. Segregation of purchase shouldn't be a thing.. but apparently it's real and it's a big disappointment! Just keep making NEW accts, I guess.

Rating 2/10

They take 90% of the money they make from you!

"They take 90% and so you get dimes and nickels for your good quality items you send them! I rather give to Goodwill or Savers any day. I will never send to thread up ever again. "

Rating 2/10


"DO NOT SEND THEM YOUR CLOTHES- I sent in a bag full of rarely used or new (with tags) clothing, including a pair of heels that I would not be able to wear during my pregnancy. I sent in more than 20 of my rarely used pre-pregnancy clothing (multiple pairs of denim, new skirts, new dresses, etc.) with the expectation that I would use the subsequent payout to purchase maternity clothing from thredUP. Instead, I was offered a measly $4.97... and according to their posting, they're selling my items for a total of $72.

It took over a week before anyone responded to me or my request to have my clothing returned to me, and once they did respond, it was essentially to tell me that "We provide our sellers with all the information they would need on our clean-out bag page and FAQs," so tough luck.

I'm writing this review, because I really wish I had known that this is how thredUP takes advantage of sellers. Please beware - DO NOT send in your clothing unless you don't want anything for it.

Rating 2/10

Can I use a negative number of stars?

"I agree with others that experienced the bait and switch. First bags I sent out received reasonable (not great, but certainly worth the effort) payout. My second bags are a mystery. Tory Burch flats in great condition relegated to "the Basement" yet selling for $64.99 on commission (meaning no payout until sold). Other items that should have easily been accepted are simply missing. They went to "donation". Ummm, Marc Jacobs handbag in "like new" condition is unacceptable????? You have got to be kidding me.

If you want to recapture some of your expense on designer items, I highly suggest Poshmark, Tradesy, Facebook marketplace, Craig's list.... anything but the ThredUp scam.

Rating 2/10

Doesn't even deserve 1 star

"Worse company!!!! Don't send your clothes here. They are liars. "

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