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    Product & services pricing Rating 1.94/10 1.94/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.20/10 1.20/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.92/10 1.92/10
    Customer service: Rating 2.14/10 2.14/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.79/10 1.79/10
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Rating 2/10

Frustrated buyer

"Items I purchased were represented accurately but I didn't like them- their return policy, while transparent, is pretty lame. Stuck with credit unless I wanted to pay return shipping. Now I'm stuck with credit and I'm nervous to purchase anything because if I don't like it, I'm in the same situation. Definitely not "risk free." I responded to an email asking about my thoughts, and did not receive a reply.
THEN tried to use my credit on the App, and they charged me more than I authorized payment for me. It was fixed, but for that one hour I was pretty upset that I felt like they stole money from me. Doesn't help that I already don't care for them.
A lot of their items are way overpriced- paying more than if you bought new from the retailer (specifically I have noticed their Carters brand baby items are priced way more than in stores). Makes me wonder what else they are marking up. Also, a lot of items aren't properly described (i.e. Sizes are not right or clear).

Rating 2/10

Horrendous. NEVER sell with ThredUp!

"While I blame myself to some extent for not reading the fine (buried) print about how much they pay, it's ludicrously low. Lower than I'd imagined anyone would try to get away with. And interestingly, the two nicest items I sent them (which would have fetched a higher price and thus would have given me a bigger percentage), they didn't accept at all. They only took the items that allowed them to give me ten percent. Shockingly, I see they were opening a brick-and-mortar store at around that exact time. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where my designer items were "donated." Take your used items ANYWHERE but here!"

Rating 2/10

Items went missing

"Buying on thread up is fine. that's what the 1 star is for. I sent them several bags and their pricing model keeps changing as do their prices. I sent them unused bags (Vince Camuto, A Banana Republic Ashbury and Michael Kors). The tags were attached on ALL of them. They disappeared. I emailed them and the woman said they were donated. I DONT believe that for one second. Then I would send them really good clothes (juicy, banana republic, etc) and I sent like 20 pieces and got paid 3.78. When i looked at what they were selling them for I should have gotten at least 30 or 40 dollars. The juicy pants had the tag on them and they were $98 alone. I will not send any more bags to them. I'll bring my stuff to a local place like crossroads trading or buffalo exchange. I will also be reporting them to the BBB because i feel my stuff was stolen. There is no accountability nor any rhyme nor reason how they price things. I had a coach bag they priced at 11.99 when it was 200 retail, and the same bag was on the site from another seller for 134.99. What a scheister company. I want my $400 dollars worth of brand new bags back that they said they "donated". I dont understand how this place gets away with this. And i had to wait 50 days for them to process my bag for the $3.78 i got PLUS i had to pay uber 8 bucks so i could take my bags to the PO. So i lost money!! unbelievable. Im glad i am not alone with these experiences. I am definitely filing a complaint with the state."

Rating 2/10

Bad business model

"The idea is good. The marketing is good. The boxes are pretty and the process is well thought-out. I first tried ThredUp because of the commercials advertising brands I like for rock-bottom prices. The ease of shopping online for brands I know is great. I can easily judge whether or not I think an Ann Taylor / Banana Republic / WHBM piece is worth what they are charging and I know what size I wear in those brands. But, I struggle to find those deals. Prices on ThredUp are consistently as expensive or more expensive than I could find in an outlet or during a sale, and then I could try the pieces on and I would be getting new items. I have ordered several items from ThredUp that I was very excited about only to find out that they were actually petite, rather than regular and falsely advertised. Then there is a charge or credit for the return when ThredUp had mismarked and mismarketed the size. Why should that be my fault? Each item was clearly marked as petite inside the tag and sold as regular. Each time I made a return, I emphasized that petite items are cut differently. I can read the length and chest size to understand the basic measurements but if the curve of the hips or the belt/sash are going to be several inches too high, the overall dimensions are moot. When the size has been mismarked, there should be a full refund and shipping costs covered. This doesn't happen and there is no good forum for fighting this (which I shouldn't have to do).

I have also received some items that were in very bad condition and sold as good with a minor problem. Eg.- I purchased a pair of boots with fake leather peeling off and missing in places. The condition was listed as good with a minor scratch. Who determined that peeling / missing fabric was good condition? This was not visible at all in the picture. I am willing to forgive minor snags, etc for used clothing at used clothing prices. But at the prices ThredUp charges, I should be getting brand-new sale clothes.

The company could do several things differently to charge consumers less and still receive a great profit. Each piece I buy has a silly ThredUp tag tied around the inside clothing tag. It's made on recycled paper and has a silly saying or tells me where it was packed with love. Recycled paper is great- if you have to use paper. Why put a tag on at all? Save the paper, spend less money, use less paper. Save the person packing the box time and the money it costs to buy this silly little tags.

Sending clean-up bags to ThredUp takes FOREVER. By the time the pieces are processed, they are out of season. And I cannot figure out the algorithm used to determine a price or what will sell. Then I see three or four of the same item. Local shops can offer much better payout. I tried this for convenience. I thought I could sell a few things with minimal effort and get some credits to buy new. The payouts are subpar for the industry and I have had to return so many items, the credits aren't worth it.

I would recommend ThredUp providing better data on items being sold. Show a picture of the inside tag. Then consumers know they are getting what they think they are buying. I can see that the inside says "Long and Lean" rather than the standard options of boot cut/ straight cut, etc. I can see if there is a 'P' or 'petite' next to the size. Then I can't complain about mismarked sizes. Cut out the tags that don't serve any purpose. Offer a forum to ask questions about pieces. You'll get better sales! And, institute some basic QA testing before selling items.

Rating 2/10

Absolute worst customer service and a total ripoff

"I started shopping with Thredup over a year ago and have had so many bad experiences that I'm done. On 5 separate occasions now, I've ordered things that were described "like new" with no damage, but then they show up with very obvious stains, or large holes in them where the seam has come apart, or the matching belt that's supposed to come with the item (and was pictured with it on the site) is missing. Each time, I contacted customer service and nothing was resolved. They are very rude and not helpful in the slightest.

I also sent a bag of clothes to them, and like many other people have mentioned, they only paid a tiny fraction of what they ended up selling my clothes for. I sent in high-end items, many of which still had tags on, and the bag was packed completely full. They gave me about $18. I could have easily made over $100 by going to the local consignment shop. Seriously, don't waste your time or your money. They're a total joke.

Rating 2/10

Missing Valuable Items

"Let's put it this way, I wasn't trying to make money, but get a fair price for things I sent to them. Twice now, very valuable pieces have just gone missing! And when they underbid one of my items so outrageously, but sold it in a minute, I complained and they gave me an extra $100 because they knew if was right. Keep a detailed list of what you send them. And follow up with them immediately. Live Chat is pretty helpful. But if you hear, we found stains on that item, I would be highly suspicious. I sent them a very pretty jacket that I had NEVER worn and they told me that it had stains. I suspect someone snagged it for themselves. Sooooooo bad. The photography of the items is pretty bad too. I will continue to use them as my dumping ground, but I refuse to send them valuable pieces anymore."

Rating 2/10

Not personal, business

"I will first echo what others have stated, very easy ordering a Clean Out bag. However, because ThredUp uses "smart post," it did take my bag over two months to actually arrive back at the facility. (I live in Atlanta, not like it was being sent from the FedEx in the middle of nowhere.)

Second, I sent a bag full of barely worn/basically brand new Loft, Gap, WHBM, Banana Republic clothes are received $2.91 as a pay out.

First and absolute last time using ThredUp. Start treating your investors better, or eventually people will stop sending you your inventory.

Rating 2/10

Compliments end after you send your bag

"I have sent in 5 clean out bags to ThredUP over the last 1 year. My experience has deteriorated enough over time that I will not be doing business with them again. I tend to look at things from a business/profit standpoint (even as an individual "seller") so here's my thoughts:

I will give them props that the ease of ordering a bag, having it mailed to you and sending it back is a well-thought out system and is very convenient. When purchasing, their box/wrapping is cute and makes you feel like you're buying new items. Unfortunately that's where my compliments end.

Once they receive your clean out bag (which as stated on their website can take up to 3 weeks) they send an email giving an estimated processing time. Their website says the average is 4-6 weeks. I happen to live in the same city as ThredUp and can say my experience does not match this. My last bag as an example, I mailed mid May with almost exclusively summer clothing and shoes. They received it May 30 and said my estimated processing date was July 7. I received an email that my bag was processed July 26 (over 8 weeks not including the time it took to "receive" it). While my initial payout for my first bag was $24 (14 items), my last bag was $12 minus the $10 shipping fee for a total of $2 (10 items). Their fee for shipping has gone up since I first started sending items. As a seller, this is not worth the amount of product sent as I now have to pay for shipping again when I go to shop and use my credit, for a significant net loss.

I have had to return a purchased item before as a buyer and quickly realized how unprofitable this is as well as they charge you for the return, as well as any items they don't plan to take as a seller from your clean out bag. Therefore, I don't want to take a risk and purchase brands I am not 100% sure fits me. This narrows what I can reasonably shop for considerably.

Big data tells you that you lose more money in the long run from customers not coming back due to return shipping fees versus profits over time when offering free shipping. The fact they have not caught on to this tells me either they financially can't sustain free return shipping and will eventually bust or they are just not customer focused when it comes to profit margins.

As a seller, unless I'm willing to risk losing money on shipping for a high street luxury item or potentially the item going missing, this means I will essentially only send items I won't want back. My belief is that this has contributed to the overal spike in costs and decrease in quality of items on the site.

Lastly, imagining for a minute that perhaps this particular bag I sent in just didn't have the quality items in it compared to my first bag, this is still a highly unprofitable consignment opportunity. Not only are the shipping and overal price of items increasing, the quality of pictures and representation has also gone down considerably compared to a year ago. So if I do have a nice item and it is consignment, I am at the mercy of their camera/display crew to properly list my item which has shown to be sloppy at best from even a quick glance at the site. I have seen multiple items miscategorized while shopping and even items askew and severely wrinkled on the manekins.

Therefore, this will be my last purchase from ThredUP. Yesterday I went my local consignment shop and got $25 store credit for 4 items. ThredUp is unfortunately, not a smart business decision. My one caveat would be if I have a bag of items I plan to send to Goodwill for no profit and don't have time, I might consider getting the clean out bag for the convenience. But even using ThredUP as a Goodwill courier honestly even makes me feel upset thinking about the potential advertised in their communications and not received as their small scale business partner.

Rating 2/10

Rip off for sellers!

"Every bag full of almost new brand name and designer WOMENS and kid's clothes end up breaking even with the bag fee or MAYBE $1-$2. What a rip off! Keep selling my items fir $45-$90 and giving me .06 cents. "

No Avatar

Rating 2/10


"Bought several skirts and a clutch. The clutch was so worn I would have thrown it away or at least sold it for $2. I paid $13.00, final sale! A skirt has to be repaired before it can be worn because the zipper is coming undone.... Not worth a store credit for me as I will not be a repeat customer...."

Rating 2/10

Same here

"I sent my bag in during a special $5 shipping fee period. They accepted 37% of my bag and let me know that they normally accept a greater percentage. Aw thanks, dudes. Then I get notifications when my stuff sells, with the reminder that I have already been paid for it. Yes, I got my $5.08 (would have been $.08 if not for the "special") and watched as my stuff made them $90 within a matter of days.
I also saw a Calvin Klein black dress go up a few days after the rest of my items that was identical to one of mine that was rejected.

I could have made more at any of the consignment shops here in town, and they would have accepted more and been way faster. 2 months to earn $5?

I also had a terrible buying experience. Out of 9 items only 2 we're acceptable based on fit or quality (size 10 pants not even close to fitting a 29" waist- also didn't have a tag with a size, "one size" t-shirts that I couldn't fit my arms through). So now I have all this credit to a store that makes me furious and is exhausting to mill through.

PS- I threw in a dress that was at least a decade old, and it was considered "on trend." There is no way of knowing what will be accepted.

Rating 2/10

Super Scam

"Horrible experience-will never refer them to anyone! I sent super high quality items that I spent a lot of money on thinking I would have been paid at the most a quarter of what I originally paid for them. Definitely not! I sent a beautiful Shoshanna One Shoulder Cocktail Dress that I paid $350 for and wore one time- in beautiful condition and dry cleaned. When I received my check in bag email it wasn't even listed. I reached out many times to customer service to finally hear that is was "unclean/stained"- seriously!!!!! I was furious. Something tells me they are not recycling it or donating it- they will make some kind of profit off of it behind my back. I received a whopping $1.50 after my $9.99 was deducted from
My cash out earnings. I couldn't believe how low the percentages I'll receive for my consignment items. I could possibility make $30. Ugh. If I would've known I would have donated my bag to people in need, instead of these crooks. I sent them thousands of dollars worth of clothing. Lesson learned! Unprofessional and completely a scam- beware!

Rating 2/10

Save your time and effort

"I used them 1 year ago and felt they were a reputable company worth my time and effort. Unfortunately, my most recent experience was not the same.

1) increased their S&H fee....this I may be able to understand if payout didn't decrease 5%
2) longer wait time for pay out (originally was 4 week, now 6-8 weeks)
3) decreased payout...by a significant percentage

Don't sell your clothes here...

Rating 2/10

Do not support this business

"Recently sent two large bags of gently used brand name clothes to Thred Up. I was terribly disappointed in the time it took them to process my bags. It took seven weeks to get their "fair" valuation of my clothes, another two weeks to be able to cash out either by gift card or through PayPal and an additional two weeks to receive the gift card so that I was deducted another 2% by PayPal. This is an 11 week process.
Additionally, one of my FULL bags was valued at $1.21 after the cost of the bag was deducted. They give no reasoning why items were not accepted and do not give a full inventory of items received. It feels very much like stealing. You have no idea if they really donate unaccepted items or how much they are making on re-selling them.
I would never ever shop here. I would prefer to throw clothes out, donate to homeless or sell individually on eBay than to help this sort of business model in anyway. DO NOT USE. This site is a scam. You will be disappointed in the value they give you of any item you send in... or the inexplicable reasons items are not accepted when in good condition, brand name and current trend. These terms are completely up to them to determine and define as they please.

Rating 2/10

You will feel SCAMMED

"I sent in around 20-30 items, most of which consisted of J.Crew and Madewell clothing. I got $5 back less the $6.99 for the shipping. There was zero mention of any of those items in their email. Please do not use this service, it's a total scam and I am super mad that I fell for it."

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