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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.13/10 2.13/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.38/10 1.38/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.95/10 1.95/10
    Customer service: Rating 2.65/10 2.65/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.17/10 2.17/10
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Rating 2/10

Thumbs way down for ThredUp

"Do not bother purchasing from or selling your clothing and accessories to ThredUP. The company is a complete joke. I have sold several items to them twice and have earned under $10 each time after the shipping and handling fee was deducted from my earnings. Mind you these were great quality, in-season, clean clothes! Then they have the audacity to sell my items on their site for four or five times what they paid me for them. Excuse me, I wasn't actually "paid" for these items in the traditional sense, I was instead given store credit when I specifically requested both times that I wanted to be directly paid for my items and not receive store credit. Obviously they didn't listen to these requests and I am not the only one who has experienced this. You're left basically being forced to purchase from ThredUP after your money is left sitting in store credit instead of in your pocket. The money I was given both times wasn't even enough for me to purchase anything from them which was even more frustrating. They sell so many items on their site basically at the same price you would pay for them brand new yet sellers are left with barely anything for the items they provided ThredUP. A few months ago I also purchased a dress from them for around $25 that was labeled as being from Ann Taylor and in "great condition - practically like new" but when I received the dress it was some off brand I had never heard of and had a large stain in the front. WTF?! So much for their claims of only accepting high quality, clean items. Don't waste your time on this company. You're better off donating to Goodwill or a local consignment shop."

Rating 2/10


"I sent in a bag of clothing to ThredUp. They accepted a third of the items I sent -- which I had washed and folded. All the clothing was very lightly used, and the things they accepted were in excellent condition and four of the seven items they accepted sold almost immediately. I checked the items that I'd sent that Three Up posted for sale. They grossed $66 on the seven items (an eighth accepted on consignment was not posted yet) -- I grossed less than $6 -- and after being charged $4.99 just to do business with them ... I netted 12 cents. Twelve cents. What a total ripoff. They also claim to "responsibly recycle" the clothing they don't accept -- unless you pay $15.99 for it to be returned to you. Somehow, I doubt that now. I would not be surprised if they made even more of a profit off of me with the items they didn't post for sale on their website, but "responsibly recycled."

The director of marketing, Anthony Marino, sent me an email the same day I received the email about my 12 cents payout, asking for my honest feedback about my experience selling clothing to ThredUP. I replied to that email -- and it bounced! So I did a little search and found his *real* email and re-sent my reply, expressing my disappointment at being ripped off. Never heard back from him.

Avoid selling anything to them. It wasn't worth my time washing the clothing and packing it and bringing the bag to the post office. Never again. I could have donated the items to Goodwill or some other nonprofit organization and taken a tax deduction. No wonder they can afford offices in downtown San Francisco.

Rating 4/10

Rip Off

"I just saw an ad on TV offering 40 percent off so I downloaded the app and took a look. These are used clothes but the prices are just ridiculous. Some junk brands such as Faded Glory (sold at Wal-Mart and the old Ames stores) are mixed in with Croft & Barrow (Kohls). Overall, everything is just outrageous. No thanks."

Rating 2/10

Don't waste your time

"I sent in 20 items of name brand clothing, some still with tags. Some items they didn't "keep" which I also think is a scam in itself. They kept 15 items that I sent. They gave me a payout of $13.31... and after shipping of $9.99, I am left with $3.30. I asked for my clothes back because I would rather give them to charity then get $3. They refused. Avoid at all costs."

Rating 2/10

ThredUp a complete RIP OFF

"I sent 11 pieces of new, tagged designer in-season clothing-- and received $1.10. 9 were deemed unacceptable as they were the wrong brand-- I was supposed to look through the list of the 25,000 brand they accept-- not that I was told this or given a list or link. COMPLETE RIP OFF. Sell it on ebay, it's far more worthwhile and you benefit directly-- these people are TERRIBLE. Check out the Better Business Bureau reports on them. https://www.bbb.org/greater-san-francisco/business-reviews/general-merchandise-retail/thredup-inc-in-san-francisco-ca-381201"

Rating 8/10

A very convenient way to clean out your closet...

"I had a great experience with Thredup...I was moving to a place with a much smaller closet, and this was a fantastic way to sell/donate a lot of my rarely worn clothes, or things that no longer fit. The best thing about this is the convenience - you just put your (clean) clothes and items in one large bag, and mail it in with the label provided. I ended up having at least 2/3 of my clothes accepted, and they offered me a payout of about $93 upfront for about 15 items after the $8.99 bag fee was deducted. For me, this came as a pleasant surprise!

Some advice: don't go in expecting to get full value on every item. This is a consignment business (where they take a large portion of the sales profit), not Ebay - they keep a large percentage of the profit for each item, and they price things to sell. Think of your earning potential more like a garage sale that requires almost no effort on your part.

Also, follow the guidelines - if the clothes aren't clean, are showing signs of wear, aren't in season, or aren't brands or types of items that are in demand (they have recommendations you can check) they may not be able to sell them.

They now offer an option where you can choose to have no fee deducted, but the processing time is really long right now - about 40 days. It's a $10 fee to have your bag processed within one week. If you're choosing the faster processing time, make sure you're sending in a large number of items to make it worth your while.

I deducted a star because I noticed that some of the pricing for my items are definitely off - there are frankly a few of them that they claim have a *much* higher "retail value" than they actually do. Otherwise, overall a very pleasant experience for me!

Rating 2/10

I am shocked that these people are still allowed to do business!

"I sent them my expensive Prada shoes, some funky silver sandals that I wore once, my classic Coach bag, my adorable Kate Spade bag and a bag full of gently worn clothing and one with tags and received $1.61 credit! I called them out on it and they told me my $144 Prada shoes were stained (total lie), the sandals were stained (again lie) and they did not see my Coach or Kate Spade bag in the delivery! I truly wish I read all these reviews before I sent them my beautiful items. Now I just want to warn people to NOT sell them anything, they are running a huge scam obviously and SOMEONE is keeping all the good items and either reselling them somewhere else or keeping them for their own wardrobe. I am heartbroken and a little more cautious about consignment in general. I wouldn't buy from these people either knowing that they probably ripped off the people who sent in their items as well. STAY AWAY from this company, they are such a scam! "

Rating 2/10

Do not try selling with them!

"I sent a box of clothing, almost all of it brand new, and they gave me $7.50. I was told by a former employee that they often grab the best stuff, and the seller never gets a penny.

Rating 2/10

Not worth it any longer.

"When I first started shopping and selling with Thredup, it was always a good experience. I last sent in clothing items for resale a few months ago, and I was so deeply disappointed. First of all, it was one of the lowest upfront payments I've ever had ($10.50) for as much stuff that I sent; I sent in items that had never been worn or only worn a couple times (a pair of brand new Pumas, a pair of designer jeans that my son wore twice, and then decided he didn't like wearing denim jeans, whatsoever- just for example). I also had several items brand new with tags. Several were placed for consignment, not upfront payout (you used to be able to decide if you wanted to consign or get upfront on all of your items; apparently, that is no longer the case- they decide). Altogether, I should have earned about $14.50 from the bag I sent in; after the new processing fee, I only came away with $1.71. I understood that they were now charging a $9.99 fee; however, because of my experience in the past, I assumed I would earn more than what I actually did. The fee is too high when you're paying out less than $25- $30 on a very full bag. In my opinion, if you're going to charge S+H on items sent in for resale, you should only charge a percentage up to $9.99 so that your consignees don't feel swindled, as I do. Instead of earning 10%, because of this fee, I ended up earning less than 3% on the items they accepted. It's just not worth it!

I filled out both survey requests sent to me, and shared about my experience, and never even got a response back from them. I even left a message on their Facebook site, and never received a response; never received acknowledgement that my survey experience had been read. Horrible customer service.

I would advise people just to consign local to them, even if it is less convenient for you. If you're going to go through all of that trouble to sell your gently used items, you should get more than $1 out of it. Or just donate it to your local thrift store or nearby church.

Rating 2/10

Total Waste of Money!!!

"I ordered an item that was listed on their website as my correct size. When I received it, the size was actually an XS. I returned the item and requested that they refund the cost of the item as well as my return postage and the postage I paid when I ordered the item. Since the wrong size was listed, the mistake was theirs. They refunded the price I paid for the item but refused to refund the postage I paid. The item I purchased costs $7.80. I paid $8.75 in postage. So now, I am out $8.75 and have nothing!

My advice to anyone thinking about ordering from them to please read these reviews first. I really, really wish I had!!!

Rating 2/10

$11.61 Payout for Boden Dresses, JCrew and Banana Republic Clothes in Great Shape

"Wow! I'm actually shocked at the paltry sum they chose to pay me for the bag of name brand clothes I sent in over a month ago: Boden dresses, JCrew separates, GAP, Banana and H&M and all seasonal too! My guess is that's Thredup's game: get at least one bag of clothes per customer and they'll make a killing even if they don't get your repeat business. Man, I'm in the wrong business! I need to start my own exploitive online resale shop!"

Rating 2/10


"First off, I sent 15 items - 8 women's apparel items with the pricetags still on (all name brands - think Columbia Sportswear, J. Jill, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, so on) - and got a whopping $9.30 payout. And this after it took nearly 6 weeks to "process". I would NEVER buy or sell with them again. Feels like a very, very big scam. "

Rating 2/10

Horrid experience.

"They advertised a woman's blouse and sent a child's size. They credited me as opposed to refunding me upon my return and when I attempted to use the store credit, they deducted the cost of shipping from the credit. They basically monetarily penalized me for their own incompetence. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. "

Rating 2/10

Victim of Location Discrimination!

"I had some items in my shopping cart that I wanted to purchase, but not that day. You are allowed to keep items in your cart for 24 hrs, so when the time was up, I would just put the items back in my cart. I did this many times, but one day, it said that the item was "unavailable". I had just removed the item from my cart and went back immediately to that item page and it said "add to cart" and when I clicked it, it said unavailable. I did a live chat to see what the problem was, and was told the item is no longer available to me. I was told I can now only order items shipped from the Georgia warehouse, but the item I wanted was from the Pennsylvania warehouse. It was a "test market" that was now no longer available to me. It would have been nice to know that before the item was removed from my cart - I would have gone ahead and purchased the item. I asked if she could put the item back in my cart, and she said no, I can't have it now, even if I wanted to buy it today. (Translation: they don't want to pay to ship the item to me.) I tried opening other accounts with them to see if I could see the item and buy it that way, but now I can only view items from the Georgia warehouse. So I am not seeing what a customer from somewhere else in the county is seeing for sale. This would have been fine, except they taunted and teased me with the item from Pennsylvania and then took the item away from me. ThredUp is tracking your location to show you certain items for sale. I went through my computer to see if I could remove any tracking location, but it's too late - they already know my location!
A few days later, I can no longer reserve items in my cart for more than 8 hours, so when I complained to Customer Service via live chat, they said it was a glitch and they would fix it. (I don't believe them!) I am just waiting on them to tell me I can no longer put items in my cart at all. The story and their rules, keep changing.
I have purchased a few times from them before and had no problems, but I certainly will not sell anything with them after seeing so many bad reviews. Many things (like Coach bags) are overpriced (more than the original cost in the Coach Retail Store). Every time I purchase something, I think about the seller who got ripped off by ThredUp.

Rating 2/10

Beware of Hidden charges when you purchase !!

"Never use this site . I loved it and was purchasing many items from them at great discounted prices and as I started reviewing my orders I see overcharges not listed anywhere for up to 40.00 per item ! I found that over 10 of my items were overcharged sometimes for 15 dollars on one item . I noticed my sub totals were not matching what I bought . They list a tax price but then say that depending on where item ships from they can add more money to the item without even telling you so you end up paying much more than you think for the item . Also I sent in a huge box of items to sell with brand new name brand items and they only gave me a 5.00 credit and they won't send u back your items even if they say they can't use them. I never write reviews but had to after being ripped off hundreds of dollars from secret over charges !"

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