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    Product & services pricing Rating 1.54/10 1.54/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 0.79/10 0.79/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.44/10 1.44/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.53/10 1.53/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.28/10 1.28/10
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Rating 2/10

Buyer beware!

"How do you like returning things in perfect condition, right after you receive them, to be told they will only "partially refund" you 40% of what you paid? Not sure how from the box to my back, back to the box, an item received a "stain" but I will let my credit card company get my money back for me...and if your are lucky..you will receive your refunds about 30 days after the clothes are shipped back to them..guess they need the money to keep their lights on....and check your boxes. I paid for a pair of shoes that never made it to the box..they were left in the warehouse....as confirmed via email (the only way to contact them...no humans to talk with, just people who can't spell emailing you days later if you need help)"

Rating 2/10

Okay company

"Okay company I don't know "

Rating 2/10



Rating 2/10

CHEAP Payouts, high purchase prices!

"I sent in 3 large bags of clothes full of Gymboree and Gap for kids, Banana Republic, Nordstroms, Gap etc. for women in good shape. I have received a payout of $10.83 on one, then subtract the $9.99 for the bag so a total of .83 cents! The second bag they paid out $5 and deducted the bag fee so for me $0.00, the third bag is still processing and not to be done until after June 1st, it was received around May 20th. They are not very smart in tracking your bag and what sells for what amount! From the $15.00 (initial payout) $0.00 out of pocket for them since they deducted the bag fee they have sold 4 items for over $40?????
They are SLOW and CHEAP! We have 8 kids so I have bought and sold at second hand stores for over 20 years I go to a local kids consignment store and because I have Gap and Gymboree I never walk away with less then $50 to spend at the store. This is a total scam! I would not recommend this to anyone! Find a local store, support a local person and AVOID THRED UP!

Rating 10/10

Awesome clothes for little $

"Buying there is awesome. Everything I've bought is great quality, accurately described
If you decide to send them your clothes, yeah, you will get pennies for what you originally paid --that said, NOBODY is forcing you to send your clothes to them. Goodwill is an option (which gives you no $, but is tax deductible)

Rating 2/10

The Company That Preys on Selling Consumerd

"This company are simply loan sharks. They will take extremely good items and give you about 1.00 per item upfront with no mention of consignment. They turn around and sell your item for 20.00, making 19.00 profit off your item. They accepted 26 of my new and near new Nike, LaBlanca, etc items and paid me $44 upfront. They subtracted 22.00 s/h and profited about close to 400.00 off of me. Writing a complaint to the BBB and inquiry to AG in that state. "

Rating 4/10

Just Sent in my 2nd and FINAL Bag of Clothing to Thread Up... Never Again

"I will start by saying that I have had mostly positive experiences when buying from Thread Up. I got most of my maternity clothing from the site, and when I had to return an item that didn't fit, the return was seamless. I will continue to shop their site.

I will NOT send in any more of my items. I sent my first bag and it was processed in under 2 weeks, I made about $8 for an entire bag stuffed full of women's and children's clothing, and I was content with that. I was not charged the $9.99 fee because it was my first bag. I understand that TU is a business and their goal is to make money, and again, I was happy with my $8 credit even though I could have gotten a lot more money listing my own items on eBay. To me it was worth the convenience.

The 2nd bag that I sent was a whole different story. I held back on some of my nicer things to see how the first bag went. Now they had my trust, so I sent in another bag full of my nicest, newest items, some still with tags. Again, the large bag was packed full. This time, it took about 6 weeks for them to process my bag, I got the same $8, but this time I was charged the $9.99 processing fee. So I got to send TU a bag of free inventory and then waited 6 weeks to find out that I made absolutely nothing for my efforts.

I would have been happy with the $8, I wasn't expecting to get rich, but it's a little insulting to send a huge bag of clothing, see what they sell it for, and know that you benefit absolutely nothing for your time and trouble.

I will be exploring other options in the future. If I'm not going to gain anything from my clothing, I would much rather donate to a friend or even a non-profit. I'd rather post free things on Facebook to help individuals, rather than to help a company succeed.

Rating 2/10


"If I could I would have given no stars. Here is my email to the website to explain my experience in a nutshell.

You are false advertising for sellers for this company. I have sent you a 20 pound bag of clothes, shoes, and pocketbooks. You only "accepted" about 15 items. With that decided on your own to "recycle" the rest of my belongings when I could have made a lot more money off poshmark with them. Which I will plan on doing for the rest of my cloths I'd choose to pass on, and will suggest to others as well. So with those 15 "up to par" items you "accepted" of mine I received 6 DOLLARS. SIX. That is not even a dollar an item! And you claim on your website we receive 20% for what you sell them for. I call bullshit! Because almost all of those items are on sale for 15$+!!! While poshmark let's you keep your earnings and only takes 20% of what we make. The exact OPPOSITE of what you do. The fact you can take from people deceivingly and feel okay to build your business that way, is absolutely NAUSEATING. And I'm not saying that just for myself and my only received 6 dollars. But if I had know I was going to only receive 6 dollars, I would have MUCH rather give them to salvation arm for those in need for FREE.

Rating 2/10

Yep. Scam

"Don't do it. They take your clothes and scam you. I sent a bag of amazing clothing. If I had sold the items on Ebay, I would have made well over $100. But, I got lazy and got scammed. They gave me $.75 cents for a fabulous Free People dress. Horrible. "

Rating 2/10

Not even worth the one star

"If I could give 0 stars I would. Total rip off, basically they take your clothes, tell you they are worth nothing then resell them and they pocket the money. Don't believe their schpeal that they donate to "garment recyclers" or whatever. You are SO much better off with the likes of Poshmark or similar businesses that let you sell directly to others as opposed to being a very shady middle man. "

Rating 2/10

rip off

"I have shopped thred up for a year or so and absolutely loved it. Then i decided to order a clean out bag the idea was great and so simple they send the bag you stuff it and send it back. Easy peesy..right. Well as everyone here have said it takes about 2 mths to get your bag processed then you get to see what they decide to accept. They accepted 19 items of my overstuffed bag these were all new or very gently used items coming from 2 teens closets and we all know teens they buy and never wear half of it. Out of the 19 items thred up gave me 12.96 took back 9.99 for the shipping. Thred up priced all of them at 10 or more except for one dress they consigned at 3.00 payout it is listed for 25.99. You can see the scam. The CEO of this company had a great idea and they are making a killing. Good for them. Not good for the seller. Sell on other sites not thred up or just donate to a shelter. "

Rating 2/10


"Ridiculous all around! Placed an order a week ago and still no shipment! of course they took my money out of the account right away! been thing to get in touch with them, but no answer whatsoever! This website is a scam! Do NOT trust them!!!!"

Rating 2/10


"I have sent three bags to thredUp and have been completely ripped off every time. I just received $11 for approximately $500 worth of designer goods, many brand new and some with tags. I always get the items they reject returned to me (for $11.99 I believe, plus the $10 fee for the initial bag itself.) The reason I have the rejected items returned is because the first time I didn't, they told me they were donated to charity, and I later found several for sale on their site. Who knows how many of them they did this with. I take the rejected goods to charity and get a tax receipt for their actual worth. Much better than giving your clothes to an unscrupulous company.
People who love to buy used clothes generally appear to like thredUp. If that's their thing, God bless them. They are paying too much. thredUp tries to get you to use your earnings to buy from them. They withhold your payment for 14 days after they process your bag, which takes over two months. This is in the hope that you completely forget to redeem your meager earnings (my $11). Probably lots of people do.
WARNING - if you are buying, they completely misrepresent labels. Most of the items they have listed in their section designated Nordstrom are Macy's or lower level store brands. If you know your brands, this is so easy to spot it is laughable. Maybe 2 out of 10 items are really from Nordstrom.
And the prices they pay you?!!! $2 for a brand new unworn pair of designer shoes. Give me a break!!!
I truly feel this company should be investigated by whatever agency does this type of thing. They are probably making millions from their ripoff of hundreds of thousands of sellers who expected more than a spit in the face.

Rating 2/10

Should have saved my time and donated it all...

"A bag stuffed to the brim with designer clothes and I made $1.88 after shipping fees. I'm sorry but that math just does not add up. Everybody needs to spread the word that this place is a scam and it needs to be shut down. I will be forever donating my NWT clothes from here on out and feeling a whole lot better about it. Something is wrong here. Very wrong. "

Rating 2/10

Rip Off

"Yep, what everyone else said...complete and total rip-off. They took brand new designer items with tags from Anne Klein, Ben Sherman, and MNG and gave me a few bucks in return. I sent in a NWT (new with tags) Anne Klein suit and they are only selling the pants. Why would you break up a brand new suit? The jacket was beautiful with zero damage and now it's going to be recycled to make fabric? They claim only 8 out of 14 items are going to be resold but all were in excellent condition and from brand names. I would rather my items have gone to Goodwill or I could have sold on eBay. Never again."

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