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    Product & services pricing Rating 9.24/10 9.24/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 8.72/10 8.72/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 7.73/10 7.73/10
    Customer service: Rating 8.66/10 8.66/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 7.62/10 7.62/10
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Rating 2/10

Terrible costumer service

"After a month of waiting my order was not even shipped - I only knew this because I never recieved the promised shipping notification. Other than my orderconfirmation they gave me no info or update.
When I contacted them via email, they didn't answer - until I wrote that if they didn't answer me or give me an update I wanted my money back. Within five minutes I got a message from paypal stating that Umi tea sets had returned my money.
I never heard anything from Umi Tea Sets...

Rating 10/10

Light Green Dotted Bone China Tea Set

"At the usually time, I would like to go to drink some coffee after a day work with my friend, such as Starbucks. My friend suggested that since we like drink coffee so much, why not to buy a coffee tea set then we can make some coffee for ourselves. Yes!!! I think that's a good idea, then we would have a lot of fun with it.

We searched the tea set on the website for two weeks, then we chose this beautiful one, which full name is Light Green Dotted Bone China Tea Set.
I like it because of its color and pattern. Its color looks so comfortable, that makes people feel close to the nature.

A cup of warm coffee, filled with the quiet and beautiful pattern, is the most concentrated feeling.

Rating 10/10

With The Best Wishes

"This Red Chinese Wedding Tea Set With Dragon Pattern is my specially selected wedding gift for my sister.

Ever since she came into contact with Chinese culture, my sister has always been interested in Chinese culture. Such as China's cutlery and decorations. So I chose a set of Chinese wedding tea set to match her houses' decoration style.

This tea set is a bright red, of course, this color is also a special color for Chinese felicitation festive. The tea set has Chinese traditional paper-cut style, with the dragon and phoenix patterns. There is a special kind of saying "Long Feng Cheng Xiang" in China. In Chinese traditional wedding culture, dragon pattern on behalf of man, phoenix patterns represent the woman, is a symbol of marriage couples in harmony and love, with the best wishes.

My sister will love this Chinese Wedding Tea set.

Rating 10/10

A Wonderful Artwork

"I found the Chinese Ruyao tea set is a wonderful artwork. Each tea set is unique, with delicate crack of material, done on teapot. Chinese tea set has specific style, its usually with auspicious content, surname culture, poetry and other artistic design.

I bought this - - Ruyao Style Chinese Tea Set. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it. This Ruyao tea set has a very beautiful flowers pattern, rather than the common single color. With the embossed gold ornament, makes the tea set become more attractive.

Unique handle is also one of the characteristics of the tea set. The handle of the pot is made of wood, it is convenient to use and can avoid hot. Another big cup handle is in the shape of a special cloud style, is said to be the China auspicious clouds represent good luck.

I am quite satisfied with this tea set!

Rating 10/10

Unforgettable Memories Blooming Tea

"Blooming Tea (a special art of tea), which is made by choosing the tea leaves and dehydrated edible tea flowers as raw material, combining with modern technology and other unique craft.

Fresh leaves and Green Tea are made of hand sewn, there are a bundle of flowers, and let them filled with flowers as they steep.

In order to better enjoy the tea art, suggested using high transparent goblet, just as the picture on the website of UmiTeaSets.

As its name suggests, its a unforgettable memories. Not only in the visual, but also the taste of the experience is excellent!! The reverse osmosis concentration process of the tea aroma significantly higher than the evaporation process the aroma of tea and better to keep the aroma components in tea.

The satisfaction I felt then was permanent!

Rating 10/10

Useful Iron Teapot

"I'm usually so tired and sleepy in the afternoon, which really affects the vitality of my work. Then I always make myself a cup of tea to against tired.

I have been using metal teapot to brew my tea, but I think that has a little shortcoming. The tea soup will quickly turned cold by used the metal teapot,so my friend suggested me to use a iron teapot, and it can fix this little shortcoming.

I have chosen an iron teapot -- Japanese Grape Cast Iron Teapot. After use this iron teapot, the length of time it holds the temperature stays hot for hours. I'm satisfied with this iron teapot.

By the way, there has a funny thing of it. The iron teapot is dark brown all over. When my girlfriend saw it, she immediately asked me why I choose such a ugly teapot?? Since I asked her to look at it carefully, she was surprised to find a beautiful pattern of grapes on it. The carving of the pattern is also very detailed, each grape, each leaf texture are clearly visible. And now, she's in love with this iron teapot, it's no longer called an “ugly teapot”.

Rating 10/10

Unique Square Shape Teapot

"As most people known, Yixing Teapots are particularly suited to the preparation of Black, Oolong and Pu er teas. If I had to choose one of these teas, I would definitely choose Pu er teas.

Its longish leaves or compressed shapes, which need to be rinsed for a few seconds before they are infused. Rinsing gives a more balance infusion, then make my Pu er tea with better taste. Today, I'm not just to talk about Pu er tea, and also want to talk about my newly bought Yixing teapot -- Yixing Square Teapot With Tiger Lid.

This teapot is simple and clean in design, its outline resembling a Chinese coffin. The coffin is obviously an unlucky thing in China. But this tea set has become popular through such an interesting transformation. With the coffin style, its representative "Sheng Guan Fa Cai", which means "be successful in both politics and business". That sounds amazing, doesn't it? I like the peculiar shape of this unique teapot. There has a tiger on the lid, its looks so wonderful!!

Rating 10/10

For The Traditional Wedding

"My best friend will hold his wedding next month. His beautiful fiancee Lily comes from Shanghai China. In my impression, she likes the Chinese Tea very much. Both of them are like the traditional things. So they decided to hold a China-style wedding, and there has an unique part to serve tea, at which the bride and groom will do oriental prostrations and serve the tea to their parents. I think a nice Chinese wedding tea set will be a best gift for their wedding.
After picking it up, I bought this Chinese wedding tea set -- Red Chinese Wedding Tea Set With Lotus Pattern. It comes with a tea tray and four cups. The pattern looks great, its Mandarin Duck drawing with Lotus. According to what I have learnt, those pattern represent symbolizing to reach old age together in China. WOW!!!! That's so romantic!! I'm pretty sure they will like this wonderful gift.

Rating 10/10

Choosing A Tea Set

"As in the art of tea set, many manufacturing techniques and various quality standards exist, there is a wide choice of teapots on the market. In my opinion, here are the main criteria that should be considered in terms of the material and the size of a teapot.

For the material, you should decide what kind of tea you want to drink. My favorite tea is Oolong Tea, then I chose a Yixing Purple Clay Tea Set for myself. Clay teapots are ideal for black, Pu er and wulong teas. Because its porous and "remember" the tea, clay teapots can enhance a tea's flavor.

For the size, do not buy a teapot that is too large. My teapots' capacity is just 6.5 oz, it makes my teas infused in a small quantity of water to release their precious fragrances. A Chinese saying claims that the smaller the teapot, the better the tea.

Haha...Now share this to you, and wish it would help you to find out your favorite one.

Rating 10/10

A Dynamic Art

"If the tea set is static art, then brewing up the tea is a dynamic art, especially when using glass tea set to brew. The glass tea set is make of a transparent glass material, it can be seen punching process of tea, and appreciate the beauty of tea leaves stretch.
I really like this kind of dynamic art. I'd like to have a glass tea set for such a pleasure. As we all know, an annoying problem of using the glass tea set is hot. And I bought this one -- Glass Tea Set With Rubber, it just to solve this thorny problem. Teapot and cups are surrounded by rubber, then rubber insulation can makes my fingers away from hot.
Using such a tea set, I can see the bright color of tea soup, its delicate and soft. Tea leaves in the brewing process are in the upper and lower wear, and blade gradually stretch can be glance, it is definitely a dynamic art appreciation.Especially making various types of tea. That's just splendid!!!

Rating 10/10

Liquid Meditaion

"City life in a high speed leads increasingly fast pace of life and life pressure. The lifestyle shows a feature that is rich in content and single in form. In order to reduce stress and relieve tension, my friend recommended Floral Tea to me.

She told me that there are somethings one can do to bring our attention back to simplicity and joy without struggle. Making time for Floral Tea is one of them.....

So I choose a favorite floral tea -- Phnom Penh Rose Tea,when I feel depressed, give myself a pot of rose tea. It's just like a "liquid meditaion"..... into the realms of the ineffable Beauty of Peace. I've tried this method several times, and it works!!

I'm absolutely nuts over this "liquid meditaion" and the delicate palatable rose teas.

Rating 10/10

My Pretty Lotus Tea Set

""In my opinion, the shape of the Chinese tea set usually contains some good luck symbols, such as fish, lotus, dragon, etc.

At the same time to express peoples' blessing, it can increase the ornamental of tea set. Tea sets with various shapes, so that tea set will become a personality one, instead of the single boring look.

I chose a tea set with lotus shaped -- Coarse Pottery Lotus Automatic Tea Set. Its very interesting! The cups are lotus leaves style. The fair cup is lotus root style. The most special is the strainer, it's also lotus style but with a butterfly on it.

Lotus symbolizes purity and elegance, purity and detachment, and I love it so much. It is worth buying for such pretty item."

Rating 10/10

ABSOLUTE - BEST Tea Ware, Prices, Customer Service, and Shipping!!

"We are 4 different people who absolutely love enjoying tea rituals.

Our friend turned us on to this company as she has handfuls of small teapots and teacups in her house from them.

They immediately contacted me online while shopping to see if I needed help or had questions while browsing and when I asked if we could get 4 special cups instead of 2 that came with a sweet set, they offered them very graciously (if I placed an order that day).

The tea sets, pots, cups, accessories were all so special and unique and even those that are more familiar finds, super well priced!!

I did have an issue of things going out of stock soon after ordering, and my order being cancelled and refunded (ah!) but I contacted them and they immediately replied that it would all be in stock soon and that I could reorder and they would still send the 2 extra cups. I appreciate that they immediately refunded if they didn't have in stock but that they could also make up for it pretty quickly.

The packaging was awesome, so good that my boyfriend almost missed the two extra cups they sent, despite me asking him about them. I was traveling when the package arrived.

The cups and 2 personal clay tea pots and the glass tea pot are all exquisite. Honestly they are more beautiful than I even realized from photos. That part is thanks to the artisans, but also thanks to Umi for stocking them and sharing them at such a great price and for making it all more complete with the amount of cups that make it great for our home and work space.

I loved interacting with them by email as well - very nice and friendly staff and grateful for the customer/order.

I've ordered some tea things before through amazon and unfortunately haven't had the best experience with things arriving broken and no amends for it (minimal packaging so it was not just shipping company fault) :-( So, the packaging with this company really impressed me and made me an immediate return customer in the future. So happy to share the experience with people I meet and suggest them for their tea ware.

Love the options, prices, help staff.

And as it was a surprise for the house, my friend's reactions were stellar too !!

Oh and even was able to receive a free bag of tea sample with my order that I chose .

Even shipping to Hawaii was beyond my expectations in terms of reasonable, affordable, and time frame for arrival.

We are all beyond in love and pleased with Umi Tea Sets.

I offered to write a review myself because we are all soooo happy with the service and quality of products, btw :)

Rating 10/10

Some Aroma Floral Tea

""I choose this website again to purchased some tea leaves for myself. I'm already try the Black Tea and the Green Tea, both are taste well. But I just want something different tea aroma.

The customer service staff of UmiTeaSets recommended the Floral Tea to me. Its made by flowers or leaves of plants is a kind of reprocessed tea unique for China. Actually, the floral tea is just made by mixing the fragrant flowers with the tea leaves together, which could normally let the flower send out the aromatic substances, adopted by tea leaves. As for the different number of flower using and the various categories, it has distinctive height and feature of aroma.

Then I bought the Rose Tea, the Osmanthus Tea and the Jasmine Tea. Its so great to put them together, and the colors of the brewed tea are beautiful also."

Rating 10/10

Special One

"I bought this Jingdezhen Jun Porcelain Coloured Glaze Tea Set as a gift. When I have received this tea set, I opened it and checked it right away. After careful inspection, I did not found any damage.

The quality of this tea set is pretty well, and the material is also high-grade with the lovely box. It is worth buying for such nice item.

The standard of workmanship is exquisite, feel super great. The color is very uniform, with beautiful and natural style. The little cups are so cute, come with a leaf shaped tea cup saucer. It makes the tea set look special.

My friend loved it so much. She told me that's a great useful tea set and very suitable for her leisure time, and she will begin to enjoy every nuance of taste and aroma from her tea.

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