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Rating 2/10

Worthless please read reviews, total scam

"Sent my android in over a month ago and nothing yet. They get you by quoting high price but always find something wrong with it and offer u, if u ever receive and email , a very low actual proce offer. Emailed customer service and no response. I have done it daily and still nothing. I should have read reviews besides theirs on their website. If I ever get anything back at all i will be surprised. Will never ever do any business with this horrible business again. "

Rating 2/10

Actually lost money dealing with these scumbags

Initially the site quoted $79 as a top value for my Samsung S4 phone. The site's only questions were does the phone power up and work. I knew my phone did not hold a charge very well most likely due to a poor battery. The phone otherwise worked fine and was nearly flawless in appearance.

I sent my phone in and it was about 2 or 2 1/2 weeks before I heard back from them which is not impressive and is longer than my experiences in the past with their competitors. On top of that their email informed me that they had found my EID was on the blacklist and I would have to clear it with my carrier before we could proceed. I spent 50 minutes at a Verizon store waiting while they research the claim. They find no evidence of my phone being blacklisted. I respond to their email stating that Verizon says my phone is not blacklisted. They later respond that my phone will be sent somewhere else in 5 days for re-evaluation. No mention of the blacklisting at that time?

Another week passes and they send me the $5 quote. If their original appraisal was only $5 why wouldn't they let me know right away it was worth $5 and not $79 before I wasted a lot of time trying to clear my phone! Also why did they never answer to my findings that my phone is not blacklisted? Lastly as a tip for future business success, when someone sends a functioning good condition phone with a ceiling quote of $79 and you end up offering $5 TRY GIVING THEM REASONS for the appraisal!

I responded via e-mail that I did not accept their insult offer of $5 and was informed that I needed to call a number to reject the offer. What a surprise, I was unable to get through to them by phone before the 5 day window to reject expired.

The final screw job came when I deposited my $5 check with my bank. It came back as being from a frozen bank account. Not only did I not get my stupid $5 but my bank charged me a $12 fee because I unknowingly tried to deposit a check that was no good!!!!!!!

Rest assured that I am prepared to spend a totally unhealthy amount of time dragging their company through the mud on all social media outlets I can find!

This review was modified by Markmorris on October 14 2016 07:25:11 PM

Rating 2/10

What Cash? & Heads Up!

"Heads UP! These folks run 3 reseller sites! "Cash for laptops", "Cash for Iphones" and "EcycleBest" and ALL of them RIP YOU OFF!
When I did my online quote for my Iphone 5s in like new condition, it returned a quote for over $120 but then after I sent my phone in, they said it was only worth $21? Then when I emailed them back and told them I wanted my phone returned to me, they gave me the run around saying I would have to call instead of email in, then when I called I got the run around again!
Also, when I marked how I wanted to receive the money during my online quite, I told them I wanted a paper check mailed to me, but they put the money into my pay pal account that I haven't used in years and that I will now have to pay to withdraw the money from!
Do NOT do business with these folks on any of their sites!

Rating 2/10

The Company That Greed Built

"THEY DO NOT DESERVE A ONE STAR! eCycleBest is just one of about 20 companies under one family of companies usually beginning with CashFor in their title. They all have the same complaints lodged against them. I was quoted up to 398 two weeks ago for a pristine iPad Air 2 64. It was in an Otterbox Defender case the same day I took it out of the Apple box new. Today they sent an email saying they would pay 59 adding they were paying the same amount for all similar iPads. They hide behind their contract that basically gives them permission to quote whatever they want when they obviously had no intention of paying anywhere near that. One would expect that the recycle price would never go up over time. So why today, if they never intend to pay more than 59, is the quoted price still up to 398? This is where I believe the fraud really comes in. I worked with Gazelle before and received 100 percent of the quote which I feel validates that I give an accurate opinion when requesting the quote. I recently sold an iPhone with NextWorth and received 90 percent of the quote. They said it had a small scratch on it and I did not feel like arguing it so I accepted the quote. Gazelle offered 200 two weeks ago for this same iPad. The fact that it was half the amount eCycleBest offered should have been a red flag but as an unemployed 63 year old woman I guess I just expect companies to be honest. Silly me. Today Gazelle reports a quote of 180 which is evidence the ipad is decreasing in value on the market which is expected. HOWEVER, I do not expect it to go from 398 to 59 in two weeks. I expect Gazelle still makes a considerable profit recycling at 180. So eCycle is simply greedy. They do not need a large, repeating customer base if they are screwing people out of 70 percent plus of the true value. eCycle stays alive not because they have happy customers. They stay alive because most of the customers do not want to fight or feel they have no recourse. eCycle counts on that. They are still alive because no lawyer sees enough money in a class action suit and the customers have no recourse as complaining usually does not get any additional money. The company is currently not BBB Accredited, has an F plus rating with the BBB, has had over 2500 complaints in the last three years compared to Gazelle with 30 and NextWorth with 300. Sadly I did not discover this until after I sent them my iPad. They claim 90,000 satisfied customers over 14 years when in fact they probably had 90,000 customers who just gave up. They equate satisfied with the customer getting screwed and accepting the checks. The only way to stop them is to do what we can to communicate to people that there are better options for recycling their computing equipment. Write, communicate, speak at meetings with facts. Spread the word to everyone without emotion and with facts, and alternatives, in hand. If anything, simply gift the tech tool to someone who can use it and count it as a blessing. "

This review was modified by WiserOldLady on June 16 2016 10:36:22 PM

Rating 2/10

eCycleBest Total Scam!!

"They quoted me $155 for my Acer Laptop which was in mint condition. I thought it was low but wanted a quick sale. After 2 weeks I get an email saying their technicians were still evaluating my my laptop. I'm thinking whats to "evaluate" the laptop is in mint condition. Two more weeks go by and then they email me saying they are going to pay me $22 for the laptop which they consider top dollar. I tried calling them via phone but of course can never get through to their customer service reps. I emailed them but of course they never respond. A total ripoff, do not deal with this company. "

This review was modified by PissedOffTX on June 16 2016 08:18:55 PM

Rating 2/10


"I wish I had read the reviews about these scammers before I sent my devices in. Everything everyone has said is true. They are a HUGE RIP OFF. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM!
The quote I received for two mint condition iPhone 6s devices was $417 each. It takes 8 days for them to receive the devices if they provide the box and 3-5 business days for them to do their so called cosmetic and mechanical inspections. When I asked the rep what those inspections entailed for it to take them 3-5 business days, the moron literally just said its a cosmetic and mechanical inspection and the tech was still working on my devices. She never went into detail as to what it actually entailed.
On Sunday night (5/29) I received two emails with what they were willing to pay for both devices. Their new quotes were $64 & $32 respectively. This I told them was a huge rip off especially when Gazelle is paying $250 as their market value for both devices.
The rep (Melanie) proceeded to tell me she would see what she could do for me and came back with $200 & $80. I thanked her for letting me know how bad they were scamming me.
I asked her to just return both devices and I would try and sell them myself knowing I will get a much better price for both devices.
My advice is to stay away from them. I am also reporting them to the better business bureau so everyone will know about them and blasting them on Twitter as well. People need to know about this.

This review was modified by Sam1818 on May 30 2016 08:20:31 AM

Rating 2/10

"DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! They are terrible. My laptop was quoted at $490. I received a check for $45. They said that it had "light wear" on the outer cover (OBVIOUSLY IT'S GOING TO HAVE LIGHT WEAR, IT'S USED). They also said the touchpad was not working which I find humorous because it was working perfectly fine when I sent it to them. I will tell anyone and everyone that asks about this company to never use them. They don't allow reviews on their website because they know the reviews will be terrible because they are a terrible company!"

Rating 2/10

"MY LAPTOP SCREEN WAS NOT BROKEN!!!! I securely mailed my laptop to EcycleBest after being quoted a minimum of $135.00. I was told after two weeks that the screen was smashed and the quote was reduced to $30.00.

I wish I had investigated the company before I shipped my laptop. I WOULD NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH OR RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!!!

This review was modified by mimps on September 30 2015 10:41:42 AM

Rating 2/10

"WARNING WARNING WARNING!!!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!! I have used phone companies like this in the past several different times and nothing compares to how this company tries to cheat you!!!! I was quoted $238 and got a quote back of $35. I had an iPhone 5s ATT gold 32G in PRISTINE condition!!!! I called and they offered $160 and I went on their website and it was still quoting $213. I asked for my device back and I'm almost afraid they will break it so I can't use it now. I have always use GLYDE and they give what they say, it is not a quote.... DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!"

Rating 2/10

"This company is pulling a bait and switch, simple as. My quote for a Galaxy s4 with a broken screen, (which was an option I selected), was $130, seemed fair based on the prices they were going for on ebay. After I mailed it in, I got an email saying my offer was $13, a tenth of the price they said they'd give me!!! I was upset because I would have sold it myself if I knew what they were going to pull. I called and talked with someone in their purchasing dept, she offered me $40, which I also said no to. Finally she said $65 was the absolute base they could do, still only half of what I was quoted! that's bs. I understand lowering the quote bc of some minor wear and tear but that is ridiculous! BEWARE!"

Rating 2/10

"After selling 2 items on ecycle I have to consider them to be a ripoff racket. You will not get the price quoted. You will not get your item back. You will have to wait forever to get your money. You will not get an explanation. Unless you don't care at all what you get for your item do NOT use this company.


Rating 2/10

"eCycleBest gave me a quote for my Unlocked iPhone 5S, $219. I received their box and sent it in. They advertise payment is usually made in 5-10 days. Three weeks later I get a check for $36. No letter of explanation or anything. My Phone was less than a year old. It was in perfect shape not a scratch on it. Fully functional. It is impossible to contact these people except for their web page. I left messages but never got an email conformation and I never received any response whatsoever. As far as I'm concerned this is a scam. Use another buyer."

Rating 2/10

"This place should really go out of business. Quoted me 170$ for a new laptop I only even used twice, but then later said my check for ELEVEN FREAKING DOLLARS would be delivered in 2-5 business days. Of course they couldn't even follow through with sending me that joke of a check as it's been almost double that time. Despite the headache I sense is coming, I'm demanding my computer back. Biggest waste of my time and honestly have to be the most unethical and shady company I've personally encountered."

This review was modified by Abp2498 on July 06 2015 02:49:30 AM

Rating 2/10

"Don't sell to this company!!!!

They quoted me $150 for my iPhone and I've just got off the phone with their purchasing department who told me I'll be receiving a check for $23.

First, they on purpose fail to mention that your adapter and charging cord are a part of their quote, even though it is a factor in the final payment amount. Additionally, I question their definition of "light" and "heavy" wear. My phone was practically brand new. Sure, there were a few knicks, but nothing that wouldn't be hidden by a phone case and honestly it wasn't that noticeable when it wasn't in a case.

I wish I'd have thought to look up a company's reviews before I sent in my phone. I've just quoted the phone on Gazelle and they would have given me $80. So, $60 lesson learned.

Rating 2/10

"eCycleBest just scammed my daughter who is young, married and has a 5 year old son. They barely make it by. She sent them a HP Laptop that they quoted her $85 for. The computer was really nice and she could have sold it for more than that but being so busy just decided to sell it to them. She got an email that they received her computer and congratulations........they were sending her $5.......YES $5. Now they won't answer her emails or the phone. She was depending on more than $5 to get by this month. People should start a class action lawsuit and make this company do the right thing. Anyone interested in a class action suit let me know. These people are crooks and have no conscience."

This review was modified by danny124 on July 02 2015 07:34:12 AM
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