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    Product & services pricing Rating 8.33/10 8.33/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 8.26/10 8.26/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 7.85/10 7.85/10
    Customer service: Rating 8.62/10 8.62/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 8.41/10 8.41/10
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Rating 10/10

Extraordinary service

"My ibuypower order was originally messed up by me and Andrea C. Was extraordinary in her pactience and help fixing my miatake and getting me a amazing procuct (revolt 2) it a timley manner. I can express enough how happy i am with the service and i not only reccomend but ibuypower i where i buy all my pc needs now! Thanks ibuypower!
-Jeffrey w.

Rating 10/10

Michael Montgomery Rocks!

"Michael did an awesome job!! He helped me take my computer apart and try various different ways to get my cd/dvd drive working! He is an amazing employee and deserves a raise!! I was really upset that my expensive cd/dvd came not working but after Michael’s help my faith in Ibuypower is restored!"

Rating 10/10

Great customer service!

"I had a minor issue with the mouse included with my system. Andrea C. did a great job walking me through the process and taking care of getting me a replacement. I definitely recommend them!"

Rating 10/10

Best customer experience I have ever had!

"Bought myself a gtx 1080 pc and the shopping experience on ibuypower has been absolutely perfect. During the process of shopping I got several questions. So I contact ibuypower and one of customer service people whose name is Diana Garcia steps out and help me. She answered my question with profession and patience. And that help me understand the pc a lot better. And again thank you Diana Garcia for helping me, it's been a great pleasure! And I will come back and shop again on ibuypower for sure!"

Rating 10/10

Long-ish time customer

"I have been buying computers from you guys for a couple of years now. I myself have had three computers, and my step-father has had a laptop that we have ordered from your website and all were/are fantastic. The tech support guy, Michael Montgomery, was an amazing help and respond to e-mails a lot faster than i was expecting. I had an issue with some of the drivers which caused my wi-fi and Ethernet port 1 to be disabled. (This was due to a program i installed that automatically updates drivers, and did the opposite in this case) Michael helped me fine the drivers i needed and would have had me running within 10 minutes (my slow internet and constant swapping of USB wi-fi stick caused it to take a lot longer but that is on my end...) Thank you guys for being awesome."

Rating 10/10

Super fast, and extremely helpful!

"Diana Garcia was my customer service provider and she could not have made my purchase more enjoyable.
I had some weird questions concerning the process, the parts, and the software and her input and expertise surpassed my expectations.
Not only was she helpful and attentive, but extremely quick and organized. She was able to answer all my question: logistical, technological, and preferential.
A lot of companies could learn a great deal from Ms. Garcia's practice and overall attitude.

I bought a laptop before starting college and now that I graduated, I need a powerful desktop and there's no better place than IBUYPOWER!

Thank you very much!

Rating 8/10

"I was overall satisfied with iBUYPOWER, however I did not like the organization of their website. I have read many reviews about the actual products and I am extremely excited to start playing around with my order! What was really special was the customer service representative that helped me through the process, her name is Andrea C. And she really made the process go by smoothly. "

Rating 2/10

They lost my computer twice.

"Ordered 9/22/17. Two different computers. One was built, sent, and arrived on 10/2/17. We paid extra for 2 day shipping and rush order on both, they sent it via Fedex Standard (who kept it overnight on Monday, because can't deliver more than 18 hours earlier than estimated delivery). Total delivery time took over 4 business days, due to the shipping method they chose (totally not what I paid for!).

Second computer (mine), missing. Called on 10/2/17 to ask about it's location and what was going on with it. They claim it is being mailed out soon, and they don't offer nonstop updates on numerous computers in one order. Okay fine. Tells me I will get an email about when it will be shipped. Should be shipped by today (10/5/17). No email, so give them a call.

Am told that the order was lost. It is currently (after 13 days from order, and 9 business days) in "building". That they lost the computer twice. Lost the order, and then lost the actual computer itself but "inventory" found it. Will not be shipped until maybe next Monday (10/9/17). Supposedly 2 day shipping (I doubt they will send it that way, and it will take 4 days to arrive like the last one).

So, they lost my computer not once but twice and I paid for a computer that I still don't have. It will be a total of 15 business days (over 21 days) before I might have the computer in my hands.

PS. The representatives I spoke with have lied to me (first guy didn't even tell me it was lost and lied about shipping times), and talked down to me nonstop (second guy was not a joy). The final representative I spoke with tried to somehow pin the blame on me (not sure what his goal was there??? I didn't change my order or even order anything fancy). He had a huge attitude, and I spoke with a supervisor (after having to be "that caller" and demanding one numerous times). Supervisor said nothing differently, and did not even receive an apology. Like what.

TL;DR - This company **** ****. Should have built it myself.

Update: Called back and asked to speak to a supervisor, as nothing was accomplished. Third representative was just as short and rude as the second. Have been waiting on hold for a supervisor for over 55 minutes now.

Nothing has been accomplished and I am still sitting here wondering how the **** this company is still in business.
Update 2: Waited on hold for a supervisor for over an hour. Called back AGAIN (4th time today), and am currently waiting for a supervisor again. So far wait time is: 15 minutes.

Update 3: Spoke with the 2nd supervisor after a 22 minute wait time. This guy claimed they still had 1 more day (they do) to ship out my computer before being in breach of the contract. This is true, I asked him realistically how possible that was. He agreed was not possible. So, the wait time for the computer is still the same and was offered zero apologies. I am paying for a computer that will take almost a month to get here. I got the added bonus that "women should not be in the computer field" comments. I made my husband handle the call from there, while I lost my **** in another room (that's completely disrespectful, I am a network engineer).

So, nothing has been changed. No apologies, and bonus insults. We were not offered a discount (as some others PMed me about asking for). We were basically told "**** it up buttercup".

We will never order from them again, and will build our computers from scratch instead.

Rating 10/10

Excellent help

"I ordered a pc from them and included expedited shipping and processing. After waiting for 5 days and nothing happening I sent an inquiry. Diana Garcia sent a prompt response and helped me out and I was amazed at how fast she worked. Got me back on track and I'm expecting it to come in soon."

Rating 2/10

Beware of their "high risk for fraud" company policy...

"Attempted to buy from them today and they somehow flagged my order as a high risk for fraud. I called them thinking that this could easily be resolved - no, they said they would only accept my order if I initiate a bank wire transfer. "Company policy" - I was happy to confirm any detail they needed to prove I was a legitimate purchase, but they were not interested and wanted me off the phone ASAP. I am not going to bother doing a bank wire transfer for something that should be simple and painless. Happy to take my money elsewhere, and I'll make sure I go out of my way to tell everyone I know to AVOID this company. "

Rating 10/10

Excellent company

"Amazing website and product. When I didn't get the free games I was supposed to get with my purchase I emailed customer service and Yeoj Alibangbang helped me out and even upgraded me to a more expensive game when the product was no longer being given away. "

Rating 10/10

5 star customer service!

"The good people at iBuypower, specifically Christian R., were so helpful when I had an issue with an Amazon order. Amazon could not help me with a mouse destroyed in shipping without returning my entire new PC. I contacted customer service at iBuypower and Christian quickly resolved my issue and I did not need to return my entire PC. I love the product and Christian was awesome. I highly recommend this company and its dedicated staff!

Rating 10/10

Insanely fast and absolutely perfect!

"Diana Garcia handled my hello request. I got a response in less than an hour, which is insane for email requests. She solved my problem immediately. Definitely a great help! "

Rating 10/10

Review Of Diana Garcia ft. iBuyPower

"This is the second time that I am writing this review, but I have to make sure to give credit where credit is due. Diana Garcia is the REAL MVP of iBuyPower, she single handedly saved my PC experience. iBuypower even though not competitively priced with some other companies has something that no one else has, DIANA GARCIA!!! My order was not correct the first time and one of the other associates that works there literally did nothing to help me with the issue that they had caused, if I spend over $1,000 on something I am going to spend a little extra to get it sooner rather than later. (Especially since that is the horror story of online PC building) I got expedited processing and shipping and my order was delayed, instead of the associate offering to refund me the expedited fee, the ask me to PAY MORE!!!! (This is where things start to get better)

Like an idiot, I agree to pay a little extra because I want the PC on time and don't want to wait. I callback, to cancel the order, and thank the heavens that that guy didn't answer and God sends me Diana (who has a very **** voice by the way), and she offered to refund me and makes sure that she can get the PC sooner rather than later. Diana offered me the deal of a life time especially when iBuyPower sent my PC to my buddy, she single handedly saved the entire order for me!!! She offered to help me with my order and and hook with up with some stuff because there were so many issues with my order. There is still some things that were promised that were not given to me, but I am patient enough to wait because DIANA IS AWESOME.

So whats the bottom line.........

Buy from iBuyPower..............YES
Buy from Diana Garcia..............H#$% YES!!!!

She is the only reason that I am willing to do this review a second time lol. Thanks again Diana I appreciate everything that you have done for me and my brother!!

Rating 2/10

If you're looking to overpay for hardware and deal with the headaches of repairs on your own, you've come to the right place.

"My company purchased a machine from iBuyPower for $6000 on the 15th of September.

It was a machine for the lead video editor of our largest client's marketing department who is editing large 4K videos and needs a very fast machine. We pretty much bought every bell and whistle you can through their configurator.

Because of the nature of it's use we were of course in a rush to receive the machine, so we paid for FedEx 2 day shipping.

I get that it takes time to build a machine and to get it on a truck. I've been working in IT for over 10 years. I get it. It took them a week to even get them to respond to our phone calls and emails and their response was: "We can't get the hard drives"

No problem... If you would have said something two weeks ago! We would have just ordered them and had the machine out to the client. Screwed that one up.

Flash forward to today, I have the machine in our client's office and am setting it up.

While booting up the machine BSODs three times. After checking the event logs it looks like its caused by the wireless card driver. I uninstall and remove the related reg keys and it is no longer crashing. So much for their "burn in" testing they do at their office eh?

They didn't test anything, or they would have noticed it was blue screening every 15 minutes.

Great, fine, whatever. I let it go, no problem. Easy fix. Continue working on the machine.

Join it to the corporate domain and start installing the Adobe CC suite.

Windows then prompts me that it has not been activated!

Lazy as hell on their part, but fine, fine, I will take the key off of the side of the case and activate myself.

After inputting the key provided on the COA with iBuyPower's name on it over 10 times and getting licensing errors every time I decide it's time to call the company. They would be willing to help out right?


I call their "tech support" and talk to a nice enough gal. Nothing against her. Walk her through the situation and naturally sound a bit aggravated. She asks me to take a photo of the COA and email it to their tech support. I oblige.

She then reads the number that I just put in 15 times and triple quadruple checked back to me again. I play along and punch in the letters and numbers and hit activate. Nothing.

She then pretty much tells me it's Microsoft's problem and to call them.

I ask her if she think's that's right. After all the money we spent, after screwing up our rush shipping, after the machine BSODing right out of the box, you can't even be bothered to help one of your new customers activate a copy of Windows that should have been taken care of when the machine was built?

I feel bad about this because I have been in her position before. Nothing she could've done and I was kind of rude, but rightfully so imo. Hope she reads this. Sorry whoever you are. Nothing personal.

I hang up and call Microsoft's activation center. Work with a technician for almost an hour who ends up telling me the license is not valid. I'm really cutting it close on time here and our client is anxious to have his workstation up and running. $6000 in the hole and wasting time like this. Unbelievable.

I finally break down and activate it with one of our company's volume licenses to save our client's and my own time. Thanks a lot iBuyPower. Class act.

I will never ever in ten thousand years buy anything from this company again and will recommend all of my friends and colleagues do the same. Do yourself a favor and save time, money and the headache.

Build it yourself or buy something from a reputable manufacturer. Just be sure to look elsewhere.

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