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    Shipping & packaging: Rating 7.27/10 7.27/10
    Customer service: Rating 4.25/10 4.25/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 5.00/10 5.00/10
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Rating 2/10

Amateur Internet Business

"I used to love ifixit. As an electrical engineer who used to build my own computers from scratch, I'm not opposed to rolling up my sleeves to extend the shelf life of expensive electronics. I make a habit of replacing my iPhone battery every year, and ifixit makes it very easy to do this. Also, as a Cal Poly alumni, I've watched this company grow up in my own back yard over the past 10 years. Unfortunately, I'm sad to say it has not grown well. It's still the same small town players attempting (and failing) to operate a global scale internet business.

My problems date back to about three years ago, when I was shipped a faulty replacement battery for my iPhone 5. The battery had a dead cell, which meant it would suddenly shut off around 30% charge. When I brought this to the attention of ifixit support, they were quick to respond and send me a replacement. Since replacing the battery is a minor operation, I was able to swap this out in about 15 mins with only minor trouble for having to do it twice.

Fast forward a year later, I had upgraded to an iPhone 6, and after a year of skiing in Tahoe the microphone had gotten some kind of water damage. Everyone kept complaining that my calls were muffled and hard to understand. So I pulled up the ifixit website and sure enough, they had a replacement part. I ordered it and set in for major iPhone surgery.

The iPhone 6 microphone is on a much larger assembly at the bottom of the phone, which pretty much requires stripping the phone down to bare metal and using conductive adhesive to carefully route all these components without affecting the antennas, which are also in the area. Needless to say, this is a MAJOR project taking about an hour to complete your first time. (I got quite good by the third time - more on this in a minute.)

So after performing this long and painstaking task, I finally got my iPhone buttoned up again with everything functional. Except the microphone. The thing I was trying to fix actually got WORSE. To the point where I had to use headphones to make all my calls because the internal microphone was so muffled and muted.

I called up ifixit, and they apologized for the defective part - shipping me a new one overnight. Slightly annoyed, I set about replacing this part again, only to find this new part worse than the first. I hit the ceiling. After doing some research online, I learned ifixit was sourcing these parts directly from China, and was having issues with quality control since they didn't test them locally before shipping straight to customers.

Luckily they owned up to this mistake, and promised shipped me a third replacement part provided I would return ship my first two defective ones. The third part was the charm, and I finally had a working iPhone again.

Fast forward to the final chapter of my story. I managed to dent the lower volume rocker on my iphone 7. (How this can happen blows my mind...) Having forgotten about my experience a year prior, I hop onto the ifixit website from my phone and find the exact replacement part I need. Within 5 minutes the part is in my cart, and I'm able to get the order off before I lose reception going into the mountains (doubling checking that it's the right version, color, etc.) A couple weeks later the part arrives, and I prepare to perform the surgery. (Another doozy that requires a stripdown to bare metal.) Just before I start the repair, I decide to pull out the replacement part to get it prepped for the swap. To my surprise, I find that it's silver, not black. On further investigation, I learn they shipped me an iPhone 6 part, not one for iPhone 7.

Upon bringing this to the ifixit team's attention, I have to wait upwards of 48 hours for a response (a marked departure from the prompt customer service I've seen in the past). The customer service rep then proceeds to spend less than 5 minutes reviewing my case, and cheerfully responds that they will send me another iPhone 6 part right away. I respond on the thread that they should NOT send me another bad part, and to please send me the part I was trying to order in the first place. I look on their website and see that the iPhone 7 part that I need is out of stock - probably explaining why they sent me an iPhone 6 part instead.

The customer service rep never looks back at my thread, and sure enough, I recieve the wrong part again. I again hit the roof. How hard is it to spend an extra 5 minutes studying a case to get it right? I ask for a full refund of my return.

The customer service rep grants the RMA and informs me that I am entitled to about $90 back. I send the materials off, and about a week later get an email saying $60 will be credited to my account. When I ask about this discrepancy, a THIRD customer service rep tells me that I'm being charged a 15% restocking fee, adding insult to injury to this whole debacle.

In the end, I have to put a strong BUYER BEWARE on ifixit. Bad supply chain and slipping customer service.

Rating 2/10

It's been 19 days since order and it hasn't even shipped yet

"This company has terrible customer service infrastructure. Don't expect an email when you submit an online request for help from them. Good luck with their phone customer support that tells you to leave them a message then just plays music instead of actually allowing you to leave a voice message.

If regulations make it difficult to send lithium ion batteries through certain tiers of mail service, don't offer those specific mail services for those items. It's been 19 days since I made an order and I still don't have a proper shipping confirmation. Avoid this company.

Rating 10/10

Great site for mobile and mac repair

"First thing I bought was a mac book pro fan and it was correct and still works great. Then I bought the ifixit Pro Tech Toolkit and it is one of the best tool purchases I've made. I have put a new screen on my ipad and a new SSD drive in my mac mini 2014 (supposed to be nearly unservicable). I have had every tool I've needed for both jobs with no drama. On top of that the ifixit web site has fabulous manuals on many different models and brands. I got the ipad screen from them as well and it was perfect with all the little things already done. I can't believe the bad reviews, I really like everything about iFixit "

Rating 2/10

Battery was great!....For 4 weeks

"My battery worked great for 4 weeks and from week 5 to 6 my phone went downhilll fast. I couldn't even get it to turn on and the customer service needed screenshots of my battery usage for a return which I obviously could not do. 10/10 Would recommend just paying apple 80 bucks for a real battery even though that's just as much of a scam. Had potential but poor quality ruined the system."

Rating 2/10

Faulty parts and poor tools

"I bough a replacement battery for my iphone 5S. THe first battery that came was ok (although when charging, my touchscreen would go on the fritz). It kept its charge for about 6 months then started to require charging multiple times a day. I contacted customer service (who were fantastic) and they sent me a replacement battery. Unfortunately, this battery didn't work upon arrival. I am awaiting a 3rd battery.

The tools supplied with the replacement kit were not functional (the phillips head screwdriver wasn't the correct geometry for the screws inside the phone.

Even though they claim that the batteries are OEM apple, I would strongly advise not buying a battery from iFixit. I regret changing my battery in the first place as it was actually better than any I have since received.


Rating 4/10

Very disappointing

"Purchased an iPhone 5S screen. The first screen that they sent was defective (the back light worked, the screen however did not). They sent out a replacement screen relatively quickly. When that screen arrived, I immediately connected the cables but did not fully reassemble so that I could test the screen. This screen worked, but the digitizer had a dead spot along the entire left edge, preventing me from being able to use the device. I promptly returned the first screen.

When I contacted them the second time, they told me that the second screen had been fully tested prior to shipment. Clearly their definition of "testing" did not include ensuring that the digitizer worked. They immediately became defensive and telling me that I had either broken the device, or that I needed to re-install software, because it certainly couldn't be their screen. They would not refund my money, nor send me a working replacement. This is the last screen I will EVER buy from iFixit, and I have been sharing my story with anyone that will listen.

I purchased another screen on eBay for a fraction of the iFixit price, and it worked flawlessly. So much for the software needing to be re-installed.

Rating 8/10

Responsive customer service, good products, excellent tutorials

"Ordering a lithium ion battery for an iPhone resulted in a long delay attributable to the US Postal Service. iFixit customer service sent a replacement via UPS about a week after I notified iFixit of non-delivery. The e-mail back-and-forth was not instantaneous, but took a reasonable few days. The replacement arrived promptly in good condition. (The original USPS shipment arrived 5 weeks after it was ordered, though I live only 250 miles from iFixit shipping. USPS is slow to perform their special processing of potentially dangerous Li Ion batteries. Ground shipping only. I returned it with a free return label.)

The iFixit battery worked fine, but it turned out other problems with the phone (not cost effective to repair) were the actual cause of the charging issue, so the battery was a wasted expense. (Not the fault of iFixit.) The toolkit was good, except that the #000 Philips screwdriver head was not well shaped to engage the 7 tiny Philips screws inside the phone. To remove one stubborn screw, I had to superglue the tool to the screw head to get enough traction. On any repair involving removing tiny screws, I recommend buying a $10 package of spare screws for the phone you are working on. Cheap insurance against losing or damaging even one screw that would prevent proper re-assembly.

Rating 2/10

Really bad service, don't use them

"They sent me a part that was non-functioning. I sent it back, they said it was cracked and won't refund me. I sent it back in the packaging they provided, with the label they sent. This has been a horrible experience. "

Rating 2/10

Horrible customer service

"Just called customer service with a question.
There was terrible background noise and the rep voice was distorted, impossible to understand.
The rep didn't try to improve the communication, just told me something like "send us an email" (which I did yesterday night, but still, after an hour and a half since they opened this morning; no reply) and hanged up.

Rating 10/10

Best quality tools at a reasonable price

"Just received my latest order from iFixit and its everything I looked for. Customer service? Don't know as I've never had to contact them!"

No Avatar

Rating 10/10

New favorite website...

"I found this website in an add and figured it try it out, i wanted better quality parts then ebay. Greatest experience ever it gave about a week lead time for shipping received in 2 days. The product is amazing works great and came well packaged to deliver damage free parts."

Rating 10/10

Exceeds Expectations!

"The 64 Bit driver kit is a fantastic product at a great price, I did not have high expectations but here I am eating my words. The storage box and presentation is top notch. The driver itself and bits are a joy to use and feel durable. I have already recommended it to several friends and I will likely order another kit as a spare. To top it all off, shipping was 2 days from the other side of the country. I cant recommend this kit from iFixit enough!"

Rating 2/10

Faulty battery and terrible Customer Service

"Bought a replacement battery for my MacBook Air. It simply did not take a charge. Customer service refuses to pick up the phone or answer my many emails. They are a scam operation. Avoid at all costs."

Rating 2/10

Avoid iFixit at all Costs!

"Don't be deceived by the glitzy repair videos. If you order any parts from iFixit, be prepared to wait at least 6 weeks for delivery - possible 2 months. My story: I ordered iMac repair parts on March 15th, and paid $11.50 for US Postal First Class to Canada. Here I am, April 10th with no delivery. When I contacted iFixit, they told me to wait until 6 weeks have passed and then contact my post office to see if they can locate the item! What kind of company is this? They charge a high delivery cost, no tracking number, no customer support. Never again, and if you're thinking about ordering from them, beware."

Rating 2/10

iFixit.com sending broken parts to customers and telling them to eat it...

"I received an iphone 6 plus screen that looks brand new until you power it on where a portion of the screen is entirely black.
iFixit.com states "Thank you for taking the time to provide the pictures. I apologize for any frustration that you may have experienced during the repair.
Based upon the pictures, it looks like the part has suffered some physical damage. As it turns out, physical damage that occurs during or after a repair is not covered under our warranty.
While our warranty doesn't cover it, I can make a one-time exception and provide a coupon for half off of the purchase of a replacement.

The only frustration was receiving an iphone screen that doesn't work and ifixit.com not sending me a replacement or even allowing me to mail them back the iphone screen for them to see that they sent me a faulty screen in the first place.

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