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Rating 10/10

My review of AudioBuy

"I bought an ibanez guitar from Audiobuy about 3 weeks ago and just like their website says the item was shipped with Fedex and the tracking details were made available to me rather quickly. There was a small customs hiccup with FEDEX but this was resolved and I got the guitar just before. "

Rating 2/10

Item did not arrive. No response from Audiobuy (Purelocal.com.au and Katie Manning) in 3 months. Scam warning.

"On 9 May 2017 I ordered a voice recorder from Audiobuy.co.za. AT no point was it advertised that this site is not local. Turns out it is a re-seller based in Oz. It was apparently processed and dispatched from the US. It never arrived in SA. I contacted the shipping agent Globegistics who claim it arrived in SA but can give me no proof. Katie Manning, Audiobuy's (or Purelocal.com.au who seem to run the site) representative has not responded to an email since the 17th of May. I have arrived at the conclusion that this site is a scam."

Rating 2/10


"I bought a product through Audiobuy and after many weeks did not receive it. My queries have all gone unanswered. I have been scammed and I recommend others not to purchase goods from this company lest you also lose your money. 21/6 after many messages back and forth and lots of frustration I finally recieved a refund. Thanks audiobuy"

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Rating 6/10

Refunded what i paid after 2 weeks of conflicting information

"Since last year i've used audiobuy to ship mostly cheap microphones and one really expensive pedal , last year when i dealt with them they were really responsive and provided my tracking number soon after my account was charged but my last order has been very time consuming. Being told that my order was in stock i didn't email audiobuy for a few days , after a few days without any tracking detail or communication i emailed them again and thats when I was told about a problem they were having , a temporary problem they said which meant i couldn't get my tracking for another few days. Every day I kept getting the same email that they were in the process of fixing the problem and it wouldn't take much longer...A few more days go by and they now start emailing me that the problem (vague?) was becoming a longterm ordeal and they would be refunding me tomorrow evening. I got an email the next day saying the refund was done and it'd be back in my account within 5 days at most. I don't know what the problem is but it has annoyed me and wasted a few hours of my time ..... I have written a review about audiobuy for this purchase and not my previous ones which maybe unfair but a business is only as good as their last service in my opinion. I hope audiobuy fix their problem. The last email I received from them after my angry rant was that they have disabled payments for either a short time or indefinitely. I hope audiobuy smarten up and start operating their business like they did last year , at the moment i would encourage buyers thinking about using audiobuy to check if they are still having problems. My last email from them gave some indication that their payment checkout was disabled until problems are fixed. The reason i have rated this store 3 stars is because my orders were delivered fast last year and now i'd rate them a 1 so overall very average. "

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Germany and UK
Rating 6/10

Order refunded in a friendly way but order not delivered apparently due to temporary issues

"I ordered a few things online from audiobuy a few weeks ago and expected them to arrive within the week ... after 1 week I was sent an email from audiobuy that they were having "issues" and they would either be shipping my order soon or refunding me in full. The communication was constant but what they were emailing me was not what I wanted to hear...a few more days go by and I'm waiting for either my tracking # or refund. I receive another email from Katie saying that they'll be going ahead with the refund as their "issues" were becoming a 2-3 week ordeal. She wouldn't tell me what the problem was but only told me that I should expect my refund within a few days due to bank processing. I was emailed proof of the refund and the refund came through which took the tension away.I don't know if Audiobuy are worthy of a good review for being so communicative or a negative review for ultimately not delivering what they advertise. Perhaps they are experiencing a temporary issue and normally deliver , I wish that were the case so my review is an average 3/5. When AudioBuy email me that they've fixed whatever their issue is then I may re-purchase , trust is an important thing to have online and audiobuy have earnt alot of it with their dealing and upfront communication. I have read the review on this page that they are scammers but I do not think they are scamming people , if they didn't email me after a few days then I would have assumed I was being scammed. They appear to be an online store only so when dealing with online stores it's best to get constant emails otherwise one is much more likely to feel ripped off or scammed as there's no physical store to complain to. I paid with my Visa Card which has protection in the event of online sales gone wrong and the experience with audiobuy , had it resulted in me not hearing from them , would have resulted in me phoning my bank to lodge a dispute and get my money back. I have read a number of very positive and very negative reviews about audiobuy , to those who complain about being scammed I would advise them to contact their bank if an online store doesn't contact you within a few days or provide you with any form of update."

Rating 8/10

Audiobuy seem understaffed but manage to offer an "OK" service irregardless

"I saw the price for the IBANEZ 7 string JEM listed on AudioBuy Hong Kong and went ahead with the order , a little later i found a forum online which says that audiobuy are a scam so I panicked and almost contacted my bank but emailed them instead and they got back to me just fast enough to prevent my dispute. I was told to wait another few days for the tracking number and after the few days it'd take Fedex another 3-4 days to get to me. I waited about 9-10 days since paying and the guitar arrived this morning. I get the impression dealing with audiobuy emails that they do not have enough staff and should hire more , even so I think they are a good store and what i paid for did arrive and it is 100% genuine. "

Rating 2/10


"BEWARE OF BUYING FROM AUDIOBUY! Audiobuy Singapore, Audiobuy Australia, and other Audiobuy websites of different countries have identical content except that prices are quoted in local currency. Whichever site you buy from, it is from the same source.

If the following details are too long for your patience, do yourself a favor and check the SCAM WARNING at http://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/audiobuy.

I ordered a Digitech Freqout pedal from their Audiobuy Singapore website in early February 2017. On 8 Feb I was contacted by Katie Manning, Sales and Shipping Manager, writing from support@purelocal.com.au. She told me the item was not available and ask me for further action. I told her to continue the order and bill me when it shipped. However, I was quickly charged the full amount. On 27 Feb Katie informed me my order will ship early April.

When I checked my customer account at Audiobuy Singapore website in early April, my order was declared ‘SHIPPED’. I wrote to Katie to ask when I could expect delivery. Following is a summary of her responses to my enquires.
14 April - Should ship out next week
24 April - Confirmed item in stock, awaiting pick up by courier. Should be sending me tracking number.
(Nothing happened. No tracking number received.)
6 May Delay due to ‘finance glitch’
10 May ‘finance glitch’ solved. Should be shipping soon.
12 May Notified me that item not in stock - delay till mid/late June
(At this point I cancelled my order and asked for a full refund)
17 May Promised to refund me within a day or two

Since then Katie has not responded to my emails and no refund forthcoming. The Audiobuy Singapore setup in Singapore is also highly suspect. I called Audiobuy Singapore but the telephone number listed on the internet does not belong to Audiobuy Singapore.

I was foolish not to check out Audiobuy on the net before buying from them. I am writing of my own experience to warn others. You may want to check the following links about others who purchased from Audiobuy.
SCAM WARNING at the next link.

LATEST UPDATE May 29 2017: Following this complaint I received several emails from Katie who apologized for being tardy in refunding me and asked me to remove this review.Today I received my refund after a period of silence from her. If it takes a complaint in a public forum to get her attention, then buyers should take this into consideration when dealing with the company.


Rating 10/10

Good seller in Hong Kong

"I ordered an item from the AudioBuy Hong Kong website and the order showed up quick with Fedex. "

Rating 2/10

Untrustworthy , illegal traders

"I ordered for a DI box recently on their Indian website. After their initial order confirmation and a tracking number they disappeared with my money. Goods not delivered, several of my mails went unanswered till date. They misled you with their offers but once they get your money they disappear.

The e-,com regulator should ban such E-tailers from doing business in any country.

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Rating 10/10

Ibanez accoustic

"Great, hassle free service. Delivered securely and in good time. Throughly recommended!"

Rating 10/10

Line6 POD HD 500X Review

"Hey guys im reviewing the line6 POD500X which I got from AudioBuy. I get all my clean and dirty tones from this pedal and I got tired of having to buy numerous pedals at $200 each when the Line6 POD has all the effects i need. The clean tone I get from this floorboard isn't bad but it's not great either. It came with Software which i'm still learning , the editing software works pretty good and lets me edit the tone exactly to how I want it without having to play with the dials on the unit itself. Before buying this floorboard i contact audiobuy and a few other shops but audiobuy had the lowest price. If you want to connect the HD500X to your computer for recording , speaker outputs and so on then you may need to buy extra cables for ask audiobuy to include the cables at the price they go for? Line6 do a great job of modelling the available amps and its very responsive. It's a 1/4 the price compared to the rival systems by Kemper but it's not that bigger deal. Definately worth the $500 bucks I spent with AudioBuy. "

Rating 10/10

Teenage OP1 Synth , Drums and alot more..

"The very rare OP1 model from Teenage Engineering was delivered to me and i'm amazed by it. It's all-in-one mixer , eq , effects with pitch bending , transposition and everything I need with 100% full range. I mainly use the drum kit presets which has more channels to choose from that I originally thought before I paid for the order from AudioBuy. The OP1 from the day I got it let me record full compositions easily with the knobs and from the outset realised I could just be a musician and wouldn't need to worry about reading the manual and spend ing weeks learning how to use the Teenage OP1. I think it's the only product of this type to make cool effects when you physically move the unit. I have it hooked up to my computer but can also disconnect and use it mobile style so it does everything really. I understand why the OP1 is one of the most popular items from AudioBuy.

The product aside and the experience of buying the OP1 from AudioBuy was amazing and I got a really good price with fast free shipping with FEDEX. I couldn't be happier.

Rating 10/10

Fender Guitar review , enjoying it thanks

"I paid for a brand new 72 Style tele from the audiobuy store a while ago and have been gigging with it without any problems so far. I tried to buy the guitar from audiobuy and sweetwater but sweetwater would not ship the guitar to me because of their rules. The price on the audiobuy website was about the same so i used them instead. I think if you want items shipped internationally then it's best to audiobuy because they dont have rules about what can and can't be shipped. Also , the price i saw on the audiobuy website before buying the guitar was exactly the price i paid because there are no extra shipping costs or anything like that. I like this shop very much!"

Rating 10/10

TRex pedal review my first order from AudioBuy

"The TRex mudhoney was used by the other guitarist in my band , I started to develope a tragic case of envy and he , because they're quite expensive , wouldn't let me borrow it and I couldn't afford one until I saw the price on the audiobuy website. A few months later i'm still really liking the simple front controls , great sound and rock solid build since i've dropped it from reasonable heights too many times now. Sam the other guiarist in our band paid a few hundred dollars for his mudhoney from another seller , i paid alot less for the pedal so now he can be the jealous one! I have not shopped for anything from Audiobuy before so i can only review this pedal as my first experience. I paid for the pedal at the beginning of this year and have since been gigging with it and wasn't going to leave a review but ive recently been in contact with audiobuy for something else since and thought they deserve a good review before making another order. After a few weeks of using this pedal i thought i'd need warranty repair because it wouldn't turn on so i contacted audiobuy to get the pedal replaced. They told me a postal truck would come by my address within two days to pickup the pedal but later on i realised my power supply board was defective and when i changed the power supply the pedal lit up again which was a relief. I haven't needed a warranty replacement on this pedal yet but i think if there were any problems i'd be covered which is the main reason i'm buying from them again for a substantially larger ticket item. The trex mudhoney pedal gives me exactly the right tone i need and me and my guitarist can dial in identical tones which sounds great on stage , when my next order arrives from Audiobuy (Digitech freqout) i'll be placing another review."

Rating 10/10

Great customer service

"Speedy responses to my questions and my guitar ended up arriving sooner than expected. Would recommend to friends. Thanks again!

Edit - not to mention that it was about $500 cheaper than anything else I could find!

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