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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 2.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.25/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.00/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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A week later, still no order

"I ordered a pair of shoes and its been over a week and I still haven't received them. Called customer service and got nowhere. She basically said "well they were sent. it's out of our hands." What kind of service is that??? And besides that, why does it take so long to get things from this store - there is absolutely no reason why shipping can't be within 2-4 days; I pay a $100 for shoes I want them!? Utterly ridiculous. Will NOT ORDER again from them. They have lost my business and I certainly will NOT be recommending them to any of my friends."

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Deceitful and shady

"Buyer beware: I placed an order for a king size down comforter, and was sent a microfiber twin comforter that retails for $10 in the packaging of a down comforter. Upon receiving it, I contacted their customer service and they insisted I send it back so they could exchange it for the right comforter. I did so but when they received the inferior comforter back, they said they would instead refund me and asked me to buy the down comforter again at a higher price.
I would have never sent the comforter back had they sent me the correct one, but now they want me to repurchase at a higher price for their mistake?!
I have never heard of such terrible customer service in all of my life.
If you do purchase from them- be prepared to get the wrong item, possibly even packaged in the right retail packaging. And if you do return it- be prepared to jump through hoops and fork out more money, all in an attempt to possibly get the correct item.

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Never Again!!!!!!!

"I purchased a long black puffer coat for my Granddaughter online from Bon Ton. When it arrived, she was so excited, even though I was not thrilled with the coat because it looked cheap, and not worth the money, but she immediately tried it on. As she stood there, my husband noticed a big tear at the bottom of the coat with the stuffing hanging out. The tear was not even a straight tear, it was a large L shaped tear. I immediately took it off of her, and put it back in the bag it came in. I wrote a note asking for a refund due to the tear. My husband took it to the post office the following morning, spent $10.00 to ship it back to them, and got a tracking #. He received a text on Jan 12th saying that they received the coat. I did not see a refund on my account. Today is January 26th. I arrived home from work at 8:15pm, and there was a large package waiting for me. I opened it up, and saw the coat that I had returned with a paper attached with boxes checked off that said Product is not returnable due to condition. The product shows wear/tear. The other box that was checked said Product has an odor or stain on product. REALLY! Are they serious!!!! I am so extremely appalled at this ridiculous paper. The coat was torn, never worn, except for trying it on and immediately taking it off and returned the morning after it was received which Bon Tons records concur. It was returned exactly as received. This totally mortified me. I immediately called customer service. A very nice lady answered the phone, and after explaining very nicely how mad I was at receiving the coat back with their comments, she proceeded to tell me how sorry she was, but that there was nothing that she was able to do for me. She said that the warehouse has the right to refuse returns. I could not take it out on her, but I did tell her that I have never in my entire life had a return from any place refused, and that I would never again order from this company. I have ordered other items from them, and did not have a problem, so did not have to return them, this is the first one that I had to return. Please, do yourself a favor, and never order from them because if you have to return something, you will get the shaft. What a disgusting company. You should be totally ashamed of yourself. "

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I have never had such a bad experience with a store

"I placed an order and when it arrived it was in pieces. Who puts an intricate wooden sleigh in a bag and thinks its going to get to its destination in one piece? Customer service is not open or if it is they are just ignoring complaints. I have called and been on hold for over 30min. Emailed with no response and messaged through Facebook. "

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Zero Customer Service

"I ordered boots from Bonton on 11/23. They arrived on 12/5. They didn’t fit properly and felt almost irregular. I contacted Bonton on 12/6 about doing an exchange as they charge $8.95 for a straight return. I have not gotten a reply. "

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Underpaying Employees!

"$10.25 starting. Your raise after 1 year: 0.10 cent. "Competitive wage".. Arguable."

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"My first and last time ordering from this so called store ever again!!! Poor customer service, products I received were used, and the delivery time I paid for I did not receive the products within that timeframe.....

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Seems like you're already closed.

"The management team and poor attitudes, scheduling, and just incompetentence. First night of labor day sale. No staff on in furniture Dept. Asked to speak a mgr. Stated someone could call next day. Asked if wuld honor discounts from tonight, said yes. But they called and wanted 10% more. I should have ordered online that night. Oh but good news is Goodwill sale will be better on Wednesday, okay waited was 10 more. So I just did it our order was supposed to be in on Friday 15th. And would call with delivery time. Okay husband took day off called they were rude to him and said the furniture Dept isn't in. Called corporate they told me that furniture was there but can't be scheduled for delivery until they check it in and did not have a way of getting hold of anyone until Monday. Well here we are told next date for delivery Sept 23 no sooner. Ask to speak to mgr whom stated we did read the fine print that the furniture is only in wearhouse doesn't mean delivery. But they would waive delivery fee of 100 dollars. They also stated they had no way of contacting or controlling there schedule. Well cancelled order. And will no longer do business, cause apparently that don't want to either. Guess they will be closing soon too with lousey service and a lack of having contact to speak to forget it. Went to a real furniture store spent my money 3 day delivery guarantee already scheduled. Thursday. NOT Saturday 3 weeks later."

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Bait and switch merchant

"Advertise good prices on some items to trick you to make an order (often along with coupons with minimums just above advertised prices, so you would have to buy useless fillers to get a deal). Later canceled the main item claiming it was out of stock, while it became back in stock less than in a week for a full price. Shipped the rest of the order (fillers) which you can't return unless you pay for the shipping yourself or have a store nearby. "

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Untrustworthy store!

"Ordered two Zwilling J. A. Henckels Four Star 7" Chef's Knife and waited for more than a week for them to ship; however, they canceled my order because the knife was on deep discount sale. They just simply cancel it without any explanation: " Due to unforeseen issues, the following items have been canceled. You will not be charged for these items. We apologize for this inconvenience." It is not a trustworthy store. Only the fool will shop at Bon Ton."

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Carsons Addict

"Growing up it use to be called Carsons Pierre Scott. When I was little we went for special occasions and I got to pick out a pretty dress. The sales person was always beautiful and the lighting would make every rhinestone on my dress sparkle as if I was a princess.
Fast forward 40 years later. I still go to find that perfect dress to hide my imperfections. This time around the ladies at the Clinique counter help me to highlight and contour so my face sparkles.
Walking in its like going to a family members house. They say hello to you by name and they ask you how your son is doing. I may be a little old school but all the techy gizmos in the world will not be as personable as the people that work there.
Nowadays people want fast and ready at your finger tips but I like to shop. When I mean shop you could almost pay me for being at Carsons because I make a day out of shopping there just like it was with my mom when I was younger.
I don't expect miracles and for those who wait in line with me who think you can shop for a whole outfit and get checked out all in 10 minutes is crazy. Sometimes the lines are long but it's only because that pretty lady is finding the best coupon to work for others and will find the one for you, so who won't want to wait to save more.
Carsons is the only store that treats me like a person. I always seem to come in with a messy bun and some type of baby food stuck on my shirt. They don't run to the lady with a Micheal Kors bag and a BMW Keychain. They deal with the order of the line and that's the way it should be.
I may not be a person of importance but I have seen the pretty lady behind the counter be called things out of her name because other customers want to be rude. My feelings is that people are human before customer service and they should be treated as such.
Things can go wrong but when you come into the store acting crazy you should be treated like your crazy because no one understands you. But the pretty lady still deals with you as best she could.
So I would say there are not many stores that are from before that are classic as Carsons. Thank you forany years of service. At least you aren't someone new every 5 months.

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Misleading item descriptions

"I purchased what I thought was going to be a throw for my Grandson and his wife for this winter. He's a Bears foorball fan so I found one that had a Official Bears picture on it. I was extremely disappointed with the quality of the product. Neither the on line picture nor the description of the product gave any indication that it was distressed to give it a vintage look. Besides not looking like the picture it was described as being a “Super Plush Throw”. The material is so thin it certainly does not qualify as a “throw” at all. It is so thin and flimsy I can't imagine what you would use it for. The return policy certainly doesn't give a customer a break from their misleading descriptions. They were going to deduct from the refund about twice what it would cost to ship it back. I told them I'd ship it back and they could issue a full credit. My advice is to stay away from BonTon.com. You're bound to be disappointed and then have to pay to return it."

Helpful Cool


A good source of entertainment

"Once I accepted the fact that some of the items I order could get cancelled, I started to have a good online experience with Bonton. This revelation came to me when I ordered five items from the Yellow Dot Sale, and the only item that they DID NOT cancel was a $2 pair of gloves, lol. You just never know, they don't seem to have a good hold on their actual stock on hand. But Bonton's clothes are wonderful, the sale prices incredible, and it is fun to see what new items they will add each day."

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Idiot who shopped here at Bon Ton.com

"Please save yourself time and money. They sell low quality merchandise, while telling you its high quality and giving false descriptions. Then when you want to send this garbage back, you must pay for it. The sand paper sheets I bought for $49.00 would cost me $22.00 to send them back! This is what they count on. Even if you pay to send them back they are still profiting because theses sheets could't cost them more than $10.00! Please shop ANYWHERE else! I promise you'll be much better off."

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Will not honor offers

"Bergners.com is handled through BonTon and on 2 different occasions I have ordered and did not get the free gift their packing slip indicated was enclosed. Do not order through BonTon for your Bergners, and other favorite stores. Per Bergner's they are not part of the Bergner's chain and are a totally separate business. Bergner's will not and cannot honor what the online promised."

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