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Product & services pricing 8.45/10
Chance of future purchase: 9.75/10
Shipping & packaging: 9.85/10
Customer service: 10.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 10.00/10
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Vinyl Plank

"Brenton was a great sales person, and very knowledgeable. It was a pleasure working with him, and I can hardly wait to receive my order. "

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Great Product

"Great service, great price, quality product! Solid heavy bamboo flooring that looks great!"

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The best floor ever.

"After a lot of research I ordered stranded bamboo and installed in my entire house firs floor.
I rescue cats and dogs, they run and have fur balls and the old ones are somehow incontinent, the floor is fantastic, mops great and looks terrific.
Thank you Cali Bamboo.

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Devon is the best!

"Right from the start I was impressed with the friendly professionalism of Devon at Cali Flooring. He understood the complications of our project, helped calculate exactly what we would need, and explained everything clearly and completely. He communicated via phone and email, keeping me completely informed as we worked through our order and now we are happily looking forward to getting this project started. "

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"I posted my first review at the end of December, 2017. Then is when I gave this flooring a 4 star review, still hopeful
that my $9,000 special order would turn out be a good investment, but I was NAIVELY wrong!

My floors were installed in two different phases (Phase I & II), by two different professional floor installers whom collectively have over 50 years of experience between them.

The phase I installer, just floated the floor, per Cali's instructions, whereas the Phase II installer glued down the long side of each board with professional strength "titebond glue". Phase I has been down for almost a year, whereas Phase II has been down for six months. The difference in how the floors are holding up is markedly different and noticeable! The glued down areas are relatively stable, showing only a few gaps, whereas Phase I is still a hot mess with large gaps; cupping; lifting; and many areas of separation.

I filed a written customer complaint with Cali in June, describing my issues along with pictures to document them.
Cali promptly responded to my complaint and they sent out two independent floor inspectors (a husband and wife team) to determine the cause of my issue and how it should be mitigated. They determined that it was no fault of Cali Bamboo's products/instructions, but it was installation error. They further recommended finding a certified NWFA installer to fix my floors (at my cost of course).

Below is what I have learned the hard way throughout this disappointing process:
a) These floors are considered "exotic" in the flooring industry and are prone have early "failure" due to shrinkage and unstable moisture control. Installing a whole house humidifier is strongly recommended.
b) Correctly preparing your underflooring is vital, making sure that it is level, and checking and re-checking moisture content of everything: subfloor; acclimated boards; room air; different sections of the room.
c) Cali's pre-installation and installation instructions are somewhat vague and confusing. No where in their instructions do they tell the installer to use a moisture meter (the pin type is the best) or tell you how to take accurate moisture readings. I only discovered this process AFTER talking to the floor inspectors. Despite Lowe's and other hardware stores selling moisture meters, a picture of one was not listed in Cali's instructions. Funny how less important tools such as ear plugs and eye protection are!
d) Acclimating the wood (in the middle of the room where it is to be installed) is vital and most likely will take more than the 5 minimum days that Cali recommends. We acclimated ours for 4-6 weeks and still had problems. Moisture readings will help you determine when the wood has acclimated enough. Be prepared for days/weeks of piled wood stacked in your house.
e) Good luck finding a certified NFWA installer (who has had 3 years of rigorous training) to install your floors. After Cali provided me a list, I could only find one in 50 miles of my geographical area.

Had I known how tempermental this flooring is, I would have installed Cali's natural elm waterproof vinyl in my house or went with Amish honed hardwood ("Uptown Floors" out of Bonita Springs) that is $5-$6 a square foot more expensive than this eucalyptus fossilized wood. Natural hardwood can be sanded and refinished, unlike this floor. It should be noted that I also had Cali's white aspen vinyl (with a cork backing) installed in my sunroom by the same installer who did Phase I. Amazing how it still looks as beautiful/intact as it did from the first day that it was installed! My gripe isn't with the eucalyptus product so much, as it is with Cali's lousy instructions that sets consumers up for epic and expensive failures!


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Cali Bamboo Flooring

"My experience with Cali Bamboo has been awesome! Brenton was fantastic. Very informative, patient and helpful. He was really prompt in sending the various samples I requested. I can't wait to get the flooring I ordered (GeoWood Flooring - Coppertone) and get to work...I really like this company. I like their motto, their attitude and especially the fact that the employees bring their dogs to work!! A+"

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Wharton Review

"Brenton provided excellent service and was patient for over six months until we placed our order. "

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Customer NO service from Cali

"Had eucalyptus instilled last September and it shrank from 5.250 down to 5.24 to 5.130. shrank away from the base by 1/4 in. away from the slider by up to 1/2 in. gapes every where in the field. From plank to plank as much as a 32 nd of an in. In mid floor many tapered gaps to 1/16 in. As much as 5.220 - 5.120 in the same plank. One piece is 5.23 to 5.160 in a 6 in. space. Some planks have a crown next to a divot. My contractor went back to Cali and they gave him 2 boxes and $400 to cover labor. When the contractor came to "fix it" I pointer out ALL the problems and we agreed it was not save able without R&R all and measuring each piece, then the replacement matl. measured 5.240 as it ALL should have. I will have to sue Cali for the loss as they refuse to acknowledge they have faulty matl. Cali basically says FU. I will file a complaint with what ever oversight there is.

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Couldnt be anymore happy with this. Its perfecr

"great service.
kept me updated
got sample to me quickly

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Reasonable Discount

"Brenton did a great job of getting me a discount on the flooring that I desired. It also included shipping to my home which I liked very much."

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Fabulous customer service!

"Brenton answered all of my questions until I was sure I had the right product for my needs. No pressure, just honest answers. I can't wait to see my new floor installed!"

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Great flooring

"The wide click bamboo flooring looks great and is very durable. Shipping was also very quick, just a few days."

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1st Floor Remodel - Step 1 Research, Ordering and Delivery

"We were forced into a remodel when our copper water pipes to the laundry and half bath decided that they had given enough service after 40 years. Now back in the 70s they decided that it was a good idea to run water pipes through the concrete slab, who could have guessed that you may have to get to them for repairs... (wonder who's genius was at work here). Anyway, since we have to run new water pipes through the ceiling and it would require ripping down the ceiling and walls we went all in and gutted the space and reworked the area. Now comes the fun part in deciding on new flooring. As I was wondering through Lowe's I came across a Cali Bamboo display and fell in love with the rich looks of the woods and selection, and the factor of bamboo being such a quick renewable resource grabbed my attention . Since I have never heard of them I did some research of the product and company. I came across some very mixed reviews but decided to reach out and see what they offered, because I was not happy with the selections and quality I was seeing at other retailers. When I reached out they returned my inquiry quickly and Luke provided extensive feedback to my questions and sent samples of the flooring I was interested in. He provided price comparisons and information between the engineered and hardwood flooring, and on the lock click system versus the tongue and groove and which was the best flooring to use over concrete. After doing some additional research my husband and I decided that we would go with Cali Bamboo and placed our order. We ordered on Friday, the product was available and is in our hands by Thursday the following week. So the next month will be acclamation and install of the flooring and I will post when we get through that process. So far great customer service and a big thank you to Luke! "

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"The whole process from ordering samples, to pricing, to delivery was easy. This was the first major purchase that my wife and I were at complete ease with."

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Stellar customer service

"The customer service with this company is one of the best. Everyone I had the pleasure of speaking with were always so courteous,
knowledgeable and eager to assist. Even when part of our order was damaged in transit they quickly got new supplies out to us. The flooring is also wonderful.

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