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Rating 2/10

Lifetime warranty a joke, reliability not there, customer service non existing

"I have at least 3 kits from them over the last 3-4 years. the last 2 i bought were ultra hid kit h11 5500k 55w.
One of the bulbs dimmed, after a year they dont qualify for warranty.
No discounts towards a new kit either. Customer service leaves the chat while you wait for an answer.
All sorts of good stuff with them
Bye bye DDM Tuning.
Plenty more brands with this reputability for half the price

Rating 2/10

Slow service/bad product

"I ordered an HID kit in December. Took three-four weeks to receive it then had to replace both bulbs since. Warranty was good at replacing bulbs no cost (asides from my having to cover initial shipping costs) but it took WEEKS to receive replacement. They never get my address right either even though I've entered in the correct information. They sent to my street with NO NAME/NO NUMBER just a street name. Thankfully I at least had a tracking number to trace it. Never buying from them again"

Rating 2/10

bad parts and and poor customer service....

"I bought a set of HID's for my car and after a couple of months started having one headlamp going out randomly, and a few days later the other one. the worst part was the night i'm driving down the interstate at 65 mph and darkness....both went off at the same time. I didn't crash or i'm sure there would of been a law suit...but instead I made the mistake of calling customer service...like I expected they said it had to be a problem with my car (not their lights) and I needed to prove what parts were defective by switching bulbs from side to side and then ballasts, back and forth.. after a week of this garbage I ordered a new set from another company...installed them and they have never blinked or quit....imagine that.....that's been over 3 years ago....just decided it was time to warn other people after reading a few reports from others.. bottom line....stay away from DDM"

Rating 2/10

Bad part plus worst customer service

"I ordered H11 HID kit with the bulbs from DDM on May 15th 2017 and I received it after 15 days and the day I installed them 1 bulb blow and the next day the 2nd bulb blow off I called them and talk to the manager and he told me the kit I ordered its having an issue with this Particular year of the vehicle so you need to ship it back to us and we will send you the replacement and you have to pay the price difference which is understandable. I ask him I already paid for the shipping when I purchased the item and now I have to pay again and he said yes sir and My argue was its the part so you guys have to pay shipping not me cause I already paid the shipping one time. He said I can transfer your request to our higher department and they can decide whats gonna be the next step then after 4 days I have received there email and they clearly mention that I have to pay for shipping and I was like ok I shipped the item and the next day I have received another email from DDM with the return shipping label. I send them back on June 16th 2017 and till Tuesday JUNE 20th didn't heard any thing back from them not even the email so I called them and ask them what is the next step now the customer representative reply me we haven't received the item yet cause the tracking number shows that the item is not shipped yet and I told him sir I send you the item on my expense here is the tracking number and you guys did received in on June 16th which was Friday and the person who received it his name is Carlos. Then he put me on hold and confirmed it. It took more then a Month to get my HID KIT from them May 15th 2017 till today June 20th still they are saying we are shipping your HID KIT today and you will receive in 6 business days. and they charged me $15.74 for shipping and when I shipped it to them it cost me only $12.00 its not about $3.74 but they are cheating in shipping. I have the worst experience with them 36 days pass and didn't got my HID KIT. "

Rating 4/10

Works OK, BUT

"So far the product works (Hi/Low relay) but the wires were to short. Had to splice and dice an an extra 18 inches to make the wires for the other bulb (passenger side) to reach. I even told them what kind of van it was going on (97 Dodge Ram Van). Considering all the negative reviews this company has got, I will never buy from this company again. They even charged me an extra $9.00 just to ship it when EBAY has free shipping!!! "

Rating 6/10

We Will See

"I recently order a set of 9005 and 9006 Plus HIDs from DDM. They installed fine. However, the light dispersal is not the same as the previous standard HIDs I got from them 4 years ago (which are still doing fine). THey are 35w and 55w like the previous ones. I'm guessing the bulbs are different. If so I lprefer the previous bulbs. I just emailed them about it. So we will see what they say."

Rating 2/10


"Too bad, there isn't a "0" star, so I have to select "1" star, DDM Tuning sold cheap products with defective parts, they don't stand behind their products, horrible customer service.

*** PLEASE STAY AWAY*** from this company, especially the Huntington Beach branch. Don't recommend you buy from them, you'll regret it.

I bought 2 complete sets of HID (D4S & H11) with a life time warranty in Huntington Beach store, after few months, 1 D4S bulb was dead, I brought it in, they gave me a hard time for exchange with too many excuses, they recommended to buy another pair, why would I have to buy another pair while my HID bulbs are under life time warranty? I gave up on that one and ended up buying another pair from somewhere else.

Recently, a set of H11 were acting up, I spent more than 1 hour driving from my house to the same store (Huntington Beach store), hopefully they will give me an exchange because those bulbs are under lifetime warranty. The sales person (Stefan) gave me hard time and excuses for exchanging those HID bulbs, he said it will take him couple hours to test the bulbs, I don't have couple hours to stay for that, I asked him nicely to have another pair because they're under lifetime warranty, he said "NO". Again he recommended to purchase another pair, they always want to sell, not provide a good service. I'm so dissappointed, I just wasted my time and money for DDM Tuning products. Salesman (Stefan) at Huntington Beach store has an attitude, bad customer service skill , he acted like he owns that place, don't have much knowledge about the product.

Don't waste your time and money with DDM Tuning products

Rating 2/10


"I'm not sure what happened between my first experience and this one. The first set of HID's (35w Ballast + 6000k H11) worked perfectly, no flickering/shortage, arrived in an acceptable amount of time. This time around was way different.

I ordered a 35w Ballast + 2 pairs 8000k H8 to upgrade my headlights and fog lights. It was 2 weeks before I saw or heard anything of this order. DDM emailed me apologizing for the delay, said they'd send a duplicate order to make up for the delay and that I could keep both sets. The duplicate order arrived first, with one bulb having a broken electrode. I notified them and they quickly replied saying that they'd send a replacement set. A week flew by and I checked to see if they had sent out anything, their reply was that since they'd already sent out a 'compensation' kit, none of the parts in the 'compensation' kit would be replaced. Seems kind of strange that a compensation kit secretly means that any warranties applied to the orders are void. Also, when they send a kit that includes damaged, poorly quality controlled parts, it's not actually a compensation kit. They really just sent me their garbage and refused to honor the warranty after I've had to wait nearly a month for the original order to arrive.

When the original order finally arrived, it turned out also to have damaged bulbs. I contacted them and they said they would not replace the damaged bulbs in the compensation kit and that I should go through the process of filing a damaged products claim and that they would file a complaint with the shipping company. I decided not to because my main disagreement isn't with the shipping company, and because I didn't feel like waiting for who knows how many weeks just to find they've sent me another set of damaged bulbs.

Don't waste your time, money or patience. Just save up and go with XenonHIDS.com or Kensun. It might cost a little bit more, but you're getting quality products and warranties the companies will stand behind

Rating 2/10

"DDM Tuning's products are defective and they will not stand behind their products. From day one this HID kit did not work properly one headlight would randomly not turn on (look this up online it is a well-documented problem from this company). It finally caught up with me the other night when I didn't know my headlight was out and got pulled over by the police. After many hours troubleshooting and talking to DDM tuning on the phone they have admitted their product is defective. But they only offer you options that cost you more money whether it be paying for shipping or upgrading to different parts. The lifetime warranty these parts are supposed to come with is a sham. So if you're looking for a company that makes defective parts, has horrible customer service, a horrible warranty policy and does not stand behind their products than you found it in DDM Tuning, otherwise stay far away and save yourself the headache and nightmare."

Rating 2/10

"I saw my cousins HID headlight and loved how bright it was. He told me he got it from DDM tuning so I decided to get a kit. 5 months after installing the kit, one side stopped working. I contacted DDM because they claim to have a 2 year warranty. They sent me instructions on troubleshooting, like switching the ballast, then the bulb to the other side and testing. This proved that the Ballast was faulty. DDM though did not think it was the ballast. They wanted me to test the bulb socket to see I was getting correct voltage from my car. It should have been a red flag for me as seeing they were trying to pin the problem on my vehicle. Little did they know I'm an electrical engineer with years of experience with car voltages. None the less, in the end, they said the KIT i purchased was not under the warranty, so I would have to buy a new kit. They send me a link to the kit that included warranty. So I bought that kit. It worked good for a couple of months so I decided to buy a kit for my other car which is a Mazda 3. After I did that, the current kit on my Focus started acting up. Again, one side would not turn on. I tried to claim it under warranty, but DDM insist it was my car and would not cover the ballast. Being an idiot, I just ordered a pair of ballast from them, because at the time, i didn't know any other website that sold HID kits except eBay. And I knew from experience those HID kits were complete garbage. After I replaced the ballast for my ford, my mazda started acting up. AGAIN! One light would not turn on! I was so frustrated! I just left it. I had a pair of brand new 35w ballast I purchase from DDM, but I didn't want to use them just yet. I traded in my Mazda for a 2015 Ford Explorer and discovered that the HID bulbs on the mazda, works on the explorer. So I put the kit on the ford explorer before getting ride of the mazda. When I put the kit on my Explorer, I swapped the bad ballast for a brand new one. THEN, one side on my ford focus stopped coming on! I contacted DDM and gave them a piece of my mind! In the end they took the ballast and replaced it with a new one. Of course they pushed very hard on trying to get me to upgrade. This usually means the company knows their products are crap which is why they have a premium version. They call it the ultimate ballast which runs a little more than the regular ballast. Their also bigger and have a metal body. After replacing that ballast, the other side that was once working on my explorer started to give problems. The same issue, it won't come on some times. This just happened today and frankly I've had enough. Thats why I decided to warn people of this company's terrible product! These kits are no better then the kits from eBay. If your looking for a better Kit, check out http://www.kbcarstuff.com. Now my brother bought a kit from DDM about a year ago and it has never given him any problems. This has nothing to do with the kits being good. Its pure luck. Majority of their products are just crap, but in that crap pile, there probably is 1 kit that works like it should. These kits are way to expensive for the quality they are in. On ebay, you can get the same quality for half the cost. So if its headache you want, don't bother getting it on DDM, just get it on eBay. "

Rating 2/10

"Too bad I can't give them 0 stars..so 1 star wull have to do.

I made a few regretable mistakes in my life and one of them was buying an HID kit from this company. Like everyone else mentioned..they get their products shipped from China which can take weeks to arrive and on top of that will have low quality control. If i want cheap hid crap from China I would have gone straight to Ebay and order one FROM China!!!

Upon installing my HIDs.. one light would not work (surprised surprised). I was able to narrow it down to a bad bulb (thank heavens). I called up ddm tuning in hopes that they will be sympathetical about my situation and fast track me a replacement bulb... WRONG!!!! Instead I get a rude clerk who tried to insist the problem was my cars canbus system when I specifically said it was juat a burn BULB!!!! In the end he tries to help me use their website to open a ticket??? Seriously? I could have dont the exaxt same thing on my own minus the bull crap canbus talk and wasted time.

Opened a ticket and they ask me to remove the defective bulb... cut the wires and send them back a picture to prove I am not a loar like they are. Pain in the ass as it is very difficult to access the headlights on my car without undoing the front fascia.

Once that has been done.. they agreed to aend me a replacement bulb. So problem solved right???? WRONG!!!! Now it's time to play the waiting game. 3 days after receiving confirmation that my warranry has been processed... I am still yet to receive a shipping notification. I bit the dust and purchased a set of bulbs locally just so I can actually enjoy my HIDs with two.working headlighta not ONE like ddm tuning intended lol.

Lesson learned... you want cheap chinese hid kits... order from ebay. You get the exact same thing with less headaches.

Rating 2/10

"Was excited to install my new HIDs from DDM just to find that one of the bulbs they sent were Black! After weeks of waiting for an advanced replacement. Turn signals don't work.. What do ya know? I'm out of 30 day return policy... After many calls and DDM unable to accomidate I chocked it up and THREW THEM OUT . Don't waste money !!!"

Rating 2/10

"*** Do NOT Waste your Money to DDM Tuning ***
After the order it took more than 4 wks to receive it.

Then I realized it is coming directly from China.

When I finally receive it, entire cardboard box was soaked & wet, including parts inside the box.
*** No protective covers at all.

One weak later everything stopped working.

I learned a lesson and maybe I can make sure my friends and others wouldn't face the same frustration...

Don't waste your money with DDM Tunning.

Rating 2/10

"Made the mistake of purchasing HID convertion kits for my motorbike & when I recieved the parcel it was shipped from China & when I opened the package my fears were confirmed!!
Absolutely shit inferior quality!! Substand packaging everything was shit!! Tried to contact DDM through there contact site & after leaving a few polite messages about these inferior kits I realised that they were never going to get back to me & I had just been scammed by these cunts!! WARNING DO NOT USE THIS SITE

Rating 2/10

"I have ordered from ddm tuning in the past and had no problems but I just did again December 2012 and had some terrible products and the worst customer service I've ever had in my life, in my order I got two sets both were 6000k 55w, one ballast was no good and my h11 are very blue, my 9005 look good but when I called them they did tell me they would send me a new ballast, I put in a ticket for the bulbs and got no response so I did it again after a few days, still no response, so I tried it once more, wasn't sure if it wasn't getting through so I called, spent a lot of time on hold and got a very rude guy named Rich who gave me the gears for submitting more then one ticket, and was no help at all, the box says 8000k and I sent him a picture and he ackted like he couldn't get the picture and basically called me a liar, what a joke, I will never deal with them again, I would rather pay more for a better product and a company who stands behind it. "

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