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I wouldn't have even given it a star

"I'm still waiting for my ps4 controller. Ordered back in June 2018.I doubt I'll be getting my money back from this person. They told me that my order was on the way in July and I was sent a tracking number and I waited a few days and no parcel, checked online with the tracking number I was given. And the tracking website stated that the parcel was delivered. Contacted david's game store and they referred me to the carrier. Carrier confirmed that the parcel was delivered to the correct address and to contact the sender directly to ensure that they have me the correct tracking number. Received zero response from them since. Poor service. I'd like to echo other reviewers warnings AVOID! "

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"I purchased a PS4 game controller from here. It was not compatible for UK PS4. I sent the product back - tracked via Royal Mail and I am now finding it difficult in retrieving moy refund.

Please don't waste your time / money!!


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"WARNING THE OWNER HAS SET UP A NEW WEBSITE CALLED ABGAMESTORE.COM - https://domainbigdata.com/nj/Y-SkzL68g6P7jAiyF8zBmg **** PLEASE REPORT TO ACTION FRAUD SO WE ALL REPORT SAME PLACE ******* Ordered and my bank immediately warned me about the purchase. I looked online and I was charged more than stated. Emailed within 30mins of placing the order asking for it to be cancelled as I had been charged more than stated. I also hadn't realised it would be overseas but that was my oversight as price was GBP and free delivery.
They replied saying return the product to which I replied you've only just received my order so it won't even be posted yet. They ignored that email and sent me one few hours later saying item dispatched with a tracking number.
Wasn't given the courier name other than Germany so found it out myself but that tracking number came to nothing. Contacted seller to be told you didn't pay recorded so you don't get tracked. (So why send me a tracking number?????)
Controller did arrive promptly considering where it came from but as I've read your comments I took it to a store who believed it was fake.
Called Sony who asked me to open and give the serial number - Came back invalid so fake.
I asked them to give me confirmation in writing to assist my charge back claim with my bank. Took a few days until they replied but they said not fake but made outside EU so won't be under warranty.
I wasn't believing that waffle. The controller was poor quality and controls stiff so I've now gone one stage further and opened it up.
It does not have the Sony battery inside and clearly fake. Posted pics to major PS4 gamers who agree with me. Now I'm about to take the pictures and reply to Sony again so they confirm this is clearly fake.

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"Doesn't even deserve one star. My son used his savings to buy a PS4 controller. Received it but it did not work properly. We emailed this organisation and received a response with instructions to re/configure the controller! We had bees sold a US controller not an Eu/UK...
US controllers use on EU PlayStation need upgrade your PS4 Controller :
Step 1 : When you connect your PS4 Controller to PS4 , Press R3 Button in All 3 Steps (Press R3 in the Whole upgrade)
STEP2 : Press these keys one by one ( ○ ╳ ↑ ← △ △ ╳ △ )
STEP3 : Hold L3 Button 3 Seconds,When the light flash , All Done
This did not work. We agreed to return for a refund.
We also noted that they did not charge price as advertised as there was a currency conversion, plus transaction charge, which we never got clarification on. We never received the refund, and chased lots of times. I have a very disappointed son, who lost his own money to fraudsters, thieves.

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Awful Experience

"Avoid at all costs. Been over a month and still awaiting my order. I have had very little response and feel totally robbed. Items will not be here in time for Christmas so will never ever use again and I beg you to avoid at all costs."

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Not a legitimate trader, avoid

"Ordered a product in a July 2017, still waiting for it in November 2017. No response to emails. This is a thief, not a trader.
I'll be in San Francisco next month, I'll be sure to swing buy the address provided & find a parking lot no doubt.
Save your money, buy elsewhere

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"I bought a Slendertone brand item and they sent me some China-made crap and even over-charged me from what my invoice denotes what I'd be charged. DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE! I filed a chargeback with my bank card and will take them down."

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"Wish I had read these reviews before I purchased. I was overcharged on my credit card - as I see others have been - and when my credit card company recovered the overcharge I got aggressive emails from someone called Lyndsey Harris whose first language is obviously not English. PS4 controllers don't work properly and so I am going to contact my credit card company to see if I can claim a refund on insurance."

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SCAM WEBSITE Fake ps4 controllers

"I ordered a ps4 controller got overcharged supposed to be £34 got charged £37 when it arrived it was blatantly fake with a return address to the Netherlands even though the payment went to somewhere in china yet when I asked to return the item they told me to send it to Canada, I have cancelled the payment from my credit card and told them to send a courier if they want the item refunded, they told me they would be forwarding the dispute to their collections department, I highly doubt you have a collections department David hahaha"

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"Take your money, item doesn't arrive and they try and fob you off saying a replacement has been sent. But it never arrives. Scam."

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Don't buy from davidsphoneshop.com

"I ordered a WiiU controller on the 29th December, it said it cost £26 but £29 came out of my account. They also tell you how it'll be another name showing up on bank details.
I emailed after 22 days and had a reply saying it's at my post office and they'll try and get them to deliver. I waited until 32 days and went to the office myself and nothing has been logged to our address. I've emailed this company 4 times in the last 4 days and no reply. This is a con, he's taking money from innocent people and in our case child, who saved his Christmas money to buy this controller. We've had tears from him over this because he's lost his money, this is seriously a sick minded individual!

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Price isn't what I paid and now worried because so many counterfeit reviews

"Haven't received my controller yet but have been charged way more than I was told I would. Advertised at 34.44gbp and have been charged 38.28 divided between two separate transactions. Wish I'd spent more time looking for reviews first. This was my children's Christmas money! Now even more disappointed because just read so many reviews about people saying their goods were counterfeit"

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Faulty Fake PS4 Controller

"I bought a PS4 controller about a month ago and after it arrived it was totally broken, scratches everywhere, faulty L3 stick and the right corner of touchpad not registering anything. After I contacted them by email and explaining all these, they just wrote one line "We are selling REFURBISHED products".

Bunch of liers... On their "about us" page it says we only sell brand new items!

They will never pickup up their phone when you call this number (+18559346933) no matter what time of day it will always go to a robot message saying sorry we are in busy time call back later or leave a message, which I left a message and no call back.

So after a few emails I had one reply and without any appology asked me to send the item back to Canada and like a fellow said here the item came from Netherlands! I ended up paying A$23 to send that broken controller with a tracking system.

now it has been 5 days that status shows the item has been fully delivered but after contacting them to get my refund, they said we have not received it yet please provide us with tracking number and location of the item...

I provided them with everything to a reply of conversation then they said we did not get your message!!!! I sent a few new subject messages in case they are having a glitchy email and also sent two same messages through their online submission form but no more reply from them until now.
PLEASE help me to report this website to SONY and other related places, as you see it is not just me having problem with them.

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Fake products

"I ordered a PS4 controller from them and it was definitely fake. The PS4 controller wasn't connecting to my ps4. When I want to return it, they said that I had to send it to Canada, even when apparently it was send from the Netherland and I have to pay £20 to send it. Looking at other reviews, everyone says that they didn't get their refund so I guess I'm not paying to send it back. The customer service was by far the worst I've ever seen, they were rude and when I ask them I want to return the ps4 controller, they didn't provide a lot of information and it seem like they just can't be bother to provide a decent customer service. I will definitely report that "company" to SONY and fraud centres, hopefully they will stop this counterfeit company from scamming people. "

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The "Original Sony" PlayStation 3 controller they shipped is a counterfeit.

"I did some googling before buying and didn't come across any buyer reviews of the site. While worried, I figured that the controller was not THAT much cheaper than full retail, so the chances of it being one of the $13 fakes you can get on ebay seemed low. Until it arrived...

At first glance it looked fine. On closer inspection I found that the plastic and build quality is cheap. Furthermore, the analogues don't work properly and after some searching I found that packaging I received (While convincing with Sony/ PlayStation trademarks and all) is missing small icons and fine print which the official product has.

The product images on their site displays all the info and icons on the packaging that should be there on the real deal. In other words: The item they shipped to me was not the same as the genuine one they have pictured in the listing. The listing is also deceptive stating "original Sony controller" and that "David's Phone Shop sells only Brand New Products from the original manufactures".

Since requesting a refund they have not gotten back to me as to whether they will accept an opened product, sending me the same email twice asking that I send the item back 'in original status'. They have also supplied me with a address that's different for their (supposed) US based store location and different as well from the Singapore address they actually shipped from. (They claim all items are shipped from the "US or Switzerland", another lie).

Some further searches have found that this is not the first report of a counterfeit goods sold as the real thing from David's phone shop. It's also not the first time the returns address has varied from the real address. In the last case the customer, apparently, never got a refund because the item 'never arrived' back at David's Phone Shop, most likely because of the postal differences.

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