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Rating 2/10


"There equipment is broke and I have to pay for them to fix it."

Rating 2/10

The worst service ever

"We were out of service for almost a month .Took them over three weeks and four broken appointments by them before they finally sent someone that could fix it . Three times they made appointments with us that We stayed home from work to be here and all three times they never showed or called. We have had them for over 15 years. They have gone in the toilet since taken over by att. No service for over three weeks yet they wouldn't compensate our bill paid $130 for 5 days of service that month. I would rather have no tv then sign up with them again

Rating 2/10

New Customers BEWARE of the New Customer Att/Directv Bundle SCAM !!!!!

"When you sign up as a ne user for ATT/Direct Tv Bundle they include 3 months of free Premium Channels, which you think is a good deal, lol
What they don't tell you is that they AUTOMATICALLY CHARGE you an additional 54 dollars when the time expires, without ANY warning, or option to cancel, and when you realize this and go to your account to cancel the ones you don't want, you are NOT allowed to, you can change your services, and add more pay channels online, but you have to CONTACT them directly to cancel the channels, when I tried to do so there as 37 pps in front of me! SO I had a nurse at the VA hospital where I was being treated at, plug in my phone for me, and let it sit on hold.
About a hour l8tr when finally it was my turn to come on, I was informed that the 54 dollars I would have to pay for, even though I cancelled the channels THAT DAY, and it would probably show on my next bill that I cancelled! REALLY !
The channels were cancelled for 3 weeks of the month, and to my amazement the same channels were Billed On my next BILL,
I then contacted Them first by chat, and after chatting with the att rep for over twenty minutes, she said she was att wireless customer service, and would have to transfer me, so I waited in line for about 15 minutes for another person to come on in que, and after speaking to Jose for about another 20 Minutes, hew said he was in the wrong dept to help me !!! REALLYYYYYYYYYY, he said the ones I need to talk top will call me back on my cell phone when they are available, since I was at the hospital, I preferred to chat, but whatever I decided to try it again !!!
about another 10 minutes got a customer service rep on the line, and he listened to my repeating my issue , and sure enuf was transferred AGAIN!!!!! The last one I spoke to on the line who got an earful from me, said not to worry he would handle this matter, and be with me the whole time. after being put on hold for another 30 minutes, line disconnected !. I was at that point completely worn out and had to sleep, don't get caught up in this nightmare, they are very deceitful people who work with their customer service, and just pass the buck, if you hear anything free coming from att or directv be VERY WARY

Rating 2/10

Worst Customer Service ever Patrice#09687

"First off, Patrice, a supervisor in customer service, ID#09687 was absolutely the least helpful customer service agent I've ever had to deal with. She's the ultimate reason I am canceling. Dec 2016 the audio cut out on our DirecTV reciever every time we rented a movie, and so they sent us another one. After we sent our original receiver back and hooked up our new one, we couldn't get past the "call this number to activate your new receiver" screen. After speaking with people from different countries no less than six times, with no change to my service, I gave up. We canceled our service in April 2017. We paid for the last four months of service, despite the fact that our living room receiver never worked. Surprisingly, DirecTV had no log of any customer service calls or complaints. We had a $183 cancellation bill in the mail that I was calling to dispute, and Patrice essentially told me to screw off. Guess what, Patrice#09687? I am also canceling my business account with your affiliate, #AT&T as a result of your terrible customer service and shifting all of my lines to #Verizon. It looks like your entire business will be losing $4,500 per year, for the rest of my life, AT&T!

Stay away from these crooks. Go cable, go dish, but don't give a dime to the most frustrating company in America. I keep my promises, Patrice ;)

Rating 2/10

Worst Experience

"Beware of direct tv!!!!!!!!!!!. They are SCAMS!!!!!! who wants to go away with your money. I called to setup the service and the guy on the phone told the service is 99.9% reliable, which is not true. The service failed 3 times in less than 6 months and I had to wait over a week to get it fixed. I ended up canceling the service and the lady on the phone told me I was gonna be charged a termination fee of $302.45. I told her I was not gonna pay for a service that ****!!! They sent me to collection and my credit score dropped 105 points. Stay away from this SCAM as far as you can."

Rating 2/10


"They baited me with the promise of a $200 gift card to switch back. When I called the salesman told me I would receive the NHL Center Ice package for free the first year as part of the deal. That turned out to be a lie. He also told me all the channels we would receive for the package we chose. But of course many of those channels were not included. When we complained about it we were told they could be added for a fee. Regarding my $200 gift card, I was told that I would have to call back about six weeks into my contract to check on it. I did that tonight and of course nobody has any idea what I'm talking about. There is no $200 gift card even though the advertisement they sent to us had it prominently displayed. These people develop selective Amnesia when it comes to fulfilling a promise. In short, this is the worst company I have had to deal with since I was an AT&T customer many many years ago. And of course, it turns out AT&T bought this lousy company. So the customer service is right on par with AT&T. This has definitely been the most sleazy, Lowdown, bait and switch operation that I've run into in my adult life. When I complained about the lie I was told about the NHL package, I begged somebody to play the recorded conversation back and take action against the guy who promised it. I questioned him extensively about it because I just couldn't believe it and he assured me over and over that it would be included. These people will lie to your face in order to get you under contract. They seem to have no moral compass whatsoever. And it doesn't matter who you complain to. They put a supervisor on the phone and all he does is sympathize with you but does absolutely nothing to make it right. So if you are smart, you will throw the marketing materials in the garbage and go in a different direction. Unless of course you enjoy being lied to and scammed. I'm not sure what the stock price of AT&T is these days but I sure hope it goes right down the toilet."

Rating 2/10

Never thought I'd see a company worse than comcast

"They lie lie lie...have little to 0 customer service and lucky if you can get a human and if you can it's too much to ask they speak and u understand english...save time and trouble and use Comcast atleast they will fix their b.s. if you call em on it....call direct on theirs you get shuffled or left on hold or flat out hung up on...i suggest recording every call so you have legal action when they try to ruin credit for non payment....who in the right mind is gonna pay for what they don't have which anyone who has it knows what I mean by 771 error!!!!! I spent 6 hours of getting smoke blown up my **** and told "we are separate entity from at&t and uverse" ....yet I pay one bill? If they was separate you'd have 2 bills for internet and satellite by common sense....by far the worst mistake I've made cause the guaranteed price has changed 5 times and I have had the service for 5 months if that says anything...oh the visa rewards card is b.s. too they never send it and will tell ya it's mailed after 30 days and I was bullshitted for 4 months and finally told my account 120 days old and I was basically assed out..like someone isn't gonna activate a 200 visa card that's basically cash???? Won't be long before a major class action lawsuit bankrupts these bastards and at&t will be forced to become shittier to compensate for what they lose..."

Rating 2/10


"I'm SICK of direct TV have had a two year contract with them it is over (I could hardly wait for the final day ) Immediately canceled service. Got a smart TV box started watching free TV and its great can watch what I want when I want. Got s bill from Direct TV for the month we cancelled the service called customer service talked to someone that said they did not shut off service and we owed the amount of the bill.Told them we had already canceled and to make sure it is cancelled immediately they replied they could not shut off service because we owed the bill. The bill is not due for another two weeks .Called again cancelled service again for the third time anyway we turned the TV on 7 hours later and the direct TV was still not disconnected Called again for the fourth time cancelled again checked a few hours later still have direct TV service that I will not pay for and I'm sure they will turn it over for collection and get it on my credit report. I am not calling direct TV customer service again I have cancelled four times . And will return to sender all mail received from them

Rating 4/10

Expensive TV

"One year left in my contract the the price of TV doubled. Because I will not bundle with Directv's slow internet providers, I am watching expensive TV. The price of paying my bill on time. Not to mention, the effects of weather conditions, games that were not provided in the NFL package and a hole in my roof when I dismantle the dish when my contract is over."

Rating 2/10

billing scam artists!!!

"I started out with diect tv like most people, with a year long special that was affordable. After the year was up, the price increase was HUGE. Not only was I being stuck to by Direct TV, but At&T gets in on it as well and sticks it to you. they charged me $150.00 to install their modem, which I could hooked up!!. They (At&T) were charging me $101 per month for phone and internet. Direct tv was charging me $177 for TV programming. That's a total of $280 per month. Now, anyone who has ever had Direct Tv knows that you cannot get behind on your bill with them because they literally turn off your service the day after it is due and you have to pay it to get it back on, however, when I cancelled service, my closing bill was $719.00!! REALLY!!!"

Rating 2/10

Horrible experience

"My family and I switched from U Verse to DIRECTV last October. That was a huge mistake! The only reason we did this was to get NFL Sunday Ticket. From the time we switched it was one technical problem after another. I called them many times or just dealt with no television (sometimes two or three times a week). Each time I called them they allegedly fixed the problem. The straw that broke the camel's back was on 2/19/16 when we tried to watch the news in the morning but had another error message for the umpteenth time. I once again called them and explained what the screen was saying. I further asked her to look at the notes on my account to see how many problems we've had and that I wanted to cancel service and switch back to U Verse. She said we are locked into a contract but she would speak with her supervisor about letting us out of the contract. A few minutes later she came back on the line and said her supervisor approved early cancellation and she set up an appointment for the switch over on 2/23/16. She further stated that she did a reset and our televisions should work fine when I get home.
As has been the pattern with DIRECTV, when I got home we had a new error message saying our SWIM component wasn't working and I needed to contact customer service. When I finally got in touch with a person at technical support she told me I had to find the SWIM component to unplug it. While I was still on the line with her my family and I tore our house apart including moving a huge entertainment unit and a small one. We looked in the garage and in the attic and could not find the elusive SWIM component. I told the individual that I could not find it and please send out a technician to fix the problem. She told me that they would not send out a technician until I found the SWIM component. I assured her that there was not one and she argued with me and assured me there was as the initial installer wrote on the paperwork that there was. I very much felt as if she was calling me a liar. As a Christian and Pastor I took offense to her tone and insinuations. I asked to speak with her supervisor who eventually came on the line and told me the same thing with the same insinuations. I again assured her that we tore our house apart looking for this component and perhaps their information was wrong. She said they would not do anything to help me unless I found the unit. I begged her to find someone who could help me and send out a technician. She told me that they would not send out a technician and transferred me to an ATT agent representative. I told the agent representative that I was not an agent and she attempted to transfer me to someone else but my call was lost once again which has happened several times over the last few months. I called back and asked to speak with a manager. I once again explained the situation to the manager and he was very helpful. He got me an appointment on 2/20/16, to have U Verse installed.
The installer arrived on 2/20/16, at the scheduled time and was very professional and helpful. I asked him about the SWIM component and explained to him what had transpired. He told me that the "Genie" system we have does not have a separate SWIM component as it is built into the unit. I called back to DIRECTV and once again asked to speak with a manager. A woman came on the line and I once again explained what had transpired. I asked her if I could speak with her supervisor but she told me no one else was available but she would have someone call me on 2/22/16 so I could file a complaint. As of 2/23/16, I have not yet received a call back (not a surprise).
There is much more to the horrible customer service I have experienced at the hands of many DIRECTV employees with but a few bright moments. If I had to add up the amount of hours I spent on the phone with DIRECTV over the last few months it wouldn’t surprise me if it was between fifteen and twenty. We have been faithful ATT customers for many years with our cellular, home phone, internet and television services. As soon as our cellular contract expires we will move on. My words of wisdom for potential DIRECTV customers is to stay as far away from them as possible.

Rating 2/10

"I called around when i bought a house. I wanted to make sure my tv bill wouldnt just climb and climb month to month, year to year.

I eneded up signing up with a guy doing a promo outside a walmart. But speaking with the saleman on the phone with Direct TV i explained i do not want the promo BS, free for a month, free for 90 days but must cancel or you will be charged after 120, etc, etc.

The salemans has you say what you are agreeing to & its recorded. Its a way of a verbal contract, my salesman said my bill would be about 25 bux lower then it is. I would have a few extra, premium channels and to top it off...................my bill will go up by $41 in like 8/9 months.

Rating 2/10

"I called att to order internet, phone, and tv service. They only offered direct tv in my area. They asked me what features were important to me. I said on demand and Netflix. After installation I tried on demand features with their new genie remote ( does not have all the user friendly easy buttons like other services) only to get error message stating can't download try again later. I should add the on demand menu on tv is so crowded with small writing you can't even see the episode numbers and you end up guessing which show you pick. It is always the wrong episode and you have to start all over. The technician said they don't have a contract with Netflix and I would not be able to use that feature.
I called the next day to cancel the service based on the misrepresentation of services and they told me they were charging me $480.00 for early cancellation fee. I tried to call Dish tv to reinstate my service with them and guess what.... You can't sign back up for 60 days.
My next obstacle was trying to us the direct tv app on iPad and cell phone. After 3 hours and being transferred to at least 5 departments and 9 people I learned one of several issues prevent me from creating a new Acct with the app. First , they put a period (.) after my ladt name. Second, I already had an Acct with att for 15 yrs with an acct user name password they could not sync up. Third, I had a direct tv acct at a lake home last yr that I cancelled after 24 months of service which prevented me from creating a new acct.
I have had their service for a total of 3 days and have already been on the phone trying to resolve issues for over 3 hours.
I am so tired of companies offering services that are misleading and being handed off from department to department being disconnected and starting all over again. And guess what? Yep, I have no rights because we are all trapped with no one make it right. Poor communication on att part. Poor training on direct tv's part in training att sales. Poor customer service. Poor tech service. And I have to pay these morons for 24 months of a service that doesn't even do what they sold me. At least let consumers try the product for 7 days before committing to a contract you get in the mail several days after installation!!!

Rating 2/10

"My apartment company included DirecTV as part of a mandatory media package when I rented from them; this included basic DirecTV service with no frills, no premium channels or anything. A year and a half later, I start getting huge monthly increases on my account, which I found out was because I (out of nowhere) had NFL Sunday Ticket active on my account. I am in no way a sports fan and have never subscribed to any premium TV sports package, and I certainly did not sign up for this one. I called customer service and the "gentleman" informed me that it must have been included in my introductory package for free the first year and that I would have had to call and cancel it before the grace period ended, which was just 2 weeks ago. Now I'm obligated to pay the full $250 for a sports package I have no intention of watching, ever. The customer service agent offered no alternative solution and was extremely unhelpful. After I leave this apartment complex in March, I'll cancel my DirecTV service and I will NEVER do business with them again. Not only that, I will tell everyone I know to never sign up for DirecTV and I will keep writing reviews like this one to share my horrible experience and hopefully prevent other people from getting scammed."

Rating 2/10

"Bill is getting out of control expensive!! Call to see how I could get my bill lowered. All they offered $5 off for 6 months. I been a customer for 4+year. Or my other option was to lower my TV package. I dont understand why the new customer get a better deal then loyal customers!!"

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