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I wish I could give 0 starts.

"My experience is like most of the other posts. No book. Since it is a textbook and the semester has started, we bought the ebook and we paid extra for expedited shipping. So it is costing me more money. I originally contracted through Amazon which used Textbookrush. They farmed out the order to ErgodeBooks. You would think, that with as these problems, both Amazon and TBR would get it clue. If reflects on them as well.
I contacted TBR and they sent an email to, you guessed it, ErgodeBooks.

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Stay away!!!

"Bought a rare book, no tracking nr. provided, no book arrived, only the same lame email they send to everyone "product lost in transit, excuse for this postal mess", they offered to refund. The same old story - no book to sell, just using people money. And now this rare book is again for sale by them - red flag that they never posted it to me. How can Amazon still allow this fraudulent seller to freely scaming the customers after so many complains??"

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Trusting Amazon I gor them

"Paid 40 CAD for same book I found at Indigo for 20. They claimed shipped what they never be able to pove with a tracking # or even a name of the carrier they used (as every bookjacker do). Finally after 15 days since first rumor they shipped a tracking # is suppled. may be I'll get my book.
For sure my Amazon trust is over and I'll never be a part of the problem again buing through them.

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Rip Off Mechants

"I was searching on Amazon for some out of print books. It seems to be the policy of Ergode Books to ask completely ridiculous prices for anything that is even slightly hard to obtain. And I mean really ridiculous. When I looked they were asking over $5,000 for a book on the Catalan Opening (Chess) by Bologan. THis was especially silly as, although it is out of print, some other vendors still had new copies for around $25.

I went on to buy the Kindle edition for 11.40 pounds sterling!

A little checking revealed several more books at such silly prices. I wonder? Are some people so desperate to get their hands on a book, and so affluent, that they will pay those prices, or do they hope people will look casually and misread where the decimal point is place?

Either way this company has now joined my personal blacklist of merchants I shall never buy from

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Drop ship company with zero integrity and even less customer service.

"This business model should be illegal. Avoid dealing with these sorts of companies, as they have zero accountability."

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No integrity

"I wanted to order more than they showed in stock, so I checked to see if they had access to more, but they said they only had the 5. I ordered the books and waited 2 weeks but they never came. I called them and they said I should have received them, but had no tracking number to validate that they had ever been shipped. They offered to refund or replace but since they didn't have any others in stock they could only refund. 6 days later when I was shopping to find those books at other places, ergodebooks showed they had the same number of books I ordered (but never received) in stock but the price had somehow doubled. I messaged them to see if they would honor their price due to it being their mistake, but they said they could not stand behind prior sales. Save yourself the headache and go with a different company. "

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"Did not ever receive book."

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Nice Book

"I purchased Wild Embers & especially loved that set on fairytales, because like almost everything else in this patriarchal world, fairytales need a major rewrite...Must Read Book. And Service of book was also on time."

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Delay Delivery

"I had orderd The Witcher 3 from was not delivered on the day delivery was suppose to happen...I called support..they told me the issue..and was delivered in 2 days."

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No book..

"They did not give a way to track my book shipment so I emailed to ask when it would it would arrive. Their response was that it should already arrived and it must’ve gotten lost in the mail, first book that’s ever happened to for me."

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Book Never Arrived

"Ordered a textbook from them through I waited two weeks and never received so I called Ergodebooks to see what the shipping number was. I was told that it took a few days to update the shipping info and to wait. I waited another 2 weeks and no book and no shipping information. I called Textbookrush and they said they would handle it but they apparently didn't. So I called Ergodebooks again and could hardly understand the person on the phone. Obviously the person was in India. They offered to replace or refund. I chose the refund but doubt it will ever happen. Thank goodness it was only $25. Do not buy from them on any site. My past experiences with Textbookrush have been great but this reseller Ergodebooks is terrible."

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Stay away from EgodeBooks - careless company.


This is not a reputable bookseller, but a careless & deceitful company.

I ordered a large hardcover book from them, which cost $121. I contacted them three times and asked them to mail it in a box. I was willing to pay extra just to have it mailed in a box. They, however, sent to me in a think bubble envelope. The book arrived very damaged. But Ergodebooks could not care less -- and abebooks does not allow customer to review these scam artists.

Stay away from Ergodebooks. They are not serious at all.

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Book ordered, no shipment

"I ordered a book, was told that it shipped. Two weeks later, no book. I contacted the company, and like everyone else, received a response placing the blame on the shipping service, offering either a refund or to re-ship the book. Waiting to see if it actually ships the second time."

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SCAM! Worst experience ever.

"Ergodebooks sold me a book and expedited service, but they never had the book, never shipped the book, and refused to give me a tracking number. Ergodebooks also changed their stated policy on delivery times during my correspondence with them. Do NOT buy from this seller. It is guaranteed you will be seriously disappointed."

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Selling Items They Don't Have

"Hope you are reading this prior to purchase instead of after. Adding my voice to what others have stated; they are selling books they don't even own. Only AFTER you contact them will they tell you it was suspiciously lost in transit. Funny how they never provide shipping information to begin with; that should have been my first red flag. On further review, this company seems to be running a complete scam and somehow is still in business. Totally unethical. I was so happy I had found a friend a rather hard-to-find book for Christmas, but ... too good to be true apparently. "

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