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Product & services pricing 3.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 3.33/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.92/10
Customer service: 2.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.00/10
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"So disappointed, thought I found another place to shop but EBAY and Amazon have no competition here. Cheap junk sold by some sellers and ETSY does not honor their promise to refund if not "as described". Won't be back."

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You want anything? Find it on Etsy

"I purchase a lot of upscale resale designer accessories and have found ETSY sellers have fair prices, the site is easy to navigate and prices are much lower than some other resale sites. I recently opened a shop on ETSY also, and I can offer my items for less because the ETSY fees are lower than I have to pay elsewhere. They also pay the seller immediately rather than using a seller's proceeds in their extended bank accounts for way to long, and seem to forget to pay sellers unless they have to."

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Deceptive Business Practices

"Recently I purchased a shirt from an Esty seller (By Way of Faith) that not only arrived in a completely different style than pictured, but also had irregular shaping and hanger bumps in the arm and shoulder areas.The advertised photo was a jewel neck tshirt. What I received was a V-neck tshirt. The shirt was purchased to be worn in a professional photo session, not to mention for my official birthday gathering. In short, the quality of the shirt was poor and very masculine looking and not at all up to par with the hundreds of stock photos listed on the website. Upon receiving the shirt I immediately contacted the seller and told her my concerns about the style and irregularities in the shirt. I was humble in my approach in stating that I would like to reach a conclusion that is "fair to both parties". The seller reminded me of her "no refunds" policy and blamed me for not having read the fine print in the product description stating that the actual shirt would differ from the advertised photo. Regarding the hanger bumps, the seller was very defensive stating multiple times that they "don't use hangers" and recommended that I merely "iron" the shirt to "get the wrinkles out". I wrote to the seller multiple times and requested a refund. The seller was extremely rude and unprofessional and ignored my emails. I mailed the shirt back to the seller and consulted with an Etsy rep who explained the review process and informed me that Etsy does not interpret quality and that the seller was covered because of what was written in the details of the product description. Having gone back and read the reviews and responses that the seller had left for negative reviews; I decided to give the seller an honest review with a 4 star rating to ensure that my review was not compromised. I contacted Etsy before and after my review and was told that it did not violate any Etsy policy. After posting my review I started to receive harassing emails from the seller. Not only was she upset about the review, but from there she made personal attacks against on my character calling me names like petty, dishonest, and a bully. I emphasized to the seller that I did not want to be contacted again. The seller threatened to file a formal complaint with Etsy and the following day my review was removed. I then opened a case and contacted Etsy numerous times. Opening the case opened the door for further insults from the seller who was now more confident and aggressive in her approach bragging about her five star ratings and volume of weekly sales. The dialogue was very abusive and upsetting to the degree that I closed the case to stop the flood of negative messages I was receiving. In a very emotional phone call with an Etsy rep I explained that all I wanted to do was look nice for my 45th birthday. I am a customer who went online and purchased a tshirt. The shirt was hideous and was too embarrassing to be worn in my photos or much less my birthday celebration. I spent my birthday week looking for other clothing options at the last minute, coupled with engaging in negative banter about a shirt that is visibly not up to par with the stock photos (even the v-necks) advertised on the merchant's webpage. When everything was said and done I received correspondence from Etsy stating that my review was removed because I violated policy by giving a negative rating with a 4 star review. I received a separate email stating that the case that was reopened was now closed because I violated Etsy's policy by mailing the item back to the seller without an agreement. The seller contacted me to inform me that she rejected my return and that I was no longer able to purchase from her shop because I am a "dishonest bully". So as it stands, I'm out $32 for a shirt that is masculine and irregular. I have been insulted and verbally attacked by a seller. And worst, I am not allowed to share this experience with other unsuspecting customers. This seller has mastered the art of using the Etsy system to her advantage. She purposely does not post actual photos of her products. She has a strict no refunds policy. She harasses customers in her messages and review rebuttals, and files complaints against buyers to have negative reviews removed. This seller definitely knows the system and will go on to do this to another customer. As a customer I am left feeling like I was punished for simply expecting to receive what I paid for. Clearly I am not well versed in how to get over using the Etsy system. Nor am a bully. My hope is that this seller will not be allowed to continue to ruin people's memories. To say the least, the stock photos versus the products she's sending out is questionable and extremely deceptive.I attempted to convey this to an Etsy representative, however it fell on deaf ears."

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Buyers beware

"Buyers beware, I never received my order. They charged me anyway. They did not provide any tracking information. I had to go to my band to start a refund. Terrible experience. I will never shop there again."

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Buyer: research the Taxes recipient will have (and hassle) if sending to Europe

"Mailing to Germany from Etsy / JFJones was less than a happy experience. I’m posting this as a heads up to anyone considering making a gift to someone in Europe – review the process carefully. In summary, the recipient had to spend $60 in taxes, and took 2+ hours to fetch the item. (plus it took over a month to arrive, and if the recipient had not been home, the package would have shipped back to the US).
>I purchased a larger mobile on Nov 30, 2017. The item listing notes “VAT included (where applicable). Shipping within the US was free, shipping to Germany not. After I made the purchase, the receipt includes an additional comment “Additional duties and taxes may apply.” (see link below). The receipt “marked as gift”.
> Received notification of shipment on Dec 12, 2017 as three day priority mail. A different note mentioned “having it in a 6-10 days”.
> The Tracking (USPS via Etsy) provided updates including “Customs clearance processing complete” on Dec 23 and showed the item as “delivered” (no details as to not delivered to the “shipped to” address on Dec 30, though the recipient had not received the item.
> On Jan 4 2018 the recipient received a letter from Customs that after 10 days they would be charged a holding fee and in total 14 days (from Dec 30) before it would be mailed back. There was no warning of the process in the tracker – recipients could have been on a winter vacation and missed the time window.
> Customs officials stated that the package did not include the proper documentation to show this was a gift, therefore they had stopped delivery to demand a tax payment. Giving them after the fact the documentation I received from Etsy did not suffice. However, I think the cost ($225, and $42 shipping) was likely the determination for the tax of about 50 Eurp/
> Though the sales page notes ““VAT included (where applicable)” if you dig into Etsy you find a disclaimer (plus post purchase the receipt I received included “Additional duties and taxes may apply.”). The link includes the following: “When a package is shipped internationally, it may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These charges will typically be due once the shipped goods arrive at the country of destination. Please note that certain countries may require certain documentation before the items are sent. If the necessary information is not provided, this may result in delays in the order. Most sellers on Etsy are unable to predict which of these fees, if any, will be applied, and Etsy does not expect sellers to calculate or collect these fees or taxes. This information should be clarified in sellers' shop policies”.
The item itself is lovely. Just note that it will come at a much higher price and hassle for the recipient.

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Never received item

"Will never use Etsy again...this is a scam...ordered this on Dec 6...says was shipped by shop Dec 8th...It is now Jan 3rd and still not here...according to tracking info - still in country of origin. Etsy will not do anything as the shop owner shows it as shipped. Who knows if they really shipped item or not. It was a Christmas gift. Now shop won't respond, I have no item and no refund. I will be going through my card company to dispute. What a nightmare and Etsy has TERRIBLE customer service."

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Past experience

"Last time I bought somentthing on Etsy I didn't have any problems, but it was many months ago. Perhaps, in the meantime, company's policies have changed and this would be the reason of so many negative reviews.
I bought several items from different sellers and they always arrived on time and well packaged. I remember wwo items in particular because I loved them: the sellers have been very helpful and have personalized my order.
I hope that Etsy will become a better place to shop.

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Deletes bad reviews!

"I ordered a custom knitted hat in colours of my choice from GetHookedCrochet143, Rose Alia. The seller sent me something COMPLETELY different and in the wrong size. Sellers on Etsy are not obligated to correct the order and send you the colour/size you paid for.
Etsy removes any bad reviews from the seller, guaranteeing them high ratings, so you can easily be scammed! Even if your review meets their criteria (no bad language, harassment, discrimination...) the user can delete it just because they don't want to have any bad reviews on their site.
Also, the seller keeps sending me harassing emails calling me fat and ugly, and saying that's the reason I don't fit into her items (nothing is her fault)... I'm 5'2" and 102 lb!!! She just cannot accept that her item doesn't fit, and Etsy accepts this behaviour from their sellers. The dispute has ended but the harassment continues.

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Deceptive Ad Picture

"I ordered a bracelet that had a charm either in silver or gold. I ordered the gold. When I received the purchase, I contacted the seller about my disappointment. I was asked to send a picture which I did. I was asked what kind of lighting was used to take the picture and that the charm was a pale gold which it clearly was not. Even sent a photo of the ad picture which was stunningly different. I know the difference between silver and gold and I felt like by being questioned about my lighting (which was taken in my home and also outside daylight) that this person was not about to make a customer happy. I was a manager for over 10 years and would never question a customer if they were unhappy. I would go out of my way to remedy the problem. I have not heard from the seller in over two days, so now I am being ignored. I guess I am stuck with what I received which was to be a Christmas present for someone very special. Might I add that the quality of the bracelet leaves a lot to be desired. On the back of the charm were black spots that do not come off!"

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Not buyer friendly at all.

"I first began buying on Etsy over a decade ago. It was a wonderful experience, up until about 3 years ago that is. It seems quite a few of the shop owners that are now on Etsy are dishonest and basically selling items online that they could never sell in a brick and mortar shop. I have received items that are chipped, cracked, etc. that was never mentioned in the listing and I certainly did not pay discounted prices them either. Most recently, I purchased a SET of four drawer pulls from a shop owner on Etsy. Well, the seller decided "he did not intend to sell them as a set, but individually. That was not what the listing said at all. He was very nasty and immediately cancelled my order. I reported him to Etsy customer service. The representative apologized on "behalf" of the shop owner, but the actual shop owner was not reprimanded whatsoever. Etsy admitted that they "might" have to talk to the shop owner if any other buyers report him. The name of the shop is Zarahs.

On Etsy, it appears the shop owner is always right. As a buyer, you have no recourse. Etsy will simply not do anything on a buyer's behalf. If you receive a broken or damaged item...well too bad if the shop owner will not make it right. The same goes for a shop owner changing his mind about selling an item for a certain price or items as a set...too bad for the buyer.


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"Fair Warning to anyone that thinks ETSY is a "cool" place to shop. Had a seller put glass in a box without proper wrapping for $134.50 and ship it. Of course it arrived broken. Here's what happens next with this site:
1. I contact ETSY seller "SHORTPANTS" to tell her the packing was not sufficient - she tells me I broke it and ignores any request for refund.
2. I contact ETSY "customer service" get form emails but never get any response from a human. This was over 2 weeks ago, and they have never contacted me.
3. I file claim with AMEX after figuring out I'm dealing with a scam artist. AMEX refunds me. Again ETSY never responds.
4. I close the claim and give negative feedback. ETSY REMOVES negative feedback. I you check you will find it very rare that anyone in fairyland (ETSY) ever had negative feedback.
I will never buy anything from this site again. Their support is nonexistant, unless you are a dishonest seller, then you have it. If it were not for paying with AMEX or Paypal you are screwed. At any rate how fair is it that such a seller gets to keep my money?????

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Rubbish Customer service who only care about sellers

"Anyone new to Etsy needs to be aware that when it comes to buyers they couldn't care less. I opened a case against a seller after waiting nearly three months for an item I'd paid for to arrive. I did this because the seller claimed that I was being unreasonable to expect to have received an item sent from Canada to London in that time period and assured me that I just needed to be patient. After checking the shipping times between Canada and the UK, I realised the seller was being less than honest, especially as they could not furnish proof of postage receive a . I believed that Etsy would agree I should receive a refund. However, a short while later I received a form email from an Etsy customer support person telling me that they decided in the seller's favour, as they had an admin number which was proof the item had been sent. I queried what an admin number was and was sent another form email this time claiming that the seller had shown them a tracking number as proof. This was news to me as the seller had told me that a tracking number was not available. I contacted Etsy again and this time was told it was not a tracking number but a 'shipping receipt' When I asked what that was, I was given a very convoluted explanation, which basically boiled down to the seller having printed off a shipping label from Etsy. I pointed out that was not proof that the seller had actually posted the item, just proof they had printed off a label and that I wanted to see proof of purchase. The Etsy representative tried to use the confidentiality excuse before admitting they had actually seen a proof of purchase. In other words, despite their 'investigations,' they had done no more than look to see if the seller had printed off one of their labels. I fail to see the purpose of inviting users of the site to open cases when they clearly can't be bothered to actually investigate. Instead they simply wait a few hours before emailing a draft email. The three I received from three different representatives were identical. But don't take my word for it, check out the scores of bad reviews they racked up and judge for yourself."

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Disgusted. Greedy, Unreasonable Corporate BS.

"I was a seller for years on Etsy. This past summer I ran into some serious family issues which put me behind on a few custom orders. Etsy decided to permanently close my store after a warning the month prior. I caught up on all orders and absolutely always communicated with my customers who mostly understood and were usually just questioning when they filled a "item not received" complaint. Now, my shop specifically stated sometimes items might take longer because of waiting on materials. It was literally not more than 5 complaints total. I even created and shipped $300.00 worth of items while Etsy held my money. They gave numerous excuses as to why, stating they would hold it for 6 months incase there was a return. No my return policy is 7 days. They have no right to not pay me for work I've done. They simply do not care for the small business owner period. Those handful of issues never seriously affected my business. They have no concept of the human reality that is, life gets in the way sometimes", you bounce back. But NOPE, they don't see that. They have no respect for the time and effort you putting into setting up shop. They think it is ok for "them" to dictate whats reasonable. Sorry Etsy there's other venues who don't make excuses for bad business policies and practices."

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Corrupt and unfair company

"Our shop was

We were doing great, we had over 500 sales with every review being 5 stars (literally all of them). Our customers were super happy and we loved the marketplace. Then one day Etsy Legal contacts us and asks us about our process.

We then proceed to send them over 180 photos of everything we do, our handmade process of creating our rings. We hired a manufacturing company to purchase our ring blanks and inlaid our own raw materials into them, completely following Etsy's policies.

The next morning after I send the email over with all this evidence, they close our shop down and suspend it. I ask for a reason why, and they won't give me one. They just tell me that I'm not allowed to sell anymore and that I won't be receiving anymore responses from them, absolutely awful people. In the face of overwhelming evidence they won't reopen my shop. With the push of a button they closed off all earnings for my coworkers families and livelihood.

I used to respect this company and marketplace, I truly did. I didn't even go on any other marketplaces other than Etsy, I was loyal and followed the rules, but that still wasn't enough.

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Horrible service and waste of time

"I received 3 pieces of furniture from a company called Lodgetoloft. Two of them arrived damaged but all of them were made incorrectly and out of cheap material and would have been unusable reguardless. I filed a claim with Etsy and spent weeks arguing my case back and forth with the Seller. After waisting weeks of my time, Etsy said they could not rule in my favor because the items were damaged in the mail. They obviously did not read any of the documentation I presented because one item was not damaged, which I had mentioned repeatedly. By then it was too late to file a claim for just the one undamaged item because it had taken so long for them to review and because the Seller had taken 4 months to ship me the items. After it was denied I wrote to Etsy's management to explain why it was past the deadline of filing, that all the items were unusable, that the Seller had not filed a claim with Fedex and refused to sign a waiver to let me do it, and that I had found proof that the Seller had plagiarized and had used someone else's photos on Pinterest to advertise what they had sold me. The response I received back was more of the same. I received no help whatsoever. So they protected the Seller who had charged me almost $2,000 for 3 items I couldn't use and refused to file a claim with fedex or give me any kind of refund. They say they document it in the Seller's file but that does nothing to give me my time or money back."

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