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Horrible Company...

"Fandango is a horrible company. I used Groupon tickets to go to a movie on my sister's birthday. It ended up we met friends up at AMC and found out that they changed their seating and now you have to reserve all seats. So some of us had pre-purchased tickets and some did not, but all seats were taken except for the first row, which we said we would take. We couldn't even have to those seats because they couldn't refund us for Groupon and Fandango, so they could recharge us at regular price. I was told by the AMC manager that Fandango would refund my money since we were leaving to go to another theatre, so we could sit together.

I called Fandango right away (in the theatre) and sat on hold for 45 minutes on the way to the other theatre, so I hung up when we had to go in for the show. I called back 3 days later, because I work day and night (2 jobs) and they told me that I called an hour later than I said because they go by Eastern time, so I could not get a refund because it was after the show started.

I was told a supervisor would call me back in 20 minutes because she was on break and I never got a call back.

They can eat my $6.18 and I will never use their service or Groupon (if it has to do with Fandango) ever again.

I work in CS too and I understand that rules are rules, except there are actual loop holes in certain circumstances. They can see I never picked up my tickets and used them. They are thieves.

Helpful Cool



"HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE... I purchase 3 tickets to the wrong movie I try to get my money back and it was imposible to do it I call customer service they told me to leave my name and number and they call me one hour and half later and they told me they can’t help me because the movie already started.. and I lost my money

Helpful Cool


fandango ripoff

"I purchased 2 tickets to a theatre nearby but because of a problem at fandango the could not sent me ticket confirmation right away. Came time to go to the theater, still no ticket. We went anyway, bought tickets at the theater and watched the movie. When we returned home, there was the confirmation on my computer e-mail but too late. Tried to get a refund from fandango and waited 45 minutes to talk to an agent Since the movie had already run, no refund. No more fandango for me, take my chances at the theater. They are just too money hungry!"

Helpful Cool



"I ordered 4 tickets to see "The Incredibles 2" in 3D! When we found out that it was inappropriate for young children, we decide to get a refund. I mistakingly thought my husband told me to put the entire amount in the Fandango Credit ($56), but he misunderstood me. So, I called the next day to ask of they could refund that exchange credit back to our PayPal because of the misunderstanding, because we hardly ever go to movies. The guy pretty much told us that once it's been placed in the Fandango Credit, that they cannot do a refund. (This was a little confusing to me considering its THEIR credit system, so you would think they would have the ability to refund it..especially of it was done by accident)
So I got a little upset at him, and he said he would send my request up to corporate and that I would hear something back by email within 24 hours. I checked my email about 30 minutes later and already had a response from corporate, DECLINING my request for a refund. I looked at the time stamp of the email that I received, and it was literally timestamped for 10 minutes after I got the call back from Fandango to present my issue. So, that showed me that the guy I talked to on the phone was probably the one who sent me that email claiming to be corporate. My husband is going to call today and speak to them again, since they didnt return my call after I called back following the email response.

Very dishonest company who could care less about customer service and more about taking your money!!

Helpful Cool


Computer errors

"I used points earned through my job and the rest I paid with my debit card. The night before I wanted to go to the movies, I purchased the online ticket. On Fandango website, I touched the screen for Friday and went through the process to finalize...it actually set me up for...THURSDAY! I didn't know until it sent me an email asking me how was the movie, well it was Friday and I had not been yet! I called and got a foreign accent, could barely understand, and I was told that because Fandango already paid for the seat and there was nothing that can be done about it! She didn't care that I said I will never use them again, either!"

Helpful Cool


Poor Customer Service Towards Theaters

"I attempted to use a free movie ticket code at Fandango, but you can’t just print out a ticket and bring it to any theater!!!! No, if you don’t have Malco or AMC you’re doomed. At first I thought it was my local theater company’s fault for not having tickets for sale online. After contacting the theater I found out that they have tried multiple times this year to set up an account with Fandango, but no one from Fandango responded or were helpful. So it’s not their fault, but rather Fandango’s. I would highly suggest to the company of Fandango to work on customer service and making sure major cities are represented by AT LEAST one theater before partnering with huge companies like Juicy Juice to provide free movie tickets. Especially if said theaters actually contacted your company and are having to apologize to movie goers all day long for not being able to accept free movie tickets. "

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Don't Use FANDANGO or their gift cards

"I purchased two movie tickets using my Fandango gift card and incorrectly enter a wrong email address. I never received the tickets and had to cancel the tickets before the movie show time. I have money sitting against the wrong email account "xxxxxxxx@yahoo.com" which I can't access, this account DOES NOT EXISTS! Most website have you enter your email account in twice to verify but your poorly created site does not, this might help prevent errors in the future. I have an Exchange refund number but there is no place to enter this when trying to purchase movie tickets, again. I have spent so much time JUST to get movie tickets that once my gift card has been used up I WILL NEVER USE FANDANGO AGAIN! Spread the word on their poor website and customer service.
I called there customer service yesterday and the guy said it was only $14.00, like no big deal I lost $14.00 trying to use your service.

Helpful Cool


No customer Service ph number when needed

"I ordered four tickets online. And the fourth party did not show. So I looked to cancel. So I went into my email to look for the phone number on my receipt, there was no phone number. So I went into website , Still no phone number but a link to a live chat which ended up being over 35 minutes. I had to go into the live before the movie started, And of course I was on the subway so I lost connection. So I went back to the live chat while the movie was going. Still can I get a refund. If the phone number was on my receipt I would’ve been able to access an agent immediately! They lost a customer for ever and I’ll never go back! "

Helpful (1) Cool


Will never use Fandango again

"Bought 7 tickets and had a family emergency (wife is pregnant and we had to go to the doctor) In the middle of this I called and tried to chat with someone to get credit only not even a refund, all I wanted was credit so we can go a different date. The chat was was saturated and same on the phone so the time of the start of the movie went past. I sent an email explaining the situation and they would not credit. Will never buy from fandango anymore. "

Helpful (1) Cool


Fees, fees, and more fees

"My kids got a gift card for Christmas. We just used it...tickets were more than in our local theater (only .50, but times 5). Then, we went to check out and there is a $1.50 "convenience fee" per ticket! So, for the "convenience" of not being able to buy tickets at the theater but having to go to their website and jump through all of their hoops to purchase for the right movie and time at the right theater and then get the tickets sent to the right device so they can use them to get in, I paid $2.00 more for each ticket. What a scam! I will never use fandango again."

Helpful (1) Cool


No refund issued, even though it was THEIR FAULT

"I purchased two IMAX tickets to a movie. So...PRICEY.

When I arrived at the theater, I learned the movie was cancelled because of a projector failure.. They would not refund my ticket & told me to request one through Fandango.

I tried. Fandango said that the movie had "already started" (it never started), so I could not get a refund.

What a rip off. The additional "convenience fee" was also annoying, since there was nothing convenient about the experience.

It was so frustrating that I haven't used Fandango since. I realize it was an unusual event, but Fandango's lack of customer service is maddening.

I've written Fandango twice and have not received any response.

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Rip off

"I couldn’t make the show and the Cinemark nor fandango will give me a credit nor a refund so that’s $22.00 down the drain y’all are taking ppl money and won’t give it back I’ll never use it again "

Helpful (1) Cool


I want a refund

"I purchased 4 tickets on fandango website to the eclipse movie theater to see black Panther. Went to the theater stood in line . They told us we are to early. You can go into the bar area to wait. I said we have our kids with us. They said we will watch your kids and they will sit over here. Moments later the guy said I just realize you said kids. We can’t have your kids here it’s adults only. And that we need to go downstairs to get a refund. Went to the desk again. And they said we are getting your refund now. The front desk lady said oh but wait did you purchase the tickets on fandango website. I said yes. They said we can’t give you your money back only but fandango. I called fandango at the theater several times. They automatic system came on and said they are closed. Call back tomorrow morning. I was on hold for 2 hours and the system hung up on me. I called back press one so I won’t be holding the phone and they put me on hold. Called me back and put me on hold for another hour. I spoke with a guy at fandango. He explained to me they have to talk with corporate and they will let me know if they can give me a refund. This is ridiculous, we never saw the movie and they want to keep my money . I spoke with another representative over the phone and she said that they denied my request for a refund because it’s after the show. I called at the theater and the fandango office was closed. We went to a 1155pm showing. Why sell tickets for a 1155pm showing and not be open. I want my money back. Don’t purchase movie tickets from fandango seriously. "

Helpful (2) Cool



I was given a gift card for helping my daughter with a problem in the kitchen. I felt so honored to get this from her. I believe Fandango may do this purposely what I'm about to tell you. There would be no reason to list theaters that Fandango gift cards can't be used at. Case and point. Our favorite theater is only about 2 to 3 miles from our house. We looked at the movies through Fandango's web site on the back of the card. We drought up our theater and found the movie we wanted to see. I put the number in and it bought the tickets. We went down to the theater, bought popcorn and sodas. We jumped in line as I had the QR code on my cell phone. When they scanned the QR code it wouldn't work. Come to find out, Fandango automatically sent the tickets to one of the theaters they partner with. No window stating Fandango doesn't partner with or this theater doesn't except Fandango gift cards, NOTHING. The movie theater was in the next town and about 10 miles away. The movie was starting in 15 mins., so we missed the movie. When I went back home I called Fandango and had to wait 1 hour before someone came on the phone. I wasn't the only customer with Fandango problems. I explained what had happened and they said the movie had already showed so we will not give your money or credit to you. I took this to the next step, 10 days later I received an email saying they will not credit this transaction. Remember, no window came up to say we do not service this theater, NOTHING, it just automatically sent the theater to the nearest theater they partnered with. Why would Fandango show a theaters info if they do not service that theater?

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Gift card never worked

"My giftcard was supposed to have $25 on it. When I went to use it it said invalid. called customer service and they said there was nothing they could do. The **** the phone was very unapologetic after I was put on hold for 20 minutes, then placed on hold again for 15 minutes."

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