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    Product & services pricing Rating 0.63/10 0.63/10
    Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.50/10 1.50/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.00/10 1.00/10
    Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Rating 2/10

Terrible product and service

"Sent watch back for repairs 3 times and it came back broken and falling apart twice. They give me $125 e- gift certificate. I spent$79 and now it says I only have$19 left. I spent an hour on the phone to have them tell me she will call me back. Never will I buy from them again"

Rating 2/10

Unbelieveably terrible experience

"I am amazed how terrible my experience has been. I attempted to order about $1200 in gifts for my staff and will absolutely never try to order anything from Fossil again. The first time I tried to place an order I received an email that said I needed to call them to verify the order. After spending 20 minutes on the phone with a customer service rep who clearly didn't know much, I was told that the order was all set. When my order had not arrived after about a week I called customer service and after getting the run around, I was told that there was an issue with my bank and the order could not be placed. My bank had no record of any attempt by Fossil to charge my card, and I had never received any communication from Fossil about an issue. Of course, by the time I called in, half of the items were sold out online. The rep told me that they did have those in stock at one of their stores (about $600 worth of hand bags) but I was going to have to pay $100 to ship them! I explained that my original order included free shipping and he basically told me, too bad. The other half of my order was still fill-able through the online inventory, so the rep took my alternate cc info (I didn't want to have another issue) and placed my order. Two days go by and I get one bag (of 5 ordered) another 5 days goes by and no additional bags. So I call again. Wait time was 40 minutes! I'm guessing because there service is so horrendous. After 40 mins the rep tells me that they were out of stock and so only the one bag was sent. No email or phone call to let me know, again! I will never, ever, ever order from Fossil again. I recommend you do the same and avoid a HUGE hassle."

Rating 2/10


"Ordered an expensive watch that qualified for "2 day expressed shipping". The watch was not shipped for 5 business days. After it was shipped, the scheduled delivery date was another 5 business days. So where is this "2 day express shipping" coming from? Also, good luck getting in touch with anyone. Customer service via the phone is always at least a 30 min wait ( conveniently for them), and emails go unanswered. Emails are met with an automatic response saying will get back to you, but obviously they don't. Till this day I haven't received an follow up email or even received the watch "

Rating 2/10

They took my money without placing the order

"I paid with my card and the order didn’t went though cause it said there was an error, I checked in my statements and they charged me for the order, and the worse part is that I had to wait 40 min the first time I called, and the representative told me I was going to get my money by Friday and I didn’t, so I called again and wait for An hour on the line , and this time they never answer the phone :S and they still haven’t give me my money back ..."

Rating 2/10

Worst service

"I purchased a product online during 30% off sale and was told days later that they ran out of stock even though I could see product online in other countries and also in stores here in Australia. Then customer service didn't want to do anything to help supply product.

Seven days later I looked online again and there the product was. Obviously cant be trusted and you may as well should save your time and not purchase their products as they are probably bait advertising and trying to get you to purchase more products that one and will not deliver the product you probably wanted in the first place.

Rating 2/10

No after service

"I brought my husband his first fossil watch 6 years ago. It was a great looking silver watch and he loved it. So when it was a special birthday 2 years later I brought him a gold coloured one for best. The silver one had a couple of new winders put on then it stopped working at 3years old. The gold one winder fell off and was repaired then the little hand fell off. I emailed fossil on several occasions no reply. Be aware fossil make watches under different high street names. Avoid them. "

Rating 2/10


"chose to build a watch. ordered it Oct 25th it is now Nov 13th. after contacting them through email repeatedly I decided to call them. come to find out the watch I ordered isn't in stock. that's the first time hearing about it not being available. I ordered it for a birthday gift and found out I won't be getting it till 6 months after the birthday. horrible, horrible customer service. I'm so mad right now I could cry"

Rating 2/10

The falling away of a once great watch company

"In July of 2016 I purchased a JR1491 watch from the Fossil store in Florence, Italy. Less than a month later the watch began to not keep time so I went back into the store. They said they needed to replace the battery as a first attempt to resolve the issue. So they took it back to the back room and after a while came out and said they did not have the battery so I either needed let them send it in for repair and it would take probably 2 months to come back or check with another watch store in another part of the city. I told them that a less than one month old watch that has stopped and they cannot replace the battery and then me being out of having the watch for a longer period of time than I had even owned it was not acceptable to me. They kept telling me that was the only solution but after a time the manager told me she would exchange it for a watch of equal value or if it was more then I would have to pay the difference. I had no problem with doing that and felt at least they were beginning to try to take care of me. I ended up purchasing the same watch but this one had a metal band so it was 40 euros more. I paid the difference and felt all was good. eight months later I began to have the same problem again. This model is a dual analogue/digital model. The digital model was still doing fine but the analogue part was losing time. The told me the same battery story and took it back to replace the batteries. After about 30 minutes the young lady returned and told me she had the analogue battery replace and it was working find but she needed more time for the other battery and they were busy and I needed to return in the afternoon. There were 3 employees working and the entire time I was there not one other customer even entered the door. This made me suspect of something wrong. I returned in the afternoon and again there was no one in the store but the lady who was there recognized me. The original lady who was working on it in the morning was no where in sight and she told me she would be there until 7:30 p.m.
The lady brought my watch out and said the analogue was fine now but they tried to replace the digital one (which was working) and now it no longer worked at all. I said to her then you are trying to get me to accept back a watch under warranty that you broke? She danced around the issue and finally said they would send it in for me but again 2 months out. I again asked her if that seemed correct in the fact they accepted it to replace the batteries and they in fact broke it in the process and now I am out the watch for who knows how long? She said we will not charge to send it in. Of course not it is under warranty! We continued for a bit debating this and finally she said ok I will do this for you. I will let you purchase another watch in the store except any smart watch at half price. Really! So now I am back to spending more money again to have a working watch that is the second one in 8 months! I told her the last time I had to spend more but at least they gave me full price back against the new one and she is saying only 50% which means I would be spending well over $200 for a $150 watch and maybe get the same thing in less than a year? She locked down her heals and insisted she would do no more so now I have a watch being sent in for no telling how long if ever I will see it again. My suspicion is that I won't get it back until after the warranty is finished and it will be not well repaired and then when it stops again they will say sorry it is out of warranty. I have owned more Fossil watches than I can remember and so has my wife and family and have always had very good luck with them until now. The attitude of the store and even the Fossil client service people I have wrote to simply says they could not care less about customer loyalty and service. Neither Fossil customer service in Italy or the U.S. even tries or respond to my plea for help. The U.S. side said sorry we cannot interfere with the process from other countries. I ask them if they were not an international company like they claimed and got the answer, "sorry you are not satisfied with our answer". So for all you Fossil owners out there beware. If you have a problem the best thing to do is trash the watch and go buy something else. You will be treated like a low life with no respect at all from the company. If you have not purchased a Fossil yet, DON'T! I need a watch but all my money for one is **** in this mess and no end in sight. May have to spring for a cheap Timex!

Rating 8/10

So Intelligent Watch

"Great Piece of Watch from CityWatches.FR I got Accorder des fossiles montre automatique cadran squelette blanc en cuir brun ME3027 masculin Watch So Beautiful"

Rating 2/10

Fossil Watch Repairs. Dinosaurs when comes to service.

"I am sending this email so that I may express to you my extreme disappointment regarding the manner in which my recent watch repair was handled.

Following is the sequence of events:
· 20 December 2016 – Watch was sent (Registered Post) to Metro Service Centre Frenchs Forest Sydney NSW. Watch face was scratched and needed replacement.

· 18 January 2017 – After nearly 1 month, and not receiving any form of acknowledgement that my watch had been received/repaired, I called the Service Centre. They told me my watch had been received and they had the necessary parts to complete the repair. I was also told I should receive my watch within 2 weeks.

· 10 February 2017 (Friday) – I received an SMS message (past the two weeks stated earlier) telling me my repair had been completed and that I needed to contact Fossil Customer Care to finalise payment of $154. I called that morning and made the payment over the phone via Visa Card.

· 16 February 2017 (Thursday Morning)) – As my watch hadn’t yet been returned I once again called the Service Centre and spoke with ****. I explained to her I paid for my repairs Friday last week and as yet had not received my watch. After three attempts trying to find where my watch was she informed me my watch was sent out two days ago (14 February 2017 Tuesday) and that I should be receiving it within the next couple of days.

· 16 February 2017 (Thursday Afternoon) – I received and email from xxxx Courier Service informing me my watch had been picked up from the Fossil Service Centre for delivery.

· 17 February 2017 – My watch arrived

Your information states to allow 2-6 weeks (14 – 42 days) for completion of repairs. My concerns are:
· It took 59 days for my watch to be repaired and returned. Even the text requesting payment was outside the specified time frame ie. 49 days.

· When I called on 16 February asking about the status of my repair I was told the watch had been sent out 2 days earlier. That afternoon I received and email informing me my watch was despatched today.

I understand there can be hold ups for any number of reasons and if so be honest and just tell me. However, being blatantly misinformed by the Service Centre is not something I take kindly to. It is for this reason alone I am sending this email to express my disappointment with the manner and timeliness in which your Service Centre handled the repair of my watch.

Given the delays and misinformation associated with this repair I will most certainly not be purchasing any fossil products in future.

Rating 2/10

Awful experience buying a watch from Fossil

"I was trying to buy a watch from Fossil.com and tried to do that from 2 credit cards. My orders were denied due to some reasons. Then I check my online banking and see that $100.00 were taken from both accounts, (total $200.00) but I got denied and my order was not confirmed.
I contacted them and they told me I should wait 2-4 weeks for the money to be released. Why? Why did they take my money and denied my order? And why should I wait for 2-4 week for my money to be released? Very bad experience shopping with them. Never gonna do this again. Be aware buying something from their website, otherwise you'd be stolen.

Rating 2/10

"My Son purchased a Men's Fossil Machine Twist Automatic Watch ME1157 which is quite expensive for Fossil standards. He saved half of the year for it and then found it for a decent price at a widely know online store. About a month into ownership it started making rattling sounds. A watch repair shop opened it up and found a screw had broken that held the self-winding mechanism and was a clear warranty repair. I sent it to Fossil Australia and they said they would not fix it as they seller was not "an authorised seller". I asked if the watch was genuine and they said it was but they still would not cover it. They sent back a fairly lengthy explanation that seemed like a canned letter they probably send out on a regular basis. I am very disappointed and after researching Fossil a bit more I will not be purchasing any more items from them."

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a watch for boyfriend for our one year anniversary. Beautiful piece... nice quality. However, I chose to have it shipped to a place other than the billing address (have done this before successfully with other companies.) Fossil actually had me call and confirm that, but the person I spoke to changed the shipping address to the billing address AGAINST MY INSTRUCTIONS and without me knowing even though he said it was confirmed that the addresses were SUPPOSED to be different. Worst part is, the guy didn't even re-enter my billing address correctly. Now I'm in a position where I can not even pick up my order from UPS because fossil entered the billing AND mailing address incorrectly. All in all, the customer service is unhelpful, lies to customers, and I did not even receive the product or a refund for it"

Rating 2/10

"I bought a Fossil bag one year ago and the leather is still very beautifull but all the handels are falling. The screws don't last... The garanty last only one year so I needed to go to a shoes repair store twice and it cost me a lot. I think they lowered their quality with the years. I will not buy another fossil bag for shure."

Rating 2/10

"I bought one watch 8 month ago and it was rated to be water resistant to 100 meters but it flooded in the shower after about 2 weeks. I sent it back to be serviced via Metro Service Center and after about 2 weeks I got the same watch back with no water in it. This time I was careful with the watch and took it off before it would get wet (swimming, showering, etc.) and about a month after this one was received, there was fog forming on the inside of the watch. Apparently this watch is not even sealed enough to keep humid weather out. Eventually the fog condensed enough to form droplets and stain the inside of the face so I sent this one back too. This time Metro Service Center sent me the same watch back again with no water damage and a note that said that the watch was tested for water resistance to 100m. Great. Finally I have a watch that is water tight right? Wrong. Again, moisture accumulated from daily use and condensed on the inside of the watch face. I sent this watch and asked for a different model completely. They were generous and gave me the value of the watch plus a whopping $10 in store credit to use at Fossil. I just got the new watch (model CH2945) about 3 days ago and I loved it. This morning however, I noticed a slight rattling sound and noticed that a marker for one of the hours has come off and is not sliding around on the inside of the face and is hitting the hands and messing up the time that is displays. I am now fighting for a refund of the original purchase because I do not want to send this one back in another 3 times to no avail. I am done with Fossil.

To summarize. I bought a watch, had to send it back 3 times and it was never fixed. I had that watch replaced by a new model and it broke after 3 days of use. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS.

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