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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 10.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 10.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 10.00/10
Customer service: 10.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 10.00/10
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This is an AMAZING service! These guys really know what they are doing...

"This is an AMAZING service! These guys really know what they are doing...and they are a pleasure to deal with. I logged in, created an account, entered my laptop details, and instantly received a quote. I agreed to the quote, and they sent me shipping materials. I received the shipping materials the next day. It was FedEx packaging, well padded, with an included anti-static bag. It fit my device perfectly. With the provided shipping materials, I had absolutely no concerns whatsoever my Razer Blade laptop would arrive safely. I packed everything up using the provided materials and called FedEx for a pickup. After FedEx came right to my front door and picked up my laptop, it arrived at GetCashForLaptop less than 48 hours later. The amount I was quoted was deposited in my PayPal account the SAME DAY. I was pleasantly astonished and absolutely thrilled! The entire process was easy and intuitive and surpassed all of my expectations in every way. From quote to cash took only 5 business days (and it would have been faster had I packed and shipped the laptop the same day I received the materials). I would wholeheartedly recommend GetCashForLaptop to anyone that has a laptop to sell. This is the Amazon of used laptop purchasing services!!!"

Helpful Cool


Fast and easy, better than expected.

"It's my first time selling a laptop, was worry about the process might be tedious at first, it turns out to be much better than expected. There is really no hassle at all, they ship the box to you, pack your laptop into it and drop it off at the Fedex. Once they receive the laptop, the money is immediately transfer to my paypal account. And end of the story! "

Helpful Cool


Excellent and quick

"Excellent and quick. From the time I sent the request til the payout was less than a week. 8"I would use them again!"

Helpful Cool


Super fast and easy

"This was fantastic! I had an old laptop sitting in the back of my closet with a cracked screen. This company sent me a box with bubble wrap to send the laptop to them and I was paid within a couple of days of sending the laptop to them. Super great and easy to deal with. Would definitely use again. "

Helpful Cool


Don't doubt Getcashforlaptop

"I was a bit skeptical going into my transaction with Getcashforlaptop as I've heard stories about other laptop buying sites.
However, I can tell you this transaction was completely legit and risk free. I filled out the form and got an estimate for my Asus gaming laptop and within three business days got a box to ship it to Getcashforlaptop with a prepaid return label. Shipping costs nothing and within three business days they had it (I was watching tracking like a hawk). Within two hours of them receiving the laptop, I got the full amount deposited into my Paypal account (less the fee Paypal charges).
Couldn't be easier. Don't doubt Getcashforlaptop. It's a legitimate laptop buying service and they make it easy by providing you a return box if needed and paying the shipping.

Thank you!

Helpful Cool


Super Fast and Super Easy!

"This company is great on doung business. They stick to the price that they offer you when making the exchange. Couldn'tbe any happier with this company, I am definitely going to do business with them again! "

Helpful Cool


Reliable, easy, fast, and legitimate business

"Spoke to a representative about a few concerns I had and they answered everything exceptionally well. Especially had quick responses and very informative on what needed to be done. Just be honest and straight forward. I got everything I needed and it was super quick to get a payment for my laptop. I do recommend this service!!!"

Helpful Cool


Fast, easy, legit.

"I've had trouble with laptop buying services in the past, but GetCashForLaptop is quick, easy-to-use, and hassle-free. Definitely planning on going to them in the future! "

Helpful Cool


Best quote out there!

"Out of all companies they give you the best quote and respond quickly "

Helpful Cool


Great Company! Very fast and easy!

"Very fast and ligit. I got my money via paypal the same day they received my package, and made sure I got it! Very helpful and responded to questions really fast. A++"

Helpful Cool


Easy, Efficient, & Fast

"I had an old Sony E Series laptop with a detached screen. I had already replaced my laptop and was not sure what to do with the old laptop. I researched online and came across GCFL. I compared their offerings to other websites and they gave me the best quote. I sent in the device and the same day they received it is the same day they sent money to my PayPal."

Helpful Cool


A Very Reputable Company that provides you an Awesome Service.

"I am a type of person who always researches about a company in-depth before using the service.I highly recommend any people who are reading to use this service without any worries. The quote you see, provided you mentioned every information honestly is what you are going to be paid for your used laptop.

My story:
I was trying to resell my laptop for quite a while. After reviewing all the services and experiencing bad customer service from Dell's "Reuse and Recycle Program", I stumbled upon "GetCashForLaptop" company. At a first glance, they looked pretty reputable with high BBB reviews. I also got an awesome too good to be true deal from GCFL, who quoted my laptop for $180 (80% more than other services). I had a hard time believing so, I called the company and confirmed the quote.

A very polite gentlemen with Russian"ish" accent picked up my call. He assured me that the quote, company, and the services they provide are 100% legit. I then proceeded with the online quote, got my free shipping label and sent in my laptop. They received my laptop in 4 days and I got paid on the 5th day instantly via PayPal.

My Quote Details:
Brand: Lenovo
Model: IdeaPad Y410p
Cosmetic Condition: Poor
Functionality:Works fine with no issues (!)
Quote: $180
Quantity: 1
Total: $180

Please do not confuse Cashforlaptops.com for getcashforlaptop.com. While I was looking for the reviews one, the google showed me reviews for Cashforlaptops.com and I nearly thought they were the same company. Cashforlaptops.com is a scam. Getcashforlaptop.com is the reputable company that holds their promise.

Do your deals with Getcashforlaptop.com, I promise you that you won't regret. You will not find any other better buy-back deal for your laptop that is more convenient than Getcashforlaptop.com. I also strongly urge you guys to help promote this company, because what they are doing is good for your pocket, and the environment.

Thank you Getcashforlaptop.com.

Helpful Cool


Very bery happy with this company!

"Very impressed with the entire process, they provide all shipping services as well as boxes. Responded quickly to emails and provided prompt payment!:)"

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"Last year I bought a cheap lap top, and ran into a major software issue, mainly I had more space on my SD-card than the hard drive. So I decided to upgrade. This company was one of the first in the search results. They sent me a postage paid box, accepted my lap top, and put the money in my pay pal account in 2 weeks. I'm very happy. It's made a good dent in paying off my new lap top!"

Helpful Cool


Faster than expected!

"I was given a laptop for my teenager to use with the catch it didn't have a cord for it. When all the prices I could find to get a cord for it were costing me the price for a used machine I decided to check in to how much I could get for the machine. With the best price came the offer for a box to ship it in and money right in to my paypal account! The box arrived quickly and I sent the laptop off with no issues. FedEx quickly did there thing and I had money in my paypal account the same day the machine arrived. Very pleased with my experience and plan to share with friends and family that horde old broken electronics!"

Helpful Cool

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