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Best Comic Ever

"I read this comic when I was six. It has been my all time favorite comic book series ever. GoodGuyComics Unite!"

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"I ordered a set of shot glasses, was charged but never received them, and my email asking what happened was never answered. By that time, it was too late to dispute my Paypal purchase. Do these guys even still exist, or is their web site taking payments automatically?"

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"Took payment immediately. Never sent tshirts. Never answered phone calls. Never answered emails. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE - TOTAL SCAM!!!

Luckily I used PayPay who have a great escalation procedure and I was refunded the total amount.

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"Just like every other reviewer here, I paid them for a T-shirt, never received anything, never could get them on the phone or a response to my email, and am still waiting on some sort of refund. DO NOT SHOP FROM THESE PEOPLE. They are crooks."

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"Submitted my order for shirts in October of last year. Waited for them to show as shipped, didn't happen. Contacted PayPal, but to no avail. Contacted the Better Business Bureau, no responses. I have now sent this issue to the Atlanta Police Department and will follow whatever steps they need to either shut down this business or throw the people who run this store in jail."

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"We ordered for Christmas gifts on 6 December and payment was taken immediately. It is now 21 December and there is no indication our order has shipped. We will have a disappointed young man if GoodGuy Comics fails."

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"I hope people read this before they order from this guy! Ordered shirts for an event 30 days before, never got the shirts. When I started emailing him to find out how to get a refund it was only then that they actually shipped. I sent the shirts directly back without opening the package. I never got any refund and the company clearly has a policy on there site!
TERRIBLE customer service! Plenty of other places to purchase comic products!

Helpful Cool


"Wish I had seen this before ordering. Ordered T-Shirt, paid through paypal on May 14, 2013. 2 emails and 1 phone later and still the company will not respond or send my shirt. Paypal will not resolve through normal channels since I took longer than 45 days to report while I was hoping to receive my shirt. I complained to PayPal that they are dealing with a company that does not ship the goods paid for. They are investigating. Hope they shut down the account. Going through credit card company now to get money back, also filing claim with Better Business Bureau and may consider calling Atlanta Police Dept where they are located. Right now this company is nothing but an online thief - taking your money for nothing. "

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"The only good service I got out of this mess was PayPals claim service I filed against ggc. PayPal told me I did the right thing by filing a claim, and I wish I had read the reviews. This is some jerk off that must have gotten in over his head with his whole "online t shirt" store idea, but he's still making money because unfortunate people like us think its still a business, when in all reality it's probably just some total f**kwad in his moms basement. Should never have come here. DO NOT BUY FROM GOOD GUY. He's a tool."

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Read the review

they take your money
They do not ship you your purchase
They do not answer their phone
they do not respond to emails

if you buy from them, you'll wind up disputing the purchase with PayPal or your credit card - i cannot understand why PayPal continues to let them be a vendor


Helpful Cool


"I had ordered a shirt from them from their website in Dec. 11' and had to wait three months before anything got resolved. During that wait I had to contact them through email extensively with no type of response, and since they do not pick up any of their calls. Then I found and started emailing their ebay account but I still didn't get a response from them. It's not until I filed a dispute with them through my bank and Paypal that I got some results. And I still had to wait for the claim to process. Reluctantly I received my order but only because Paypal was gonna refund my money or close their account. Please guys do yourselves a favor and stay away!"

Helpful Cool


"Reading the other reviews, my experience was not an exception to the norm. I ordered a sweatshirt on Dec 31, 2011 and after a month I'd received no further information except for an order confirmation. I sent them an e-mail regarding it on Jan 14, Feb 7 and Feb 6, and got no response. Finally, on March 3, I received and e-mail saying my order had been shipped. This is the worst customer service I've ever encountered. They give you two e-mails you can contact, neither of which have responded to any messages sent then, and they also give you a phone number. However, the phone number just leads to a recording stating they don't answer phone messages and the best way to contact them is through e-mail. Never using them again and I wouldn't recommend them unless you like waiting for three months to find out if you're getting your order."

Helpful Cool


"I would recommend NOT buying anything from this place. I ordered a shirt from their website on December 16th. A month later I had not heard anything and had not received my shirt. I emailed them 3 times with no reply and was about to file a complaint through PayPal. Finally, they sent me an email saying my shirt was shipped, and I did not get it until 8 days later. Highly overpriced and terrible customer service!"

Helpful Cool


"OMG!!! I wish I read ANY reviews BEFORE i wasted any $$ on these guys! I ordered a shirt 12/11/11 for a Secret Santa gift...and its 01/12/12 and I have NOT heard from them except when they took my $$. I've emailed three times...called only to hear a recording. IF you REALLY want to throw your money away...JUST FLUSH IT in the toilet!! At least you'll see it going away!"

Helpful Cool


"After ordering a t shirt and waiting more than a month, the product I received was not up to standard. The print on the t shirt was off centre and not printed straight. They offered a store credit that couldn't possibly be credited to me since I didn't have an account with them, and when I questioned this they stopped replying to emails. It has been almost a month now and they still haven't replied to emails nor have I received the replacement T shirt I asked for in lieu of a credit. By far the worst service I have ever received from an internet store, and research has now shown me that they have done this to other customers before. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE because if something goes wrong, they won't be any help at all."

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