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"This company has the worst customer service we have ever experienced. We place a VERY large order on March 3rd. By July 7th we had only received HALF of the order (many of which were broken and destroyed during shipping), and long missed the deadline for an event for which the items were needed. We tried to reach out multiple times to JKM via phone, of which we were consistently referred to email. The emails answers were never satisfactory, stating hidden terms on their website that prevented them from cancelling our order and refunding the purchase. Their manager did not care at all about our purchase or situation. At no time were we ever notified that there was any sort of back order; the webpage said they had all items in stock. Their website is completely unclear and misleading. Had we known there would be a delay, we either would not have ordered or would have cancelled immediately. After months of requesting a cancellation and refund, on July 7th they conceded to give is a STORE CREDIT for the amount we lost in purchase, $630.32. AT this time the JKM website is INACTIVE. We cannot even use the credit for website purchases! This is a large expenditure for us and it has now been completely wasted."

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"Post removed. Post removed."

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One star is too much

"This company is a scam. I cannot write enough bad reviews. Several years ago I placed an order with this company . . after months and months and multiple emails . . . the order was cancelled. I now had store credit. Woo Hoo. Stupid me, I place a second order . . give them the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, store credit cannot be used for shipping fees (don't know why not, credit is credit), however, I ponied up another $20something for shipping. Same story with the second order. I have requested a cash refund multiple times and they TOLD me they would give me a refund on my credit card . . but . . it would take a month, and of course it never happened. and of course, I no longer have those credit cards. I have finally given up. They have kept over $200 in my money, and I have never received anything. "

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"First, if there was an option for ZERO stars, I would give it to this company. But since one is the bare minimum, and that's what I've gotten from this company, that's what I was forced to give them.

After nearly FOUR YEARS from the time I first attempted to order products from JKM, I NEVER received any of the items I attempted to order (and I ordered several), but I have at least finally been refunded in full for what I paid out of pocket to them. However, nothing can compensate for the frustration and amount of time it has taken to get what was owed me from this detestable company. It is now crystal clear that JKM never had any intention of refunding me my money until I had the BBB get involved as a third party.

I have spent countless and fruitless attempts at trying to get in touch with JKM directly via their website and email, at first to actually receive the products I ordered (which never came), but was always being given some excuse or reason that the lack of delivery or updates on my purchase.

After I no longer needed the products and finally was able to have JKM acknowledge that they were in fact the ones who cancelled my order, I insisted that they refund me in full, which they claimed they would do in a two-step payment plan. Whenever I contacted them after this point, they'd claim they were mailing my refund "very soon," but would never follow through, again citing excuses or some terrible down-on-their luck story that somehow prevented them from refunding me a mere $100.

If you are reading this review because you are equally frustrated and been wronged by this company, know that I was at last able to be refunded for what I ordered that never arrived, but only AFTER contacting the BBB. However, I will NEVER purchase anything through this company again. JKM shows no regard for the customer, making it impossible to call for any assistance, and giving you the runaround via email, throwing out any and every excuse and line to try to get you to leave them alone when they fail to actually deliver what you paid them for.

If you are reading this and haven't purchased from JKM and HAVE the choice, DO NOT do business with this incredibly dishonest company. After reading a sampling of reviews from any other website, you'll find that the mass consensus of this company is incredibly negative, and the customer service is abhorrent. You'll save yourself hours of headaches and fruitless attempts to try to remedy problems that are best avoided in the first place.

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Worst Company Ever!!!

"Please Please read all these reviews before making a decision to order from JKM. This is the worst company ever and I'm unsure how they haven't been shutdown yet for fraud. Our order took over a year to arrive and this was after weekly attempts to expedite things. I know this is hard to believe that a company would take a year to mail out your order but it's 100% the truth and I wouldn't even consider them a company!!! STAY AWAY!!!"

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JKM ribbon do not ever order from them

"i placed an order in mid august. Of course they take your money right away before shipping. It is now Oct 31 and still hasn't shipped. I TRIED TO CANCEL AND THEY SAY ALL SALES FINAL. HOW CAN ALL SALES BE FINAL WHEN THEY HAVN'T EVEN SHIPPED ANYTHING. Promises not met. I WISH I HAD RESEARCHED THIS SUPPLIER PRIOR TO ORDERING ANYTHING"

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DO not order from JKM Ribbon!!!!

"I ordered ribbon from JKM in Sept 2014 and again (stupidly) in May 2015 after multiple excuses having never delivered the goods, in 2016 I got a store credit which does NOT work. I will NEVER order from them again and would like to know if it is possible to report them and flag this to all ribbon purchasers out there!!! I get continual emails from them with more discounted offers. Total scam."

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"Oddly enough, Carmela Fusco, President of JKM Ribbon and Trim, seems to think her company is above reproach and that all this silliness about bad service is the fault of her customers and a money hungry Better Business Bureau.

I was supposed to receive a critical shipment yesterday. I had even spoken to customer service (Dom) to ensure that I would have it by 10/28 because my production could not move forward without it. I was assured by him, "We will deliver by 10/28." So I didn't cancel the order as intended. Subsequently, I alerted my manufacturer that I would have everything ready for production by 10/28 and would drop it off on 10/30. I'm a small business owner so every penny and every delay is impactful.

On 10/28 no package arrived by 4pm CST. I went on the JKM website and saw that my order was being processed - not a good sign. So I emailed customer service stating that the package had not arrived and requested a tracking number. At 4:37 CST I received an email stating that the package had shipped that morning followed by a tracking number. While reading this I received an email from USPS stating that the package had been picked up. That email was stamped 4:28pm CST.

So I sent an email stating the obvious, asking when the package was supposed to arrive because I could not yet tell in USPS (it was that new), and asking if they had overnighted it because I needed it FOR Friday. This morning at 10am I received an email saying it would be delivered Friday. Production is delayed.

Realizing that I might need to do some due diligence I looked on the web and immediately found numerous complaints about the company. The BBB of New Jersey has an 'F' rating for them. The NJ.com site has a one star rating for them. The ResellerRatings.com has a one star rating for them.

Granted, I understand that JKM has a unique model to keep prices low. I also understand that "stuff" happens. I'm even impressed that the president of JKM herself took time to teach me about how BBB works, the fact that 2012 had a slow economy with more delivery issues, and the reality of their stats - though I'm thinking those were a little skewed. And had my package gone out on time and been delayed due to USPS I'd chill. Or had their been a natural disaster that prevented my package from going out, I could have understood too. I miss deadlines because life happens. But to disregard my concern, half-ass apologize and then blame everything on me not understanding ratings is just down right ridiculous.

A few of choice lines from Ms. Fusco's email:

"Our production department thought it had to be shipped on 10/28 and in fact did ship on this date. If we were confused on the ship vs delivery date then we apologize for the error." - This took me three emails to get and was followed by a lesson in the evils of rating systems and the BBB.

"Regarding the BBB, we do not support this organization because they require $ to give good ratings." - So I guess the "378 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 55 closed in last 12 months" that the BBB posts on their site is just a lot of bad apples out their trying to bring JKM down.

"For example, if you look up JKM, you will find that in the last year our complaints are less than 1.5% of our total transactions which is a 67% decrease from the previous years when the economy was soft and our suppliers continued to change production dates." - I don't know about you but closing 55 complaints out of 378 just in the last 3 years doesn't sound like a good track record. And the email I got sounded strangely similar to the excuse they gave the BBB in 2012.

AND THE KICKER WAS...."Most of our customers understand back orders and delays in our business. Although the BBB complaints represent a very small number of the order transactions (55 over the last 12 months is less than 1.5%), we take them seriously and respond to each one. More important than numbers is the fact that over 99% of the complaints were resolved satisfactorily." - I would have understood for the above-stated reasons. But I was assured that I would receive it by 10/28. I did not. And now Carmela blames everyone but JKM. Oddly enough, she states that 55 complaints is 1.5% of their business. But that is only the number of complaints that were resolved last year. A YELP reviewer as of today states that they have an outstanding issue from 2012. So which is it?

Again, I realize that issues arise but when 270 of 378 issues are delivery issues - you might want to make sure that the ones that are solvable are addressed and not just swept under the rug. Her words say it all, "If we were confused on the ship vs delivery date then we apologize for the error." She still doesn't own it. How about the fact that Dom assured me that I would have it on 10/28 and now I will have to wait to be put back into the production schedule.

Lesson learned - beware and do not trust them to stand by their promises.

Update: Order didn't show up until late Saturday.

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"This company is the WORST. Just THE. WORST. I ordered trim from them in June and needed it by a deadline. Their "fine print" was nowhere to be found on the checkout page, but it turns out that they sell items based on what is in stock and if it is not in stock it does NOT say "out of stock"or "backorder" They simply just backorder your item and send it after they have enough requests for that item to order more stock from China. Could be one month or one year. When you request a cancellation, they will only give you store credit. They stole $55.88 from me. I paid shipping on an order never received. I have been in correspondence since 6/2015 about a refund. I threw a fit about not wanting their stupid merchandise and wanting my money back. They promised a refund but were having "technical problems" and a "storm blew out the power," etc, etc, etc. My most recent correspondence was 9/1/2015, requesting more info about a refund. "Customer Service" responded that they were having other "problems" and would have the refund within 7 business days. Six weeks have passed. I am the owner of a very small business and the amount of money they stole from me makes a big difference in the balance of my books. Do not do business with JKM Ribbon and Trim. They are thieves!"

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"I too, wish I would have done my research on this fraudulent company before placing an online order. Stay away and buy from someone else! Crooks...."

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"I wish I had read all these reviews before I had placed an order with this company back in July 2013. I never received the order, like many others, and have followed up with them regularly since then. Finally, when they couldn't supply the replacement ribbon they guaranteed they would by the date they stated, they offered to refund my money because I told them store credit would not work for products I cannot get from them. They offered a pay plan over a four month period, with payments to be May through August of 2015. I've yet to see a penny; all I get are excuses that they having web site problems or a rain storm has damaged their computers and files. Never seen a company hit with so much bad luck. As others have said...DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! They are dishonest and will just steal your money."

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"I ordered product November 2, 2012. Still have not received it. I used to get the occasional email thanking me for my patience. Now they just ignore me unless I email them. My last email was December 2014. They told me that they would send what they could. Apparently that meant they have nothing as that is what they have sent. This is not a business. They are just thieves. "

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"I have never dealt with a company so untruthful. I placed my order in june 2014 and now its jan 2015 and I still dont have my order. My responses from the company is "WE are not placing a order for that ITEM until we have so many orders" the didnt say that when i placed my order and es.t shipping for that item was 2-3 wks. They asked me did I want a refund but I had already invested money into my project using their product . I have contacted them multiple times but they keep saying they havent made their order. HORRIBLE!!!!! "

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"I wish I had seen this site before I placed my orders.
I place two orders in Sept, 2014, and one order in November 2014.

Their website says that they ship in 2 to 3 weeks.

It's now been 4 months since my first order was placed, and it STILL hasn't been shipped. They company doesn't have a phone number, and they just keep giving excuses through emails.

I order thousands of yards of ribbon every year from many suppliers (for weddings), and I will never, never order from this company again!

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"Worst company I've ever dealt with. What a mistake. They charged my credit card in September. I haven't received the order! Now, in December, I can't get them to refund the money they've had for 4 months. "

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