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Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 3.33/10
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WTF they canceled my order and did not tell me. I have pets waiting on the crickets and now i have to drive 2 hours away to get some. NOT ha

"I bought Crickets from amazon and they canceled my order and did not tell me."

Helpful Cool


Horrible company and even worse customer service

"I purchased superworms through Amazon from this company. Within a couple days of arriving at my home they were all dead. When I complained, i was told it was my fault that i ordered when the temp was hot. I ordered a larger amount from VM feeders and the temps were the same. Those superworms lasted a month. My dragons enjoyed every last one. They did not even get one of the superworms from Josh's frogs. "

Helpful Cool


OH, PLEASE start breeding other species of tarantulas!!

"I received my Trinidad Chevron tarantula spiderling (Psalmopoeus cambridgei) and he is without a doubt, the healthiest, liveliest, best looking tarantula I have ever purchased...and that includes any purchased in person at a pet store! He was so securely wrapped and well protected, I don't think anything, short of the Postal service actually running over the box, could have hurt him. I have had some fast movers in my time, but this one was GREASED LIGHTENING. Your prices are surprisingly low for such quality items and your shipping is super fast as well as reasonable.

This was currently the only species of tarantula you carry....I am eagerly looking forward to you breeding and selling more quality animals. May I suggest South American Pink Toe (Avicularia Avicularia), Indian Ornamental Black and White (Poecilotheria Regalis) and perhaps Goliath Bird Eaters (Theraphosa Leblondi) as starters....I know I'll be saving up for future purchases. Thank you so much!

Helpful Cool


Great products

"Surprised by all the negative experiences. I have ordered from Josh's Frogs over a dozen times and had never had any issues. Every plant and insect I've gotten from them arrived in great condition. Wouldn't ever order a frog online, so cannot comment on that."

Helpful Cool


I paid for priority shipping with fedex and they sent it ground. Stealing donkies to feed their 3 children.

"Pretty much somes it up hahah filing a claim now."

Helpful Cool


2 dart frogs - perfect condition - went out of their way to check everything

"Warnings are giving on temperatures, they even called to let me know it was a little cold. Recommended steps were giving, package was packed with great care. Frogs arrived healthy and well.

Will def do business again!

- Rich

Helpful Cool


Very poor customer service

" I recently purchased what was supposed to be to producing fruit fly cultures when they arrived neither one was producing anything over the next couple days nothing so I waited to see if the weather may of had anything to do with it did not contact the company waited to see if the cultures would pop they never did when I contacted the company about the issue it took them five days to respond back Once I got there were spots they told me they couldn’t do anything for me because it had been too long since I placed the order very poor customer service will not order from them again"

Helpful Cool



"I recently wrote a review which was negative, at the time I was mad and very hurt. Since the review Josh’s frogs called me and made everything right.This is the Josh’s frogs that I am used to dealing with. I believe in giving more chances to make a situation right. For this reason Josh’s frogs get 5 stars. Thank you Joshs Frogs"

Helpful Cool


Dissapointed, and frustrated

"I ordered wingless fruit fly producing cultures, and waited 5 days. I ended up with, no fly's, dead maggot's, and a soupy mess. They replaced the cultures. 3 days later, one container has 1 fly with larvae moving. The second culture nothing moving, smells rotten, and the media is a soupy mess. I will never by fly cultures from Josh's Frogs, again. I will stick with the The Silkworm Shop, I have never had a bad batch from them. I tried Josh's Frogs to save a couple bucks, bad idea. Thank goodness, I can buy crickets locally. Otherwise my frogs, and praying mantis would have starved. They do have nice live plants, though."

Helpful Cool


Horrible Customer Service

"Bought $200 worth of dart frogs and supplies to set up terrarium at a Reptile show. Got home and one of the frogs was dead and the other died within 24 hours. Emailed the company to let them know about the first frog. They responded within 24 hours and asked for a picture which I sent them that day. I asked to have another frog sent to me. Have sent 2 follow-up emails and have heard nothing. Will not be dealing with them ever again. Found another company to buy the new frogs and supplies- they are doing great. Plan to share my story with organizers of the reptile show, this company should not be allowed to sell!!!"

Helpful Cool


Worst customer service ever

"I ordered mealworms from Josh's Frogs through Amazon. Amazon won't let you write a bad review. Josh's Frogs customer service is horrible. The package was shipped to the wrong address, i got it a week late. The 100 mealworms were packaged in a 4 oz deli/condiment cup, the lid was taped on (poorly) and that was put inside a grey plastic shipping envelope.

Should i be surprised the condiment cup was crushed, most of my worms are dead, and i get no help from customer service. I emailed them, all they would do is ask "have you recieved it yet?" they made no effort to make the situation better. They made no effort to replace the dead worms or refund my money. I asked them for a refund, and they closed my customer care case without a word.

I will never buy from Josh's Frogs again, and i'd strongly suggest everyone else to look elsewhere for the live insect food needs.

Helpful (1) Cool


All dead

"Ordered fruit Flys from them and open the container to feed my frogs and no fly they were all dead I thought I might of been wrong too so I had my girlfriend look and all but yup I spent money on fruit Flys that were all dead "

Helpful (1) Cool


Their time is more important than mine!

"I called Josh's Frogs to ask about ordering hundreds of items. I needed everything for my new business! I mean, everything! Containers, insects, supplements, and more frogs of different varieties. When I called, I got voicemail. I gladly left a message explaining my situation. Two days later, I was on the phone with my daughter's school. I saw that it was somebody from Josh's Frogs, so I reluctantly asked the counselor if I could just quickly answer it because it was important and that I'd be right back. Yes, Josh's Frogs was important! I kindly asked the employee if he could just hold for a few seconds, or if he could call back in 15 minutes. He was so put off by my request that I was inconveniencing him so much that he told me the phones lines won't be available. It wasn't near closing time. I waited two days for them to call me back! And I inconvenienced them? I have since found so many other companies that sell what I need. I actually just spent $630 to get my business started and just got another $1000 to continue purchasing what I need to get started. They didn't get my money. I couldn't bear to waste any more of their time."

Helpful (1) Cool


Amazing experience!

"This was my first purchase from Josh's frogs and I cannot complain. I ordered a bottle of Repashy on Thursday 4/20/17 and it was at my door on Saturday 4/22/17. Seems as though the processing is very efficient. Shipping was free and it was the lowest price I could find anywhere. I would definitely recommend based on the type of product I ordered and I will definitely order again. Thanks Josh's frogs."

Helpful Cool



"I ordered live horned worms and a container of fruit flies from Josh's Frogs. When they arrived I opened the box to find fruit fly media and maggots all over the inside of the box. First thing I did was check the container but it was taped shut and wasn't leaking. There were no flies in the container but it was filled with dead maggots and what looked like soup for media(food). Then I checked the horned worms hoping that they would at least be ok. These things were about half an inch long and 80% were all shriveled up, leaving me about 6 of them. I immediately took pictures and emailed them back telling them what had showed up at my door.
A few days later Shelby messaged me back asking for pictures of the products so I sent her everything I took. Never heard back so about a week later I emailed her again... Still nothing and its been a month.
Horrible service and now I have spent 50 bucks on dead bugs. Never again will I order from Josh's Frogs, there are too many other places that care about their customers and the products they sell. I should have knows from the reviews, guess thats my fault.

Helpful (1) Cool

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