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Rating 10/10


"thank you for such a good blog and I would like to share it on http://hdwallpaperstoke.com

Rating 2/10

"Koolprint lied to me about the deilivery time, They gave false FEdex tracking numbers, the exceeded their delivery time in their own terms. They hide behind their terms so they do not have to be accountable for their actions. Jason, Jack, Nicky & Ron Anderson are all people who I have spoken to and each one hides behind call backs that dont happen, promises that don't materialize. If you are thinking of purchasing from this company run don't walk in the opposite direction."

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Rating 2/10

"Unbelievable. Painful really. I did have a deadline and their terrible service put me past meeting it so I asked for a refund. I have put in over 50 calls and emails the last few weeks to get my money back. They have literally simply stopped picking up the phone or answering my emails. IF I can get them on their online chat, their standard response is "we are very sorry for your inconvenience." I don't know if the service is outsourced or based outside of the U.S. I typically don't have a huge problem with outsourced work, but most of the staff speaks minimal English, has no authority nor decision making skills and basically promises everything and provides nothing. I have reported my case to the Better Business Bureau yesterday. I hope something comes from this but my employer said he will have our lawyer go after them if I don't get a response soon. This company should be shut down...immediately. They are thieves. No business should be able to operate like this."

Rating 2/10

"If you google Koolprint (and i wish i had before i ordered), you will see the many identical complaints about non-delivery of goods and lies, lies, lies. This company deserves to be totally shut down. DISPUTE THE CHARGE WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY. "

Rating 2/10

"ALL - CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANIES ...sorry for the caps, but I am really screaming! These are crooks, full of lies and I have just got them cornerd as lies on paper to what the sent to my credit card company.

IF WE ALL call our credit card companies and request stop payment and an investigation, they will see all the things they do wrong. KOOLPRINT is fraud and they need to see it that way.

If the credit card companies stop the payment to them, it will kripple them.. And with ALL of us having the complaints and everyone from www.koolprintscomplaints.co.uk WE HAVE THE VOLUME to move their business to closure.

Ok, hopefully this makes you call, even if your order was ages ago, your credit card company can still log the complaint against them for not delivering what was promised and paid for.

Virutally yours in the fight!
Let's close koolprint down

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Rating 2/10

"This might be one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. I, like all , were lied to about the shipping times, price and overall. I sensed this company was a scam about 2 weeks in and contaced my CC company to revers the charges. I made several attempts to cancel the order via email, phone and live chat. They actually refused to cancel my order!

I contacted Google and asked them why they support such a company and have met many people online that have been victims of this scam.
There are such better companies out there that I used and get my jobs done in 3 days, high quality and half the price as that scam company kool print.

To be honest, Kinkos is a better option then this place. They are nowhere near a printing place or a company in general. SCAM!

Stay away... stay far away!

Rating 2/10

"HORRRIIIBBBLLEEEEEEE! IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, PLEASE DON'T BOTHER. They are all Liars, especially Bryan, the so called manager. Here are the numbers I have spoken to these jerks on, but I am still attempting to get my $8000 back through credit card company.
By the way, went to their office in Houston, blacked out windows and noone there 2 business days in a row. When I called to speak to them, I asked if they were in the office, Bryan said yes, and I said "great, I'll be right in, I'm 5 minutes away." 5 minutes later, noone was there, SURPRISE SURPRISE! All of the defective boxes I received said Kingdom of Bahrain on them. Did a little research and turns out that that country is entirely surrounded by water and is well known for shipping their products out by submarine to neighboring countries and then to the states to avoid many exporting laws. Child labor laws????? No wonder the product is defective and late.
Bryan- 832-615-9103
Nick/Jose 713-589-3333 shipping dept.

Rating 2/10

"Mine was a small, but important, order. No tracking info was ever listed on the website. I sent emails to too many variants: support@, service@, stacey@, shipping@ Their live 24/7 sales chat is very misleading, and every pseudo-person that initiated chat with me: Jane, Peter, Pam, Stacey, etc, always put me off, e.g. Please email one more time to stacey@koolprint.com. When pressed for how long a response would take, they responded, "shortly". This morning, I found the websites koolprintproblems.com and koolprintcomplaints.com and came to realize the scope of their fraud. Extremely frustrating to behold some people will do anything for a buck. Where is our recourse?"

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Houston, TX
Rating 2/10

"DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH KOOLPRINT. Koolprint took our money in June 2007 for an order of books to be delivered in July. For a month now, we have not been able to get the status of the order and we have no books. We have file a complaint with AMEX to get our money back."

Rating 2/10

WHAT IS THE DEFRAUDED MONEY BEING USED FOR ONE WONDERS ? TYPE koolprint problems into your browser and see for yourself

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Rating 2/10

"My problems started with Kool Print shortly after I ordered from them in March of 2007.

There finally was a point where after reading complaint after complaint that I realized something needed to be done to help everyone who has been victimized by this company so my website www.koolprintproblems.com was created.

Recently we also put up a Blog site www.koolprintblog.com we have linked this site as well as others under the Blogroll feature. Post your comments on this site as well as others sites for maximum readership.

Please take a little time to see how I am approaching this matter.

Rating 2/10

"I order two banners. Koolprint took 3 months to send me one of the banner which arrived seriously damaged because of how it was packed and the quality of the product.
I made a complaint about the banner and they guaranteed me that I will get a replacement along with my second banner within a couple of weeks, plus $100 store credit.
To this date, 28 July 2007, I have received nothing. I have sent email after email to no avail, I received a couple of conflicting responses, one saying that the order was shipped and others saying that it will be shipped next week, that has been going on months.
If anyone knows how I can get back my money for the banners, please advise, I am in the UK and I made the purchase on behalf on my church.

Rating 2/10

"My experience with Koolprint has been a nightmare. I ordered 1200.00 of product, $1000.00 of it paid with a money order, because of a 5% discount that was offered (big mistake) and through duress they eventually delivered 60 pieces of the 1000 ordered (custom magnets). And of those, the quality was unusable. When I have tried to reach them, they only respond if they think they are going to get new business,otherwise there is NO response to my calls. I have reported them to the BBB,and they sent them a letter, with no response. I was advised to seek legal action. Based on my experience, I do NOT reccommend doing business with this company."

Rating 2/10

"This company has now taken thousands of dollars from us and after numerous lies about providing a tracking number and a shipment, we received partial shipment (weeks late) which was completely unusable. Colors were incorrect, glue all over the place, ripped at the bottom.......

The company is now saying they are sending a full shipment which will be delivered on Tuesday. Of course, I don't believe it.

They don't respond to emails, only respond to their online chat when its something they want to talk about, and if you do get them on the phone they are rude and unprofessional.

They promised partial refunds, which we of course, never received.

We have contacted our bank, the better business bureau, and IC3-FBI, which are all investigating.
We have also contacted our lawyer and will be filing a lawsuit if we don't have our product by next Tuesday.

If you are interested in being a part of the lawsuit, please email all relevant information to koolprintcomplaints@gmail.com


Rating 2/10

"Texas Attorney General
Greg Abbott

Dear Mr. Abbott,

We have ordered a product via the Internet from a company located in Texas of whom you should be aware if you're not already.

KOOLPRINT.COM, located in Bellaire, Texas, accepts payment for products that they ship extremely late, partially or not at all. In my case they have twice sent partial shipments on an order more than six moths old. Contacting them does absolutely no good and indications are that this is a front for an overseas operation with no quality control or acceptable level of customer service.

Unbelievably, the company accepts and processes credit cards with no intention of following through on the order. I received and paid my credit card bill months ago and still have not received my order.

It is only a matter of time until a class action suit is brought against them as complaints about them are rampant yet they continue to do business. When I tried to explain my case to them today the online representative told me they are too busy making sales to help me.

You can see at this reputable site, Reseller Ratings, that many, many individuals have experienced similar scams from this Texas company. They make false claims about delivery and should be held accountable:

You can see here that the legal registrant of the domain based in Texas, however, I believe production and customer support are outside of the United States:

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information to help you get this Texas-based company to comply with their promises or cease doing business. There is no way for a new customer to ascertain the treatment they will receive prior to ordering and I do not want this to hapen to others.

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