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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 9.34/10
Chance of future purchase: 9.38/10
Shipping & packaging: 9.34/10
Customer service: 9.47/10
Return/Replacement policy: 9.31/10
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All star site!

"By far the best in the business. Quality is top notch, customer service is prompt and courteous and shipping is lightening fast. I'm a customer for life."

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Awesome Site

" They are the best site to order from. FREE SHIPPING!!! how great is that. Also have reward points.... This is truly the best place to place an order for Kratom!!!

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Excellent Product and Service

"I discovered Kraken about 6 months ago, and have been ordering regularly from them ever since. Kratom is an integral part of my pain management, and Kraken is simply the best company I've dealt with over the 5 years I've been saddled with this condition. Every transaction has gone through like clockwork, and I couldn't be more pleased with the product. I would recommend Kraken to anyone."

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A competitive Kratom retailer with prompt customer service

"I'm one among the many who live with chronic pain + I'm a regular consumer of Kratom. KrakenKratom is a top two retailer in the market. (Only because I've researched, not because I'm a fellow Oregonian!) They're my go-to for Maeng Da White and their customer service is right-on for a company based in holistic health (non-opiod pain management). I'd encourage anyone who's looking for considerable pain relief to inquire with Kraken."

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Kraken has the Best Quality Kratom

"Best Quality Kratom on the Internet and I have tried MANY reputable places. "

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Happy with company!

"I tried meang da white from Kraken Kratom. I am happy with the product. I will be ordering again."

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Great so far!

"Wow! Reading these reviews kinda scares me, however, I have not had a single bad experience with Kraken and will continue to use them as my go to kratom vendor. The website is extremely easy to use, the payments are easy to make (no overseas billing companies or anything weird), and the free shipping is prompt and, uh, FREE! They answer my questions quickly and accurately. IMO, Kraken has earned its stars!"

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Excellent customer support great product

"I'm very skeptical about ordering anything outside of Amazon, however, Kraken Kratom put my mind at ease. Even with a snafu with USPS, they made good on it and sent me another order free of charge! Great, quick and professional. Product is packaged well and is good quality. Thanks Kraken, for turning me into a loyal customer!"

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"FST is really worth the money! Wish it were cheaper though! "

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Red Veined Borneo

" To start out I will river view the store in their excellent quality service because I am new to using Kratom Kraken Kratom was recommended to me by a friend and I have to say it was the best recommendation I received the product arrived in a timely fashion exactly has ordered

Packaged fresh product was visible the smell was exactly as I was expected when I open the package the portion was generous and the product lift up to exactly what the claims of the red Wien packaged fresh product was visible the smell was exactly as I was expected when I open the package the portion was generous and the product lift up to exactly what I expected from Red Vein Borneo Kratom

The most impressive part was that although I had tons of information from the Internet on what strain was the best to use for my severe chronic pain due to a major motor vehicle accident that caused me to sustain multiple fractures and a mangled right knee replacement that the bone damage is too complicated at this time to have surgery to repair

Their customer service aided me as well in making the best choice has a new user to suggesting RVB Has my best choice

As I said before the product couldn't have been better as if I had actually gone to where it had been harvested and obtained it it was so fresh and I have never not needed pain medication in over 10 years and that in itself was miracle

Also with Kraken Kratom their customer service is on paralleled to any industry in this world I have never had such a personalized response to questions that would seem inane to most people but they answer them probably in with the same person following my order ticket down to the last question

I commend them for their patience because my questions ranged daily from dosages to I read this on the net is this the right way to mix it in my customer service representative also help me with the financial transaction with kindness and upfront honesty that type of open honesty from any company is a rarity in today's world and Kraken resolved it and help me take measures with my sissy company to prevent further incidences but none of this slowed my order down it arrive exactly has promised if anyone wants a quality product they have a wide range of selections of powdered leaves capsules and other Products which judging from the number of radians I have seen and testimonials are at least four star or above they will be my go to vendor for the rest of my life and being opiate free I owe them my life I have actually been able to spend time with my animals and enjoy it anxiously awaiting my next order many kudos to this company thank you Wendy

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Great company

"Great prices, exceptional customer service, quick replies to questions and concerns, high quality products, free shipping, awesome customer rewards... Love them! Would recommend to anyone!"

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Great everything

"I couldn't be happier with my choice of company while looking for Kratom. Great product, great customer service, and very fast delivery.
I have nothing but great things to say about Kramen Kratom!

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Always satisfying!!!!

"Great company. I have been purchasing with them since 2016. GREAT customer service. I will always be a loyal customer."

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Stellar Customer Service!!!

"Megan went the distance to totally EXCEED my expectations - her response to my request to expedite was totally UNEXPECTED and AMAZING! She's quick, responsive and really knows how to make a customer look no further for a vendor - I'm a very satisfied customer and will definitely share my experience with others! Krakin - you guys are the real deal! Thanks for the GREAT QUALITY product and experiences with your team - I've had great service - every time! "

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"Let me start by saying.. last month I placed an order, usually when the order is placed before 2 pm it arrives next day.. 2 days later no order.. I contacted kraken through email because they do not offer phone help (which was a red flag) their excuse was shipping was delayed because of the holidays. I also checked the tracking and it had never left.. days later still no order, I continued to write and ask where the order was. NO RESPONSE. They completely ignored me. no follow up nada.. just bad poor horrible customer service. I even called my post office and gave them the tracking # issued by kraken. the post master said, it had not left kraken (this was a week later) I finally got the order a few days later. I brushed it off as busy holiday. I placed another order on 12/29 and to insure faster shipping I purchased 1 day shipping.. the order did not arrive the next day so the following day I email kraken as to where my order was and got a smart **** half assed reply from "Brady" he said, you didn't pay for it. I'm thinking wow, #1 I got a receipt back via email that I did and it was attached to his email. #2 why didn't he bother to investigate as to why payment was not taken. I had did everything on my end as they don't offer cc so I paid like I normally do via check.. Just a nasty horrible response You didn't pay for it.. then I thought he was probably acting out because I complained about order previous time and playing games with me. if that is the case, how immature and childish.. We had words and insulted and out of the blue wrote "you probably voted for Trump" Once again, I'm thinking who the hell do these people hire 12 year olds. That was very unprofessional and I will NEVER EVER USE Kraken Kratom and this punk Brady. He needs to quit being so vindictive and a lesson in customer service and keeping client. THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER . instead of a simple let m e check that out was all brady had to do. very unprofessional and how he is allowed to conduct business like that by insulting and insinuating, lying. he also said I was trying to steal from him. (that was the best) and said I SHOULD APOLOGIZE.. LOL... for what? for playing games with me and screwing up my order. I will write many other reviews and get the word out DO NOT BUY FROM THESE FLAKES. AND IF BRADY CAN'T HANDLE PLACING ORDER THEN MAYBE HE SHOULD STUFF ENVELOPES OR ANOTHER JOB WHERE HE DOESNT INTERACT WITH CUSTOMERS.i DOUBT A MANAGER WOULD BEHAVE AS BADLY AS HE DID TOWARDS ME. I don't know what happened on their end. It is not my job to figure out why it did not go through and this asshat didn't even offer or suggest what the issue was. he kept replying back with nasty hateful comments and the invoice laughing at me. Brady you would never make it in California with that attitude. if you worked for me, I fire you in a heart beat. good luck you need it. "

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