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Rating 6/10

Correct order and shipped next day

"I had a success with these guys, I got the hats super fast.
I didn't give them more stars because of their sale.
The sale was suppose to be 35% off, but this doesn't apply to clearance items.
So when a sale hits, clearance items are back up to full price basically, and marked down according to the sale, rendering the clearance section obsolete. This was a huge distraction and a wasted effort.

Rating 2/10

Never in Stock

"I've been waiting for months to purchase a hat but it's never in stock. Surprisingly it was finally in stock but my order got cancelled due to inventory. Not even an apology for taking my money when the hat isn't even in stock. Terrible."

Rating 2/10

No updated inventory on real time

"On 4/1/17 I ordered a hat (15 in stock) and the next day 4/2/17 I received an email cancelling the order by the reason: "Item not shipped due to inventory". On 4/4/17 I contacted by phone the customer support and the person who attended me said that there was 12 in stock and I ordered it again with her. On 4/6/17 the order was cancelled by the same reason: "Item not shipped due to inventory", but when I went to Lids website there was 14 in stock. I continued to see the hat in stock until 4/11/17. LIDS Is one of the few websites that do not update inventory in real time. Very bad!"

Rating 2/10

Still have not received my full order

"I purchased 5 hats on 2/27/16; order#40946243. I picked up my order in store (Oxford Valley Mall) to find only 2 hats had been delivered. The store manager called whomever and got my other 3 hats reordered and i was to pick them up the following week. I never heard from anyone so I called Lids customer service and I was told there was never another order put in and that my hats were sold; they had no more in stock. I was then placed on hold and a then told that they found 3 hats at a store and they would ship them directly to me overnight; order#Order Number 41219785. I received an email today stating that my Credit Card had been refunded and the hats would not be sent to me because they were out of stock. I go on the phone with Lids.com customer service and they were unwilling to help me. I DID NOT approve a refund. I need 5 identical hats for my wedding and this whole process has become a nightmare. I was told on 3 separate occasions that my hate were there; I should be given the 3 hats or 3 similar hats to make up for it. I also, never received the refund on my credit card and I called my credit card company and they said they have had no processes or information from them of any kind since the 27."

Rating 2/10

Sent the completely wrong item / on-hold for an eternity.

"I ordered a Florida State fitted hat and received a lime green Lakers strapback hat with ostrich rim. Clearly some of their employees are coming to work wasted.

I've been on hold for literally an hour now, trying to reach customer service. The on hold music is the same guitar strumming tune over and over again and it lasts about 30 seconds. So I've listened to it 120 times by now... 121 ... 122 ...

Pretty sure I won't be ordering from Lids again.

Rating 2/10

"Made an online purchase from Lids, to be delivered to a store about 25 miles away, since I needed to go to that mall sometime anyway, would pick the order up when I went. Got several emails, and two phone calls that my order had arrived, so I went to the mall for that and stuff from Sears. WHen I went to get the order, they said it had not arrived, so I showed them the trackind and the guy who told me that it had not arrived was the one who signed for it!
He searched for it and found one item out of four....said the others were not coming in for a few days, so I asked why I got emails and phone calls saying the order had arrived, and was told, that is the way it is and I would have to make the 50 mile round trip again......I told him that I would not, and to cancel the entire order. They said they cannot cancel orders that are already in the store, but mine was NOT in the store. He said that he cannot and would not cancel the order, so I refused the one iten they already had and called Discover to dispute the charge as not ever being delivered. Worst. Buying. Experience. Ever.

Rating 2/10

"I ordered three college basketball hats via store pickup (Arcadia, CA). The store clerk called me yesterday. He didn't tell me only one out of three hats have arrived. So, I went there this afternoon to pick up my orders. The rude and unprofessional female blonde supervisor confronted me that she knew nothing about why the warehouse chose to send one hat instead of three hats. She didn't apology nor thank me. I am done with LIDS. ZERO STAR!"

Rating 2/10

"Your customer service is horrible absolutely the worst!!! They were ignorant and rude lied to me several times throughout the phone and he was the supervisor! Said his name was Chad might have well have been useless. My order didnt go through for the second time. First time I went to the store and got a partial order shipped to my house. Then have to fight with them for a refund. No one in there customer service acts like they know what is going on.

My order didn't go thru again called customer service and they told me they would no longer honor their pricing. Forget lids.com just goto another reliable merchant like Amazon.com, or fanz.com. By the way this was first encounters with your store and online site. Your store was ok manager had a hard time understanding simple math and how to navigate the www. A sad display of customer service in both fronts. Especially when I was looking to spend over a $150 in my first 2 trips to your store. I am taking my business elsewhere.

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a ton of items ranging from hats, shirts, sweatshirt, and shorts from Lids (21 items to be exact) and paid for my items. I then placed a 2nd order for another couple of items I overlooked on my first order including 1 shirt I had ordered with the original order. About a week later I had not received any correspondence since receiving the original “thank you for your order” auto-response. So I sent an email from my account page asking for the status…Lids sends me an email stating “Thank you for contacting us. You should receive a response within 24 hours”. Well 3 days go by with no response so I go on the website and auto chat with a customer service rep only to find out that my order was cancelled because none of my items were available when I ordered them. She said “This usually happens when we have an incorrect count in our inventory, or if the item was damaged when we tried to fulfill your order.” And that my credit card was not charged for this item. Well this would make sense (kinda…in this day and age you cant track inventory better than this, come on!) albeit said that this is the way they conduct online business except for the fact that the duplicate shirt I ordered about 15 minutes after this order has been fulfilled and already delivered!!! So I ask to speak to a supervisor who comes on to basically say that there is nothing that can be done and that it was just the way the Lids inventory/warehouse system works. However, she DID say my card had been charged and would be refunded once the system/warehouse clears the status of my order but couldn’t give me a definitive date (remember, I placed my order 10 days ago) on when I would receive the refund to my card. I would have at least expected some type of offer to at least try to keep me as a customer since I was “attempting” to spend several hundreds of dollars with their company but I guess they could care less. So to show my appreciation I will forever take my business elsewhere. I just hope that I can find another hat and clothing retailer locally and/or online since we as consumers have a very limited choice in this area ?. Congrats Lids on losing a faithful customer."

Rating 2/10

"purchased an NFL 2014 Sports Knit Toque
Date Ordered: Thursday January 8th 2015
Shipping method: Ship to store
Paid and charged to my Credit Card.
today's date: Monday February 9th 2015
I have not received my product!! Called customer service line - Currently 41m31s on hold.

Rating 2/10

"I originally ordered a hat, and received it within 48 hours. I thought what a great company, so I placed an order for 3 more. It has been over 2 weeks and I have called every other day to find out where the hats are in processing. I get the same answer every single time I called "we have put in a request from the warehouse to find out the status and you have to wait 2 more days". I explained to them that they have put in 3qty warehouse requests last week, so I should have some answers already. Then all of a sudden on the phone she said they only have one of the three hats in stock. I asked what will happen with the other two on the order, and she did not know. She could not get me to a supervisor, and could not find out if they will just ship the one hat. Horrible Service.
Over the weekend my husband and I were in the mall, and went into the Lids store. I was hoping to get better information on my order, and the employee told me that he would have to call the same 1-800 number that I do, and there is nothing he can do. He also told me that if they do not have the hats that they will never get back to me and they will delete the order on their end with no correspondence.
I cannot believe a company today can get away with advertising merchandise for sale that they do not have, and treat customers like this. I will never order anything from them again, and will not buy anything from their store. Sorry excuse for a business.

Rating 2/10

"Order #xxxxxxxx. The item in question was an embroidered Yankees hat for my cousin that just recently found out he was DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER. Your company decided to embroider the wrong size hat.

When i received the item i called immediately, having to wait 20+ minutes on hold. The agent was very apologetic, and said she will send me an email within the next several minutes with a shipping label to return. She advised me that as soon as it scans from the post office to call back and can escalate this issue to have the same hat of the correct size embroidered and rush delivery shipped to any address i specify - she guaranteed it would be there before Christmas.

While the agent was very kind, she lied to me about the email. It was not sent in several minutes and called back an hour later, having to wait 30 minutes on hold for a representative. The female agent I spoke to had zero empathy, was short with me, and said it gets sent from "some other company" and could take up to 24-48 hours!

I ended up getting the email 12 hours later and shipped the item out the following day. I called as soon as i saw it scan from the usps tracking, waiting another 30 minutes for an agent. This agent also could not care any less, could not promise anything and just told me "we'll get the item out asap". I begged him to please do what he could, since the first agent i spoke with PROMISED ME THIS COULD BE DONE. He took down the alternate address for shipping (i wonder if he even wrote it down!). He told me he would send me an email confirmation - none was ever sent.

I ended up giving him a lesser gift from another company, since now it was less than a week before Christmas and no time to order a custom item. I spent $165.63 over three orders this holiday season and I'm afraid it will be the last.

Today is January 3rd. I just received and email saying my credit card has been refunded for the hat, no word ever of the correct hat being rushed for delivery and shipped as was promised to me. It is nice to know all your customer service reps are liars, or maybe that is your company policy to make them do so?

Rating 2/10

"On Saturday I got something embroidered from Lids... An item I bought else where but wanted to get a name on it. They said it was no problem but would cost $11+tax per item (I had 4) which was more than the items cost but it was a gift so I said no problem. The lady at Lids wrote down the name I wanted, we double checked everything. I come back an hour later and they SPELT THE NAME WRONG. I asked them to fix it, they said no. I asked for a refund (keeping in mind I would lose the cost of what I was getting stitched), they said no. They offered to give me a free stitching which would mean I would have to go out and buy other ones. Seeing as I don't have the money right now I said I didn't want to do that. I just wanted them to TRY to fix it or refund me the embroidery cost and I would eat the cost of my items. I asked if it was possible if they could take the stitching out and re-do it. She said it IS possible but she didn't have time to do that for me....... I was/am VERY upset. Before I left I asked to see the sheet where they keep the spelling (just in case it was my fault, in which case I would have happily left) - the name was spelt RIGHT! She admitted it was her fault but she said she couldn't help me. What a joke Lids is. I WILL NEVER BE BACK. I called and emailed customer service. Hopefully I hear from them soon. But seriously... She admitted to her mistake and still refused to help me.. All I wanted her to do was try to fix it. Thanks for nothing Lids. "

Rating 2/10

"Don't buy anything from lids online. They take your money immediately even if the hat isn't in stock and you'll have to wait a month for a refund. Terrible online and customer service everybody lies! Shop at Foot locker they may be a little more pricey but already you get what you pay for!!!!! Seriously lids is a joke don't waste your money or time on this."

Rating 2/10

"Lids.com has terrible customer service. Dealing with returns has been a nightmare. Please save yourself the trouble and shop a retailer that values their customers."

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