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Rating 2/10

Downright horrible wine; shady marketing and merchant practices

"This review is for https://www.tastingroom.com/ and https://www.lot18.com
They're the same.

I'm a wine aficionado. The barnyard filth that this company sends out is an insult to wine.

- It was difficult to cancel membership. You pretty much need to cancel immediately after you first order to avoid getting sent an expensive shipment of many bottles of more of this dirt. (This is probably a scam)
- Service was poor

But none of that compares to how horrible the wine tasted. The samplers tasted like dirt. I'm really worried about what processes they use to preserve the wine or send them... and whether they had any harmful substances in them.

Also, don't trust https://wineclubreviews.net/ reviews. It's a marketing scheme for these kinds of wine clubs.

Rating 2/10

Do NOT order from Lot 18

"I received a tasting kit and had not had a chance to sample the wine. A couple of weeks passed by and I checked my credit card statement. I was billed $168.99. I now have 12 bottles in-route to my home, that I did NOT order. I was told I have not recourse but to reject the order. Customer service told me they just picked their favorites and shipped to me.I have to pay for shipping and re-stocking which is approx. $35.00. I thought the whole point was to taste the wine, then order.

Please note: NO where in the tasting kit does it indicate you have only 30 days and then they send you 12 bottles of wine of their choose!


Rating 2/10

Lot 18/Tasting Room Wine Club, hardly 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Actually more of a Whine Club!

"Tasting Room sounded like a cool experience, & fun to try, until I experienced it for myself. Sure, fun to get the little bitty bottles (think liquor size on an airplane) but not enough to try with your spouse. OK, let's see what happens. Will their selections REALLY match our taste preferences? While the 1st order was unremarkable, the horizontal 6 bottle presentation coupled with flimsy, ill-fitting packaging concerned me.
Word of next shipment came 6/8/17 & included verbiage to make changes or cancel before 6/14/17, as it ships 6/15, first day of our trip. No one would be home to receive it. CA to AZ wine shipments are consistently 2 days out. I immediately emailed them (6/8) to offer 2 choices: a. ship right away, to arrive no LATER than June 14, OR b., ship later, but arrive after June 21. Sitting in a warehouse, potentially with 3 or more delivery attempts - unacceptable. They (John) acknowledged the request same day, & he'd process right away, so likely plan a. I reiterated again, in writing, must arrive on the 14th or earlier, or ship later than the 15th to arrive no earlier than June 21. Shipping on the 19th seemed like an obvious choice, but it didn't happen.
Despite my effort, UPS tracking information 6/13 stated it would arrive 6/15, but had not yet been picked up. I emailed, for urgency, called Lot18/Tasting Room to resolve what I thought I'd prevented.
Their rep said it takes 5-7 business days' transit time, that UPS was "wrong" & the shipment would not be delivered 6/15 because, it said so on her computer screen, which was more accurate than UPS, and they have "thousands of customers in AZ," she insisted. She further explained their warehouse & truck were climate controlled. She did not acknowledge the order had not been picked up as UPS showed. Their records show Lot18 proceeded with the shipment, but "requested rescheduled delivery," noted immediately after the phone call 6/8, & again 6/15 AND 6/20! Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, it did.
Delivery day, June 21, was a record for Phoenix this time of year, 117 degrees F. The box was very hot & we opened it immediately. I'm in the food service industry, so I have an infrared thermometer on hand. According to it, wine bottles inside ranged between 105 & 106 degrees F. Two of the six bottles were fully "corked", two more pushing it, & the other two were screw caps. Biggest fears realized, despite my best efforts to work with this company to prevent it. Their inadequate packaging allowed the wine to be easily agitated, it wasn't insulated, & it sat in who knows what kind of conditions in UPS control, from June 15-June 21. UPS records show on June 21, it was on that truck in excess of 12 hours. The wine was probably undrinkable. Due to time of day (just before 4 PST) I emailed them and they answered the next day, with their 'solution' and I'm incredulous.
They asked me to send the entire shipment back, suggesting that I "carefully repackage it", so I'd have to wait at home a day. I requested to leave it out on pick up day, 6/23 which they agreed to, in a "discreet place." They applied a $10 courtesy credit to my account for my trouble. I can only imagine what condition the wine would be in when it arrives at its destination, but I only have this tracking number.

Here's a concern, wine bottles that aren't 'corked' could conceivably, knowingly or unknowingly wind up back in inventory. Imagine an unsuspecting customer who could be buying that wine not knowing its history. If consumed immediately, it's just a 'bad' bottle, & subject to their "100% satisfaction guarantee." But why risk it?
Lot18/Tasting Room is the only wine club that has ever asked us to return corked wine. While rare, one phone call to any of our other wine clubs results in a sincere apology, & the choice to ship replacements now, or wait until next shipment. They are also the first & only wine club to charge us for the replacement, out of 8 wine clubs we're in presently, & we've been in more. Add insult, they took the $10 credit against THAT shipment & what's left won't be refunded until they have "examined" the wine.
Some wine clubs won't ship to AZ during summer, but those that do package thoughtfully. Taste Monterey, maybe a couple "corked" in our 14 years of monthly shipments of 4 bottles each. Wine Insiders, a terrific value, ships 15 bottles, $89.99, free shipping & the option of including ice packs, ($7.99 up-charge & worth it.) That's the same $$ as Lot18 for six bottles, but customer pays shipping. NEVER had a corked bottle from Wine Insiders.
It's likely there's Lot18/Tasting Room patrons who may have had good experiences. But bad things can happen even w/good companies. So whether I stay a customer depends on how issues/errors are resolved when they occur. So ignoring preventative measures, then making it even worse, even insulting, all 3 strikes used, & they wasted my time.

Rating 2/10

Laugh and a half for customer service

"I bought the TASTING KIT and tried some but did not get the chance to review the wine before they sent a shipment of twelve wines. I refused the order and the just charged me 15 more dollars for return shipping cost and have not refunded the amount charged originally. What a scam not happy at all"

Rating 2/10

A serious Lack Integrity

"The marketing and customer service for this club is just terrible. They send you a sample kit (you pay for it of course) and then they are supposed to take that feedback and 'recommend' a tailored case of wine. THAT WAS THE PRIMARY REASON I SIGNED UP FOR THIS CLUB.

HOWEVER, if you don't fill in the feedback within a couple weeks they ship you a case of wine without your consent! Why wouldn't they call or send an email???

When I contacted cust service to tell them that they didn't use my taste feedback and that I received wine that i wouldn't drink, they pointed me to the 'fine print and essentially said better luck next time. They would not take the case back nor would they offer a discount for the unwanted bottles. They were completely uninterested in making this issue right, which convinced me that they would use the fine print every chance they got. I quit the club immediately. Who needs this kind of vendor. Creates a bad name for the industry.

Rating 2/10

Tasting Room is a scam!!!!

"I ordered an inexpensive "tasting kit", which I have not yet had time to use. It involves logging into a Tasting Room website and rating the wine they sent, and I was waiting for a relaxed time to do it.

Suddenly, about 2 weeks since the kit arrived, I received a case of 12 bottles of wine I did not order! For this I have a charge of $150 plus shipping on my credit card! I am very unhappy about it981257 and will be reporting this fraud to the attorney general of my state.

Rating 2/10


"They talk about "mini bottles" in the come-on to join, then they don't ship them (sorry we're a little backed up), then, you finally realize a mini-bottle isn't a "split", isn't an "airplane bottle" but is actually just over a jigger (1.69 oz). I would have been fine paying $150 for subsequent shipments if this was the experience they promised... but I determined this whole thing is a scam.
Yeah - each person wine likes are "like a fingerprint - this company's fingerprint should be on a police blotter.

Rating 2/10


"Bad Business Practice. The customer has rights to refuse any or all offers. You are not allowed to nor are you authorized to use customers accounts to purchase orders without the explicit consent of the customer. The customer should be totally aware of any and all transactions on his credit card. You should be totally transparent and ask for authorization. You failed on all counts and your are guilty of fraud. "

Rating 6/10

People Are Just Crazy

"I saw the ad for the sample kit and did a little research then I ordered the sample kit. None of the wines were "Trader Joe" or "Two buck Chuck" quality. The Arum Cab was very good and the Lusta Chardonnay was good too. The order came quickly and I was aware having purchased mail order wine that you did have to be home to receive it. The idiots out there complaining about that should think it through, any minor with access to mom or dad's credit card could order and wait for the drop off. Also I think it actually may be a state law where you live. You can always set up a drop at your nearest UPS store and pick it up at your convenience since there seems to be one every 5 miles. No what I was upset about was that the wines I liked and would order were out of stock. Hmm....send samples of wine that is out of stock??? Yep the three I would order were all gone..... I think what would be a good idea is to ship a sample taste monthly for $7.00 and let us order on our own. And just maybe actually have the wine in stock that you send samples of. So I did cancel and oh they dropper the price from 149 to 119 a month if I stayed. Nah....I'll just quit which really wasn't that hard. Some people are just crazy or maybe just idiots."

Rating 2/10


"I ordered a sample of their wine for $7 for 5 tiny bottles (had to give them my credit card to order).
When wine arrived I happened to be home by lucky chance. Wine was delivered at 3pm and YOU HAVE TO BE HOME TO RECEIVE IT!. Anyway, tried all 6 in one sitting (mind you: these are 50ml bottles). The wine was absolutely horrible, I'd say you can definitely do better at Trader Joe ($2.99?). I immediately canceled my "membership" reading the horror stories of this company shipping without approval. The cancellation process is very tedious and is designed to confuse you as much as possible. Trust me: stay away!

Rating 2/10

Real Garbage

"Got sold on the hype and ordered a case. Right now I'm through all the reds (4 cabs and 2 pinots) and I have had better with two buck chuck. Save your money and buy at your local wine store where you won't get stuck with undrinkable stuff. "

Rating 2/10

Don't get a membership

"Lot 18 has some customer service flaws that you need to know before joining. First, their policies are carefully written to make sure they can acquire monies from your credit card. Second, what I disliked most about Lot 18 is, there is NO Notification prior to your next wine order being processed and shipped. My experience was this. I was alerted by My Visa Capital One of the charge $40. I was never informed by Lot 18. I found this to be sneaky. Reason being, if you are notified in advance then, they figure you may cancel or reschedule your order.. That said, I don't appreciate "Sneaky Businesses" of any type.
I contacted customer service (Melissa) via email regarding my situation about not being notified in advance. Her response was part of Lot 18's policy. Detailing that shipments would be processed every three months, per my subscription scheduling. In my best effort to request a membership cancellation, she again responded with Lot 18's policy and that she could not cancel the order since it was already processed. I received an email two days after our emailing back and forth from Lot 18 stating that my shipment of wine had just shipped.
Finally, at this point I figured that I would just accept this unfortunate situation with Lot 18 and count it as a "Lesson Learned" and canceled my subscription immediately. The final surprise came when UPS has made their attempts to Deliver my order. My wife and I work until 4:30 and, UPS has been trying to deliver but UPS shows before we can get home.. This is a problem.. UPS does over and extra charge of $5 to reschedule and or to deliver to another place. But, how can you do this you're given a four window that UPS delivers ???? Again, UPS offers at an addition charge the option to narrow the delivery window to 2 hours, with a yearly membership.. Bottom line is, if you're as busy as My wife and I are, then I DON'T recommend joining Lot 18. For me, joining Lot 18 has been anything but a pleasant experience. If you decide to not join, you're better then Me. But, if you decide to join then, I hope your luck with them is a lot better then mine... Thanks for reading... RB

Rating 2/10

"Join another club!!! You must be home to accept all deliveries which was not stated upfront when I joined. Otherwise you have to go pick it up, so why bother"

Rating 2/10

"If you call with a problem you should expect the person "helping" you to have an attitude. When they ask, "Is there anything else I can help you with?" They will ask with rude sarcasm in their voice that makes it very clear that the last thing they want to do is help you.
This is not customer service people! This company would do well to remember that they sell wine. Wine is a luxury. I do not NEED to order it, I also most certainly need to order it from them! There are so many Stellar wine clubs that cater to the customer AND they have fabulous, well priced wine. I suggest you find one of those. Lot 18 pretends to be something they are not, but unfortunately for them, even their employees aren't willing to play along with the charade. Cancelled and joined Gold Medal Wine Club instead.

Rating 2/10

"Shipped double the order I wanted before I agreed to receive any shipment. Wine was not very good either and customer service didn't fix any issue when I called so I canceled and am stuck with this wine."

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