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Neutronusa Order cancellation/ price gouging.

"Placed and order for GPU’s at $279, before the GPU prices due to demand exploded. I waited for my order to ship for weeks, no email updated or contact from the seller at any point during the wait period. I check the website and the GPUs still available. So what gives. I called the customer service and they politely indicated that the order was cancelled and they conveniently forgot to tell me or email me about it. However they will be happy to reorder at the new low price of $399. Lets not oversee the fact that the original price of $279 still posted on the product page.
They will not honor your order or care if they are ripping you off. Horrible business practices and very low and despicable tactics.
Hey www.neutronusa.com you just lost all and any future business from myself or business partners.

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"On Nov 7, I ordered 1 of 41216 (MAM-A 74 Minute 52x Gold Thermal Printable Unbranded CD-R Discs - 50 ct. Spindle). It was schedule to ship within 5-8 days. 9 days later (Nov 16) I called to check on the status of my order. I was told that there had been a "warehouse error" of some sort, that they would have to look into it, and hopefully they would ship my order in 2-3 additional days. I canceled my order."

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"This is my first order w/ them and everything went extremely smooth. Fast shipping, Great price and fast email response."

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"What a mess! This company advertises products, sells them, then cancels the order on you. The reason they state is DISCONTINUED on a product that hit the market only one month ago...I doubt it. Either way, it's obvious the company doesn't care enough about customer service to delete an item from the web site of they don't have it."

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"I ordered two hard-drives from Neutron and both were listed as in stock. I was immediately charged for the complete order. Four days later I received a message on my answering machine informing me that one of the drives was not carried anymore and that they called see if I wanted to upgrade. Sensing an oncoming bait and switch, I returned the call and told the rep that I wanted to cancel my order and wanted a refund. Two days later, my order was still not listed as canceled, so I sent an email asking as to the status of my order. I was informed that they were still processing my credit card. I replied that I wanted to cancel my order, as I had told the rep two days ago. He said he would cancel it and issue the refund. Fast-forward two weeks. Refund has not been issued, and I had still heard nothing. Called again, was told that my refund was being processed. Fast-forward two more weeks, email this time as to why my refund has still not been issued, received a reply saying that I needed to contact the credit department and was given a phone number and an extension. I spoke to someone and they said they would issue the refund. A few days later the refund was finally given. Obviously the customer has to call around the office for the reps, as they have better things to do than work on customer satisfaction. Bait and switch plus questionable billing practices equals me not ordering from Neutron or any of it’s other companies again. I would recommend the same to others, as this was not an enjoyable experience."

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"Tried to purchase an MP3 player, but after they took my order and told me (via email) that it was shipping they sent a notice to inform me they no longer carried the item. I followed their procedure for a refund, but none was produced. I had to call the credit card company to help me with these people, which they did. After more than two months of headaches it was finally resolved. DO NOT BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE EVER!!!!"

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"The power supply arrived on time. The packaging materials could have been a little better. Also, I would have appreciated a tracking number and shipping notification."

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"Ordered a MS Intellimouse Explorer Cordless Optical from this company, item had a nonfunctioning scroll wheel. I could unplug this mouse and install another exact version of this mouse which worked fine. Tech supports insisted that it was a user problem, I had to plead with them to let me send it back.

Sent mouse back after getting RMA number, tech claimed that it was tested and worked fine. I agreed to accept a 15% restocking fee just to never have to deal with this company again. 20 days later, no credit, so I email them repeatedly until I finally get a response. They tell me that they will send the request to the credit department (wasn't that already done three weeks ago?). Two weeks later, still no credit, so I call them and the customer support rep says checks and says the item needs to be tested before giving me credit! So I read the previous emails back to the rep, she puts me on hold, and comes back and says that I would get credit in several weeks. Had to get my credit card company involved to eventually get my money. Credit card company credited me the "restocking fee" as a courtesy, and I imagine the defective product was sold to another unsuspecting customer.

I previously received a defective graphics card from them and they made me return it to the manufacturer for replacement.

Never again will I deal with this company, absolutely terrible post sales support.

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"My first order with them. Good: great price & shipping was reasonable. Order shipped quickly with lots of status emails. Wasn't hassled with a hardware purchase for an OEM product. Bad: Packing was terrible. Minor amount of bubble wrap & tossed in a Priority Mail box."

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"I ordered a Samsung Printer toner/drum. The price was the cheapest among the others in pricewatch. It came in three days even with the cheapest ground transport method. I will order again."

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"Return policy refers you to manufacturer - which takes WEEKS to complete. I have never met another company that does this."

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"Power Supply died within 1 hour of use. Requested replacement, directed to RMA and get replacement from Antec. Original item shipped from Florida, I'm located in Florida, dealer is PA, Antec is CA. In this case the buyer (me) gets the shaft for shipping and down time, this is the first dealer I've ever dealt with that didn't handle RMA's in house, Antec was a bit surprised as well. Good price, poor service."

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"STAY AWAY from NeutronCanada.com/
I ordered 3 CompactFlash in July 16th, they started to fill my order
only in July 18th. I paid for fast Shipping (33$ US), They used USPS at
6.00$ to ship the first 2 cards.
They charged me 44$ for Canadian
taxes but i needed to pay taxes
another time when i received the
package. Still waiting for my last
CompactFlash card.

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"ordered the antec true power 550w PSU. according to pricewatch they had the lowest price.

pros: super fast shipping. I received the PSU in three business days on the cheapest delivery method. easily ordered over the i-net. tracking number sent as soon as package was shipped.

cons: packaging wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible either. they used the air bubble wrap that amazon uses. I prefer the box stuff with the small bubble wrap leaving no room for the contents to shift during transit.

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"Ordered a Maxtor 80 Gig D740X HD from them on Friday evening, it arrived Tuesday morning. Doesnt get better than that. I would not hesistate to order from these guys again."

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