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Rating 2/10

Negative 1 star would be better

"RUDE customer service - dismissive and unhelpful. literally refused to help me track down my package to investigate why it was late.

and to top it off, the shoes i received were worn! the bottoms were covered in what looked like hair/fur, and there was a decent amount of it embedded in the sides too. Nasty

Rating 2/10

Extremely Poor Customer Service and Return Policy

"Shop elsewhere. They will not take returns, so for shoes this is a big problem if they do not fit."

Rating 2/10

BUYERS BEWARE!!! their false advertise will cost you money

"BUYERS BEWARE!!! This company Peltz shoes false advertise their return/refund policy. From other reviews I saw they also shipped used/old/smelly/damaged shoes.
They shipped wrong item to me and refused to pay return shipping fees, in spite of the fact that in their Amazon storefront and their E-Bay store front they are stating (quote): “No freight charges are refundable for any reason other than a shipping error on our part”. After several attempts to recover the $11.65 in return shipping costs, I contacted Amazon and pointed out that this company does not stand behind their policy as advertised on their Amazon Storefront, made several untrue statements in their e-mail communications with me - and by their own admittance gave me improper return instructions !!!!!! and still refused to pay the return shipping costs.
I did recover this expense from AMAZON, and am told they will launch a full investigation into this sellers polices and conduct.

In my research of this company I found they have very low ratings in many places, that don’t match the amazon rating. Many complaints were the same as mine including this site.
They also have low rating on BBB.

I contacted them 3 times by phone, no one returned my calls. I exchanged several e-mails with them and my lengthy communication with them always ended with them saying they do not reimburse shipping.
They shipped me the wrong item, why do I have to be $11.65 out of pocket?

First they said they have “no record of me contacting us regarding this order except to tell us that you was returning it. “– which was a lie. I called 3 times.
Than they said – “there is No indication of why just that you was sending it back”. Which is also a lie, it was stated on the return request.
Also they said “So we are abit confused as to what is our error?” which is also false because when I processed the return I chose the option of ‘wrong item’ and added in the text box: “Wrong shoes sent. I also called your company to see if you can ship correct item”. Also their return label stated "ship wrong item".
And then they added:
“Also even if we made an error or the shoes were defective (which you have not indicated) we do not reimburse for out of pocket return shipping fees. Had you called our customer service department we would have given you proper return instructions and you would not have had to pay that expense”
- So why didn’t they give me the proper instructions to begin with? Their return instruction did not say anywhere that I was supposed to call the customer service department first (although I did call, a few times)... how was I supposed to know to call them first? its an order processed through AMAZON, not direct. That’s a preposterous expectation that a customer must assume the return instructions are wrong and must call first to get the proper ones in order to recover their expense due to the seller’s own error.

When a seller give return instruction – they SHOULD be the proper instructions in the first place. How was I supposed to know that the return authorization and instructions they did provide me with the were not proper return instructions? I have never heard such a thing.

Rating 2/10

Horrible return policy

"I ordered through Amazon to try and find a shoe I had returned. They recommended this one so I ordered but the shoes were too tight. They are in the original box and shipping box and they charge a $10 restocking fee. Ridiculous. I will never order from them again ever....... I bought a pair with QVC instead."

Rating 2/10

A little customer service would have gone a long way

"I should have read the reviews and every single page of their website before ordering. They are not transparent: paid for expedited shipping of 3 to 5 days business time. On the SHIPPING page not the ORDER page, it does say that handling time is 24 to 48 hours. Found this out after trying to log into my order - the site would not load - called customer service. Found out the shoes had not even been shipped - two days after order. Asked that they refund the difference in shipping, $2.50, because I felt this was deceptive, that the shoes would not be delivered in the time frame referenced. Nope. Can't do it. Their SHIPPING page clearly states the policy.
I could have accepted this if they had made some sort of gesture or even just feigned some empathy. And they asked if there was anything else I needed? My question to them was: are you really okay with losing a customer over $2.50? Answer: that's our policy.
Here's my policy: never, ever use Peltz again.
If you have do buy from them, do it through Amazon - at least you'll have help with disputes if you need it.

Rating 2/10


"I ordered a pair of shoes for 2 day delivery, and 4 days later I got an email that my order had been "cancelled" with NO explanation. I called their very lackluster customer service and they said that they cannot ship 2 day to an address that's different than billing for fraud purposes. I get that - but there was no pop-up or fine print listed on the site to indicate that and the order was processed. I was expecting my delivery today and was very disappointed. Their customer service representative was RUDE and completely unapologetic and gave me no other options even thought I mentioned more than once that I still wanted the shoes. I will pay the extra $15 for better customer service directly from the retailer.

Buyer Beware!

Rating 2/10

Worst Christmas gift


“My Christmas gift”


My husband ordered me a pair of New Balance shoes from Peltz for Christmas. He opened the box the night before Christmas to "wrap" them (and by wrap I mean throwing them in a gift bag that he came across that said "Happy birthday" and throwing in newspaper for tissue paper, ha :)), and discovered two completely different shoes. He laughed, and told me I would also get a kick out of my gift when I opened them. :/ I was just confused when I opened the box. They were both size 8, both the same brand, but definitely not the same shoe style. The bottoms of the one pair were white. The others were neon yellow and aqua. The body of one was navy blue with a teal "N", the other more of a Royal blue with a neon yellow "N". When I called to tell them, I expected an "I'm sorry, that must have been disappointing on Christmas." What I got was, "Order number?" Never an apology. I was nice as could be, and wasn't trying to get anything for free. They said if they had the pair in stock they could re-send me the pair he ordered, but if not, they would credit his account. I told them I did not want the shoes. I've been in customer service for many years, and I know that a little empathy goes a long way. I don't want to buy from places like this.

Rating 2/10

Awful customer service!! No service after the sale!

"No customer service!!! Don't shop here! You've been warned!!

I have odd-size feet so I'm always on the lookout for places that I can buy New Balance shoes since they are the only company that makes athletic shoes to width. Peltz had a pair on New Balance walkers that I purchased in February of this year.

I was initially very happy with the shoes, as I have been a loyal New Balance customer for many years. It was winter when I ordered the shoes, so even though several months had passed, the shoes had only been worn a handful of times when they started to come apart. I immediately contacted customer service and alerted them to the problem. They apologized for the defect and asked for me to send photos of the shoes, after which they asked me to call customer service directly. They explained that because of the age of the order they could not send me a shipping label and I would have to pay the cost of returning the shoes. Once they received the defective shoes, they said they would replace them or issue me a credit if they were no longer available.

I promptly returned the shoes via USPS but did not hear anything back from Peltz Shoes, no replacement shoes, no refund, no phone call or email. After a month had gone by I contacted Peltz again. They confirmed that they had received the shoes, but because the order was more than 90-days-old there was nothing they could do. Since the order was more than 90-days-old at the time I contacted them about the defect, I asked why they would have me send the shoes back if they had no intention of replacing them due to the age of the order? They apologized and said that they didn't realize the age of the order when they told me to send them back for replacement, but they would be happy to return them to me, but I would again have to pay the shipping. That's so rich! Not only do I not have a replacement set of shoes or a refund, but they want my credit card information so they can charge me to send the defective shoes back to me. What wonderful customer service!! I guess they thought better of it because they eventually sent the shoes back to me.

I contacted New Balance directly and they gave me a full credit for the shoes. I am still a loyal New Balance customer but I would never do business with Peltz again. Consider yourself warned and use this merchant at your own risk! I should have stuck with Zappos or Joes New Balance! Not only will I never use this merchant and urge everyone I come in contact with to do the same, but I will urge all my friends in the Tampa area to avoid their retail stores as well!

Rating 2/10

OUT OF 4 Pair ordered, 3 pair were USED dirty shoes!!!!

"Waiting for a call from management. The quality control is terrible. One of the boxes was basically a crumpled ball for a box. The soles were dirty on 3 pair and 1 pair was worn so much they were creased inside and the arch sides were collapsing. These were $80 shoes, not USED second hand shoes. The other two pair were dirty soles and loose laced just thrown in a box that didn't match the shoe-no packaging. These are Christmas gifts!!! I didn't know they were in business to sell returned rejects, but it looks that way. They offered to pay for my return costs but gave no guarantee that I would not get used shoes the next time. Melba from customer service was courteous. But since I have to repurchase the shoes they are now out of stock on one of the pair. I suggest: Buy from shoebuy.com--they pay for your return shipping -hassle free and out of the 30 pair I have purchased they were all new and packed like new shoes. I think they changed their policy and now you have to exchange, which isn't as good, but it's a great online shoe store--that is SHOEBUY.COM plus look for the coupon-they send great offers in your email too if you register."

Rating 2/10

Bogus advertising

"Beware of this company. They advertised a pair of shoes as Walking Cradles... they turned out to be a different brand (Rose Petals). If you know those brands, you know they fit ENTIRELY differently, so I ended up with a pair of shoes that don't fit. The online customer service rep argued that since Walking Cradles "owns" Rose Petals (actually the other way around--Mark Lemp bought WC a year or so ago), they can advertise the shoes however they want. Peltz is refusing to pay return shipping on the shoes, saying that it is a no-exceptions policy that they don't pay return shipping. SO..... These people *intentionally* misrepresented a product (WC is far superior product to Rose Petals) and then refused to work with me to correct the problem. To save $6 return shipping, they have cost themselves the price of the shoes (thank you, Paypal), a potential loyal customer, and some bad publicity. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. Not worth the hassle."

Rating 2/10

Worst Customer Service ever

"I purchased a pair of Pamela sandals after seeing someone wearing them. Even though I ordered them in April, I haven't worn them much. I noticed that the inside sole at the front of the shoe had worn through the stitching. I called and explained the problem and that I had not worn the sandal much, that I had taken pictures and would be happy to forward them. Their bottom line was that it was 120 days and that they only take returns within 90 days. I tried to explain that I would have thought the 90 day limit was for returns, not for defective items. The girl and her supervisor were rude, even though I said I would post this report. The supervisor just laughed at me and told me to have a nice day. Too bad because I loved the sandals, but the sole was defective and Peltz doesn't seem to care about its reputation."

Rating 2/10

Unhappily Ever After

"Peltz Shoes the WORST on-line shoe buying experience I have EVER experienced. If you ever wanted to know HOW Miserable an on-line shoe returns shopping POLICY could possibly go wrong, go ahead and make a 3rd party order through eBay or Amazon... or their own Peltz.com on-line website. Factory irregular models. No exchanges. No partial refunds on the promised "reduced return shipping". The most difficult returns policy, the Customer isn't always right - No solutions are offered or remedied, PELTZ must not want return customer loyalty.


Rating 2/10


"Ordered pair of Sperry boat shoes from Peltz, via Amazon. Should have read other reviews first. When I opened the box, first thing I see is a white thread about an inch long hanging loose from where it should have been finished. And the top of the other shoe had three blemishes. How could someone put these in a box looking like this? Obviously, they're selling seconds and they don't care. I won't re-order from them. "

Rating 8/10

Just what I asked for!

"I ordered a pair of shoes that I found online. This was one of 3 places that carried the shoe. Of the 3, Peltz was the cheapest. Shoes arrived exactly as ordered. No complaints!"

Rating 2/10

I wish I looked here first

"I wish I had looked on here before I ordered shoes from this place!! Brought a pair of sandals around March 17, 2016 and I'm still waiting for them to arrive, when you email customer svc. THEY FEED YOU BULLSH**!! I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THESE $$$$ GRABBING SCUMBAGS AGAIN."

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