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good work done

"I like the work you have done
Thanks a lot

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Another "Christian" business takes the money and runs!

"I have been a very satisfied customer of this company since 2004. On 12-18-15 I ordered a custom laptop directly from owner Donald. My AmEx card (thank God I did not choose the 3% discount with cash option) was immediately charged for over $1500. I knew (or at least was told) that they were a little behind due to the seasonal rush (sounded reasonable) but that I would be notified as soon as my laptop shipped. I had three friendly conversations with Donald himself in the week or two before I ordered, and he was the same old Donald, just like the company was going strong.

I even called late Friday (5 days ago) just to check on the status of my order, and a woman answered and said Donald was talking with a customer but would call me right back. Indeed a few minutes later I received a nice email purportedly from Donald in which he apologized for the delay (the holidays and now snow issues) and stated my order should ship Monday or Tuesday.

So when I opened my email this morning and saw a message from powernotebooks I assumed it was a shipping notice. Instead it was a canned message (which is also the only thing left on their website and all you hear when you call their number... which happened to still be in my phone as it's been removed from the website) stating due to "health issues" involving Donald and Charlotte that through many tears, blah, blah, blah... they have had to make the difficult decision to close their doors.

Now, if this were all, I would be disappointed, but businesses close all the time. But no! Here's the kicker. The email stated that not only will they not be able to fulfill my order, they're "sorry" but they will not be able to refund my money! Trust me, AmEx and I will pursue this and, in fact, AmEx has already flagged this as a fraudulent charge and reversed it, but I do not intend to stop there.

As a Christian I'm sick and tired of people and companies using the name of Christ to rip people off. It's been my policy for many years to not deal with any company that advertises how "Christian" they are. I admit I've always had a skeevy feeling about Donald's "We live to serve Him" motto, but as I said, I had a rare positive experience 12 years ago so had no qualms about dealing with him again.

So... if you have ordered anything from this company in the past few weeks, and they kept your money without delivering, contact your credit card company to report fraud. I will post again if I find out who in Nevada to contact about this.

I sincerely hoped their server or website had been hacked and this was just a bad dream, but sadly it appears it's real.

Here's the real kicker. In the email in which they informed me they can't fulfill my order but that they're keeping my $1561, as well as in the almost verbatim message that's the only thing left on their website, Donald (or whoever wrote it) ends by saying they will "pray that things will work out for each of you."

I just read it again, and he says, "Forgive us for the inconvenience this will cause you in recovering your money from your payment source." So it appears they've absconded and left their customers and the credit card companies holding the bag. I sincerely believe they knew this was coming and took orders anyway in an attempt to fund their "forced" retirement.

ETA: Online commenters claim they spoke early this week with Donald who indicated everything was just peachy and that the company was still accepting orders as late as the first of this week. Then they closed the doors Tuesday, apparently having declared bankruptcy and left their customers and vendors in the dark. A Sager rep says they were caught by surprise and learned about this the same time their customers did.

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"Great experience, 3 computers in a row. Whole family is happy, service is great, their warrant really works, I had to use it and they fixed it and sent back fast. They answer their phones promptly with a friendly greeting. All the little things that matter they do them. I highly recommend them to all of my friends. We are a huge fan from beginning to end. Thanks Nita for letting me share this."

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"I purchased two laptops in the past and recently I had them build me a Crown PC with a Skylake Intel Chip. The machine is impeccably built and runs extremely fast. I would not hesitate a second when considering who would build my next PC or laptop.


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"PowerNotebooks is a fantastic online retailer for high end laptops. I have purchased 2 laptops from them now (over a 4.5 year period) and both have arrived in perfect condition. Donald gave me excellent advice on what upgrades were worthwhile and what upgrades were not. Their tech support people are extremely helpful in providing answers to questions.

One thing to be aware of is that the laptops you buy from them are custom - they won't be built until you finalize the order, so it will take a few days to receive them. They will make a delivery commitment and are 2 for 2 on that front.

Helpful Cool


"Very professional and efficient persons, committed to customer satisfaction.
Everything was done on time, includind FedEx shipping to France.
Very good job!

Helpful Cool


"Amazing customer support.

This is the second time I use powernotebooks to purchase a laptop and as always I'm never disappointed.

Donald was very helpful in advising about the difference between certain components.
There's this unprecedented care for the customer. Everything is made to get the best configuration possible while saving the most. Any questions one may have are answered and it's very nice to be able to talk to someone for clarification and be able to do that without having to wait in line is a big plus.

Truly a great experience for the second time.

Helpful Cool


"The two service reps I had communication with were fantastic. Donald S. already has very good reviews as I have found and PowerNotebooks had a lot of support from other users.

I was seeking a high quality laptop for my music production needs and looked high and low, seeking advice from friends and Reddit.com. When I asked around, I received two suggestions: XoticPC and PowerNotebooks.

I initially placed an order with XPC, but the service I received from them was shotty at best. It was hard to receive answers in the evening and there's virtually no support over the weekend. I understand most small businesses are not 24/7, but XPC is at the top and I was hoping they would provide me more care.

With XPC I never spoke to the same rep. twice. It was constant bouncing around and automated emails that got me nowhere. They offered free shipping and discounts on certain orders, but the cart isn't intuitive enough to understand when you've selected those things, so it's up to XPC reps to adjust that for you. That's fine in most cases, but when they don't respond to my emails or support tickets for 2-3 days, it leaves me wondering if I made the right decision.

Most of these online "we'll build your computer" sites have comparable prices to eachother, nifty promotions, and a 3% cash discount. When it comes to orders over $1000, the 3% makes up a decent sized discount. I elected for cash payment, and requested XPC's payment info because I wanted to get my order in ASAP. When they didn't reply, I searched reviews for PNB and XPC and most favored PowerNotebooks. Once I got that feeling in my gut that I had to cancel with XPC, it took over.

So I asked PNB for their opinion. They assured me that they are more customer centric (through their actions and communication) and I felt comforted and at ease with using the cash payment method with them. From there forward, they were in communication the whole way. Reachable late Saturday night and early Sunday morning by email, then Monday morning by phone.

It was so much more personal that I gave up the free blutooth headset that XPC was offering. I chose a different laptop, with more features with practically the same cost, and made the order understanding that it would take a few more days to get it because a part wasn't available (same story at XPC). So I paid PowerNotebooks USBank the cash payment and crossed my fingers.

Their payment processing team provided me with a payment confirmation email almost immediately. I was given an invoice and order confirmation email stating "when the order is shipped you will receive an email with tracking"... I received that email the moment the package was shipped (Wednesday NIGHT) and received the package Friday afternoon.

PowerNotebooks really had my back. I felt uneasy foregoing my protections via credit card payment, with dispute capability, but the cash payment saved me roughly $40~ and I would do it again.

The laptop is in great condition. Currently enjoing setting up a new machine, it's fun stuff.

Thanks PNB! ...Sorry XPC...

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"Wow, these guys truly provide EXCELLENT customer service. When you order from them, you get an individual salesperson assigned to your case, who will guide you through the rest of the process. He or she will talk to you about upgrades you've requested, make sure your order is correct, keep you informed throughout the shipping process, and check in on you to see how things are going. In addition, they provide technical support 24/364! Great company, I feel lucky to have found them and will certainly be a repeat customer."

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"PowerNotebooks is the absolute best place for your custom computer needs! Donald is an incredible salesperson who really knows his stuff and puts the customer's needs first! When I originally placed my order, they had run out of the laptop I asked for, so they gave me a different (newer) model with several free upgrades AND free expedited shipping! Several months later and this laptop continues to impress the whole family! Gaming, entertainment, even large programs like Photoshop or AutoCAD, this laptop can do it all with ease! Everyone wants to use it since it works so much better than theirs! PowerNotebooks is an A+ business that gave me an amazing laptop at an even more amazing price and truly excellent customer service! I absolutely recommend them (especially Donald)!"

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"I bought Sager SBP8657 with powerful configuration for development.

Sales representative has been very responsive and kind.
Personal customer care.
Were be able to apply fast delivery and send the laptop on very tight schedule.
Any issues with the spec I selected did not cause delay in delivery.
Recommended !

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"Chances are if you are perusing this review, you are possibly thinking of doing business with PowerNotebooks. Just to be clear, this review is being written on my impetus. PowerNotebooks did not in any way, shape, or form suggest or encourage me to do this,,

Please know this, I usually don't write this kind of public review, because of the typical concerns about security etc. etc. But I feel compelled in this case to share our story.

In a day and age where price is the only thing most people look at, and where judgements about a company are made with that sole factor, this company offers a different approach. If you appreciate good old fashioned 'extra mile' kind of service, look no further than PowerNotebooks If you want to know just how great the service is, then I beg your indulgence as I share my experiences with this incredible company. If you happen to be a person that shares the same faith that believes in that extra mile kind of approach, you'll be glad to know PowerNotebooks walks it like I have never seen before ever from a company that bases its service unconditionally on that premise...

My story began with a desire to get a new system (GT80). The transaction was flawless, and like countless others, the service was stellar. But it is here that the 'extra mile' begins. Because I was so pleased with Donald and the gang, I decided to see if they could help us with a system that was giving us challenges. We had an old MSI GT70 that had been in need of MB repair, that had not even a year ago had its out of warranty $400 MB replaced by the MSI warranty station. Told 'matter of fact' that I was going to need another MB replaced didn't sit well with us. Based on the incredible experience I had with Donald and the crew at PowerNotebooks, I asked if they could be of service in remedying my challenge. They took on the task.
Now in the fantasy world, the story would end with miraculously they were able to fix it and send it back and all was well. Not so in this case.

I beg your indulgence though, and allow me to give a series of events...
Sent GT70, PN reviewed it, examined, could find only a loose video card which when re-seated seemed to fix the power not working issue.
PN Sent back GT70 to us, upon which in an hour, motherboard began smoking, and computer shut off permanently.
Sent back to PN, upon which they had no choice but to send to MSI, with the same result, except now needs new MB and 675m card total ~$900.
Did some research, found L2 Motherboard Repair Service to do circuit level diagnosis and repair for only $100 return shipping included.
Concerned that I may lose precious family vacation videos, Powernotebooks offered to download from my RAID 0 system all those videos onto an external Hard Drive and send it to me at no cost to me. Anyone who knows data retrieval/transferring knows this is indeed a blessing to have this done and to have the drive given complimentary without charge.
PN then sent the machine to NY to L2 for repair.
L2 was successful in ONE DAY diagnosing a failed capacitor on the MB, but said the video card needed to be replaced for $350.
Spoke with Donald to bring him up to date, and he offered a NVIDIA 880m as a replacement, with all BIOS data and Heatsinks for $400, and sent them to L2 in NY.
PN also replaced components of the power supply that were old, as well as the chassis that was incorrectly replaced by MSI for my model.
L2 returned machine back to us postage paid, and today it works better than when I first purchased it 3 years ago. I have a better system today than when I bought it...

At my insistence, I told Donald to send me the total for any extra charges/shipping they had to do...I have yet to receive that bill...and I suspect I never will.

If I was reading this review, my only response would be an open jaw and amazement. My faith says to go the extra mile...to go beyond what one would expect when being of service. In 15 years of purchasing over 10 laptops for business and recreation, I have NEVER experienced that level of dedication of service EVER. In a lifetime of dealing with companies that claim a shared faith behind what they do, I have found most of those companies treated me WORSE than other companies that have chosen NOT to embrace or have any faith basis in their business dealings openly.

To Donald, Trevor, Don, Nita, and the many others of whom I may not have met, but were integral in bringing our family such an incredible end result, I want to publicly say how grateful we are with this heartfelt review. Not only that, but your example of service inspires US to do better as we service our business clients as well! In truth, there really isn't any way I can explain just how amazing this company is...no company is perfect and maybe others have had different experiences, but in our time with PowerNotebooks, this is as terrific as it gets!!

Eternally grateful,
Dr. J


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"I ordered a laptop on the 3rd of September and just now got around to writing this review. The laptop is the 8651s (which I don't see listed on their site anymore), and feels very nice to use. The person I worked with was Donald, however I did call a couple times just to get an update on the status of my order and the lady who answered was very courteous as well. I ordered my laptop on 9/03 and received my laptop on 9/16. This seems fair as there was a holiday during that time frame so I knew it would delay it just a bit. The laptop has been great since I got it, and I would definitely recommend powernotebooks in the future."

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"Donald is a very friendly guy who helped me a lot when going through the purchase process of my MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 4K-053. I initially purchased the MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 4K-605 but Donald called me to tell me that the new MSI GS60 with the new Skylake processor and DDR4 ram was coming out in a week. I definitely waited for the new one and the best thing was that it was the same price! PowerNotebooks.com offers great products and have fantastic customer service that will help you solve all the problems you have. Highly recommend them if you are buying high end notebooks."

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"I recently ordered from PowerNotebooks.com i wanted a gaming laptop that was user up-gradable in the future (components not soldered to the motherboard) I picked their PowerPro line which are MSI barebones. For the hardware that i got i would have paid over $500 more everywhere else i looked! And the best thing is you can choose which parts you do or do not want. I got my laptop without ram because i wanted Mushkin (made in the usa)! The turn around was not to bad took about 14 days to get the laptop but parts had to come in to build it i guess the packaging was exceptional my box showed up with out any dents! The thing that i like the most was i asked alot of questions i talked to Donald and he was so helpful! He responded to all my questions with in hours of the email being sent! Over all im very satisfied with my new gaming laptop!!! I7 4700mq Nvidia 880m with 8gb ddr5, 120gb ssd 8gb of ram all for under $1000.00!!!!! I bought the ram from other store though cause i wanted mushkin. "

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