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"Reyniers Audio Review By SGsideman 2.5.2013
There is only one word I need to describe my experience with Reyniers Audio and my decision to give them my business. "Optimum" Excellent, awesome, incredible and the other usual suspects can't sum it up at all. I made the optimum choice and they delivered optimum results, {and solutions as needed} at every turn in the process. Simply put, my experience, though unlikely to possibly merit such a position in theory at the out set, should make me the forever after poster child for why you should by your audio or other media production machines from Reyniers Audio. They truly deliver what they state that they will and that has made all the difference as you will see when I tell you my tale of "woe what an optimum choice I made!".
Background; Being a multitrack audio recordist from back in the 4-track analogue tape, thru the stripe sympte days, the early midi instrument and computer interfacing era, ADAT's, hard disk systems and up to present day DAW function with automation, all are formats I still offer for those who still like to use {or have} old format devices. I have always stayed backward compatible in my studio which deals mainly with bands, singer songwriters and solo artists recording music. This eclectic situation found me {belatedly} ready to upgrade to a W-7 PC with some rippin' capabilities, {having waited out the Vista era} I was ready to have my second "custom designed" audio recording computer built by folks who design for folks like me who plan to wring beyond that last ounce of function from a tool, system {or toy}. I had a specific use of firewire interfaces to integrate into the new system and I chose to switch to internal RAID storage from dual external drives I have in my W-XP rig which has a three port TI firewire card and a second hard drive on board to run my W-98 era configuration running an ADAT edit/ADAT connect audio card in the same tower. One of the two interfaces I planed to use and my Axiom 61 would travel between the two computers based on format needs and my interface with automation would be the master interface in the new system. My needs on the midi and virtual instrument/plug-in front are minimal by comparison to some users, as I tend to get by just fine with Ableton Suite 8 and my old hardware dinosaurs so, my Reyniers Audio machine is no monster on that scale. I guess it would be "top end entry level"...?
Through out email {and the occasional telephonic} conversations that began with a basic inquiry in January 2012, Wouter was the definition of creativity and understanding in helping me weigh all my options to design a "slightly tweaked from standard" machine that would meet my {slightly unusual} needs and take me forward with room to grow, such as one can "pre plan" in this era of computing. After a spring and summer of saving I placed my order in time to cheap out on the freight and still meet the only deadline I had made for a session I pictured as the "maiden voyage" for the new rig. Shortly after placing my order in mid September I had my first clue what an optimum choice I had made. The particular motherboard we had chosen was delayed on back order or something and Reyniers not only upgraded me to one $50 more at no charge, they also expedited the reconfiguration and testing period for me so I did not have to reschedule my client who was eager to test my new horsepower. Then came the curveball one couldn't plan for. My "second interface" {which provides me with my 9-16 "live mic" inputs and had been in use as the master interface on my XP rig for years and in remote settings as a standalone with zero glitches ever} refused to play in the W-7 sandbox. Plug it in to the same environment in all aspects but the OS being XP and all is as it should be but W-7 a no-go. Undeterred from providing optimum service after the sale, Wouter embarked on a 4 month odyssey with me and a personal connection of his at the hardware vendor, easily eclipsing the cost of my rig in his well above expectations effort and patience with what turned out to be an inexplicable incompatibility issue, having nothing to do with my intended use or his design or hardware {which in fact turned out to be irresolvable} perhaps, I thought, caused only by virtue of my tendency to have gear operating in ways beyond the max design intent and projected span in years of life of it's developers. After one week of aiding me in live sessions on the machine and via telephone, Wouter and I had pretty much established that his gear and design and my gear and usage configurations were not in any way at fault, I figured, well I'm beyond my VIP for free phase of 30 days and I have used way more than my three wishes from the genie of good will and they are sure to throw me to the hardware wolves at this point, but no. For another 3 full months of efforts to reconcile my hardware applications with the other hardware vendor, Wouter kept them on track for a solution. From any other vendor I would have long since been up the creek and paddle less before two months were out for sure. Rest assured every penny you spend is valued and every second you are not happy, they will strive with every tool in their formidable toolbox to make things right.

Helpful (1) Cool


"I ordered an audio/video workstation. Wouter was very professional and helpful, made sure I understand precisely what I'm getting and that I'm not buying anything I don't need.

When a defect was found he connected to my computer remotely for a support session and made sure to ship a replacement for a defected part ASAP.

Communication was smooth and fast. I'm really very satisfied I made the order with Reyniers Audio and will definitely come back when I need an upgrade.


Helpful Cool


"Top notch experience all around. As someone new to modern audio recording, I had a ton of questions for Wouter (the owner) regarding the computer, the audio interface, the interconnectivity of my gear, and even which Digital Audio Workstation would best fit my needs. Not only did he provide a wealth of information on a multitude of fronts, he even down-sold me on a couple of components and saved me some crucial dollars which I put elsewhere. Who does that?

The computer itself works like a charm and is highly optimized for audio. The post-sales support has been stellar as well, though frankly I haven't needed much beyond some detailed answers on the PC optimizations (more for my own curiosity so I could track exactly what had been done to the machine).

I went with Reyniers Audio based on the strength of the reviews I'd read online, and I'm more than happy to add myself to the five-star fold. Keep up the great work, Wouter!

Helpful Cool


"They are very knowledgeable about pc audio. They informed me on the current status of pc audio such as current cpu's and advised me what would be best for my needs and my budget. This was done without trying to oversell me on any product. I was inform ever step of the way on the staus of my pc during it build. I received my pc exactly when I was told it would arrive and it was ready to go right out the box. I've had my unit for 3 mos. now with no problems. I got an Intel i7 970 64bit with 24 gigs of ram and I have no idea what my pc limits are because I've yet to reach a point where my pc even clicks. It handles cubase 5 and all the waves plug-ins and spectrasonics and Native Instr. with absolutely no problems. 40 tracks of a full blown mixdown with no prob. Thanx Wouter because I am completely satisfied!!!!!!

Greg R

Helpful Cool


"Purchased a Virtuoso Nehalem Intel i7 - Pro Studio from Reyners Audio last August. Wouter, the owner of the company, worked very closely with me to configure the right machine for my needs. He suffered thru my endless questions and inquiries and made my transition from hardware to PC based setup a breeze. The computer took a serious beating from UPS during delivery. The broken bits were promptly replaced and I have had zero problems with the machine. This computer eats CPU punishing plugins for breakfast. I have run loads of CPU intensive virtual instruments at high sample rate across many tracks and I've barely been able to make the machine break a sweat. A true turn-key solution, the computer came so well optimized and configured from Reyniers Audio that I honestly have never even needed to touch the buffer settings. These guys know what they are doing and have earned a lifelong customer with me. The service is unbeatable, I would HIGHLY recommend Reyniers Audio.

Eric Recourt - db9d9

Helpful Cool


"I purchased a dedicated DAW workstation from Reyniers Audio and I was very satisfied with their product. I am currently mixing down 33 audio tracks, 2 instrument tracks and running approximately 100 plugins (including T-Racks 3 Deluxe). All with a high sample rate and bit count using double 64 bit resolution and my computer is not an issue.

They performed all the BIOS and Windows tweaks and installed the drivers and software I requested. The computer screams but I can't hear it (this is good). It is nice to be able to record in my control room without the fans on the computer being picked up by the mic. I elected to fo with the tower case instead of the 19" rack mount and was very pleased when I opened it up and saw all the cables bussed under the motherboard to the other side of the case where they are still available. The firewire uses the TI chip set (a must for those in the know) and the hard disks are suspended to they don't transmit sound to the chassis. The CPU and graphics cooling is well thought out and is ultra-quiet. I have purchased and built DAW computers and I have found a huge difference in latency between a dedicated and non-dedicated DAW PC. It is nice to not notice the computer because its performance and noise are no longer a factor.

Now it is all double 64 bit precession with a bucket full of 64 bit, CPU eating plugins and >30 tracks with no strain on my PC resources. I have recorded 26 tracks with 8 IEM mixes and the CPU idled. I felt good about the purchase before I received the box. Kudos to Reyniers Audio, great company, great service, great product.

Gilbert A. Vipraio
Gil-A-Monster Sound

Helpful Cool


"Exceptional service, exceptional product. Wouter personally stands behind his products and sevices. He took all the time necessary to understand my needs to guide me through the process of building a superior DAW. Attending to all of my questions/concerns before during and after my purchase and recieving my system. Which arrived perfectly wrapped and secured. All of my software updated and functioning properly out of the box. The dual boot (XP/W7) runs fast, smooth, quiet and glitch free in my multi-faceted analog and digital studio.
Wouter is knowledgeable and up to date in the pro audio world. Give him a try, I guarantee you won't be sorry.
Sam Langley
N2N Productions

Helpful Cool


"If you are thinking of buying a recording computer online and wonder if Reyniers Audio could be the right choice, the answer is: YES. If you've seen their website, you already know the price looks great and the ability to customize is unequaled. So, should you trust this company? YES. My new computer arrived in about ten days and is the very highest quality. I added some of the noise reduction options and it is WHISPER quiet. Worried about service? Don't be. Wouter will be there to help you. The computer comes installed with software that allows remote review of whatever problem you may have and allows remote troubleshooting. I had an issue with a harddrive and we diagnosed it quickly and replaced it with ease. These guys are GREAT!"

Helpful Cool


"I don't usually write long reviews. My usual feedback is 'on time and as described' for online purchases. I must make an exception in this case. This is the best online experience that I have had. Wouter (Reyniers) personally took care of my needs, took the time to discuss my requirements, made recommendations, and got me the right gear. We had a motherboard problem which he immediately replaced. Then he installed and tested all my studio hardware. I got a perfect machine. I will buy here again and I would recommend them without hesitation. "

Helpful Cool


"Reyniers Audio were excellent. They helped me put together the best computer for my studio needs. Even advised choosing less expensive options for better performance and reliability.

I couldn't recommend them more.

Christopher Hoffee
CHAOS Recorders

Helpful Cool


"Before I made my purchase with Reyniers Audio, I had done a lot of shopping around for price. Wouter Reyniers was very knowledgable with the eguipment I would be using with my new audio computer and was very patient with me and all of the questions I had for him. Most everything was set up out of the box when I had recieved it and any additional configuring Wouter took care of remotely.
I would highly recommend Reyniers Audio for their support system alone and their genuine concern of complete satisfaction to their costumers.
JR Loman

Helpful Cool


"I was going to buy a "cookie cutter" pre-configured system from one of the big online music stores.
I found Reynier's Audio while web-surfing and, after some research and speaking with the owner of the company (yes, he answers his own phone), I made the decision to purchase from them.
I could not be happier with my new audio computer, nor with Reynier's personal communication and after-sale support.
They configured my machine to work with the exact DAW software, surface controllers and peripherals in my studio. They were aware of potential conflicts ahead of time and even called after the sale to make sure that everything was working as intended.
I rarely take the time to leave a review of this length, but I have rarely felt as good about a major purchase and the way I was treated as I have with this one.
I could not recommend Wouter and his team at Reynier's Audio higher. This is the way business should be done.

A lifelong customer,

Michael Dugan, Owner
Singing Frog Studios
Cocoa Beach, FL

Helpful Cool


"My custom audio computer is wonderful and all that I expected. Reyniers Audio did deliver exactly what I ordered for a competitive price. I will go to them again for any future related purchases. "

Helpful Cool


"Wow, where do I start? Before I bought the PC I called the company and Wouter, who owns the company, took loads of time discussing the pluses and minuses of some choices I wanted to make with regard to building my audio PC.

Once I got the PC, I was so excited to get it that I plugged in all the USB devices at once before loading the associated software. Needless to say that really confused Windows and I was soon on the phone with Wouter. He spent several hours working through all my issues. His patience can only be described as saint-like.

Once all my issues were resolved, the next day, the PC just stopped working and wouldn't reboot! I got on the phone with Wouter and he took me through several troubleshooting procedures but none of them seemed to help so Wouter had UPS come and pick up the PC so he could put it on the bench to test it.

Seems one of the bearings on the cooling fan for the CPU was sticking, stopping the fan from turning without a little push. No fan, no boot. Wouter upgraded my fan at no cost to me and sent the PC back to me post haste.

A few days later he wrote me to make sure everything was running well.

The moral of this story is that you will have customers do idiotic things and hardware that is not infallible. What you need in times like these is good and knowledgeable customer service.

Wouter and his team provided the customer service I needed in spades. Other companies might have tech support but I doubt you will be able to talk with the guy who built your PC and is so knowledgeable about every aspect of PCs.

It may seem ironic but the issues I encountered only made me realize, even more, just what a great company Reynier Audio really is.

I would highly recommend Wouter Reynier and his team to build your next audio PC. They are the fastest and quietest PCs I have "never heard".

You can purchase it with the security of knowing that if anything goes wrong they are there to help you and make sure you are a 100% happy... and I am! You just don't find companies like this anymore!

Thanks Wouter, you have made a customer for life!

Helpful Cool


"Being a retired English teacher, I simply have to watch how I spend my money. So I researched audio computers for a long time before choosing. I guarantee Dell and their ilk won't be useful! I decided to go with Cakewalk Sonar and a Reyniers Audio computer. Wooter lets you customize the box, which is more than I can say about most of them (like Musician's Friend.)
I got a Core 2, 3.33 ,Win XP system with 3 hard drives and am very happy so far with it. It is quiet, only a soft fan noise that I have yet to hear rev-up like my home Vista system fan does. It starts and shuts down quickly, thanks to his customization. (Never use a DAW computer to cruise the internet. Keep it OFF the web and away from anti-virus software and internet malware that will slow its performance!)
I like that I could talk directly with Woot, the company owner, and get his advice regarding customization. I like that he went ahead and downloaded a couple software updates and had them on my hard drive waiting for me when my unit arrived. The computer took longer than usual (30 days as opposed to 7 to 10 days) to arrive, but that was no biggie for me, a guy that had researched for 6 months the different components going into his DAW rig.
Simply put, I doubt you can do much better on the price of this computer (unless you do it yourself) and I know you can't do better on customer service. Wooter and Reyniers Audio rules! Go Woot!
Mike Upchurch

Helpful Cool

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