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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 5.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 10.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 10.00/10
Customer service: 10.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Student Trumpet repair

"I brought in a used trumpet I bought for my 11 yr old who is taking band for the first time i just wanted it looked over before school started. Mike was nice enough to spend 10 minutes with me looking at it and playing it. Turns out its in decent shape and it doesn't need work. Will definatly come back if i need anything because I wasn't rushed or treated like a number "

Helpful Cool



"I ordered a Numark Dashboard 7-3-18 it arrived 7-10-18 when I was to get it 7-5-18 upon getting the pkg I ordered online with a representative was to have been new it was used ,scratched,all wires opened & the previous owner left their iPod charging cord in box I notified C.S. they offered me a $50.00 e-gift card to shop online again I didn't order an opened or request a used item @ full price I was willing to work with them on their error with some type of discount for the used item even sent them pictures the best they could offer me was the gift card & finance the Dashboard (opened scratched used) at full mkt price & keep the card for future purchase I have Sam Ash Credit Card I advised them when the e card arrives I will refuse delivery once the item has been credited back to my account I will surrender my Sam Ash Card their representative I talked to was fine during my purchase but when I was asked to compensated on their error of a used product being sent than a new one as ordered (crickets) no offense to sam Ash but I refused to purchase any items from them fear of it being used or refurbished "

Helpful Cool


Kurt Cobain Fender Jaguar

"I have been very pleased with my new guitar from Sam Ash. I was hesitant about buying a guitar that retails for over $1200 online, but David Weintraub, sales specialist at Sam Ash, put me at ease.

I initially visited a local guitar store here in Columbia, SC, where I had purchased 3 guitars, 2 amps, and countless other musical sundries. Due to the poor, reprehensible customer service...I went straight to Guitar Center. I should have known how this was going to turn out. After wasting 2 hours of my life, they would not come off the $1224 price tag a hair and wanted to nickel and dime my **** for everything associated with the guitar. This infuriated me.

The next morning, April 19th to be exact, I called Sam Ash and had the pleasure of speaking with David.

He put my mind at ease and had recently played a drum session with my former drummer, Derek Roddy. I wanted the guitar in time for my birthday, 4/20, but the guitar shipped 2 days, which landed on my birthday party day!!

FedEx totally screwed up and lied after I waited all day at home. David looked into it for me after the other company blew me off. I finally got my guitar on Tuesday late, late - the last stop - because they don't do ground on Mondays, my luck once again.

Out of the box it played fantastic. It was pretty much set up and tuned to about a drop D. It has goto tuning pegs, warm surfer sound and is just a beauty. The maple neck feels awesome...traditional Fender perfection.

I did have to take it to an authorized Fender workshop because the first pick up wasn't working. A wire had come loose in shipping. They needed the receipt and David was Johnny on the spot getting me a copy.

I'm giving David Weintraub 5 ☆'s. The FedEx headache and having to spend time back and forth with the guitar only 4 ☆'s. I'll definitely use Sam Ash for future purchases. Meinl Hang Drum perhaps?

Helpful Cool


Great service!

"I was very skeptical about buying because there are a lot of bad reviews but my package came the very next day in great condition! I will definitely consider buying from this company again!"

Helpful Cool


Super Service

"After purchasing a guitar from Sam Ash, I found the same guitar at a competitor for $190.00 less. I brought this to the attention of Sam Ash as they do have a price match policy. To make a long story short, Sam Ash verified the price and credited my account $190.00. That is real customer service. Thanks Sam Ash. You have made a customer for life!!!"

Helpful Cool


SAM ASH DOLPHIN MALL (never again)

"First of all a lot of instrument are scratched or has dents,horrible customer service,its impossible to talk to people,the music in customer service and in the store in general is stupid loud,so you can not test the instruments and then the management is useless,they do not want to help people and the guys have really bad manners,see you guys no more."

Helpful Cool


The online order confirmed but never charged my card!!!

"At the end of my online order then 3 days later it hadn't come so looked and it said the order didn't actually do anything! And my card wasn't even declined and i printed out the confirmation of purchase and have it.... don't buy from sam ash...."

Helpful Cool


Where Is It!

"I ordered a trombone mouth piece November 8th and still have not received it!! I called around December 8th and after a long wait on-hold, I was told the order was never sent to the supplier! I was told however, that he had found one in stock in another store and I could be assured it would be sent out immediately and I would receive it in a few days. Well, still no sign of it nor have I received an followup email! Nothing! I ordered a Conn trombone from them in 2005 and was told I would receive in about three weeks. About two and half months later it arrived at the store just as I was cancelling the order! Never, ever order anything through Sam Ashe unless you don't care when or if you ever receive it! I've had great experience purchasing in-store many times. Their ordering process and results are terrible! "

Helpful Cool


Worse staff ever in their Huntington New York Store. If you must buy from them AVOID Huntington

"Stupid crass people that should be fired on the spot after what they did today


Helpful Cool


Terrible service

"Purchased a new gibson guitar from Sam Ash after waiting 2 weeks for my guitar to arrive from backorder, it finally arrived and was broken. The guitar was not at all wrapped as it should be to prevent damaging a $2800 guitar. The headstock was split away from the neck because whoever shipped it was either lazy or plain stupid. I sent it back to them and am still waiting for a refund. "

Helpful Cool


Customer service bad, constantly changing the story from 1 hour to next!

"Ordered limited edition guitar July 28 2017 and was told it would ship end of august, that's fine. End of august get email order shipped (yippee) next day another email order canceled. Called customer service to find out what's going on, from 1 rep to another got different stories meanwhile another email order shipped again with tracking number that didn't have a package to track, called again , "oh its warehouse mistake order will ship monday". After week of emails saying order canceled, order shipped my rep says it's shipping and they upgraded to 2 day shipping. 2 days later guitar arrived but broken headstock because of poor packaging. SamAsh had been in box because they had put samash hanging tag on guitar with couple samash in case, rep said they do that at epiphone/gibson when guitars are inspected. (B.S.) Ive ordered cheaper guitars from other guitars superstores online before and always packaged well, but this had the case open with guitar moving, no paper under strings and headstock not wrapped, a must if shipping in case. Looked on website and they still had guitars in stock, called and got return info and was told "yes 2 guitars left in stock and they will put hold on 1 for me and when broken guitar is received they will ship replacment". But rep didn't tell me I had to pay return shipment. After I shipped broken guitar she gave me courtesy call and let me know they were out of the guitars and I needed to order different kind! So now I'm out money and no guitar. "

Helpful Cool



"Very slow and sloppy, payed 82$ for one day shipping and I got my package 4 days later, then I had to wait 3 about a month for my refund, worst service ever."

Helpful Cool


Misdirection, misinformation, lack of communication...

"Tried ordering a copy of MOTU's Unisyn. The Sam Ash site says "unavailable, ORDER TODAY!".

So, I did.

I simultaneously contacted one of the reps at MOTU to find out if it was still available, as it is a Legacy product. Mike, helpful and responsive as always (I've purchased a number of hardware and software items from MOTU over the past decade) said it was, and they regularly drop ship for Sam Ash customers.

A couple days later, I received an email saying the order was cancelled.

I called to find out why, and was told is was due to some sort of mail-order-back-order-issue they have, and that they needed to re-confirm some qualifying info on me.

I did so, and hung up the phone.

A week later, I called to check the status, and can not get any information out of any of the people who I actually have on the phone talking to me... I have to discuss it with the sales-person who I placed the order with (are these people on freaking COMMISSION these days?) and he's been repeatedly unavailable.

Meanwhile... Mike from MOTU has dropped me a couple "where are things at" e-mails, and indicated that I can make the purchase from him.

I just got off the phone with Sam Ash AGAIN, and could not get anyone to answer my questions, saying that I had to speak to the sales person.

I cancelled my order.

I purchased my first keyboard (electric piano) from Sam Ash in White Plains in 1983. Numerous purchases over the decades, before I moved from the NYC area, on-line once that was in vogue, retail again once Sam Ash opened in the Dallas area.

But I give up on them. Musicians Direct has MUCH better customer service practices.

Helpful Cool


"Ordered a Ibanez Bass Guitar Package from Sam Ash online on July 28, 2015.
The order was supposedly processed and fulfilled. I called customer service on August 2, 2015, they assured me it was scheduled to ship the next day, (Monday the 3rd). I was suppose to receive an email when it shipped with tracking information; i didn't receive it August 4th either. I called my credit card co. today and they said payment was not processed nor was it pending. I called Sam Ash to cancel the order because it has been 8 days since the order was placed. The representative said; what if I told you it was going to ship tomorrow? I told them I lost faith in Sam Ash and did not believe him and I wanted the order cancelled. I just ordered it from Guitar Center. They told me this item is on back order from the manufacturer and would ship mid-September. Finally the truth. I believe Sam Ash also back ordered this guitar package, even though they did not admit it, and was going to lead me on til mid September. Disappointing for my granddaughter who waited every day for the Fedex driver to bring her eighteenth birthday gift. I will never shop at Sam Ash again

Helpful Cool


"I ordered electronic drums online. The picture and the description were totally different from what I got. Customer service was pleasant to talk to but it was clear to me that they were not willing to make things right. I would have kept the drums but for that reason, I opted to send them back. I am not one to complain but that experience with Sam Ash will definitely be my last."

Helpful Cool

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