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"CAUTION: This store is a crocked organization!
Tried to purchase camera on the web, then they used the typical try to upsell for ungodly prices for options you dont need. But when you tell them you dont want options, your order will magically dissapear. Then they tell you it will ship in 2 days. It NEVER DOES. Then you get an email saying the product is not in stock. It never ships! BUT THEY STILL CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD! THEY WILL FRAUDELENTLY CHARGE YOUR CARD NO MATTER WHAT!

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"Never ever try to buy anything from this site.
Ordered on October 19.
Took one week to send shipment info.
When they were taking long to ship, i found bad reviews on net about mydigitalplace.com, I tried to cancel order.Person handling call was very rude and told me that order has been shipped.However actually it did not.Any way I tried to be positive and decided to wait.

Any way they shipped on October 28th to be delivered on 3rd Nov,when UPS tried to deliver , they found address wrong, however I could not any reason to address to be wrong.
I followed up with UPS and got packet finally on Nov 4th.
Now guess what, big surpise,instead of camera ( worth 300 USD) I get desktop tripod of worth $5.

What a waste of time and energy.
More over UPS always showed weight as 1 LB in tracking number, now guess how much a desktop tripod ( lighter than 3 pens) and a small piece of news paper.
Hats off to UPS too..!!

This sitedoes not use even SSL , so credit card number is also on risk .

Order was shipped by Digital Kingdom rather didgital place ( ups shipment was re-routed).

Sender address was
1709 65th Ground St

Bottom line never buy from this vendor , i would say any vendor from NY.

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"I will not do business with this company again.
I ordered a Sony digital camera, memory stick and memory stick reader. The camera they sent was a European model (no US warranty). They tried to tell me it was impossible, but I finally convinced them. I returned the camera per their instructions. They told me they received the camera, but didn't send out the replacement for a week (they lied to me several times when they said it was sent out the next day). The replacement camera arrived a month after I originally placed the order. Then the memory stick reader failed to work. I sent it back and am still waiting for a credit to my account even though they told me they had processed the paperwork a week ago. I think they lied again!

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"Yes, like the others listed here no one has had a good experiance with this seller. I do believe they are a scam. But yet you go to shopcartUSA and all the reviews are just short of raves. I belive this is also a setup. I paid for 3 day shipping tryed to get a tracking number and was given the run around. Very rude answering the phone. I have reported them to the BBB and will follow up till they are put out of business."

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"Mydigitalpalace is really really bad! You will not feel any good to deal with them!!!"

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"I filed a complaint with BBB, here is a brief list of everything that happened.

05-19-04 purchased item (866-580-7656) Product was in stock
05-19-04 Recieved E-mail from a James (jamess@MyDigitalPalace.com) saying to contact him at 866-580-7656
05-19-04 Contacted James, said product was in stock just wanted to verify sale and asked if I would like any accessories to go with product. I said No
5-19-04 I reiceve an e-mail from digicam@digicamreturns.com saying an "order" was ready for delivery and should be shipped UPS FedEx or USAirborne with no reference to the product, order number, or a phone number to call them back.
5-20-04 I try to call customer service and E-mails to James, and digicams come back "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)"
5-20-04 I recieve another email from this digicam, once again with no reference to my order, I was thinking my Credit Card was stolen.
5-21-04 Check Status of Order (Was told it would be shipped tomorrow)
5-24-04 Called Custom Serv 3 x, and was hung up on
5-25-04 Rec. E-mail saying my order was to cancel if I dont contact them, and send them my drivers license and credit card info (I thought personal security issue, especially since it dont mention my order)
5-25-04 Call Cust. Serv. was told to disregard any e-mails from Digicam, and to call back, item was not in stock (even though they originally said it was)
5-26-04 Called, Cust. Serv. was now CLOSED wednseday
5-27-04 Called, Cust. Serv. was now CLOSED thursday no e-mail response
5-29-04 Called Customer Serv. CLOSED
5-29-04 Called Sales, Hung Up On, While waiting for operator
5-29-04 Called Sales, Before I could say anything, I was told to call customer service. I told him it was closed, he called me a liar, and said he would give me a direct number.
5-29-04 Called, Cost. Serv # he gave me... CLOSED
5-29-04 Called Sales to Cancel Order, I said I want to cancel my fckin order (my fault, I apologize) he replies, F** you, I will F***ng kill you, I dont give a F** about your order, and hung up
5-29-04 Called To Cancel order.

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"Mydigitalpalace is nothing more than a scam. They offer the lowest price and make you call them to "Verify" the order. Once on the phone they attempt to sell you other items at inflated prices to make up the difference in their low cost. Stay away from this company. I will be reporting them to the NYC consumer affairs division for investigation."

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"I tried to place an order at MyDigitalPalace.com for Canon PowerShot S50,
the price advertised at the moment on several search sites was $329
When I went to their site price had been changed to $347! Well, 20 bucks not a big deal- I placed an order. After that I figured out their order page is NOT USING SECURED PROTOCOL-that means somebody can catch the traffic and get ALL your information!!!
In approximately an hour I received an e-mail saying I need to call them (Jeff, ext. 234)for verification reason. I tried to call several times during the day and finally have reached sales department. The guy was absolutely impolite and said my order was canceled because of out of stock! Next minute I went to their website and found same camera for $389 available!
BTW, still did not get confirmation for order cancellation!(2 hours) Was forced to call the bank and stop the credit card used, because of unsecured information!

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Less than pleased would be an understatement. I did not ever receive the product I ordered.

I do extensive purchasing online. This company was suppose to have this in stock and wanted to talk to me about options to purchase along with the digital camera I ordered. I did not want to discuss options (as I have had digital cameras for years and have everything else I need).

After finding this out – I was notified by email that it would be backordered for two weeks. After two weeks, no camera. I wrote email and never received an answer. So after 3 weeks I give up. And this is for an item that was supposed to be in stock.

Also – all of their email from their automated systems if from digicam@digicamreturns.com. I think this should have been a hint.

I would say – poor service with dubious motive is the mantra of this company.

I will be posting this warning everywhere I can find to rate this company.

I’ll be taking my business somewhere else.


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"BEWARE OF www.mydigitalpalace.com!!! They are on the www.pricehead.com, and they are the same company or paid lots of money to get a good rating on that site.

I tried to order a camera from their website, and had a similar experience as "elbuenob". After putting in my credit card info, I got a message saying my session timed out and I'd have to reorder. So I call them, but the numbers don't take calls from my area, and I get a friend to call them for me.

She spent all day trying to talk to them, only to get hung up on every time, put on hold for 20 minutes multiple times, and no mention of the company name when a rep picks up. Finally she calls again and is transferred to "james" at an extension, who basically just rudely says to get me to check my email. Well, all my email says is to contact James at his extension, which I am unable to do from my area!!
So I cancel my credit card and email him back to tell him not to bother charging me.


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"Ordered a Sony DSC-F717 on Oct 17th due to good price, plus $75 rebate from Sony. 3 days later, got email that camera had been backordered for 2 to 3 weeks. This would still allow time to file for the sony rebate. At the end of 3 weeks, I called and was informed that it was backordered an additional 2 more weeks. I have contacted the sony rebate division and have been told "tough luck on the rebate".
Have checked a couple of times with sales and they seem to indicate that the camera is available if you want to buy accessories.
Also, email questions to their customer service go unanswered. They will talk to you if you call and put up with a long wait. I will most probably cancel the order if still not available when time is up.
Incidentally, they are still advertising the sony $75 rebate which expired on Oct 25th.
Why bother to advertise if you can't deliver????

Helpful Cool


"My order was never executed - I cancelled it after it became clear that I was doing business with crooks. These people operate out of New York and take advantage of a well-known practice called "Bait and Switch".

I usually call before ordering and did so this time and talked to Jordon who was polite and we chatted for awhile. When it became clear that he was busy I ordered from the website after confirming that my order, A Sony DCS-F717 camera, was in stock and ready to be shipped.

I recieved an email the same day asking me to call Jordan at extension 229 which I did. I was transfered all over the place finally coming back to Jordon whose conversation went like this:

Jordon: Have you ever owned this camera before?
Me: No, but I have used it.
Jordon: Then you'll know that this camera can utilitze filters and lenses
Me: Yes, I'm not interested, I already have lenses (I didn't, but who's business is that?)
Jordon: Well, where did you get them?
Me: Somewhere else, not on the internet.
Jordon: Well, sir, why don't you get this camera somewhere else?

I was stunned. So I asked him to repeat what he said, and then aksed him if we knew what "business under duress meant". He assured me he did not and when pressed about my order, snapped back:

"Alright, this camera is out of stock" as if I broke my own deal. I said "cancel my order" and he HUNG UP!!!!!!!

I called back 5 times to request proof of cancellation, each time getting put on hold and IGNORED due to the fact that they are actually a company called "My Digital Palace". Finally, I recieved 3 emails of the same message saying my order was cancelled an

Helpful Cool


"I wanted to buy a Canon Elura 50 from them. They offer the camera as a standalone item on their website but apparently in order to get one you have buy a bunch of accessories with it. So I did because I wanted the camera and some of the accessories. They sent me a USED camera that didn't work. Meanwhile I had to go to a local retailer and buy another camera as I needed one ASAP. Saveondig would not take the camera back without charging me a 15% restocking fee. However, they did replace the broken camera with a new one, but now I am stuck with two cameras. I will not be buying anything from them ever again. Don't be fooled by their low prices."

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"i was lead in to buy from them by a very good price for a sony f717.When i told them that i only wanted the camera and not a bunch of high priced accesories i didnt need, they told me i had to wait 4 weeks for the camera because i could only buy it with accesories. Even if i were able to buy the camera by itself, and paid overnight shipping i would have to wait a week and a half because they take so long to process the order. They lied about the price and how much they stock and there shipping times, overall a bad experience and wouldnt recommend them to anyone."

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