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Horrible Customer Service

"I purchased a EuroCave Pure L Wine Cellar from Wine Enthusiast on 3/26/18. (link to that - http://www.wineenthusiast.com/eurocave-pure-l-wine-cellar.asp). The sales person talked me into the upgraded glass door, I had initially wanted to go with the wooden door ($300 less). Delivery took almost 2 months since during the initial delivery the door broke during shipment and had to be returned. The unit was delivered on 5/11/18 and installed by the delivery people as a part of Wine Enthusiasts offered white glove delivery.
The morning of 6/6/18 after having this less than a month I opened the door to add some wine bottle into the unit, the door swings all the way back, so even though I open it gently it always hits the side of the unit. That morning the door shattered. I immediately called wine enthusiast to let them know of the issue and spoke with a representative who asked for pictures. I provided those but did not hear back from her until the following Monday (6/11/18) and that was only after I called back requesting information. She emailed me back saying there was no option other than for me to purchase a new door. We corresponded a bit more, and I asked for a call from a supervisor in my final email of the day and she said she would have someone call me. Tuesday passed without a return call so I called again and was able to be transferred to a supervisor. Back and forth with more pictures, and she said the only thing they could offer was for me to purchase a new door at their cost.
The wooden door I initially wanted would be $170 and shipping would be $250 for a total of $420. I paid $300 more for the glass door, so I was basically requesting a downgrade from what was initially purchased AND had to pay for it. Since this happened through no fault of my own and just in regular intended usage of the item I felt they should be responsible for the replacement. Feeling I was left without another option I made this purchase. That delivery took well over a month because it first needed to be shipped from France to the Wine Enthusiast Shipping Center. It then took me a week or so to switch the doors since it needed 2 people to make the switch and that wasn’t included with the delivery. Once the doors were switched I had to leave town for a business trip. It was very discouraging to arrive home and find that the internal temperature was higher than the room temperature, without the proper temperature & humidity control the unit should have been providing I am unsure if the wine I had put in there has been negatively impacted.
I once again emailed the supervisor I had been working with previously and explained the issue. I also noticed at this time that the door had a gap in the top left corner between the gasket and closing, so the door didn't seal properly. The supervisor found that a sensor needed to be installed so that the unit would recognize the door was closed (without the sensor it thought the door was open so wasn't running the cooling) - I am unsure why this wasn't a part of the door when it was shipped.
They sent a technician out a few days later to install the sensor and look at the door gasket. He agreed that the gasket needed to be replaced and will call once that comes in to schedule replacement. He also agreed that the door seemed to open too far and too hard (which is why the glass door broke initially). So I purchased this in March, it is now nearly 6 months later and I still do not have a functional unit. The only "help" to date from Wine Enthusiast was an at cost discount on the second door that I shouldn’t have had to purchase in the first place. Also note that I did leave a negative review on this item on their website but that was never posted, however if I try to submit another review I get a message stating that my review for the item has already been received.
I have been very patient, provided all requested information in a timely manner, and waiting for promised communications that generally didn’t occur unless I made additional contact. This was a sizeable investment that I have not been able to use since it was purchased 6 months ago. I am extremely frustrated and dissatisfied and would encourage people to not do business with this company.

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"Word of caution if considering purchasing Euro Cave or other types of refrigerated storage from Wine Enthusiast, I would suggest purchasing these items from someone who has the ability to service what you buy with a staff that is competent. I purchased 2 Euro Caves and until recently have had good luck with them. Refrigeration stopped working on one unit and I have been almost 2 months calling to get it fixed. First a gentleman said he knew what it was and would send the part, after waiting a couple of weeks I called to inquire when I could expect it, a young lady checked and said that my order had been cancelled, she did not know why, but would send it right out. Part came a week later, it was not the problem
Called for the 5th or 6th time and once again Wine enthusiast said they have support for these units but not in my area (R.I.). They gave me the names of some of their acceptable support people in Mass & Conn, everyone I called said they did not service these units. These people have no idea what they are doing and customer service is nothing more than lip service. Good luck getting someone to show up.

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Todd Niedringhaus is a horrible person

"He is one of the executives from this company, and he was incredibly rude and horrible towards me. NEVER BUY FROM THIS EVIL COMPANY!"

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No response

"As with the experiences with other reviewers.... Ordered product (large wine refrigerator) with a promised delivery date. Product sat in warehouses around the country but still hasn't made it to my house. Repeated messages to Wine Enthusiast with no response. Just want someone to tell me what's going on so I can prepare at my end and rearrange meetings, work, etc. and I've received nothing. Strongly considering canceling my order."

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"Placed an order two weeks before I needed it for a birthday present. Two days before the birthday, it still had not arrived. I contacted them and it was on backorder and I WAS NEVER notified. It was not even going to ship for 2 more weeks but they didn't have the courtesy to let us know.l. "

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Horrible. They delete negative reviews on their website

"Like many others, I wish I would have seen these reviews prior to doing business with Wine Enthusiast. Besides horrible customer service, they also deleted the 1 star review I left on their website. 3 words of advice for shoppers considering buying from Wine Enthusiast: Avoid, avoid, avoid!"

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"I wish I would have read the reviews before ordering. Same story as many other people here: ordered a product, paid in full, product never arrived, product never even shipped. Contacted customer service, they hung up on me. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST. You can see similar complaints filed against Wine Enthusiast on the Better Business Bureau's website."

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Will NEVER ORDER from this company again!!!!

"Place an order on 12/6/17 for a personalized crystal cigar ash tray for my husband. I emailed Wine Enthusiast on 12/11/17 to inquire on ship date. They responded 12/12/17 saying "it will be arriving the week of the 18th." On 12/18/17 I checked online and my order still said "in process" and "ship method not available." I sent another email on 12/18/17 to verify I would receive this before Christmas and to ask what date it will be shipping. They replied via email on 12/19/17 that I will receive it this week and they could not tell me what date it will ship. I called the 800 # and was told it is being "drop shipped from the vendor" and " the vendor guarantees it will be here by Christmas." You would think they would call their
"vendor" to check on this item, but no! Even if this item miraculously arrives before Christmas, I will NEVER order from this company again! TERRIBLE customer service! I wish I would've checked their reviews online before ordering!

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Joy turned to disappointment

"On December 7th I ordered my Husband a personalized wood and leather travel humidor for Christmas. On December 17th I emailed them Inquiring on the ship date. I was Assured at the time of my order which was over the phone that it would be delivered by Christmas. Their reply was received on December 18th letting me know the item was discontinued and that my order was cancelled on THE 7th!!! Now the one thing that my husband had been hinting for will not be in his stocking because there isn’t enough time to get one personalized through another company. I will Not be purchasing anything else from the company. This is a one and done and i will Not recommend them either. Customer service did not offer an alternative just an insincere I’m sorry.

Completely dissatisfied and frantically looking for another gift!

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Wine cellar arrived with a wrong handle and the company never answer the claim

"The screws distance to attach the handle is wrong, so the handle couldn't be installed, I wrote telling the problem and they never contacted me back. Very disappointed"

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Terrible service and don't expect your item to arrive on time.

"On May 5, our Christmas present we bought for a family member arrived. It was 5 months late!!! And the card we wrote wasn't included, so they had no idea who it came from...terrible."

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Dont trust their promises

"First time I ordered I paid expedited but it was not delivered until 2 days later. I called last week for a second order and was told if I place the order before 1pm it would go out same day for delivery 1-2 days. I ordered at 9:30am today, paid $58 expedited for my order to be delivered on Monday. Never got the confirmation email so I called at 5pm only to be given bull nonstop by each person I spoke to - they can find the name and address of the shipper and recipient but no order so if you wish to have something delivered Monday we can take your order now..WTF. DONT TRUST THESE PEOPLE"

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"I ordered a gift through this retailer, and it never arrived. When I asked the people that were supposed to get the gift, Wine Enthusiast offered to SELL them the gift for a discount. Since it was a gift, the intended recipients did not tell me about the problem immediately because they did not want to be rude. I am now unable to chargeback the purchase because it is past 90 days and am at the mercy of their customer service to get the refund. I will review again when they contact me. "

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"Stay clear of this online disaster retailer. They have very attractive website and advertising giving you a totally false impression.
The customer service is horrendous! I ordered 2 bar stools and was told 4-6 weeks delivery. Absolutely no update of status after 6 weeks. Finally I have to hound their customer service for status. They tell me wait another week. After 7 weeks I call again. They send an email saying "back order." A likely excuse for poor service and lack of any semblance of a reputable business.
We are talking about 2 bar stools here. If you had given me some wood I could have built them in 3 - 4 weeks myself, .. sanded and finished them as well.
The customer service is a bunch of stunods. A dog would be smarter than any of these people on the phone.
I told them to cancel my order and shove the bar stools as far as they can up their cracks.
These people are thick rocks with absolutely no common business acumen or accountability to their business responsibilities.

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"Still waiting for Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table and Stools...ELEVEN weeks. Customer service is abysmal. Conflicting information on the status of the order-both in my confirmation email and my account on their website. Shows something completely different when I use their "check order status". Will NOT be ordering from Wine Enthusiast again, EVER!!"

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