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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 3.75/10
Chance of future purchase: 5.63/10
Shipping & packaging: 5.00/10
Customer service: 7.50/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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Never To Old For The Toy Shop

"I had the best time reliving my childhood whilst doing a little search for my young GREAT NIECE (3 years of age in April)
I was like a child all over again wandering the isles with the greatest toy for boys and girls of all ages. Beautifully set out in appropriate ages and sexuality sections. Oh to be a child once more, at 66 years of age I had to blink and remind myself I was as an adult and I was buying for a young child.
A simple pop I and out found me still wandering about forty five minutes later totally absorbed in the wonderment of technology for children as young as two. I could not help also checking out the boys toys.
Finally I returned to my car parked in the great user friendly car park in a disabled car spot near the main door and yes without a successful purchase as I need to speak with her parents regarding a better, age appropriiate item. But I did sign up for the great membership reward card. I SHALL RETURN IF ONLY TO ENJOY MY YOUTH ONCE MORE BUT WITH AN ITEM IN MIND . CANNOT WAIT’ HOW EASY IT WAS TI RELIVE MY JUVENILE YEARS

Helpful Cool


Gogobricks.com had a good experience

"Gogobricks.com we had a good experience with toysrus. Shipped and delivered on time, just one minor hick-up the shipping box was smashed."

Helpful Cool


No item

"I have been in the Asheville, NC store twice for birthday gifts. !st time I went was around end of Februaury 2018. I took the slip to the cashier and they did not have item. They wanted me to chose something else. I said no. Then they called other stores and found item in Hickory NC. They would be shipping out next day. When it arrives in the Asheville store they would call me. As of 3-19-18 no call. I was just there on 3-17-18 same thing happened took slip to cashier and did not have this item neither. Did not call around to see if another store close by had it. Why have slips id no products. Seems like to me they don't have act together. What a joke. Now I know why going out of business. I ordered one gift off Amazon. "

Helpful Cool


$900 dollars worth of product not delivered

"This is 2 1/2 months later and still nothing has been delivered or refunded. "

Helpful Cool


Toys R US NIGHTMARE for 3 months, Devastating experience

"We are having a HORRIBLE Horrible situation with Toys R Us now. We order a stroller two months ago and they did not deliver it. we have been calling them at least 8 times now and each time on answering machine for one and a half hour waiting to talk to someone from customer service to ask for a REFUND. I have personally talked to 3 managers from customer care team and asked them to proceed a refund. 3 weeks ago one of them sent me email saying they gave me a refund and reference number! Now we are in 2018 and yet my bank account does not show any REFUNDS!! I've been calling them non stop but no serious action. it's been 3 weeks exactly since their refund email which says it will take up to 7 business days!!
Me and my wife been in alot of stress, emotionally sad. Did not receive our 300$ back. Do not know if we should buy a new one from somewhere else or not. Our baby will born in 2 months and still we do not have a stroller. It was the most horrible shopping experience I have personally had in my life. We are thinking to take legal action against Toys R U soon.

Helpful Cool



"I loved it they had exactly what I wanted."

Helpful Cool


Jean Clark

"I ordered from Toys R Us with a promioof two day shipping. My order was placed on DEC 19th and the item was “in stock.” Just dealt with customer service and my item will not arrive until the 27th. I’m disgusted with the fact that they can’t deliver or rectify this situation!!! Never going to use them again being this is not the first time this has happened! "

Helpful Cool


Waiting to hear anything??!

"Simple question is where is our order? Customer service couldn’t tell us and put us on a priority manager call list 4 days ago.... I’m shock this company gets away with being this horrible to the paying customers. I will not do business with them again. "

Helpful Cool


Don't seem to have their act together!

"Ordered Items from them for Christmas. Now told Items on backorder and may not come until after Christmas. Called Customer Service, they are of no help and couldn't tell status of most items ordered. Credit card shows charges of $40 dollars over amount order was supposed to be! Whole operation at this retailer seems to be out of control, right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. I would recommend using other retailers and avoid ToyRus if possible. Sorry for being so negative, but they don't seem to have their act together."

Helpful Cool


Customers fault if their system screws up

"Their system errors out on the shipping address and now they can’t cacel the order or correct the shipping address. What kind of company can’t correct a shipping address or cancel an order?! Basically on out my money for the order and there is nothing they can do.
Hope someone at that random address likes the toys I bought them. Was supposed to go to a toy drive at work.
They deserve the bankruptcy they are going through. Good riddance.

Helpful Cool


They always answer the phone

"I shop often at toysrus (8707) always at the 1645 NW 107th Ave. Miami, Fl location, a couple of reasons why I always shop there, they always answer the phone (I've tried calling a couple of other stores and they never answer the phone), I can always speak to their store manager Suzanne. About a month ago I would call the store asking to see when would they receive the Fingerlings monkey and Gigi the unicorn, not only did she (Suzanne) respond to all my questions but was able to tell me the day that they were going to receive a shipment, I was therefore able to go the next day and purchase the fingerlings Gigi the unicorn; this toy is a 2017 hot toy and trying to find it and purchase it is almost impossible. Thank you Suzanne and thank you toysrus for hiring such a good employee, she runs a very helpful customer service driven store.

Helpful Cool


Do not order online

"One order was duplicated, charged and shipped twice. Received an email that there was a problem with the second order, please call customer service within 48hours. I did so within an hour and was told my order was cancelled. I had not been informed, was not given reason and they did not respect the terms in their own email. Terrible online shopping experience, I have had better service from cheap knock-off sellers from China on ebay."

Helpful Cool



"They offer to send an item in 4-6 days but it's really taken 9 days. "

Helpful Cool


False hope

"Toysrus.com is ok if you're getting order to ship to your own address....they say they offer shipping to different addresses which can include a gift message...I'm here to tell you that after 3 hrs filled with anguish and a couple attempts neither the different shipping addresses or gift messages became a reality...I've shut the door on being a customer of theirs but had to place the order to be delivered to my house because I had a gift card....called customer service and was told by manager they could not and would not compensate me for the turmoil their false promises caused me."

Helpful Cool


Three months still waiting

"I am expecting my first baby boy and decided to order my bedding set through toys r us; babies r us didnt carry it in stock so had to order online at toys r us. Same store no problem, right? Wrong ! I ordered beginning of march after my shower went in store ordered it wad told it be delivered in 5 days. Package never came when i called they said it was out of stock so it was cancelled??? No call no e-mail no notifications what so ever. They apparently refund to the originanal gift card used; which i no longer had of course because waasnt told of future reasons to hold onto an empty card. Waited for email of money refund then tried again . It is now april 29 and the second order is now on hold due to limited quanity till future notice! No date after being told there were plenty when i reordered ! Still no bedding set & my son is due next week. Aweful experience "

Helpful Cool

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