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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 4.32/10
Chance of future purchase: 4.17/10
Shipping & packaging: 4.44/10
Customer service: 4.55/10
Return/Replacement policy: 3.33/10
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Verizon store in Nampa Idaho - Ronald

"Ronald was very helpful when My daughter and I went in to get new upgraded phones. He explained all the features, and helped us get everything transfered. He was not pushy or in our faces to buy extras. He didnt talk over our heads about features but keeped it easy to understand. Was willing to sit with us and help walk us through the set up process for the new phones. He wasnt overly loud in speaking, nor was he too quiet. All around we got very good services. We have been with Verizon 9 years and dont plan to change anytime soon."

Helpful Cool


DO NOT USE version

"Customer service is unfriendly and incompetent,over priced and don’t sign up for automatic withdrawals, next to impossible to get your money back if your over charged or if you just want stop automatic withdrawals, A company that never takes any responsibility for their mistakes, I have joined the thousands that have left Verizon and thousands will follow behind me, I wonder if they just don’t care or they are that mismanaged, what ever the reason, I surely don’t miss the poor service and long waits for the customer service that has been trained to make excuses and transfer you all around without any help!"

Helpful Cool


Zack Rossi Sales Representative in Lanoka Harbor, NJ

"Best experience I have had at Verizon in the 10+ years I have been with them. Personable, knowledgeable, extremely helpful just wonderful all around! All of the employees should take notes from Zack Rossi! Thank You so much again!"

Helpful Cool


Supervisor Lucy dell was no help

"Made 30iah phone calls within 7 days been bounced around no help then supervisor Lucy dell sealed the deal took 7 more tried and was finally able to close account no help. Started with issue on having issues contacting local police department

Helpful Cool


customer care does not exist.

"I just spent 7 HOURS trying to get a bill payment straightened out, and no one could help me. 5 different online chats, 87 minutes on hold on the telephone. When I attempted to log into the "customer care" screen it wouldn't recognize my login information, yet every other screen did. remember when there was such a thing as professional pride, and self respect. Verizon is without a doubt the most inept and careless, and non caring organization I have encountered in my 73 years.
Sincerely L.L.Y.

Helpful Cool


Verizon Experience

"I was helped by Jordan at the nippers corner location. Great service. "

Helpful Cool


Expensive and worst customer service ever


Helpful Cool



"I went to the Verizon store in Harrisburg. I had to wait a couple of minutes for Mark complete his work with another customer. Mark was so helpful, telling everything I needed for the g6 I was purchasing. He transferred all my info over and told me to use the cloud for storage of my pics to avoid losing them. I have been with Verizon 10 years and always received great service."

Helpful Cool



"Service over the course of the last 2 years has gone to absolute ****. I never have service, can never load web pages or apps and my phone says I have 4g and 4 bars of service. Verizon is a scam, for the prices they charge, and what you get from them, ABSOLUTE SCAM. They have to be padding their coverage to act like they have service when they really do not. I have been a Verizon wireless customer for 10+ years and I promise you, Verizon is NOT the best, at all, not even close. There are more dead zones than ever before and like I said, your phone will show you have service but you actually do not and can not connect to ANYTHING. I am not the only one with this issue either, I have spoken to friends and family with Verizon as their service as well and they all say the same exact thing. SCREW VERIZON."

Helpful Cool


No help

"It takes days for texts and phone messages to come through and sometimes not at all. No help because was told "they aren't making any money off me". Even if you think that, to actually say that to a customer?! "

Helpful Cool


Lorenzo DeJesus @ Dale mabry store

"Helped lower our bill plus got my mom a phone she can use and loves. Thank you for all your help."

Helpful Cool



"My fiance and I have been using Verizon now for over a year. She has been using Verizon for the last decade. Never been late on payments. We got the Verizon hotspot. Decided we didn't like it after a couple months of using it. Contacted them back in October of 2017. Told them we want it shut off. It is now April 2018 and we are still being charged for this thing. We finally decided we're dropping Verizon. We paid off the phones we had in full. And asked for reimbursement for the months they charged us for the hotspot. They said they will only reimburse up to 3 months. They're stealing well over $100 from us. And we pay those bills on time. Every time! We have five children. They're stealing from their plates! You can look at my reviews on Google and see I always give good reviews even her bad service. I look at the bright side of everything. As for Verizon. They are absolute trash! I will never use Verizon again no matter how great a deal seems! And I will tell everyone I come in contact with how horrible they are! For the rest of my life it will be my personal mission to put down Verizon. Good thing I'm in a band so I can reach a lot of ears."

Helpful Cool



"I switched from T-Mobile to take advantage of a deal they had on a smartphone. The salesman tells me yeah you still get the deal, a week later I see we didn't get the 300$ off and Verizon did nothing to fix what their shotty salesman told me. The unlimited is garbage, throttling speeds just because other people are using LTE around you? Wtf is that?! Don't even get me started on the price. 186$ for two lines unlimited and that's with a less then generous 11 percent discount for military. Terrible company, who thinks their service is the best so they charge ridiculous amounts, go fix yourself Verizon. "

Helpful Cool


I can't wait to change services.

"I was overcharged for years by this company. Multiple hidden fees. Extra service additions added without permission. When we call customer service is a 3-4 hour conversation. Usually me and my wife have to make multiple phone calls to reach an agent that isn't rude and wants to actually do their job. They're now trying to shut our phones off due to two payments that were made but they're requiring us to repay the same payments again. Also, every time we talk to them the amount owed changes, notes are made on the account. These same notes are lost and then customer service agents deny whatever notes were made. The customer service agents also tend to hang up on us when they decide that helping us isn't in their job description. Another piece of interesting information was when we originally signed the contract (eSign) and the male individual explained the conditions which were great, we signed the contract and were transferred to another better english speaking individual who then told us that the details of the contract were not the same. This however was explained after the contract was signed. Which means we didn't actually receive the original contract that was explained. Now every month were calling in to cancel additional services that were never verified. The last numerous phone calls we've made to Verizon didn't even ask for security password. They only asked for a name and we're discussing the details of our account. The details that are supposed to be secure. I just can't wait to be free of Verizon and this scam company. "

Helpful Cool



I am sure many of Verizon ex-customers have experienced this. I received a bill from Convergent Collector agency for a bill of 110$ back in 2016 for Dec 21 2015 bill. I called Verizon many times to pay off the balance ( not that I owe anything or late on my payments, I just wanted to settle it) ALL Verizon representatives told me i have a zero balance and one told me that I dont have to worry about paying that collector Bill. So I thought it was probably a scam so I didnt pay. Logically, I set up auto payment as of august 2015 (I also have the confirmation email) and it was confirmed. This bill stated that I was late on my bill, which is not true. Now, it is on my credit report and I am trying to buy a house however because if this my credit score is not as good as I expected. It is not fair on my side as verizon told me on a recorded line that my balance was zero and not to worry about this. I called them back multiple time, I was transferred to many departments, it was tiring yet I didnt get an answer. One agent finally was able to pull the bill from 2015 and I paid this off today. I want Verizon to write this off my credit report to fix my score.

Helpful Cool

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