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Product & services pricing 1.67/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.11/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.81/10
Customer service: 2.22/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.25/10
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"My fiance and I have been using Verizon now for over a year. She has been using Verizon for the last decade. Never been late on payments. We got the Verizon hotspot. Decided we didn't like it after a couple months of using it. Contacted them back in October of 2017. Told them we want it shut off. It is now April 2018 and we are still being charged for this thing. We finally decided we're dropping Verizon. We paid off the phones we had in full. And asked for reimbursement for the months they charged us for the hotspot. They said they will only reimburse up to 3 months. They're stealing well over $100 from us. And we pay those bills on time. Every time! We have five children. They're stealing from their plates! You can look at my reviews on Google and see I always give good reviews even her bad service. I look at the bright side of everything. As for Verizon. They are absolute trash! I will never use Verizon again no matter how great a deal seems! And I will tell everyone I come in contact with how horrible they are! For the rest of my life it will be my personal mission to put down Verizon. Good thing I'm in a band so I can reach a lot of ears."

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"I switched from T-Mobile to take advantage of a deal they had on a smartphone. The salesman tells me yeah you still get the deal, a week later I see we didn't get the 300$ off and Verizon did nothing to fix what their shotty salesman told me. The unlimited is garbage, throttling speeds just because other people are using LTE around you? Wtf is that?! Don't even get me started on the price. 186$ for two lines unlimited and that's with a less then generous 11 percent discount for military. Terrible company, who thinks their service is the best so they charge ridiculous amounts, go fix yourself Verizon. "

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I can't wait to change services.

"I was overcharged for years by this company. Multiple hidden fees. Extra service additions added without permission. When we call customer service is a 3-4 hour conversation. Usually me and my wife have to make multiple phone calls to reach an agent that isn't rude and wants to actually do their job. They're now trying to shut our phones off due to two payments that were made but they're requiring us to repay the same payments again. Also, every time we talk to them the amount owed changes, notes are made on the account. These same notes are lost and then customer service agents deny whatever notes were made. The customer service agents also tend to hang up on us when they decide that helping us isn't in their job description. Another piece of interesting information was when we originally signed the contract (eSign) and the male individual explained the conditions which were great, we signed the contract and were transferred to another better english speaking individual who then told us that the details of the contract were not the same. This however was explained after the contract was signed. Which means we didn't actually receive the original contract that was explained. Now every month were calling in to cancel additional services that were never verified. The last numerous phone calls we've made to Verizon didn't even ask for security password. They only asked for a name and we're discussing the details of our account. The details that are supposed to be secure. I just can't wait to be free of Verizon and this scam company. "

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I am sure many of Verizon ex-customers have experienced this. I received a bill from Convergent Collector agency for a bill of 110$ back in 2016 for Dec 21 2015 bill. I called Verizon many times to pay off the balance ( not that I owe anything or late on my payments, I just wanted to settle it) ALL Verizon representatives told me i have a zero balance and one told me that I dont have to worry about paying that collector Bill. So I thought it was probably a scam so I didnt pay. Logically, I set up auto payment as of august 2015 (I also have the confirmation email) and it was confirmed. This bill stated that I was late on my bill, which is not true. Now, it is on my credit report and I am trying to buy a house however because if this my credit score is not as good as I expected. It is not fair on my side as verizon told me on a recorded line that my balance was zero and not to worry about this. I called them back multiple time, I was transferred to many departments, it was tiring yet I didnt get an answer. One agent finally was able to pull the bill from 2015 and I paid this off today. I want Verizon to write this off my credit report to fix my score.

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Billing nightmare

"We switch to T-Mobile on Christmas Eve. Verizon Taurus paid $200 we paid the $200. We receive no further billing. Today I get a bill in the mail for $414 is from a collection agency. It says nothing about the service provided for such said fee. Beware of Verizon. Don't get your credit rating ruined because they are incompetent."

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Great customer service at Verizon wireless store on Havendale

"This store is great! Always willing to help, honest and friendly!! "

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Tired Of Paying Too Much?

"Tired of Paying too much with your current cell phone provider? Switch to Sprint today and I will pay off your contract fees and cut your bill in half.

5 Lines for $100 – Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data
Plus Free WIFI Hotspots!

Iphone X - $20.00 per month

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Samsung S9 - $13.55 per month

I am an authorized representative for Sprint
Call me today 305-962-9033 (please leave a message I will return your call)

Mention this add reference number #818234 for all activation fees waved!

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Service absolutely ****!!!!

"I recently switched to the iPhone 8 because my iPhone 6 pretty much just crashed after only having it for a little over a year. I’ve been with Verizon since 2006 and never hadn’t issues with the service until I got the iPhone 8. I never have service! Literally never!!! I can never use my phone, it’s ridiculous. Not only did my monthly bill go up $40, I don’t get service. I have no idea what i’m paying for. I was stuck on the side of the road last night and had to flag a car down on the freeway to ask to use their phone since mine would not call out, or send a text message. I absolutely hate this service it **** so bad!!!! And you would think I would get that type of service with a crappy phone but it’s a brand new iPhone 8! I am definitely switching by the end of the month. Not dealing with this bs anymore, completely unsatisfied. "

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The absolute worst greedy unhelpful conglomerate!!

"If I could give this company negative 20 stars it wouldn't be enough. I've been a loyal customer for over 12 years. Ive urged several people to they're service. This company absolutely ****!!
I was a grandfathered unlimited data subscriber and had been for the last 12 years. I went into a Verizon hub I had been using to pay my ridiculously high bill. They were offering free tablets for a $10 monthly fee that they claimed could be hooked into my existing data plan. I thought well why not??? So I said let's try it but under no circumstance do I want it to disrupt my current longtime service I've had. They assured me it wouldn't affect it at all. I agreed, what a grievous mistake!!!! 2 days later I get a data overage alert. I promptly called in to inquire as to why? They told me my plan had been changed and that was all the data I had 1 gigabyte! I was shocked by this and said I did not authorize a plan change. They told me ok no problem you're inside the 15 day return period 2.5 days had passed. Return the equipment and all will be as it was. (NOT THE CASE AT ALL! ). Another over an hour call to cutomer service (what a joke) to get 7-10 days to process a ticket. Well that goes by and still no change still no data and nothing but aggravation. The rep then tells me it was denied and processed another ticket. Another 7-10 days goes by during this time frame I called every other day to get updates on the claim. ALL smoke and mirrors. These reps are incompetent don't know how to handle a problem at all. On multiple occasions I called and asked for a supervisor do you think I got one? NOT! Anyway after hours of my life wasted on hold they slap me in the face and pretty much tell me I got screwed and there's nothing they can do. So I decide to try and change my plan to the new rip you off unlimited data plan I'm not getting anywhere with getting my old plan back. Oh thats no problem I decide to use my phone upgrade to get a newer device and clearly and politely for my trouble get the activation fees waived, sure no problem even more bullshit! I get an email during the call to pay $90 for the device now. I ask her why oh I can't waive that What! You just said you could? Instead I get $20 taken off my current bill. $20 for a 12 year loyalty to Verizon seriously? In short they in 30 seconds shut off my plan, turned me on to another unauthorized unwanted plan, **** me around for half a month, screw with my data which is how I make my $, blow smoke up my **** and put me in a situation where I had to change my plan so I could work, couldnt waive a small one time fee to appease my discontent. They valued my 12 years of loyalty at $20. Absolute bullshit this company blows. If your thinking of using Verizon think again they are $ hungry overpriced ripoff artists who don't care about you. They're motto should be gimme your $$$. Verizon you and your nonexistent customer service **** and I will never ever even look your way again. If you were the last provider I would go without. Good bye and good riddance!!!!!!!!

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Can't redirect online order of phone

"I have literally spent hours on the phone with multiple Verizon CSRs over the last week to resolve VERIZON'S mistake of shipping my online order to my billing address (where I do not currently live), despite the fact that I selected in-store-pickup during the online transaction. It's clear Verizon does not have a procedure for dealing with the VERY SIMPLE matter of changing a shipping address on an order. Their customer service staff is both clueless and apparently powerless to implement any kind of satisfactory solution in this situation. Honestly, this is one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had with any company in my life. I have now been promised by 2 different agents that the phone would be delivered by 10:30 am on two different dates, and it has still not been delivered. At this point I am beyond **** and will be switching my cell service provider at the earliest opportunity. This is completely ridiculous.

Verizon should allow the option to redirect a shipment address online (or at least not eff up an order to begin with).They should at least train csr's literally on ANY procedure for handling this scenario that actually solves the problem for the customer, since it's clear they are currently of incompetent of coming up with any semblance of a solution.

I don't really give an eff how nice customer service reps are when they are INEFFECTIVE at solving the actual issue I am calling about. Many of the employees I spoke with were doing the best they could to help me, but they were basically untrained and unempowered to actually fix the problem. It's not their fault, it's Verizon's fault, and has made me seriously lose confidence in the company's capacity to competitively meet consumer needs. Aka, I'm switching carriers asap.

That said, if anyone has dealt with this issue in the past and has experience to share on how they resolved it, I’m eager to hear it. As of right now, Verizon has still failed monumentally to help me fix THEIR mistake.

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Don’t buy your son or daughter a Verizon phone.

"For many years my wife, my daughter, my son, and I all owned Verizon phones. One by one, we transferred to other carriers, until the only phone on the Verizon account was my daughter’s. Then, early in 2017, ownership of the Verizon account was officially transferred through Verizon from myself to my daughter. My daughter was well into adulthood at the time. Imagine my surprise when Verizon reported negative information on me to a credit agency many months later. Since the account was transferred to my daughter, I had not received a bill, a late notice, or a collection notice from Verizon. Imagine my greater surprise when Verizon told the credit agency that the negative report was accurate. When I owned the account, I sometimes made payments from a bank account I had linked to it, but I removed that payment method before the account was transferred. I don’t even know the credentials of the account to be able to communicate with Verizon about it. I wrote to Verizon and if you can believe it, a Verizon executive called me and spent an hour commiserating with me because he had once been reported to a collection agency for a student loan. However, he refused to remove the negative information from my credit report. After I posted an earlier version of this review on another website, another Verizon executive left me multiple messages that my e-mail address and telephone number do not match the e-mail address and telephone number on the account. It’s hard to know where dishonesty ends and stupidity begins. But to me, the lesson is clear: Don’t buy your son or daughter a Verizon phone."

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Just as depressing as my life.

"I've had Verizon for a long part of my life. It ruined it for all of my life. The Internet is TRASH, speed is slow as 100 KBS. I can barley load a website while someone else is using the internet. If you are interested in buying Verizon for your internet provider, DO NOT! You are wasting your money, I'd rather go to optimum, along with many others. I will be switching soon to optimum due to the horrible speed of Verizon. I can barley download/update a game without having to wait a couple of days for a 25 MB update. Verizon has slow internet, for a high price. And do not purchase FIOS, it just made our internet speed slower. "

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double talk and miss information

"have been a customer for years, the phone and wifi work well, but you have no way of knowing if you are getting the best plan or paying the lowest price. the stores are selling devices for as much as double what you can buy online, when trying to get straight answers about different plans you can talk to one person online or in the stores, wait and hour contact a different person and be told something completely different. and when it comes to the reps in the stores they must be hiring day labor. because no one works there for any length of time. "

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Don't be Fool by Verizon

"I had used this phone company for about 1 year. when i sign up for they gave me some useless technology call Jetpack and told this is "fancy" technology free for customer who just started a the new contract. This Jetpack which they claimed is "free and no hidden fee" turned out to be a fancy trick from the Verizon wireless since this piece of technology automatic sign me up in 3 year contact of the useless technology (Jetpack) which have no value to me or any costumers. The Jetpack let you share your expensive data which is free in some other phone company with everyone around. However on my account i got 16 gb of data which is shared for 2 phone numbers, the Jetpack is as good as a paper weight for me. By giving me some confusing message, their customer service tricked me to sign up for the "Free Jetpack"

the Verizon to scamming unaware customer like me for more money in many ways:
First, if I use the Jetpack to share with everyone else, it will drain all of my 16 Gb data quickly. Second, the Jetpack is one great way for Verison to force the customer to spend extra since the Jetpack will drain my 16 GB in days. Third, the Jetpack keeps me under a separate account which complete different from my main 2 contract account and it lasted for 3 years. Fourth, the hidden account for Jetpack is charge extra $100 even after i cancel my main account phone account because they told me that it is separate account, however this piece of useless technology doesn't work without the phone number. Fifth, even when i tried to contact and try to get rid of the scam the Verizon throw at me, I got charge $75 for early terminate the useless piece of technology which I not even used once. When I called their customer service to ask why, the customer service put the blame on me because I was unaware of their trick? Over all, I would give 0 out of 10 if I could for my horrible experience with Verizon. Honestly, I'm glad that I have finally got out of the Verizon contact.

Also the phone service pretty much the same as other phone company unless you live in some hard to reach places. The different i noticed is that Verizon is a lot more expensive plus extra fee on their Data which other phone company offer "unlimited data with affordable prices". I have a lot of stress using Verizon because I keep getting extra charge due to over use my 16 GB data. Note this: 16 GB share data for 2 contacts is equal to 8 GB and everything you doing using the internet will count in the data. For me, my 16 GB data only lasted for about 2-3 week with doing minimal amount like 15minute a day on the fancy things like play game, go on the internet, watch youtube. It is so stressful to use the internet since the Verizon will charge addition free for any extra data which happen often. About other service, like texting and phone call it is pretty much the same as other cheaper phone company unless I really care about the technical stuff which I don’t. The only reason I got trick into Verizon is that the internet rated them as number one in some fancy websites. Don't get trick!!!

My experience with Verizon is nothing less than a nightmare, I lost about $1000 for the Jet pack payment + $75 which later reduce to "$40" for a useless paper weight, the Jet pack, probably pay about $200 on the extra fee on their expensive data, and many other hidden free that I can't remember. Don't be fool like me, choose wisely.


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"Verizon is running a tremendous scam on their switch promotion. You do not see one red cent to pay off your old provider. They cannot even put the balance of your traded in phone or your rebates towards the phone you have on their account. It can only be used to pay your bill. So if you are expecting ANY money to pay your old provider forget it. BBB complaint filed, their corporate rep Jessica called me and said the exact same thing a tier one chat agent told me. She also confirmed that IF you cancel your account with Verizon, THEN the balance of the credit gets applied to the price of the phone on your account. Can you believe they operate that way? A customer has to CANCEL their service in order for the money they got for THEIR old phone to be applied in a manner THEY wish. Notice, everything customer-centric is NOT a possibility until you CANCEL VERIZON SERVICE. Then and only then can you use the rebates and credit towards your phone towards the balance of your phone or as a check. In other words, the entire rebate just goes towards your monthly bill. A GOOD WAY to ensure VERIZON gets ALL of their money back from the rebates and sold phones. IT IS A RACKET. A BRILLIANT RACKET. GOOD FOR VERIZON - BAD FOR THE CUSTOMER. Stay clear of them all together. That is a shady way to operate and already, under 30 days of Service are by far the worst customer experience company I have ever come across and I work in the industry. "

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