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Complete lack of respect

I have been trying to get an incident that occurred on March 9th of 2018 resolved. I have working with Annette Hanks closely and although responsive she has not been able to give me the resolution that I seek. This incident occurred almost a month and two weeks ago I was informed that they “handled it” today. Due the severity of the incident I am very surprised it has taken this long and makes me doubt it was handled appropriately. I am reaching out to see what I need to do to escalate this situation of get the information I require. I have included the incident report below to give an account of what occurred. Hopefully this is the first of many emails to come. I look forward to the prompt resolution of my concerns

To whom it may concern:

The following is my account of what happened on March 9th at 2:55 pm mst. As I was heading home with my daughter I was traveling South on Wall ave. As I approached the light on 12th st it turned from yellow to red as I gently pulled to a stop into the right hand turn lane to begin traveling west-bound on 12th st. I came to a complete stop and then proceeded to turn right. I had noticed that the light for those already heading west bound on 12th st had turned green just as I had began my turn. I proceeded to hurriedly gain speed because I knew then lane I was in ended abruptly in around 200 feet. The intersection being about 120 feet wide, the driver of the century link truck went out of their way to cover 320 feet in the same amount of time to make sure I was unable to merge. This was not by accident as was done in a dangerous manner. Attached are images of point of view of the century link truck. He would have been in the position that the beige sedan is occupying.

Feeling that his actions were not only unsafe but unnecessary as well I proceeded to catch up to capture his information from his vehicle. My hopes that the driver would be given a reprimand or a training on safe driving practices to keep this from happening again. I proceed to a gather a picture of his vehicle and gather a description of the driver as well. In effort to do this I changed lane into the inside lane and attempted to gather photographic evidence. As I attempted to gather a picture of the driver or at least a description of the driver for my complaint
the driver then flew into a fit of road rage. He abruptly got behind me and proceed to blare this horn while following at an unsafe distance attempting to get around the traffic in the outside lane to further his confrontation. I held him at bay behind me for as long as I could but eventually he pulled along-side me and proceed with the most vile display yet. Reluctantly looking over to see what was going to happen next I found your employee simulating a masturbatory action as myself and my 6 year old daughter looked on. It was this action that caused me to pursue this complaint with not only your company but also to the highway patrol. I am sorry, but there is no situation or precursory action that should solicit the response of stoking of one’s virtual **** in front of anyone, less a six year old girl. This continued on for several blocks until I entered the turn lane to get on the freeway and he continued west-bound on 12th st.

My first call at that point was to the Utah Highway patrol hoping they could intercept him and get him off the road in his state. I then started the tedious process of getting to the right department in your company to bring this to your attention. After several phone calls and a few hours of my time later I was directed to the third party company that handles your complaints. I would have to say they were very helpful in moving this process forward and should be commended.

I know that there is a considerable cost for your organization to train an individual to do their job so I appreciate your consideration of my complaint. Myself being a father of 6 the last thing that I would want to do is get between a man and his gainful employment. That being said though I do not see a scenario in which after the events that transpired result in anything less than this man being dismissed. I would hope that you feel the same as well. I know that there will be a cost and a loss associated with this but far less that the tragedy of someone getting hurt and or killed by his actions in the future. Based on his actions I can guarantee this is not the first incident of this nature that he has had and unless stopped will not be his last. I would appreciate notification of the outcome of your decision, but I am also confident you will do the right thing.

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