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GOGO charters


Couldn't even get a quote

I called them six (that's right, six!) times, and each time was placed on hold and then, after a few seconds, was cut off. Not sure why I kept calling back, but I did. Each time I told them that it was happening and that they had a problem with their phone system, and they would argue with me and say it was my fault. (Right, like I was calling them back repeatedly just so I could get hung up on! And even if it WAS my fault, is that the way to treat a potential customer? Are you kidding me?) Finally convinced one of their "salespeople" to not put me on hold and take my information, in case we got cut off (duh!), which we then did--of course!--and then he called me back. He took the information for the trip I wanted to charter a bus for, then proceeded to tell me it was my fault that I kept getting cut off. Apparently it was more important to him to be right than to make a sale, or even give me a quote. Can only say that, even if they do bother to email me a quote, if this is the way they treat customers and this is the kind of service I'[m going to get, I don't think I will be using them. Good luck if you do.

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