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Barnes and Noble


Miffed and beyond disapointed

Ordered a very heavy special edition,collectors Book.
Got my order in about two weeks.Shipping box was flimsy and quoched.Opend box.This very heavy,delicate book was not even bubble wrapped and the corners were unprotected.The book was so shamefully packed,it had so much room it was shifting from one to the other end of the shipping box.Needless to say,that the book was pretty banged up at the corners.
Called costumer service.Explained the situation,very apologetic,guaranteed a perfect replacement.He made all the notes.
Second book arrived after a week and it was packed worsted!!!!!
Called costumer service.Very apologetic,again and assured me I will receive a und ,professionally packed replacement.All notes were taken.Received my third replacement.......SAME PACKED,SAME DAMAGES,AGAIN,!!!
I give up.Apparently they are absolutely unable to ship delicate heavy items,professionally packed!!
I have now 3 damaged books,because someone can't get the job done and have to wait two weeks to get a return label shipped! I waisted all this time and energy and they can't even make it easier for me....the very least...and have these books dropped of at a B&N store.I will never ever recommend to order heavy delicate collector books from B&N .com.They absolute unable to make correction,but I must say they will apologize a million times.Very unprofessional and without any sense or shall I say brainpower.Im a very unhappy costumer and will not ever order from them.No quality and accountability.They will not make adjustments ,and waste your time!!!!


Worst buying experience and worst company.Should have checked there rating,than I would have known,that I will be doomed to buy from them.Ordered got confirmed and sure enough later they explained took orders but had no clue were not in stock....well no news according to there ratings.Happens all the time and worst!!! They don't ever respond and leave you at phone for hours.well they don't give the crab that you rly on costume to come,because you have a Function to attent.Now they have my email and I'm swamped!!! With there emaile.Do they really think I will give them my buissness again? Scrupulous Seller! I'm appalled.

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