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Verizon Wireless


The absolute worst greedy unhelpful conglomerate!!

If I could give this company negative 20 stars it wouldn't be enough. I've been a loyal customer for over 12 years. Ive urged several people to they're service. This company absolutely ****!!
I was a grandfathered unlimited data subscriber and had been for the last 12 years. I went into a Verizon hub I had been using to pay my ridiculously high bill. They were offering free tablets for a $10 monthly fee that they claimed could be hooked into my existing data plan. I thought well why not??? So I said let's try it but under no circumstance do I want it to disrupt my current longtime service I've had. They assured me it wouldn't affect it at all. I agreed, what a grievous mistake!!!! 2 days later I get a data overage alert. I promptly called in to inquire as to why? They told me my plan had been changed and that was all the data I had 1 gigabyte! I was shocked by this and said I did not authorize a plan change. They told me ok no problem you're inside the 15 day return period 2.5 days had passed. Return the equipment and all will be as it was. (NOT THE CASE AT ALL! ). Another over an hour call to cutomer service (what a joke) to get 7-10 days to process a ticket. Well that goes by and still no change still no data and nothing but aggravation. The rep then tells me it was denied and processed another ticket. Another 7-10 days goes by during this time frame I called every other day to get updates on the claim. ALL smoke and mirrors. These reps are incompetent don't know how to handle a problem at all. On multiple occasions I called and asked for a supervisor do you think I got one? NOT! Anyway after hours of my life wasted on hold they slap me in the face and pretty much tell me I got screwed and there's nothing they can do. So I decide to try and change my plan to the new rip you off unlimited data plan I'm not getting anywhere with getting my old plan back. Oh thats no problem I decide to use my phone upgrade to get a newer device and clearly and politely for my trouble get the activation fees waived, sure no problem even more bullshit! I get an email during the call to pay $90 for the device now. I ask her why oh I can't waive that What! You just said you could? Instead I get $20 taken off my current bill. $20 for a 12 year loyalty to Verizon seriously? In short they in 30 seconds shut off my plan, turned me on to another unauthorized unwanted plan, **** me around for half a month, screw with my data which is how I make my $, blow smoke up my **** and put me in a situation where I had to change my plan so I could work, couldnt waive a small one time fee to appease my discontent. They valued my 12 years of loyalty at $20. Absolute bullshit this company blows. If your thinking of using Verizon think again they are $ hungry overpriced ripoff artists who don't care about you. They're motto should be gimme your $$$. Verizon you and your nonexistent customer service **** and I will never ever even look your way again. If you were the last provider I would go without. Good bye and good riddance!!!!!!!!

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