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Terms and conditions

Very very bad. "Terms and conditions". Just to let you know I didnt know anything about how and what I needed to get a social security card, such as documents, which was bad on my part. Which was why when I saw that it can be delivered quickly and easily to my door, I didnt think much of it, I'd just send in my information and get my card. However I didnt know I needed additional documents, which I have lost all together with my SSC. I was told by customer support I was able to send in two forms of ID and it would work as 2 forms of documents, nope! I went down to the social security administration, which I should have done in the first place, to not WASTE 37$ and they told me it has to be proof of citizenship. Now it took me some time to find a good day to send in my two IDs, so I did wait some time to figure out when I will send it in. In the terms and conditions it says you have 14 days to use. I didnt know that till after I bought it, coulda been good to know before the fact, since HARDLY anyone reads the terms AMD conditions. I will NEVER tell anyone to use go simplified, just go to the administration, its free and not as painful if you go during the early morning. The workers are friendlier than the CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

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