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Rating 10/10

* Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service personnel who act in a most efficient manner in assisting the customer. Very fast shipping accompanies their unbeatable prices. Quality merchandise is derived from Adorama. The policies relating to shipping and returns are unequaled by any. We would highly recommend Adorama.

Rating 10/10

Optics Planet - Excellent Customer Service

Upon Contacting Optics Planet in reference to the placement of an order from one of their parent companies, I found the customer service personnel to be highly qualified, courteous, friendly and very professional. Actually, I was seeking information regarding an item purchased that was back ordered in which they assisted me greatly by inquiring to the manufacturer the date of delivery. An email was sent to me in a most efficient manner describing the estimated time of arrival. This type of management brings an aspect of professionalism to Optics Planet and is a reflection of their character.

In addition to the aforesaid, the prices attached to all of their items are reasonable, more than reasonable as they strive to be very competitive with the many retailers. The quality of the goods sold by Optics Planet are the very best. We would highly recommend Optics Planet to everyone, and an online retailer one can trust.

Rating 10/10

Hinterland Outfitters - 'The Benchmark of Customer Satisfaction'

Hinterland Outfitters is an exceptional online store versed in all aspects relating to firearms. In addition to the professional courtesy provided by Brett, the prices are the best any can offer. There may be a couple of sellers listing for a few dollars less, but the customer service of Hinterland Outfitters is outstanding, accompanied by a top notch Better Business Bureau rating; along with associated affiliates including the NRA Business Alliance, Guns & Ammo, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Shotgun News, American Handgunner, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, Special Weapons and many other on-line forums.

In seeking an anniversary model (Limited Edition), I contacted many online retailers, including the wholesalers in trying to acquire the best value; in unison with the addendums and stipulations or any disclaimers written or advertised to determine the best, very best Outfitter to purchase from. In more than twenty online retailers, along with the many gun stores, I could not find any close to Hinterland Outfitters in terms of understanding the needs of a collector.

Upon my initial inquiry to Hinterland Outfitters, I spoke with Brett and relayed all the information in acquiring a quality shotgun with no defects. Brett specifically asked what were the areas I were concerned with. I detailed the fit and finish as a quality aspect and mainly no detractions from the shotgun. Brett had taken all the information into consideration and clearly specified to me that he would inspect the shotgun upon arrival; before shipping. In fact, Brett followed through with the words he spoke, as he presented a clear picture of the new shotgun ordered. This is all any can ask, for one to be honest; more so than the transaction. In this respect, I gave permission to Brett to ship the item.

Personally, I would not conduct business with any but Hinterland Outfitters for I have found many speaking with many tongues, only to trap the unsuspecting. This is not to say there are not others who may be compatible in the firearm arena, “It is just that I have not found any”, irrespective of Hinterland Outfitters. We would highly recommend Hinterland Outfitters to everyone, for all can be assured that the business is comprised of people seeking to make a difference by providing exceptional service and satisfaction.

I believe that I can provide a fair assessment for I did a brief stint with the U.S.M.C., and have a working knowledge of all mechanical parts associated with light (lite) weaponry. We hope the best for Hinterland Outfitters, now and in the future.

Rating 2/10

An Online retailer Comprised of Snakes

Upon ordering some shot shells, namely Federal; many shells had buffer seeping out from the crimps that were almost opened. Buffer was strewn throughout the entire (3) 25 round boxes. Customer service never answered my email, nor did any address the defective shipment they sent. I was not aware that ammunition could not be exchanged, for I did not read the stipulation. We shall never conduct business with Sportsman's Guide ever again. This is a company comprised of snakes, hiding behind a veil of lies and seeking to trap the unsuspecting.
* After submitting a negative online review to Sportsmans Guide, they deleted the comment and picture I submitted. However, all the planned comments are posted by forked tongue people.

Rating 2/10

Deceptive, Deceiving Trash Outlet

Upon placing an order for (1) Marilyn Monroe Box of Diamonds, I was deceived that I would be receiving the set which consisted of 7 45 rpm records. The pictures on Thursday's Golden Goodies clearly portrayed this set as being $25.00. I inquired by email as to some details denoting more specifics after I ordered (big mistake). Apparently, when asking of the seven 45 rpm records, the merchant stated there was only one 45 record. I requested my money back as there were numerous emails "threatening me" and trying to "besmirch" my name. There were no cancellations as stated by Thursday's Golden Goodies which I was not aware. I requested my money back within five minutes after ordering.

Thursday's Golden goodies refused and started to pester me with emails, constantly harassing me. He stated, "There is no way you'll ever get your money back". At that point, I contacted American Express to reverse the charges back to them. In the interim, i visited Thursday's Golden Goodies website as the pictures and details were missing on the Marilyn Monroe Box of Diamonds. In place was Stardust-1767-4-pink for $25.00. The merchant changed the ad before I could take a snapshot. This was beyond anything I ever experienced.

American Express reversed the charges back to Thursday's Golden Goodies. When this fact occurred is actually when Thursday's Golden Goodies started harassing me with emails and presenting threats. All information can be fully corroborated as American Express additionally placed a block on the retailer. We would advise everyone to stand clear of Thursday's Golden Goodies, not to purchase anything. This retailer is nothing more than a scam to deceive the unsuspecting.

Rating 10/10

Calendars.Com Provides Service & Satisfaction

Upon placing an order with Calendars.Com, I found the personnel to be most friendly, highly efficient, and quick to respond regarding information of their products. In this respect, I decided to place an order. The order arrived well packed and in a timely fashion, whereas the items I ordered were all new and without any defects or issues. I was extremely pleased with the web site as well; easy to follow and well structured. The policies instituted by Calendars.Com in terms of returns or defective merchandise (If any) are well within the boundaries of equality; more so a store which can be trusted. We would highly recommend Calendars.Com to everyone and their prices are most reasonable.

Rating 2/10

Dear Sirs:

I am writing in reference to a recent order purchased through Amazon, as
sold by Backcountry as the third party merchant. When speaking to Mark, he
was somewhat adamant or indifferent as to my statement regarding false
advertisement and misrepresentation. Mark thought it was funny as he
continued to argue with me, then disconnected the call purposely. Mark's
version said that I was hollering at him which was not true. The phone call
can be corroborated verbatim. I called back and spoke with Leroy who tried
to snow me in saying that the prepaid return label was a gift from
Backcountry, when in fact Backcountry had no other option than to supply a
prepaid label free of charge according to the stipulations on the Amazon
website. Leroy did provide a variety of apologies, all containing
meaningless words. Leroy did not provide any adjustment, rather offering me
2 day air.

The call was logged and can be corroborated verbatim. This type of management by a retailer shall only bring poor sales in the near future.

The gloves were defective (one) as specified above (Picture enclosed), and
one picture of the good glove, irrespective of the wrong color (palms)
which were gray and not "Black" as ordered and pictured. We've ordered from
Backcountry in past years, family and friends. However, we will no longer
be looking to Backcountry to purchase anything and shall send the word to
everyone. I wish a full refund and have no intentions, none of ever
purchasing from Backcountry ever again. May Yahweh bless Backcountry and
the staff and personnel.

* I have contacted Amazon.com several times regarding annoying, harassing emails after the purchase was cancelled. Backcountry.com continues to send harassing emails through Amazon. We believe the Attorney General can assist in this area. All information has been fully documented and can be verified verbatim. Do not purchase from Backcountry, for they are nothing more than snakes in the grass.